Singled Out: Foxes On The Run's Skipping Stones

Keavin Wiggins | 07-07-2024 10:41 PM EDT

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Singled Out: Foxes On The Run's Skipping Stones

Brazilian indie rockers Foxes On The Run just released their new "Preys Of Fate" EP and celebrate we asked Eduardo Santana to tell us about the single "Skipping Stones" featuring Luna Di. Here is the story:

"Skipping Stones" came to life while I was having Sunday lunch with my parents, we often have some caipirinhas while eating Feijoada and then after lunch we play music and chat a lot. One such day I picked up the acoustic and the riff just appeared instantly, I recorded a very quick demo with my phone and kept playing it over and over, eventually it evolved into the final song we hear today, albeit missing lyrics.

The instrumentals were heavily inspired by Grizzly Bear, I've been listening a lot to Daniel Rossen's "You Belong There" and the idea of breaking the drums out of a steady "beat" came straight from it, we also had a far simpler bass line planned for it but Magal (our Producer) came up with the current bassline that I feel added such an interesting depth to the song that it was instant love, and finally, the guitar solo was Leandro's work in action, I gave him some rough directions as to what we wanted and he got to work and it was very interesting to see it forming in front of our eyes as we rehearsed the song.

When I started working on the lyrics I was feeling a bit down due to some interactions I've had and it naturally became the avenue to express those feelings, the lyrics came to me as I'd play at night trying to find something that would resonate within and, funny enough my best lyrics always come out when I'm playing at night, singing at night sometimes makes me feel like a wolf howling at the moon, feeling its song, and pumping out those lyrics felt just like that.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the album here

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Singled Out: Foxes On The Run's Skipping Stones

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