Andrew X Shares New Song 'Where Are You Now'


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Andrew X News Driving At Sunset album art July 05, 2023
Driving At Sunset album art

(BPM) Andrew X has released his newest single "Where Are You Now." The piano ballad calls on listeners to tell the people we love what they truly mean to us before they become a distant memory. Having found himself with words left unsaid, Andrew X bathes in the afterglow of what could have been, writing the song as a means to make peace with it all. Hoping he can encourage someone else to prevent his fate, Andrew X urges us not to hold back on what we feel--because one day, that particular person could be nothing more than a polaroid photo looking back at us.

"I wrote "Where Are You Now" after coming across an old picture of a dear friend from the past in a box of old photos," says Andrew on the new track. "Seeing the picture instantly took me back to how she made me feel when we were together. It also made me feel a fair amount of guilt about how I treated her, and a fair amount of regret due to the fact I never told her how I really felt about her, and how great of a person I really thought she was."

"I don't know where she is now, but I wish her the best, hope she doesn't hold hard feelings, and hope that she has found love and is living a great life."

Andrew X recently announced his new album Driving At Sunset, set for release on September 20. Produced by Matt Goldman (Underoath, Anberlin), mixed by Mark Needham (The Killers, Imagine Dragons), and mastered by Ted Jensen (NEEDTOBREATHE, Florence + The Machine), breezy stories of unrequited love, earnest confessions, and genuine emotion color the ten songs on the new album. Lead single "Miracles" was released alongside the announcement, effortlessly blending modern sensibilities with a heartfelt homage to late 80s pop-rock influences.

On the new album, Andrew shares, "Driving At Sunset is an album about reflecting on what is good in life, having the courage to deal with and overcome life's challenges, and moving forward in life with great expectations of a bright future. It is my hope that these songs leave the listener feeling like they have been wrapped in the warmth and comfort of a summer setting sun."

Like a classic John Hughes movie, Andrew X's melodic pop-rock offers a warm blanket of sentimentality, nostalgia, and positivity in an uncertain world. Andrew is well-versed in the iconic tone of a Fender Telecaster, the soothing sound of vintage synth, the rhythmic rumble of percussion, and an intimate croon. His authentic compositions form a diverse body of work that profoundly resonates with lovers of classic radio anthems.

Andrew is a young veteran of the North Carolina indie rock scene whose music was heard on pop culture staples like The Real World, Keeping Up with The Kardashians, Bad Girls Club, and Teen Mom. As the principal songwriter in the beloved Charlotte-based band The Air Station (formerly hot vegas), he played gigs with NEEDTOBREATHE, Gym Class Heroes, and Relient K.

After hundreds of shows, some radio airplay, and tons of momentum in the MySpace era, Andrew shifted gears when a boxing club he started in his garage blossomed into a successful competitive gym. However, his early solo efforts, including the "heaven-and-earth" double album set Language of Love (2009), and Young Hearts (2015), offered a distinct promise of the spirited tunes to come.

Now, Andrew makes a vibrant return to music with Driving at Sunset, a record that encapsulates the essence of summer itself. The ten-song collection elicits similar feelings as a Sunday afternoon watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off or Sixteen Candles, or a nighttime drive down the coast.

"I hope hearing my songs will lift listeners' spirits and remind them that life is still good, and friends are still important. And that love is still real, worth believing in and fighting for," Andrew says.

With his irresistible melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and a sound capturing the essence of positive vibes and nostalgia, Andrew X leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of his listeners, reminding them of the enduring power of music to uplift, inspire, and provide solace in the face of life's struggles.

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