Aurora Dream Give RUBIX A 8-Bit Makeover With RUBIT


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Aurora Dream Cover art
Cover art

(OMG) Miami-based instrumental progressive rock and math rock project, Aurora Dream, founded by Venezuelan guitarist and front man Daniel Morales, has just released their latest album RUBIT, a full 8-bit remix of their debut album RUBIX. This album remix, like their previous single release "Parallel 8its", was created in collaboration with the well-known YouTuber and 8-bit/video game music enthusiast, Kevin Weaver (KB3K).

With RUBIT, Aurora Dream continues to showcase their innovative approach to their sound, as they experiment with new musical elements while staying true to the original ideas of their debut album. The album features nine tracks, each expertly crafted to create a unique and immersive sound that transports the listener to a world of retro gaming nostalgia.

This album remix is a testament to Aurora Dream's dedication to pushing the boundaries of their sound and exploring new musical territories. It not only appeals to fans of progressive genres and math rock, but also to lovers of instrumental music and video game music alike. The result is an exceptional listening experience that seamlessly combines the worlds of instrumental rock and 8-bit music.

Produced and mixed by Kevin Weaver, with mastering handled by Moises D' Bello, the same team behind their previous single release, RUBIT is an outstanding album that showcases Aurora Dream's talent for creating music that is both intricate and accessible.

Without Weaver's collaboration, this album wouldn't be what it is today. His skill and talent as a producer and mixer are evident in every song, and it's a testament to his commitment to 8-bit music and his ability to collaborate with other artists to create something truly unique.

In his own words, Daniel says: "Video game music has been a big inspiration for me ever since I was a kid, and it continues to inspire me to this day. Artists like FamilyJules, ToxicxEternity, Insaneintherainmusic, and RichaadEB have done amazing things with video game music in the guitar/rock/metal genres, and they've inspired me to do the same thing but in reverse. With 'RUBIT', we've taken our debut album 'RUBIX' and transformed it into an 8-bit remix, incorporating new musical elements to create a more melodic and interesting sound that still pays homage to the original album. I hope this album remix can inspire other musicians and gamers out there to push their boundaries and explore new musical territories."

Fans can now listen to RUBIT on all major music platforms and enjoy Aurora Dream's unique listening experience.

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Aurora Dream Give RUBIX A 8-Bit Makeover With RUBIT

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