Behind The Album: Weatherstate's Never Better

Keavin Wiggins | 02-10-2022

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Weatherstate Photo courtesy Big Picture Media
Photo courtesy Big Picture Media

UK punkers Weatherstate released their new album, "Never Better", today (February 11th) and to celebrate we asked them to tell us about the effort:

Going into this record we really wanted to put more focus on the songwriting and mix things up from our usual approach to going into the record. We found that when working with Alan Day. Traditionally we are a scrappy punk band who jam together in a garage, and we intended to try that again initially on this record. That changed when the pandemic hit as we were about to make plans for recording this record. Initially we were looking to work in the US alongside Alan in person, but with flight restrictions we had to adapt working on opposite sides of the Atlantic over Zoom, which isn't typically the most punk rock approach to writing music. Saying that, I do think it helped in the long run. We really did get the chance to analyze everything in pre- production to its best potential because we had so much time on our hands. It had it's difficulties though. We'd typically have to work late because of the time difference and some nights we'd be working on a song until 3am when we'd be up for work the next day.

Sonically, we wanted to keep the message the same. A lot of the focus lyrically is still that pessimistic and cathartic message, but finding the good in what we're dealt with. We wanted to really push the dynamics in this record too compared to 'Born a Cynic' and I think we really found that sweet spot with songs like 'Headstone' which essentially was built around a slacker acoustic chord pattern but became its own emo banger.
We tried to wait things out so we could track the record with Alan however with ongoing restrictions we decided it would be best to work with our long time engineer and producer Neil Kennedy here in the UK at The Ranch Production House and have Alan mix the record. The Ranch is pretty much a second home to us now and I love the vibe there. Neil is always a treat to work with and Kurt who assisted really put everything into making this as good as it can. Both absolute legends. It was a surreal experience as the UK was still in lockdown at the time and it was the first time we got to hang out properly in ages so we spent most nights in the accommodation drinking lukewarm cans of Budweisers then playing Catan or Nintendo Switch.

I feel 'Never Better' is a pretty ambitious record for us and I'm aching to play these songs live. Despite it's obstacles to get it across the finish line I feel it really worked out.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the album, watch the video for the song "Panic Attack" for yourself below and stream the full album here

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Behind The Album: Weatherstate's Never Better

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