Far From Refuge Share 'Satellite' Video


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Far From Refuge cover art
cover art

(Against PR) UK-based metal band Far From Refuge has recently released their latest single, "Satellite", which delves into the themes of a dystopian existence and individuality. The band shared their creative process and the influences that shaped the sound and direction of the song, revealing that it draws inspiration from nu-metal bands such as Korn, Linkin Park and Drowning Pool.

"The original concept formed from an idea we had to create a chorus of voices, with an experimental vibe", the band said. "This led to the song starting with a creepy robotic voice, which in turn led to the addition of industrial synth work." Lyrically, "Satellite" reflects on a dystopian existence, where "our lives are infected and manipulated by a parasitical governing cadre. We, as its subjects, never fully know what its intents are, yet have no choice in the matter."

Far From Refuge emphasized the importance of individuality, stating, "We know that some people have a strange desire to obsess over and try to control the lives of others. "Satellite" hopefully serves as a reminder that we are our own people, or at least must try to be, however strong our ties to societal norms are." Despite the serious themes, the band also noted that "this is a super fun song to play and shake some heads to."

"Satellite" fits into their discography and evolution as artists, Far From Refuge explained that the song "does not feature the technical prowess of some of our other releases ('Crystal Cove' and 'Beings', for example)." Instead, the band focused on showcasing their maturity in songwriting, providing them with "an opportunity to 'feel' the song, as well as shred through some tasty instrumental work."

The band hopes that fans will connect with "Satellite" by listening to the song and checking out the raw music video they released. "We hope 'Satellite' appeals to lovers of the nu-metal sound, and the fun and bouncy beat riffage lends itself attractive to more metalheads", they said. Additionally, the band's own bassist Matt Havoc designed the artwork for the release, which they unanimously agreed "looks pretty cool", hoping it would draw more attention to the song.

With "Satellite", Far From Refuge explores a dystopian existence while encouraging individuality and showcasing their growth as musicians. Fans of nu-metal and metalheads alike will undoubtedly be drawn to this powerful new single.

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Far From Refuge Share 'Satellite' Video

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