Ghosts of Sunset Release Their Sophomore Album 'Breathe'


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Ghosts of Sunset Album art
Album art

(Chipster) Ghosts of Sunset have returned with our latest fix of melodic hard rock - Breathe. The band's duo of singer-songwriters John Merchant (former Dutch Henry frontman) and multi-instrumentalist Todd Long (previously with the Verve Pipe) had last drawn attention to themselves in 2020 with their debut EP, Headed West, and 2022 follow-up LP, No Saints in the City.

Ghosts of Sunset not only pays homage to the 1980s hair metal scene they grew up on (Quiet Riot, Ratt, Mötley Crüe, Warrant, Faster Pussycat, GNR, etc.), but for music fans whose tastes run deep, Breathe touches upon post-punk aggression, melodic rock choruses and a quirky Cheap Trick spin on top of it all. From the lead-off track, "Afterthought," to the straight rocker "Move Along," and pop rocker "Gettin' Over You" they cover it all on their latest release. The album made the Top 100 Amazon list while lead- off track, "Afterthought," has been getting spins on rock radio. Check out the album here.

The writing and recording process for Breathe was a bit unconventional, and at the same time par for the course with 21st century technology. "We did all our recording via file sharing," says Long. "First, one of us will have an idea, and then we just start sending mp3s back and forth while building the track up. After a basic track was completed, we'd then seek out who we feel might be right to put a guitar solo on it. If they like the track, then we proceed. If they don't, then that's fine too. We just hoped they feel connected enough to the track to want to contribute."

Merchant continues, "The opportunity to make a follow up full-length album was an absolute blessing and a daunting task. Unlike some writers, we're always hoping our influences are noticeable, but we want them to be surprising and revealing as well. With this set of songs, we wanted to keep the door open for anything that moved us. They tell you where they want to go and we are open to whatever gets them to their destination. These songs take listeners from such sweeping landscapes as an Asian spy adventure, to something as internal and personal as the struggle of loving someone battling addiction. The musical compositions are as important as the lyrics to tell the stories that need to be told."

Deko Entertainment president, Bruce Pucciarello, states on signing the band, "Todd and John offer up a wonderful collection of new tunes on their new album, Breathe. Every entry is extremely well written and performed...definitely going to be listening to this one for a long time!"

"Hide Her Heart"
"Move Along"
"Cocaine Kisses"
"Two Tickets to Tokyo"
"Gettin' Over You"
"Mine Tonight"
"Don't Blame Love"
"Nobody's Baby"
"Never Go Back"

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