Joy Adams Covers She's Got You To Mark 60th Anniversary Of Patsy Cline's Death

Michael Angulia | 03-01-2023

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Joy Adams Single art
Single art

New Zealand country music star, Joy Adams, has released her rendition of the Patsy Cline classic "She's Got You" to mark the 60th anniversary of the music legend's death.

Here is the official announcement: 60 years ago.....who would think that the crash of a small airplane in the hills of West Tennessee could continue to reverberate throughout the entire world. Not like an earthquake or a meteor crashing down from the heavens making a mark on the earth, but just as surely, it continues in 2023. The pilot had 3 souls to join him on the fated journey home from a point west to aid a family of a dear departed friend. Aboard the plane was a couple of singers, well established, and a rising star that seemed to be on a path of meteoric proportions. In just 3 short years she had enthralled the world with her voice.

Her name was Virginia Patterson Hensley, born and raised in her namesake Virginia. Most people know her by her stage name...Patsy Cline. She died at 30 years old and her name and music continue to amaze young and old alike and it stretches to every genre of music. Being billed as a country artist she also topped pop and western music charts alike.

Patsy's second number one record was "She's Got You" and has been recorded numerous times. Recognizing the amazing accomplishment that she made to country music , New Zealand country music star, Joy Adams, has released her rendition of "She's Got You". The release coincides with the anniversary of Patsy Cline's unfortunate demise March 5, 1963. With producer and arranger, Gary R. Farmer at the helm, the performance she gives us is stellar. While a little slower than the original it gives a heartfelt outpouring of the love they both have for the recording business. Adams vocals, soaring places and deeper softer tones in others, is reminiscent of

Patsy Cline's range and ability to sell the song and make you feel they are singing just for you. "I found it somewhat intimidating choosing to record a song like 'She's Got You' to pay tribute to Patsy Cline. She is one of the Icons of Country Music!" says Joy. "Gary R Farmer has created such a beautiful arrangement of the song and knowing I am most comfortable singing with a traditional country style, he challenged me to stretch myself outside of my comfort zone and have a go at recording it. I must admit, I was pretty apprehensive but I'm very proud of how it's turned out. He is an amazing musician and other than a little rhythm guitar and steel guitar from Mike Headrick, Gary is doing the rest." continues Joy.

"This version is certainly a lot slower than Patsy's version but once I got in the studio and had Gary's beautiful arrangement in my headset, I just felt every word I was singing. I hope I do the song justice in Patsy's memory!"

"She's Got You" by Joy Adams featuring Gary R. Farmer is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and all other popular download sites.

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Joy Adams Covers She's Got You To Mark 60th Anniversary Of Patsy Cline's Death

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