Julian Casablancas + The Voidz Deliver 'Prophecy of the Dragon'


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Voidz Single art
Single art

(2b) "Prophecy of the Dragon," the new single from musical-act Julian Casablancas + The Voidz is here to soundtrack your summer months. You'll love the hard riffs, poetic lyrics, and rhythmic aptitude.

Of the new song the band says; "The track started with a very simple question.... what would it feel like if God whispered into your ear "you are my most magnificent creature." What would that feeling sound like? What would its bassline be? With that Beardo blew The Voidz conch shell and we assembled where we had been summoned for previous quests. The response? From the fiery bones of eternity, the dragon's voice, awakened after millennia in waiting, spewed forth a sonic fist of impertinence in the shape of a new pirate anthem where nothing is what it seems, nor is it otherwise - Prophecy Of The Dragon."

Since their last LP, 2018's greatest album "Virtue", the band has released a few one-off tracks. One for a controversial video game ("Alien Crime Lord" via Grand Theft Auto), one on Terrible Records ("Did My Best"), one for a loveable underdog major league baseball team ("The Eternal Tao 2.0" via The Mets), and one to celebrate two robots getting a divorce ("Infinity Repeating" demo, via Daft Punk's 10 year RAM anniversary).

Formed in 2014, the band is comprised of Julian Casablancas (who sometimes moonlights in another band called The Strokes), Jeff Kite, Jereamy "Beardo" Gritter, Amir "Yag-man" Yagmai, Jake Bercovici, and illustrious drumming phenom Alex "the Cat" Carapetis. The band immediately turned heads with their unrelenting 2014 debut "Tryanny;" world tours, magazine covers, and over-budget music videos have all followed.

The band also will be performing for the public for the first time since 2018 this summer with a string of dates including a sold-out run in my hometown of San Francisco. Full dates are below.
Tour Dates:
June 3--Barcelona, ES-- Primavera
June 7--Bologna, IT--Arena Puccini
June 9--Hilvarenbeek, NL--Best Kept Secret
June 10--Madrid, ES--Primavera
June 11--Hilvarenbeek, NL--Best Kept Secret
June 14-San Francisco, CA-Great American Music Hall
June 15-San Francisco, CA-Great American Music Hall
June 16-San Francisco, CA-Great American Music Hall
June 17-San Francisco, CA-Great American Music Hall

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Julian Casablancas + The Voidz Deliver 'Prophecy of the Dragon'

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