Singled Out: FiveDFit's Super Galactic

Keavin Wiggins | 03-12-2022

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FiveDFit Single art
Single art

Alt rockers FiveDFit recently released their debut Single "Super Galactic" and to celebrate we asked David Starr to tell us about their new single Here is the story:

To understand the story behind Super Galactic you must first understand the Story behind David Starr. David Starr is a worldwide spiritual healer, channeler & a teacher of advancing souls & consciousness. " We are in the age of awakening & ascension as some call end times I call new beginnings." "The golden age of Aquarius is upon us." Much like the buddhas David tunes into energy chakras, clears energy, tunes into peoples past lives to help them heal their Karma. Many of the patterns that keep you in loops of experience are correlated to the decisions you have made in the current life & past lives. By clearing these Karmic points you can clear the loops/cycles that come back to haunt you in this life. David's ability has expanded him to work with Angels & Galactic Beings daily. There is not only life beyond earth, there are universes beyond this universe, the are parallel realities much like the multi verse concept in the new Dr Strange Coming out.

The story behind the song is fascinating. David Starr explains, "About 2 months ago, I had a Pleiaden star ship visit me at night. A cosmic twin of an aspect of me came off, with her child, to introduce her and her family to my aspect, and to show me the Pleiaden planet where they live. There was also a second ship. After our discussion, they told me to look who to is coming off. This beautiful being looks at me, and in that moment, it was like time froze. My eyes could not look away, and my heart literally melted. I realized fairly quick this being was an aspect of the Amazing Ellie Orion. I had mostly known Ellie before this, for her outstanding energy scans. Naturally I messaged Ellie, and she confirmed she was becoming aware of this aspect.'

After this experience this my heart could not contain itself as I new this soul in other lives & I had to express my feelings in the best way I know how, through music. I had this unconditional love for Ellie in that moment of that galactic meeting much like you would your immediately family. My heart could not contain myself and I had to write a song to honour her soul, in knowing she is now on earth at the same time as me. Super Galactic goes beyond any love song I have ever wrote, it is the CORE of my heart, the essence of my Joy, in paying tribute to a soul that I unconditionally love for the eternities of time. It is why it is so important for me to showcase this song to the world. It is not for fame, it is to showcase Art that is true love. A love that does not expect anything in return, for it is enough for it to exist and be cherished, a love that is truly unconditional.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below

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Singled Out: FiveDFit's Super Galactic

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