Singled Out: Flames Of Durga's Darkest Hour

Keavin Wiggins | 03-24-2022

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Flames Of Durga Still from the video
Still from the video

Rock trio Flames Of Durga recently released their single and video called "Darkest Hour" and to celebrate we asked them to tell us about the track. Here is the story:

"This song is inspired by the journey of taking back your personal power after someone has f***ed with it." -Cecilia. Darkest Hour started with a heavy guitar riff and hung around for a while before the lyrics came to life.

We were inspired to channel our hurt from different past relationships. We finished writing "Darkest Hour" during quarantine, which was the perfect time for us to song write in our home studio. In many ways that 2020 quarantine was fuel for our fire and pushed us to finish this song. "I remember feeling such catharsis while working on this song, because the hurt I had been carrying was finally being released through the music and it made me feel empowered." -Beah. This is a song about shedding toxic relationships. We were growing through what we were going through while writing this song. One day we had a sister- songwriting epiphany when the lyrics "I'm like a flower that blooms in the dark" suddenly came into fruition. Those lyrics are a metaphor for getting through dark times and the metamorphosis of strength and beauty that comes from it.

This is the first single off of our upcoming debut album! We'd been looking for the right place to record and had had some trouble finding the right producer for our first album. We were so stoked and honored when we got the green light to record at Rancho de la Luna with producer Dave Catching in Joshua Tree. It was such a fun recording process during the heat of the desert summer. "I was in absolute guitar heaven! Dave let me play whatever guitar I wanted from his stunning collection. I also brought my go-to personal choices; my beloved white and gold Gibson SG and my heavy hitting Schecter Black Jack. I used my Schecter and Dave's Yamaha AES 1500 for this track. I was a kid in a candy store laying down rhythm and lead while experimenting on different amps and pedals." says Beah. It was a dream come true to work with a legend like Dave and be immersed in the magic vibes of Rancho de la Luna. "We were on fertile ground when recording in Rancho's unique and inspiring atmosphere. This song pumps me up every time we play it!!" -Cecilia

"Darkest Hour" is dedicated to anyone who's been to hell and back. Our hopes are that "Darkest Hour" is a song that helps inspire and empower the listener to be a warrior in their everyday and ultimately become stronger from their scars.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the band here

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Singled Out: Flames Of Durga's Darkest Hour

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