Singled Out: Ghostwreck's Poison

Keavin Wiggins | December 13, 2022
Ghostwreck 1954 cover art
1954 cover art

New York Metalcore outfit Ghostwreck just released their new EP, "1954", and to celebrate we asked them to tell us about the single, "Poison". Here is the story:

Poison started out as a simple acoustic riff that Billy recorded drunk using his phone and uploaded to our ideas folder. Fast forward a few months later, I was going through that folder of ideas and I rediscovered the riff. I immediately said "this has to be the intro / main riff to one of our next tracks". Around the same time, I had been re-listening to System of a Down's Toxicity, so I took the riff, put it against a simple down beat they used heavily on that record and from there, the whole track musically fell into place.

Vocally, the hook of track came about when James came up with the line "Poison, you know my eyes are...." and when he laid the scratch vocals down, he repeated the line back to back! The rest of us looked at each other and knew that was the chorus. He tried different lyrics, altering the patterns and even adding another part, but it never felt right for us - so it stuck!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the EP here

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Singled Out: Ghostwreck's Poison

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