Singled Out: Beth Bombara's Everything I Wanted


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Beth Bombara News Album art August 07, 2023
Album art

Beth Bombara just released her new album "It All Goes Up." We asked her to tell us about one of the track to celebrate, and she selected "Everything I Wanted." Here is the story:

All good ideas start in the kitchen. Ok, maybe not ALL, but a lot of mine do. It's rare that unlocking a song takes as long as this one did. It started as a slower, feel-good solo tune, complete with fingerpicked acoustic guitar. I liked the concept but the arrangement just didn't have the right energy. I started tossing it into random live sets, solo, or with the band. It was always fun, but just never felt quite right. When it came time to rehearse with the band for It All Goes Up, I was ready to leave this tune on the back burner, but we kept poking at it after working on other stuff. And during those rehearsals, I finally figured out what the song was missing. Sometimes you just gotta drone that bass line. And going hard with background vocals doesn't hurt either.

Lyric-wise, it's a bit of a journal entry...thoughts grown from a series of kitchen conversations with some close friends about what we want out of life. We talked late into the night, commiserating about job issues, difficult relationships, and generally voicing our discontent with the state of the world. I left those conversations feeling like we all had shared common experiences. These difficulties and troubles are happening to all of us, but aren't we ultimately ok? At least, compared to most of the rest of human history, aren't our lives actually pretty sweet? It's all too easy to get caught up pursuing the next thing - whether that's money, love, status - and sometimes I'm so busy striving for it that I don't notice all the ways I have what I need! It sometimes seems crazy to have so much and still want more.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the album here

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Singled Out: Beth Bombara's Everything I Wanted

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