Singled Out: Bridges Ablaze's Forever Fallen


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Bridges Ablaze News Cover art August 11, 2023
Cover art

Texas duo Bridges Ablaze recently released their new single "Forever Fallen", the following up to their hit song "Hellbent". To celebrate, we asked them to tell us about the new track. Here is the story:

Forever Fallen is an anthem about despair, darkness, death, isolation, and hopelessness. It is a song about one's most formidable demons, and how a confrontation with such demons is all but unavoidable in life. This song was written with a very personal touch, as many painful life experiences have been poured into this song's musical atmosphere and lyrics.

The song contains dark tones throughout and the writer's suffering is overt and apparent, with the lyrics written in such a way to where many would be able to apply their own experiences while listening. This song is an attempt to reach out to those who can identify with the suffering showcased in this song, so that listener and artist can resonate with one another on a deep level. Our hope is that this song ultimately brings people together, and helps us - listener and artist alike - experience a catharsis that brings us all to a more lucid, elevated state of being.

This song is also a reminder that pain is not inherently bad. This song exemplifies a key fact - if we take time to create beautiful monuments in the wake of our painful life experiences, our scars begin to change form. Once harnessed, our suffering becomes a doorway to creativity, healing, connection, and divinity.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the band here

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Singled Out: Bridges Ablaze's Forever Fallen

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