Singled Out: Dippers' Recurrent Sight


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Dippers News Album art August 12, 2023
Album art

Australian indie-rocker Dippers just released their brand new album "CLASTIC ROCK". To celebrate, we asked Matthew Ford to tell us about the song "Recurrent Sight". Here is the story:

Even though the vocals are a predominant aspect of the majority of our music, I prefer not to over-contextualise the songs or summarise the lyrical content, as I typically overlap multiple ideas of imagery or storylines within each song. However, with Recurrent Sight, it is mostly based on a method I came across to cope with the constant mental anguish caused by the less gratifying neurodivergent traits that I experience.

The method: to portray myself as the protagonist in a coming of age sci-fi film, where an extra-terrestrial life-force is attempting to send me a message via tedious and inconvenient hijinks. It helps a bit knowing that the frequent tribulations throughout my day are actually affable shenanigans from an interplanetarian, for a multitude or reasons. The second half of the song is meant to be a response and proposition to these celestial tricksters - inviting them to come down for a cup of tea, or better yet, please beam us on up!

The recording of this song was a true delight . After Innez and I layed down the majority of the track, we invited two close friends over to improvise over the second half of the song. Dusty Anastassiou (Dag/Permits/ex-Thigh Master) played two blistering guitar solos over the track, and visual artist Nicky Minus made their recorded debut with some phenomenal flute riffs. After the recording session I made us all a delicious pasta and we hung out listening to records.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the album here

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Singled Out: Dippers' Recurrent Sight

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