Singled Out: Hematite's Run Devil Run

Keavin Wiggins | 03-13-2023

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Hematite promo photo
promo photo

Davey Muise (Vanna) and Andrew Gaultier (He is Legend) will be releasing the debut EP from their new project called Hematite on March 31st and to celebrate we asked Davey to tell us about the new single, "Run Devil Run". Here is the story:

Ever feel like no matter what you do, you are either running towards something or away from something? Like a constant game of catch up where you either are the hunter or the hunted. Out running your demons or being run over by them and maybe that's just the great balance of life? Who knows, but I wrote Run Devil Run within the chaos of much change and newness in my life. Felt like I was chasing after the change and running away from the things that no longer suited my skin. But that middle place, the inbetween makes you feel so thinly spread like store brand margarine on porous toast. For me, writing about my sh*t allows me to take the power back and feel a little more balanced even if I'm just a slice of bread in a toaster.

I've described this many times in my career and with different projects but whenever I'm writing music or arranging lyrics, I'm also building a world inside my head visually. Giving the story on paper a life of its own in my brain simultaneously. One just co-exists with the other and often the visual desires will win out on choices on the music or lyrics, what's better for the overall story is best for me. Being a visual director now as a career makes this musical project all the more special because I am able to blend my two worlds together from the ground up. The video for Run Devil Run is a perfect example of that marriage because this entire video was shot by myself and my wife who also runs a media company with me. We've been talking about this video since I showed her the song, so to be able to cruise out the Oregon Coast and shoot this whole thing in a day, was a dream come true for me.

Run Devil Run is sort of an anthem for those who run with their demons so to speak. For those that despite a past keep heading towards a future no matter the pace. Some may say you're running away, like you're trying to forget someone inside of you that you once knew. I say good riddance and keep moving because we all have demons to wrestle with and sometimes, it's better to move on instead of constantly losing the fight. Move to better days, better nights, a better life, no matter what. Even if you're the devil in someone's bible. Turn the damn page.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more here

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Singled Out: Hematite's Run Devil Run

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