Singled Out: John Diva & The Rockets' Runaway Train

Keavin Wiggins | 03-21-2023

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John Diva Album art
Album art

John Diva & The Rockets of Love just released their new album "The Big Easy", and to celebrate we asked John to tell us about the song "Runaway Train". Here is the story:

During the pre-production for The Big Easy, I tinkered with some of my old cars and had to drive them every day to get the old engines from the 70s and 80s running again. This made me drive around the streets nearby the studio again and again, often at similar times. It was then that I noticed a group of kids, just teenagers, hanging out at the bus stop. Typical small town behavior, I thought. Everything is so obvious: this is the only way out, to where the supposed real life is raging. The pathetic bus stop becomes the gateway to the world, the interface between depression, dreams, longing and departure. One of the kids stood out in particular, he looked different, not as standardized as the others. He had a style of his own and something fearless in his look, mixed with anger and impatience. And of course, he was the only one who wore long hair - no wonder he got my special attention. He triggered me, and in the days that followed, I slipped deep back into my own youth - remembering details, faces, stories, triumphs and defeats - much that I had actually forgotten. I could suddenly really feel like I did back then. These memories overlapped with the Kid from the stop, and I tried to imagine his dreams, which may not be so dissimilar to mine were.

The text wrote itself.

On the last day I drove past the bus stop even though it wasn't my direction at all. No one was there and I was disappointed, although I did not know exactly what I wanted there. I drove to the hotel, packed my bags and headed for the highway. On the way out of town I was met by a group of youngsters on BMX bikes, a whole horde. I honked the horn in greeting and turned up the music and let the engine roar goodbye when I saw him. In the middle of the group, proud and cool as f***, he stretched his fist towards me in greeting. I'm sure this guy will go his way. I say, Hey, Run away, jump on up and enjoy the race!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the album here

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Singled Out: John Diva & The Rockets' Runaway Train

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