Singled Out: Sweet Imperfections' Step Into Love

Keavin Wiggins | Published 02-23-2023

Sweet Imperfections Press photo courtesy Planetary Group
Press photo courtesy Planetary Group

Sweet Imperfections just celebrated Valentine's Day with the release of their brand new single, "Step Into Love", and to celebrate we asked Bri Schillings to tell us about the track.

"Step Into Love" is a dreamy, psychedelic pop song that mixes Mazzy Star's dreamy pop with Fleetwood Mac's soft rock intimacy. Band leader Bri Schillings shares the origin of her new single "Step into Love":

The Lyrics in this song explain verbatim what we were going through in our relationship. A night out at dinner, our first argument in our three months of dating, an argument that birthed a song as we sat down and wrote out exactly what we were experiencing.

That night we identified that our personal shame bodies were the walls we kept bumping into. When we held each other's shame with love, we stepped out of shame and into love.

I wrote this song with my partner, Brandon after our first argument.
Our relationship is deeply rooted in good communication but when emotions are high words can cut deep and leave us lost in translation.

Enter Music Therapy to the rescue.

There we were, fireside, Merlin Dulcimer in my hand, strumming, provoked from honest conversation about our relationship, the lyrics began flowing and we began softening into song.

The lyrics and emotion drew me to later transpose the melody onto my 1920's baby grand piano.The rise and fall of the emotions in the lyrics begged for dynamic ebbs and flows between the verse and chorus and of course the bridge would bring us home before launching into the final chorus "Step out of shame and into love"

I recorded a demo track in my home studio and added a deep percussive beat to drive the tension and release in the song. I sent it to our producer Chad Shlosser and we got to work on pre-production.

Soon after I sent him the demo he sent back a sample of the most beautiful guitar melody with the caption " this melody came to me in a dream". This song feels dreamy, vulnerable and organic, much like all the feelings we experienced the night it was written.

What is most meaningful about this song is the honest story it tells. We can keep living our lives holding our shame bodies, putting up walls...but until we can share them, heal through them, we will be limited by them.

Stepping out of shame sets us free and in this story, we are set free to love limitlessly.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the group here

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Singled Out: Sweet Imperfections' Step Into Love

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