Singled Out: Universal Honey's Time Blindness

Keavin Wiggins | 02-26-2023

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Universal Honey Album cover art
Album cover art

Universal Honey celebrated their 30th anniversary by releasing "Dandelion" earlier this month, their first new album in 18 years, and to celebrate we asked Leslie Stanwyck to share the deeply personal story behind the song "Time Blindness". Here is the story:

You're moving along in life and the days go from one to another and the people in your life are always there. You feel comfortable, to a certain degree, although some things happen along the way, but they are resolved in time, in the whole scheme of things. And then something happens BANG in one instant that forever changes the landscape of your life and you're left wondering, wtf?!?

My Dad passing away was that BANG moment for me. It was a gut punch that left me in a state of shock and brought emotions that I didn't even know existed. It felt like an alien had picked me up 10 years prior and then dropped me off in that current time and even though I had experienced the years going by I didn't how I had gotten to this moment.

Time Blindness was the first song we wrote after my Dad passed away. A longtime friend, who we have written other songs with through the years, sent a verse and chorus to me just weeks after and we sat down picked up the instruments and the melody just came. It has all the emotions from that gut wrenching event in the melody.

It was also at a time where we were releasing all 7 of our Universal Honey albums to streaming and we were walking down memory lane. As we sat down to write, the weight of everything came out, the passing of my Dad, the memories we'd relived of our music and also our son now being in high school.

Time Blindness is all about the bittersweet passage of time and the memories collected over the years. They sometimes become a blur, but some things stay in your memory forever. Time can seem like it's standing still but it also seems to speed by.

Everyone has those life changing moments that happen where they have that gut punch and they look at their life, their past and the time gone by.
We're so blind to time going by and all the beautiful people in our lives that fill it and make it meaningful. Then something happens that makes you realize it's all important and all to be cherished every single second. That's what's so perplexing about the passage of time, how it's sometimes so bitter and sometimes so sweet.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the album here

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Singled Out: Universal Honey's Time Blindness

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