Singled Out: Xalpen's Moon-Woman

Keavin Wiggins | 03-24-2023

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Xalpen Album art
Album art

Xalpen released their new album, "The Curse Of Kwanyep", this week and to celebrate we asked them to tell us about the lead single "Moon-Woman". Here is the story:

The idea behind and within the song "Moon-Woman" is to honor the great metamorphic spirit of Kre' (Moon, the great matriarch) respectfully and the dark designs of the ancient shamans of the southern latitudes, recalling forgotten times and knowledge far lost in the near extinction of Selk'nam people.

With this song, we also wanted to bring back some mythological memories, the axis of their beliefs, and the epic chapter She created through her metamorphic transformation from an earthly supernatural woman (high shaman) into the celestial being (Moon). The time when Kreen (Sun) and many of the men felt cheated by the manipulation and procedure of sacred ceremonies, (such as the great Hain Ceremony) and murdered every woman, except children and some very few female shamans, imposing the patriarchy in their society, in their culture, and in their religious teachings, erasing with it an era, a mythic era, that we will never be able to reach again.

The fabulous legacy has almost succumbed through time due to the unfair and filthy greed of colonialism, we have relied for more than a hundred years on many anthropologists and historians of Europeanized criteria to translate and "understand" an unwritten language and its non-Christian acts.

We expose the drama of the Selk'nam matricide, specifically the legend of a "goddess" that appears in many civilizations, maybe not under the same circumstances but anyway in order to intertwine comparative characteristics of their mythology with different ethnic groups, cultures, traditions, and the occult aspects of other religions and magical currents.

We can see her face disfigured by the past tragedy, the birth, and the sleep, also the eternal failure of a frantic chase, the devotional dance of her lost sons & daughters, hearing only their hooves cracking the ground, breaking the black earth, a spiritual heritage from a metamorphosed mother, symbol of womanhood and the creatures of the night.

Every eclipse she shows her fury, painted in red or simply disappearing in a black void, followed unsuccessfully by her merciless husband, to punish with darkness and take a blinch of vengeance, that's the moments that black magic and dimensional transgressions must be performed under Her name.

This song was the first composition for the "new" album, it brought in us the focus and the magic approach to this dark and fabulous myths from far lands. I can say that we are very satisfied with the work we did, and for sure it is a step forward in our carrier, in many aspects. It is another work made from our hearts and spirit, it shows the alchemy that flows among us to respectfully bring back forgotten legends full of mystical legacy. For this process we all gathered in Uppsala, Sweden, in a cold dark winter, the composition started with long-distance communication, between the different hemispheres of the planet, but it was never an obstacle because our spiritual connection has been always there. Also, the experience was and is a big plus between the sensations and facts to manifest within "Moon-Woman" and the rest of the songs of the album (The Curse of Kwanyep - 2023).

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the album here

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Singled Out: Xalpen's Moon-Woman

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