The Hate Club Gets Animated For 'Burn In Hell' Video

Michael Angulia | December 15, 2022

The Hate Club Gets Animated For 'Burn In Hell' Video
Still from the video

The Hate Club (Alex Poe) has released an animated music video for his track "Burn in Hell". The video was animated by Evan Streb aka Vezanmatics.

Poe had this to say, "Two maniacs, The Hate Club & Vezanmatics, bring you the continuation of the story first encountered in "My Name Is Legion" music video.

"3 years, 3 months and 3 days later our heroes are facing an onslaught and carnage of a foreign force. Headbanging is banned, metal is banned, humans are enslaved."

Vezanmatics added, "I was stoked to return to this brutal and hilarious world I drew up for the first video, especially since it was a lot more story-driven and I had the creative agency to pack it with all kinds of things that excite me like hideous aliens, rusty deathtraps, post-apocalyptic scenery, explosions and stuff.

"For inspiration I turned to 40k, Oddworld and Fury Road to fill in the details and bring it to life, importantly including a lot of reference to the weapons the Ukrainians are using to defend themselves for the later bit." See the results below:

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The Hate Club Gets Animated For 'Burn In Hell' Video

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