The Agonist and Stuck Mojo Offshoot Sicksense Release 'Fools Tomorrow' Video


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Sicksense EP cover art
EP cover art

(Hold Tight) Sicksense, featuring Killer V (Vicky Psarakis of The Agonist) and Rob The Ripper (Robby J. Fonts of Stuck Mojo), have announced their new EP Fools Tomorrow, set for release on 11th June. They have also unveiled the title-track single (featuring Fozzy guitarist Billy Grey) with a brilliantly entertaining music video, as fans have come to expect from this fun quintet.

Killer V comments on the single: "'Fools Tomorrow' is about recognizing one's shortcomings. We've all been our own worst enemies at some point in our lives. There's power in acknowledging that sometimes we are the problem. Taking responsibility for your actions and owning up to your faults is better than placing the blame on others. It's all about personal accountability. While it may be tough for many to admit when they're wrong, it ultimately shows strength of character and allows for personal growth."

On the video she continues: "'The Fools Tomorrow' music video follows various outcasts navigating their way through school life, while facing differences, misunderstandings and bullying. Inevitably, everyone comes together amidst the chaos, showcasing that we're honestly all more alike than we are different."

Outliers never stick to the script. Instead, they constantly and consistently surprise. As such, Sicksense bob and weave past any and all boundaries, flipping convention upside down and fusing heavy metal, hip-hop, and alternative like never before. Extreme screams puncture nimbly rapped verses, tempering a male-and-female call-and-response and giving the metal game a truly "new" sound. Unpredictability drives the quintet-Vicky "Killer V" [vocals, keys], Rob The Ripper [vocals], Breakdown Bran [guitar], Spot-On Sam/SOS [bass], and The Trve Cody Taylor [drums]. After piling up hundreds of thousands of streams and views independently with their debut EP Kings Today, the group present their scorching signature style on second EP Fools Tomorrow.

On the new EP, Killer V continues: "The songs across Fools Tomorrow deal with a lot of introspection and how we as individuals fit into this crazy world of ours. We take a raw, open and honest approach with this EP and the music and stories take you on an emotional rollercoaster. We hope you enjoy being on this ride with us."

Sicksense have also announced two EP release headline shows at Turbo Haus in Montreal, Canada, on the 9th and 10th of June

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The Agonist and Stuck Mojo Offshoot Sicksense Release 'Fools Tomorrow' Video

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