Tess & The Details Premiere 'Canary' Video


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Tess & The Details Premiere 'Canary' Video

(Reybee) "Canary" is the first single and music video from female-fronted San Francisco punk rock band Tess & The Details, out now, August 31, 2023. Their debut album Runaway will be released November 14th, 2023 via Double Helix Records. Tess & The Details' powerful sound calls upon favorites such as Bad Religion, Alkaline Trio, and Rise Against.

The music video for "Canary" incorporates Alfred Hitchcock's idea of using a blonde to symbolize his tragic, evil femme fatale as a nod to The Birds and other Hitchcock films. "Canary" turns that concept on its head. Tess explains that the character in the video is not "being tortured by the male protagonist," as is typical in Hitchcock films, but rather, "She's the mastermind. It's cathartic to see the roles reversed. It's the revenge of the Hitchcock blonde."

The video pays homage to film through "Vertigo shots and Dutch angles that Hitchcock was famous for," while weaving in classic high-energy performance shots that are pure rock and roll.

Runaway was recorded at ModernTone Studios in Lafayette, CA, and produced, mixed, and engineered by Jacob Light.

The record kicks off with the anthemic "Blondie's Gonna Die" in which buzzsaw guitars and relentlessly driving drums invite the listener to get off the floor. Tess sings with a self-assured forcefulness, "When they told me I was crazy / I should've listened." Throughout the album, each song explores different sides of humanity. "Canary" serves as a daring escape from your own self destruction. The title track "Runaway" celebrates the downward spiral, evoking the modern punch of bands like Green Day and Jimmy Eat World, showcasing Tess's powerful voice, driving guitar sound, and Gideon Berger's fast heavy-hitting drums.

"We work super hard on our songs and aim to perform them live in a way that will showcase that," said Stevens. "We play our set with a ton of energy, intent and want people to have a good time when we play live. There's a party going on stage as much as there's a party in the crowd - "Runaway" is just the start of what we hope will be a really good time."

Tess & the Details is Tess Stevens (lead vocals/ rhythm guitar), Gideon Berger (drums), Dustin Galecki (lead guitar), and Lawrence Hood (bass). Runaway was recorded by Tess Stevens, Jacob Light, and Gideon Berger.

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Tess & The Details Premiere 'Canary' Video

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