Billy Liar Announces New Album 'Crisis Actor'


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Billy Liar Announces New Album 'Crisis Actor'

(Pirates Press Records) Scottish singer/songwriter Billy Liar has announced that his new album "Crisis Actor" will be coming out on Pirates Press Records! The album will be released on November 3rd with the first single, "Oblivion," coming out this Friday.

"Billy Liar is one of my favorite songwriters. Powerful and honest." - Tim Armstrong (Rancid) That's one hell of a statement coming from Armstrong, a guy who knows his way around a tune as one of the most beloved songwriters in punk rock history.

A single listen to Billy Liar's new album "Crisis Actor" will have any listener agree with Armstrong. With this album, Billy Liar showcases his outstanding talent for storytelling and his ability to capture raw, unfiltered emotions that resonate with listeners on a deeply personal level. These songs are bold, brash, and destined to be played loud in any size venue Billy steps into, from a solo show at a DIY space to a full-band set on a giant festival stage and everywhere in between...all with fans screaming back every word!

From the outset of "Crisis Actor," Billy Liar commands the listener's attention. From the opening track "Oblivion," he pulls no punches when he sings "The only way I win is by not giving in to oblivion."

Throughout the album, Billy intricately weaves anecdotes, scathing social commentary, and self-realization to craft a record that will please old and new punks alike. Drawing the inevitable comparison to the legendary punk troubadour Billy, Mr. Liar shares Mr. Bragg's ability to address society, politics, and the world at large through the lens of lived experience and deeply personal, confessional emotion.

And just to put "Crisis Actor" over the top, a friend turns up to lend his familiar voice to one of the record's highlights: the one and only Frank Turner joins Billy on "Negroni," adding his trademark powerhouse grit to Liar's boundless, exuberant energy.

With "Crisis Actor," Billy Liar is poised to step up as a central voice in a new wave of singer-songwriters ready to tell their tales to listeners across the world. Clocking in at just 28 minutes, this album is a proverbial uppercut to the jaw. It hits you hard and fast, but it is intricate enough to reward close repeat listens. This is fortunate, because you'll find yourself dropping the needle on this one again and again!

Whether armed only with his guitar or backed by a full band, Billy Liar will be traveling the globe, commanding stages of pubs, clubs, and arenas alike with this new set of tunes ready to catapult him into the hearts - and record collections - of punks worldwide!

Side A:
1. Oblivion
2. Baltimore
3. Negroni
4. Failure Factory
5. Phantom Limb

Side B:
6. Ostrich
7. Starlight On Main
8. Cheyne Stoking
9. Don't Trust Anyone
10. Hogmanay
11. Troubled Mind

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