Inger Lorre Releases New Album Gloryland


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Inger Lorre Releases New Album Gloryland

(Reybee) "It's about having something to say," says LA-based alt-rock legend, Inger Lorre. Often seen as a musician's musician, Inger has worked with the likes of Iggy Pop, Jeff Buckley, and Henry Rollins; her notoriety has frequently eclipsed her darkly beautiful music which is reflected in her new album, GLORYLAND, available now via Kitten Robot Records.

A collection of 10 new songs, Gloryland takes its cue from the looming mortality that streams through the elements of loss, despair and redemption that echo her own challenging life experiences. One way or another, Lorre connects with casual mastery - whether it's with her collaborations over nearly twenty years of music-making or through vivid portraits of people's lives (more than occasionally her own); her songs flow red with the essence of her lifeblood of real-life exchanges, experiences, and a need to express herself.

With Gloryland, Inger celebrates her unique voice with total freedom, crossing genres from singer-songwriter to Americana and gospel. Working with Nashville multi-instrumentalist Buddy Woodward, she creates gorgeous oceans of sound with esoteric string instruments, alongside Angelique Congleton on bass, Eric Contreras on drums, Matt Lee on electric guitar, Jordan Shapiro on pedal steel guitar and Paul Roessler (Screamers, 45 Grave, Nina Hagen, Twisted Roots) on keyboards.

Tracks like, "Death is a Horizon," set to haunting, measured vocals and ruminative gait, carried on dark currents of electric and acoustic guitars, serve as a thematic lynchpin of sorts, finding Lorre lamenting on life, death, and spirituality. "Death is a Horizon" is the sound of someone who has stared death down and exorcized her demons to emerge stronger.

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Inger Lorre Releases New Album Gloryland

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