Jay Allen Gets Emotional With 'Halfway House'


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Jay Allen Gets Emotional With 'Halfway House'

(Aristo) Country singer-songwriter Jay Allen has released his newest single, an emotional and bittersweet track titled "Halfway House," which was released through OneRPM.

"Halfway House" uncovers the tension that Allen experienced firsthand through his divorce in his early life. He wrote the song to connect with those who yearn for a loving home with their partner, only for the two to become distant from the result of the latter person becoming physically and emotionally distant. The metaphor "halfway house" resonates greatly with not being fully invested in a relationship. In the end, the first person realizes they can no longer tolerate the pain and suffering that comes from a withdrawn partner.

Allen commented on the impact the song has left on him, saying "I wrote this song years ago after going through a divorce at a young age. I never intended on releasing it, but my wife, Kylie Morgan, encouraged me to tease it on social media. The response was overwhelming, and after reading through hundreds of passionate comments, I knew what my answer was. I hope this song resonates with those of us who have been cheated on, have endured the heartache of living in a broken home, or that one person who just needs to be reminded that they're worthy of love and respect."

"Halfway House" was co-written by Jay Allen, Alex Kline, and Aaron Scherz and is produced by Micah Wilshire.

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