Emily Myers Shakes Things Up With 'Olives'


Emily Myers Shakes Things Up With 'Olives'

(Anchor Publicity) Rising country star Emily Myers is ready to shake up the music scene with her latest release, "Olives." This electrifying single not only marks a shift in musical style for Myers, but also serves as a powerful anthem of self-empowerment and resilience. In "Olives," Myers fearlessly confronts the toxic influences in her life with a boldness that is as refreshing as it is infectious.

Reflecting on her personal journey, Myers shares, "As someone who grew up as a chronic people pleaser, I had to learn how to walk away from toxic people and situations. 'Olives' represents not only a new sound for me, but also a new attitude and determination to stand up for myself when someone isn't treating me right."

With its catchy lyrics and sassy attitude, "Olives" is more than just a song - it's a rallying cry for anyone who refuses to settle for less than they deserve. Myers explains, "The main hook of the song, 'skip the branch, pass the olives,' is a clever way to say to someone that you are not going to continue accepting their bad behavior."

This spirited track not only showcases Myers' undeniable talent as a singer and songwriter, but also highlights her commitment to uplifting her listeners. "As an artist, I want to make music that encourages people to run after the life they truly want," Myers affirms. "'Olives' is a song that reminds me to never settle for less and I hope it does the same for anyone else who needs it."

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Emily Myers Shakes Things Up With 'Olives'

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