Dreamer Boy Announces New Album 'Lonestar'


Dreamer Boy Announces New Album 'Lonestar'

(Capitol Music Group) Singer-songwriter Dreamer Boy, hailed as an "artist to watch" by FLAUNT, will release his new album, Lonestar, on May 10 via slowplay / Capitol Records. Lonestar is a gossamer balance of duality: pure associations with Southern culture and the textures of Americana are woven with the creation of a larger-than-life persona-the beaten-down Rodeo Clown depicted on the album's cover.

At its heart, the album is about finding yourself. "You start off running away," says Dreamer Boy, who was born Zach Taylor. "You're literally like, 'Get me out of my parents' house, get me out into the world.' But then you start to run back to some of those things." Lonestar is about building yourself as a person in the turbulence of a breakup, which involves looking back, feeling a little lost, a little heartbroken, a little nostalgic. But, ultimately, there's clarity-you figure out what makes you really yourself, even if that might change.

These themes coalesce in Dreamer Boy's new single, "If You're Not In Love," which he wrote with Nick Velez and bandmates Aidan Spiro, Christian Taylor, Henry Solomon and Aaron Wing. The song was produced by Spiro, Taylor and Solomon.

After his sweetly psychedelic debut album, Love, Nostalgia, 2021's heartfelt follow-up, All the Ways We Are Together, and tours with Clairo, Omar Apollo, The MarĂ­as, Still Woozy and others, Dreamer Boy firmly steps out of the bedroom and on to the highways on Lonestar. Moving from Nashville to Los Angeles, he found his new direction as he watched the miles pass. Driving through his childhood home of Texas and visiting his grandfather's farm three times in a year instilled a sense of connectivity to the South he'd lost touch with.

"I felt myself needing to hold that as a fixture in my heart as I was going out West again," he says. "I felt the need to attach to my spirit the tone and feeling of those places."

Dreamer Boy and his band The Lone Stars recorded the album in full takes in order to make the music as organically and collaboratively as possible. Featured artists include Miya Folick and Goldie Boutilier with some guest vocals from fellow Texans Hovvdy.

"It was the most fun I've had making music, ever," he attests. "There were nights at the studio where it'd be like 12 people in this tiny room and we're recording background vocals and friends are just hanging out and you can hear people talking in the background of the recording. I think music sometimes is only as powerful as the energy you inject into it."

Lonestar - Track Listing
1. Summer In America
2. Heartbreaker
3. Suckerpunch
4. Twin Flame (feat. Goldie Boutilier)
5. Bubba
6. Kansas
7. Baby Blue
8. Mud
9. Big Sky (feat. Miya Folick)
10. If You're Not In Love
11. Untied
12. Harmony

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Dreamer Boy Announces New Album 'Lonestar'

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