Kent Blazy Delivers 'My Life So Far'


Kent Blazy Delivers 'My Life So Far'

(B! Noticed) Hitmaker and Nashville Songwriter Hall of Fame member, Kent Blazy announced the release of his new album, My Life So Far. The new music is available everywhere now on music streaming and download platforms.

Recorded at the Emporium Recording Studio in Nashville, the eleven-song project honors his remarkable journey. It showcases compositions penned by Kent Blazy, except track eleven, which was co-written with Garth Brooks.

"My new record "My Life So Far" is a celebration of where I am now. This album was inspired by the death of two people who were an important part of my early 20s," shared Kent Blazy. Writing for this album was an emotional yet fun project. "Still My Only Child" was written about my first love and giving up a normal life to chase my music and I wrote" This Song's For You" about a friend and bandmate in my first band. a warning from a Kentucky preacher when I started playing guitar inspired the song, "The Devil's Music," "Feeling Alive Again" is about recovery from the loss of a loved one, and the song "Empty House" is a nod to the yardbirds."

"Thank you for another slice of real-deal music, which is clearly comes right from your heart. Again, you, Steve, and the great rhythm section top your previous work with songwriting and musicianship, bringing "My Life So Far" to life. Between you and Steve, this is one heck of a Guitar record. It features many different styles played by Masters of the instrument. Kent, all the tones are perfect, and each note is right. I know that only comes from the ears and hands of true Pros. But the songs, as always, are the real treat. "Who Really Rescued" was a joy to hear; thank you especially for that. And wow, was "Empty House" a powerful surprise? Hearing it evolve to the jam at the end brought back all the excitement of hearing the great 60s and 70s albums for the first time-when bands did creative, forward things like that! It's wonderful. Sorry to gush, but I can't say enough. Each song is a good one, thoroughly enjoyable, and creatively different from the others. Thank you for sharing, as always. Your top-tier professionalism remains an inspiration," Director Fender Musical Instruments Corporation - Don Wiggins.

"With his latest project "My Life So Far" Kent Blazy has released a collection of songs that take us on a journey into the real. Some song collections are designed to deliver us away from our lives, but this one delivers us deeper into our lives, the struggles and the joyous triumphs. As I listened I was reminded of Springsteen's classic album "The River" which didn't abandon its rocking edge while still retaining its ability to feel tender and approachable Kent's guitar work is spot on and his voice speaks to a life with big swings in many directions both dark and enlightened. The album's pivotal track asks a timeless question "who really rescued who" and the heartbreaking " for a minute there " wraps up the 11-song journey leaving us longing to return to the ineffable and transient past that haunts all true poets," friend and renowned and award-winning songwriter - Monty Powell.

"It's great to hear a project that for the lack of a better word is REAL! This project makes me think about albums from the past, Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young, Springsteen, Jackson Browne and Van Morrison to name a few! This album is like an old friend. I'm blessed and proud to say that Kent is!! I love him! Love his heart and love his energy that is never lacking. The music is real, and so is Kent," exclaimed Head of Publishing at Hori Global Entertainment, singer and songwriter - Butch Baker!

"I'm trying to put into my words some things bigger than my heart. First, just let me say, THIS IS HANDS DOWN MY FAVORITE KENT BLAZY ALBUM. Music for me has always been about freeing the heart's hidden secrets. You've ALWAYS been a great writer. One of my heroes and mentors. But the beauty of this album for me is that you dared to expose the deepest parts of your heart. This will bless everyone who hears it," Co-writer with Garth Books of Gary Allen's hit. "From Where I'm Sitting" - Kent Maxson.

My Life So Far Tracklist
1) One Big Love (Kent Blazy)
2) Feeling Alive Again (Kent Blazy)
3) Thank Him Everyday (Kent Blazy)
4) Can't Sleep With You (Kent Blazy)
5) Who Really Rescued Who (Kent Blazy)
6) This Songs For You (Kent Blazy)
7) Still My Only Child (Kent Blazy)
8) The Devil's Music (Kent Blazy)
9) Nature Of The Beast (Kent Blazy)
10) Empty House (Kent Blazy)
11) For A Minute There (Full Demo) (Garth Brooks and Kent Blazy)

My Life So Far was mixed and engineered by Chris Utley. John Mayfield of Mayfield Mastering did mastering. Front Cover photo is credited to Ed Rode and back cover photo is credited to Cindy Blazy. Graphic art is by Nancy Terzian. Studio musicians included Lee Francis (bass), Kevin Murphy (drums), Steve Allen (guitars), Kent Blazy (guitars, vocals).

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Kent Blazy Delivers 'My Life So Far'

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