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Page Too Report for 07/23/2017

Taylor Swift Wins Legal Victory in Assault Case

(Radio.com) Taylor Swift scored a legal victory against the Denver DJ she's sued for a 2013 incident in which he allegedly groped her. In court documents, David "Jackson" Mueller admitted to destroying a laptop, cell phone, iPad and computer, which contained key evidence in the case against him.

Mueller originally sued Swift in September 2015, claiming her allegation was the reason he lost his job. Swift countersued the next month for assault and battery. Court documents indicate that he secretly recorded a two-hour meeting with his boss, which those electronic devices contained. The meeting took place one day before Mueller was fired.

According to Mueller's former boss Robert Call, Mueller's story changed during the course of their conversation -- during which he was confronted with Swift's allegations.

U.S. District Judge William Martinez formally sanctioned Mueller for destroying the devices and permitted Swift's legal team to question the DJ about his recordings. Read more and see the court documents here.

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Shania Twain Release Second New Single 'Poor Me'

(Radio.com) Shania Twain has released the second single from her upcoming Now LP, 'Poor Me." The full album hits stores on September 29, so she's off to an early start, having released "Life's About to Get Good" on June 15.

The Canadian country superstar is no stranger to pushing the envelope. The melancholy song is no exception with a synth-pop rhythm and a Chainsmokers-ish vibe.

The mid-tempo tune is about the emotions that accompany being dumped for someone else. 'Poor me this, poor me that, why do I keep looking back?/ Poor me this, poor me that, it's not white, it's not black./Grey's the color that I see, still can't believe he'd leave me to love her," she sings.

The understated black and white hand-drawn lyric video that accompanies the song captures the sadness of the content. Listen to "Poor Me" here.

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Louis Tomlinson Releases 'Back to You' Video Featuring Bebe Rexha

(Radio.com) Former One Direction star Louis Tomlinson released a music video for his latest track "Back to You". The song comes off his upcoming debut solo album, which will arrive later this year.

The single features collaborations with Bebe Rexha and Digital Farm Animals. In the video, Tomlinson and Rexha wander around his hometown of Doncaster, England, where they sing about breakups and not being able to let go completely of another person.

Posting about the collaboration on Twitter, Rexha praised the One Direction star, writing, "Louis is one of the most humble and nicest people I've ever worked with. He deserves all the success in the world. I'm happy for him." Watch "Back to You" and check out Rexha's post here.

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Luis Fonsi's 'Despacito' Most Streamed Song of All Time

(Radio.com) Move over Justin Bieber, your pal Luis Fonsi needs a seat. Justin Bieber's "Sorry" has officially been knocked out of the most-streamed song of all time spot by Luis Fonsi's massive hit "Despacito."

Bieber shouldn't feel too bad about the news though, since he certainly had a hand in helping the track reach the milestone. The track was originally released in January 2017 featuring Daddy Yankee.

The track was remixed just a few month later with Justin's Spanish vocals and according to Billboard has since garnered 4.6 billion streams across all platforms, including Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and a host of others. Read more here.

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Beyonce Madame Tussauds Wax Figure Stirs Controversy

(Radio.com) Madame Tussauds unveiled their new Beyonce wax figure last week (July 18) and the internet is not happy about it. The new figure is a blonde-haired, white woman who slightly resembles the iconic superstar.

While one fan referred to the figure as "FIERCE," the vast majority of fans on Twitter are sharing the image and pointing out how it looks nothing like the pop star they call Queen Bey.

Some fans are pointing out how Kylie Jenner's wax model looks identical to the reality star, but the "Sorry" singer looks like a combination of Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Kesha and more.

Even Michelle Lee, editor-in-chief of Allure, chimed in on the issue, posting side-by-side photos of other wax figures that also don't do Beyonce any justice. Check out the wax figure and posts here.

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Harry Styles Addresses Fourth Nipple Rumor

(Radio.com) Harry Styles recently sat down with Chelsea Handler, ostensibly to talk about his role in the brand new film Dunkirk. That's not exactly what happened.

In the awkward, but also hilarious interview, Handler asks Styles a series of bizarre questions including one asking him about an unusual question about his anatomy:

"There's a rumor on the internet that you have four nipples," Handler said, "have you heard that?" Styles is a good sport throughout. Check out a stream of the fun clip here.

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SZA Joined by Travis Scott For Tonight Show Performance

(Radio.com) SZA is one of R&B's fastest-rising stars and she was booked last Thursday night (July 20) for a high-profile gig on The Tonight Show and she wasn't alone on the stage.

Host Jimmy Fallon described her album as "one of the year's best" and she was joined by Travis Scott on the main stage at 30 Rockefeller Center for a special duet on the show.

They performed their duet "Love Galore" and the chemistry was crackling. The mid-tempo rap-sung collaboration was staged with flickering strobe lights and Travis wore a giant blinged-out cross. Watch Travis and SZA's performance here.

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Game of Thrones Director Surprised At Ed Sheeran Backlash

(Radio.com) Ed Sheeran made his Game of Thrones debut, and after mixed reviews from fans, Director Jeremy Podeswa has a few thoughts to share. The Grammy winner played the part of a singing member of the Lannister army in the Season premiere. Podeswa told Newsweek, "I think Ed did a lovely job--he's a lovely actor and a lovely person."

He explained why Sheeran was the perfect casting, "He was appropriate for the part because he needed to sing. If people didn't know who Ed was, they wouldn't have thought about it twice. The hoo-ha seems to be from things that are outside of the world of the show. In the world of the show he did a lovely job, and he looks like he belongs in that world."

"I think people interrogated it too much, they're bringing so much of his [superstar] presence into the thing which is far beyond what anybody was thinking going into it. He is known to the producers of the show and some of the cast, and he's a gigantic fan of the show. As everybody knows, the show really eschews stunt casting--it's never, ever done that."

"I was quite surprised about the reaction actually because I know he's very well known and a successful singer but you're in the bubble of the show--the cast are well known too, everybody is really well known…none of them can walk down the street without being followed. You don't think about that very much in this context." Read more here.

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Jay-Z Releases 'Bam' Music Video With Damian Marley

(Radio.com) Jay-Z has released the visual music video for his track "Bam," featuring acclaimed artist and son of the legendary Bob Marley, Damian Marley. It comes from his new album 4:44.

In the video, JAY-Z and Marley explore his father's old Trenchtown neighborhood, as the music flows in and out, interspersed between the duo's conversations about music, the island culture and their heritage.

"The prophets in the beginning were musicians. They were poets, writers. That's what we've been tasked with in this life," Jay-Z remarks at the beginning of the video. "We're whistles. The wind goes through us, we make noise."

Near the end, the video features Sister Nancy, whose single "Bam Bam" is sampled on Jay-Z's track. Talking about her reggae classic, she tells Jay-Z, "That's freestyle, 'Bam Bam.' I didn't write it." Watch the video here.

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Blake Shelton Releases New Version of 'Doing it to Country Songs'

(Radio.com) Country superstar Blake Shelton has released new versions of 'Doing it to Country Songs" and "Elvira," both of which feature collaborations with legendary group The Oak Ridge Boys.

"Doin' It to Country Songs" was on Shelton's latest album, If I'm Honest, and was also the name of his tour. He collaborated with the Oak Ridge Boys for the track. An animated video for the collaboration is also scheduled to be released.

"Elvira" was a massive crossover hit for the Oak Ridge Boys, earning them a Number One in country music, and their highest pop ranking at Number Five. Listen to the songs here.

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'Star Wars' Set Photo Unveils Donald Glover As Lando Calrissian

(Radio.com) Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, was cast to play the role of young Lando Calrissian last year for the upcoming Star Wars Han Solo movie.

Earlier this week (July 19), director Ron Howard shared an insider set photo of Glover dressed up as his character. In the social media photo of Howard's monitor, Glover is seen hunched over, in what could be a cockpit.

He sports a bright yellow jacket. As a caption for the photo, Howard wrote, "lining up a shot today from my director's monitor." The movie is still untitled but is due in theaters next year. Check out the post here.

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French Montana Tributes Late Rapper Chinx In 'Whiskey Eyes' Video

(Radio.com) French Montana's Jungle Rules features an all-star list of collaborators from Future to The Weeknd. When he revealed the track list for his sophomore album, one name jumped out at hip-hop fans--Chinx, the rapper who died in 2015.

Chinx was shot and killed and his assailant was never found. It was an incident that shook the New York City hip-hop community. Montana has released the video for "Whiskey Eyes" and it pays tribute to the rapper's life and work--even including a cameo by Chinx's son, Nugget.

The video features slow pans over images of Chinx while French Montana works on a painting. By the end, it's revealed that he's made a portrait of his late friend. On the track, French raps "'My n—- Chinx son became my own son/The block where I'm from, you need your own gun." Watch the moving tribute video here.

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Jada Pinkett Smith Was A Drug Dealer When She Met Tupac

(Radio.com) Jada Pinkett Smith has not been very pleased with her depiction in the Tupac Shakur biopic, All Eyez on Me, which arrived last month. The actress has become even more vocal about her relationship with Shakur since that time, leading her to a major revelation.

In a new interview, Smith confessed she was a drug dealer when she first met Shakur. She revealed that while she was selling drugs when they first became friends, she later got out of the life, while Shakur sunk deeper into it.

Fans won't have to wonder about the relationship forever, as Smith also said that she is planning to write a book chronicling that period in her life. Watch the video here.

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Julia Michaels Announces New Album 'Nervous System'

(Radio.com) Julia Michaels wowed the world with her breakthrough track "Issues" earlier this year. Last week (July 19), she announced the upcoming release of her debut album, Nervous System, July 28.

The record will feature her hit single, along with a collection of new music. "Issues" still remains the best-selling song from a new artist this year, making her forthcoming album a must-listen for fans everywhere.

Michaels will perform her new single "Uh Huh" July 27 on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Check out the complete tracklisting for the Nervous System album here.

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Miranda Lambert Shares Sweet Birthday Message For Anderson East:

(Radio.com) Miranda Lambert wished her boyfriend Anderson East the sweetest message this past Monday (July 17) for his 30th birthday, calling him, " a light that could outshine the sun."

The country singer shared a black-and-white collage of her and East, with the caption, "Rock & Roll Sundays and No Makeup Mondays. My favorite Bama boy turned 30 today.

He owns the stage and he owns my heart," she wrote. "Thanks @andersoneast for inspiring me in so many ways. You are a light that could outshine the sun. I love making memories with you."

Check out the post below. Read more here.

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Thomas Rhett Declared The 'Best Baby Daddy' By Wife

(Radio.com) Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren recently adopted their daughter Willa and Lauren is now pregnant with their second child, who is due later this summer. Rhett's wife has shared a photo online of her with her country star husband and joked that he was the "best baby daddy a girl could ever dream of."

"This pic makes me so happy because we haven't done personal photos since our wedding almost 5 years ago," Lauren wrote. "And I just realllyyyyy do like him a lot & we're not a dressed up on a red carpet with a bunch of fancy clothes and make up-just me and him on the farm in our happy place'yes @thedryhousenashvilledid my hair (I mean clearly) but other than that, this is us in our real life and I looooovveee it (although maybe next time we do personal photos I'd like to not be 40 lbs over my normal weight hahah) I love you honey! Best baby daddy a girl could ever dream of."

Rhett also recently shared a loving post from their beach vacation, writing, "Can't believe we will have a newborn not too long from now, 36 weeks pregnant and 100% smoke show." Check out the posts here.

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Luke Combs Donates Meet-And-Greet Funds To Children's Charity

(Radio.com) Luke Combs is donating all funds raised at his backstage meet-and-greets to children in need. The country singer revealed on social media that this money benefits Camp Sunshine, a facility for children with life-threatening illnesses.

"Deciding to donate all of my meet and greet proceeds to children battling cancer was the easiest decision I've ever made," Combs wrote as a caption. "Being able to help them have a normal life in a not so normal world is the best gift I can give them."

The funds for Camp Sunshine come from the Combs' VIP program, in which fans can upgrade their concert tickets for $49 to secure an autograph, have their photos taken with the singer and receive exclusive items. Check out the post here.

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