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Page Too Report for 06/26/2017

Deadmau5 Slams The Chainsmokers In Social Media Rant

(Radio.com) Deadmau5 has a new subject for his combative tweets in his latest social media rant. The helmeted Canadian emcee has singled out EDM duo, the Chainsmokers.

'sorry, i just made the terrible mistake of listening to a chainsmokers song. at least the first 6 seconds of it," the contentious EDM artist tweeted. "i was trying to do something."

And he didn't leave it at that. Deadmau5 tagged the 'Smokers in his next tweet to make sure they didn't miss his vitriol, 'I ALSO NEED TO LEARN HOW TO UNROLL A SUIT@thechainsmokers i used to just say you were s— for fun. now im 100% convinced you're s—."

The DJ continued to spread the hate, slamming everyone in the Top 40. Engaging with one of his almost four million Twitter followers, Deadmau5 explained that he disliked everything he heard.

As the artist went on with his rampage mocking lyrics and rhymes, Zedd responded, 'why u hating so much, Joel….. u need to eat a snickers". Read more including the tweets here.

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DJ Khaled Had To Have Rihanna For 'Wild Thoughts'

(Radio.com) DJ Khaled just released his 10th album Grateful and he stopped by 97.1 AMP Radio on the night it hit stores to talk about it. The king of anthems, DJ Khaled told us that he was very particular about who would be on his latest track "Wild Thoughts." And that was Rihanna.

"We got in the studio and I had this idea for years. I wanted for it to be the right time but also I had to make sure I put the right artist on there. And I knew, for me to flip this record, I wanted Rihanna. I didn't have a Plan B. So I got Rihanna and shout out to Bryson Tiller."

The success of the track is no surprise to anyone who has heard past records from DJ Khaled. He's the hit maker. One might think that after all the success his ego would take over, but it hasn't. He's still one of the most positive artists out there, as shown on Snapchat & Instagram every day.

"At the end of the day, we have life, imma show love. The more love you put out there, the more love you get back. Love is the key. Love is the answer. Love is the solution," Khaled said. "There's a lot going on in the world. I don't want to get caught up in negative stuff. I'm a father now."

"I can't tell him no. I just got that love," Khaled said of his son. "I'm sure every father in the world has love for their children. That's what so beautiful. It's something you can't really explain unless you're a mother or a father. It's the realist joy, and the realist love ever." Watch the full interview here.

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Drake and Migos' Offset Fuel Metro Boomin's 'No Complaints'

(Radio.com) Metro Boomin has released a brand new collaborative track entitled "No Complaints" that features guest appearances from rap superstar Drake and Migos' Offset.

The new cut premiered on Drake's OVO radio show this past Friday evening (June 23). "Just tryna take it all off for me, tryna stay real close to me, I gotta catch myself, I can't play myself," Drizzy sings on the hook.

Also big news for Drake fans, the rapper also made the full version of his Louis Vuitton inspired track "Signs" available to stream. Check out both tracks here.

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Britney Spears Receives 'Toxic' Video Tribute From Flight Attendants

(Radio.com) Britney Spears recently performed two concerts in Bangkok, Thailand. The star took to social media a couple days ago to express how much she loves Thailand and it looks like the country returns this affection.

Four flight attendants from Thai carrier Nok Air recreated the iconic airplane-themed music video for Spears' 2003 track "Toxic" to welcome her to the country.

While they didn't recreate the entire music video (no naked bodysuits or motorcycle-riding spies), the group nailed the aircraft scenes. Watch the "Toxic" cover here.

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Adam Lambert Performs New Single Live

(Radio.com) Adam Lambert only revealed that he was going to release new music by the end of the month last Thursday (June 22), but the star has already given his fans the title, cover art and a live performance.

"Two Fux" is a strong pop anthem in true Lambert style, as the subject matter centers around living life on your own terms. The song was co-written with Ferras, Sarah Hudson, Big Taste and Trey Campbell.

On Friday, Lambert released a teaser trailer for the new song (set to arrive June 30). He performed the song as part of Queen's mini-concert on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. Watch the video and teaser trailer here.

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Kenny Chesney Calls On Students To Create His Next Video

(Radio.com) Kenny Chesney isn't taking the usual route to create a music video for his single "All The Pretty Girls" which is the latest track off his 2016 "Cosmic Hallelujah" album.

The country star wants college students at Nashville's Belmont and Middle Tennessee State Universities to create and submit their own music video for the song for a chance to win a $5,000 scholarship. The winning video will also premiere on CMT.

"The best moments of being young and having fun should be captured," he said. "But nobody ever talks to the people who are right in the moment of living it about this kind of thing. Rather than look back, we oughta just go to the people living it." Read more here.

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Carrie Underwood and Ice-T Lead Hollywood Walk of Fame Additions

(Radio.com) Carrie Underwood, Mary J. Blige, Ice-T, Snoop Dogg, Harry Connick, Jr. Weird 'Al" Yankovic and Petula Clark have been selected to receive stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2018.

'The Walk of Fame Selection Committee is pleased to announce our newest Honorees to the Hollywood Walk of Fame," Vin Di Bona, chairman of the selection committee for 2017 said in a statement.

"The Committee looked carefully at each nominee and we feel that we have selected an eclectic group of talent that will appeal to the tastes of many fans around the world." Read more here.

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The-Dream Releases 'Summer Body' With Fabolous

(Radio.com) The-Dream has released his brand new single "Summer Body" featuring friend and collaborator Fabolous. The track is the lead single off his upcoming sixth studio album.

The song centers around the payoffs to putting in work at the gym during spring to get ready for the summer season with lyrics like, "She put in work for it/ she get to twerk for it/ she had to grind for it."

The rapper recently sat down with Rap Genius for the first installment of Genius Level, where they dubbed him "the greatest songwriter of our generation." Listen to "Summer Body" here.

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Fifth Harmony Star Reveals The Real 'Fifth Member' of Group

(Radio.com) When Camila Cabello left Fifth Harmony six months ago to pursue a solo career, there was speculation whether she would be replaced or if the band would change their name.

"It was obviously a thought because it was a prevalent thing that there's four of us not five, founding member Lauren Jauregui told MTV News. "Regardless, we were all very united on the fact that we didn't want to change the name."

She went on, 'Fifth Harmony is the name that we grew up with and we worked for and it's our brand. It's who we are. It's our whole entire moments. It's what we spent five years on."

She concluded that even though there are now only four members of the group, there's still an unofficial fifth member. "The fans named us Fifth Harmony, and now they're the fifth member," she said. Read more here.

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Singled Out: Sam Rochford's So Easy

Americana singer and songwriter Sam Rochford tells us the story behind her latest single "So Easy". Here is the story:

My little sister got married last year in a really small ceremony. My brother officiated the wedding and she asked me to say something so I could be part of the ceremony too, but I thought it'd be more appropriate to write a song. Once I decided to write a song for the wedding, it was actually very difficult to get it to sound the way I wanted. I wrote 6 or 7 versions of the piece that I scrapped. Everything I was writing about felt too cheesy, too forced, or too disingenuous. I didn't know my sister's husband to be very well at the time so I was trying to write a song about a Disney-esque story of true love and I just hated it.

I actually gave up on writing the song out loud to my boyfriend and decided I would just write a speech because writing the song was too hard. He started referencing dumb inside jokes and tickling me to make me feel better about the song. I started laughing so hard my sides hurt and that's when I realized I was experiencing the type of love I should write about. Real love isn't about two people being perfect for each other, it's about two people accepting each others flaws and putting hard work into a relationship because that's the only way any relationship will last. Once I shifted my mindset it was, pardon my pun, so easy to write the song. I think it took me less than a half and hour and I didn't go back and edit anything.

I was nervous to perform the song for the first time at my sister's wedding. I had only finished the song days before and hadn't really shown it to anybody. I was worried she'd be offended over lines like "I don't mind your bad side as long as you don't mind mine" because it was bringing up her flaws on the day of her wedding, but she loved it. I've seen her change herself for the sake of boyfriends in the past and I could tell this was the real thing, even though I didn't know her husband very well, because she was really being herself. He was accepting her for the person she really was and she was comfortable enough in the relationship to really be herself.

Even though "So Easy" is her wedding song, it's as much about my current relationship as it is about her wedding. I've been in love before and the fatal flaw of all those relationships was that one or both people didn't accept something major about the other person and expected them to eventually change, but that's not how things work!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself right here!

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