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Is it a hit, *hit or miss?
Godsmack – Faceless
by antiGUY

Godsmack – Faceless
Label: Republic / Universal
Hit, *hit or Miss?:  Hit

Hearing “Faceless” for the first time was a little surprising and gave me cause to reexamine the group. Let me back up a bit so you understand that statement. Although some people found fault with the group’s debut album, I thought it was a pretty solid CD from start to finish. Most people who wanted to dislike this band went with the idea that they are too similar to Alice In Chains but I never really subscribed to that. Sure Sully sounds a bit like Layne at points and the music has some similar dynamics but overall it’s a bit heavier and once you give it an honest chance you see where Godsmack is coming from is a totally different place. The core of their sound isn’t steeped in grunge but more in metal. What confuses people perhaps is the fact that Godsmack draws from both alternative rock and metal to build their sound. Musically, they were miles ahead of most of their nu metal contemporaries. 

Here is the problem. A problem that many bands seem to have when they have a successful debut. When they recorded their first album they had the material they had written and played for quite a while in order to land their record deal (yes, most of the songs came from their indie debut, but this principle still holds).  

Once Universal released their debut album and it became a hit, the band spend the next couple of years on the road promoting it. The clock was ticking and the fans were hungry for a new album, so most of the music was apparently written on the road and the band rushed into the studio to record as soon as they came off tour. (yes I know it was a little more involved than that, but this works). As a result their second album, “Awake” seems a little off focus and in some ways rushed. You can’t really fault the band for this, since that was the cards they were dealt and that’s the way the game of rock n roll is sometime played. But the resulting album didn’t really live up to the group’s debut. 

When Godsmack got ready to record this third album, they decided to take a different approach. Maybe they were fueled by the addition of Shannon Larkin, an old time friend of Sully’s who brought to the table an impressive resume of playing various styles of music ranging from thrash with Wrathchild to the straight ahead rock of Ugly Kid Joe to the more somber hard rock of Amen. Whatever it was, it seemed to work for the group this time and they took the time to insure they wrote some solid tracks for the album.  

Shannon told us that they wrote the basic framework of the lead off single “Straight Out of Line” during one of their first sessions together and you can definitely feel a new energy coming from the group. On “Faceless” they hit a little harder, playing a little heavier but also branch out in new directions without forsaking their core sound. In other words, this is a true testament from a band that is evolving with time.  

One of Godsmack’s biggest strengths on their debut was the ability to be heavy yet very melodic. I wouldn’t go as far as to call it pop, but some of the same principals were at work here. They seemed to have lost that somewhere on their second album. Maybe they were trying to disprove their critics? No matter, this time around the magic formula that worked so well on their debut is back, just further down the road. 

The opening track and first single from this album, “Straight Out of Line” is the perfect example. They managed to capture the almost tribal rhythm that made “Voodoo” so popular but use it in a new context. While the song is pure Godsmack, those who like to compare the band to Alice In Chains will find that this track has more in common with Tool, especially the verses. This song is a strong wake up call to those who may have written Godsmack off that they aren’t going anywhere and have continued to evolve their sound.  

The second and title track from the album, “Faceless,” takes things a little heavier and makes you think that the band may have learned a thing or two from Pantera when they toured with them on Ozzfest a couple years ago. But they contrast that with the multiple shades and temperaments giving this track a very dynamic feel.  

They really go for the throat with “Changes” with layered power guitars and vocals. This is Godsmack finding their metal core but still keeping their alternative influences, especially with the vocals. “Make Me Believe” kicks off with chainsaw guitars and a rhythm that beats you over the head at full power and yet they still manage to deliver a convincing melody that drives the song.  

“Re-Align’ starts in with a wall of guitar and then Sully delivers his patented vocals. Although this isn't the most radio friendly track on the album, it’s probably one of the strongest songs here and shows us Godsmack at their raw core. The guitars at most times are unmerciful and at others multi-dimensional especially the solo (something we don’t hear from mainstream hard rock bands that much these days). The drums pound with a furious brutality and yet at moments show Shannon’s soft-touch. Lights and shades. 

They take things to the next level with “I Fucking Hate You” and like the title suggest this song is loaded with venom and is the closest the band comes to typical nu metal. “Releasing the Demons” is a soul searching song where Sully comes to grips with his personal demons and attempts to exorcise them through song. Thematically it’s the most potent song on the disc.  

The guitars on “Dead and Broken” again have a bit of a Tool vibe that contrast nicely against the vocals where Sully sings about what appears to be a women with major issues who likes to play head games. A theme that worked well for Nickelback and their breakthrough hit “How You Remind Me.” 

“I Am” is classic Godsmack where Sully walks the tightrope between power, intensity and melody. The minute and a half instrumental “The Awakening” pays homage to the group’s tribal influence with what appears to be an ancient Indian chant set against hypnotic percussion. 

They carry that tribal feel forward to the next song, “Serenity,” the album’s only ballad. A powerful song that shows a different side of the band. The vocal production is remarkable with layered vocals and the song captures a bit of the same feel as “Twilight Time” from Moody Blues and this track is the perfect swan song for this album. 

The good news for longtime fans is that Godsmack have returned with their strongest effort to date. “Faceless” is a bit more refined and mature than their debut and features far stronger songwriting and delivery than “Awake”.  This also might be a good time for those who never gave this band a fair chance to reexamine what they have to offer. One thing is sure, if this album doesn’t break the Alice in Chains stigma, nothing will. But in reality and contrary to this album’s title, Godsmack have forged their own musical identity and justified their position as one of the top selling bands in hard rock. There is a lot more substance here than their detractors give them credit for and it would be a shame to miss out on what Godsmack has to offer with “Faceless” simply because of a closed mind. But that’s their loss, now isn’t it? 

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Straight Out Of Line 
Make Me Believe 
I Stand Alone 
I F****** Hate You 
Releasing The Demons 
Dead And Broken 
I Am 
The Awakening 
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Fan Speak:

Posted by $]{!Z@:
This album is a godest!!!!

Posted by RDEL:
There is no way AIC can compare to what godsmack is and will become in the future let AIC die and listen the future of metal because Godsmack will dominate and by the way the don't sound like AIC

Posted by godsmack goddess:
I personally think that people who dont like godsmack shouldnt look on this godsmack page because honestly the only reason they get on this page is to start sh*t because they have nothing better to do so All the people who dont like godsmack are stupid f*ckers and need to shut up

Posted by Godsmack goddess:
I love godsmack. I love there faceless cd. i think people who dont like godsmack shouldnt like rock music because they have no taste and most people who dont like godsmack think backstreet boys is rock so GODSMACK RULES

Posted by Shutup:
"The core of their sound isn’t steeped in grunge but more in metal." - Alice in Chains is widely considered to be closer to metal than grunge. "The album Faceless has more hits than all of the alice and chains albums combined." - The Backstreet Boys have more hits than Alice in Chains and Godsmack combined, so they're even better than Metallica, right? By the way, Metallica may have some fast guitarists but they will never achieve true musical talent. So f_______ all of you. PS: Alice in Chains will forever be one of the greatest bands to walk the earth.

Posted by ViN:
Without a doubt..the best rock concert of 2004 title is awarded to Godsmack...I think Metallica should be opening for them...maybe when they put out another album to add some depth to their concert..Metallica will be opening for them. And what's this alice and chains bull sh*t? Godsmack is purely different, and better too. The album Faceless has more hits than all of the alice and chains albums combined. I mean don't get me wrong...i like alice and chains.. but seeing Godsmack live convinced me to bump Metallica to second on my favorite list. Catch a Godsmack concert...than all you critics can do the math. Oh...did I mention Bella De Los Tambores?

Posted by ViN:
Without a doubt..the best rock concert of 2004 title is awarded to Godsmack...I think Metallica should be opening for them...maybe when they put out another album to add some depth to their concert..Metallica will be opening for them. And what's this alice and chains bull sh*t? Godsmack is purely different, and better too. The album Faceless has more hits than all of the alice and chains albums combined. I mean don't get me wrong...i like alice and chains.. but seeing Godsmack live convinced me to bump Metallica to second on my favorite list. Cath a Godsmack concert...than all you critics can do the math. Oh...did I mention Bella De Los Tambores?

Posted by ViN:
You think that faceless is great on a cd? Wait until you sit in the arena and take it in. They kicked major ass and the city of Boston got it. They blew Metallica away and I'm even a Metallica fan at heart. But now thats changed. We got what we wanted to hear in the seats, more than we could ever ask for.

Posted by 2ude:
Alice in Chains was one of the greatest bands of all times,if it wasn't for them, there wouldn't be Godsmack, Godsmack sux ass and has no right even having this name ! They make me ill.I have never forced myself to listen to more than maybe 2 of their songs,and that was when I had to! Godsmack wants to be AIC so bad but umm,the major thing that they lack to do so is talent!There will never be another talent ever as great as Layne Staley!

Posted by JayT:
What to say? Godsmack in its form resembels AIC in name only. They have poked fun at the fact that there name has come from an AIC song. But that is all. Godsmack brings to the table something that isn't done that much now a days. Thats talent, simple fact music has grown as soft as our society. Its good to see a band with talent playing good music. My opnion is that you can analize Godsmack all you want but you don't know anything untill you have seen them live. A lot of bands sound good, and suck live. Godsmack will blow your mind away live. They are a good band, and if anyone here read anything about them or even dove into it, you would see that AIC was never an influence. Hell Merrell played in a jazz band. I think that talent should be embraced not analized. But thats just my opnion. I am a musician myself so these things really get to me. Take care.......

Posted by Rvm:
Godsmack kick ass. They probably have been influenced by Alice in Chains, which is a great band too, but Godsmack has evolved and kick ass. So, if you don't like godsmack, ¡back off and listen to Backstreet boys!

Posted by shaya:
I think GODSMACK is a GREAT band. Sully is a musical genious. Many have there opinion, and everyone is entitled to their own. My is this: I think godsmack is a AWESOME band. As a Wiccan as well as a person I can really relate to their music. I would just like to thank the GODDESS for sending us such a beautiful and talented person such as Sully. GODMACK RULES! TO THE BAND: You guys are doing a FANTASTIC job. Thank You. Blessed Be. May the Goddess always be with you!

Posted by Razor:

Posted by Razor:
Godsmack is the best band i have ever heard, i am the #1 fan,all you who don't like Godsmack suck a$$

Posted by &):
i recently heard serinity on the radio, and automatically went to the music store and purchaced faceless the next day. NEVER have i heard such a song that is so deep, and coarses with meaning. i say damn to hell anyone who speaks unkindly of godsmack

Posted by steffie:
blow me you stupid f*ckes that cant get no pussy out there can suck my di*k

Posted by why?:
f^ck all u stupid c^nts that hate godsmack u all can suck me off i will f^ck ur mothers and enjoy it ok u all suck godsmack is the best so go to hell i fu^ked ur mothers-

Posted by Olivia owens :
Well I LOVE GODSMACK !! I think they are sooo awesome and Diferent from bands today . there music is like therapy to me just what sully calls it . It has helped me alot with dealing with issues though inside instead of with other people . And some people think they are Domonic But they can F--- OFF ! they don't know any thing about godsmack.Godsmack IS GREAT !!! so Bless BE as Sully says !

Posted by Nick:
Godsmack is probably the best rock band out there right now

Posted by Brad:
ummm... Godsmack there own cocks... they blow ass..

Posted by JayJayBaby:

Posted by JayJayBaby:

Posted by Amanda:
I love Godsmack, I think this dude just needs to shut up he doesnt know what the fu*k hes talking about. He doesnt know music... SHUT UP!



Posted by Kat again:
nailz you're a dumbass, alice in chains is an incredible band, you need to be shot!

Posted by Kat:
faceless is their best album by far.. i LOVE serenity and i fcking hate you.. they are awesome.. the CDs great and sully is a sexy beast! lol

Posted by Craigsmackdaddy:
Alice in Chains rocked in their day and Godsmack does it now. Every band is influenced by someone. Godsmack is a fan of Alice in Chains. That's where their name came from but to say they're unoriginal I think is way off. Godsmack was influenced by alot of bands but you can really hear Alice in Chains, Pantera, and Metallica in their music. All of which are or were great bands and to be even mentioned in that list of bands is a compliment. GODSMACK rocks and quite possibly is going to be the #1 band of the future. If you don't like them get over it cause they ain't going anywhere.

Posted by Nailz:
I think Jesus is confused...It has been 7 years since Godsmack put out their first cd under a big label. Alice in Chains hasnt put out a rcord in at least that long. I am glad they can't, hell, I am glad he is dead. Maybe you will follow in his footsteps.

Posted by Jason:
hey ID sounds like you dont pay attention, alice in chains was making music when sully was in his litte b*tch as* dipers.

Posted by Jason:
Never speak a foul word about alice in chains, if there was ever a band that could bring out a dark side of a person it was them, they were also some of the best performers of the 90's. seriously i never heard a guitarist that playd as well as cantrell or an amazing vocalist like layne. godshmuck is very stale unoriginal fodder for the stupid masses that dont care about apreciating music. you want to listen to someone that mixes the tribal thing w/ metal and does a good job of it... Sepultura anyone?? oh and i did waste my money of this peice of crap and i did listen to it, and i thought i just bought the musical equivalant of a poison burger at macdonalds.

Posted by Jason:
Whatever man you are reading too much into this cd. i admit i like serenity, but all of this texture and shading you talk of is just your way of hiding the fact that this is just another commercial waste of time and money. dont even bother with this album.

Posted by Kali:
Godsmack is here with and album that you can listen to straight through, if you ask me, they can't go wrong. Drop the AIC s***! They are great too, but Godsmack is something didfferent.

Posted by Sam:
For all u F*ck heads out there who r dissin' Godsmack, please, please come KISS MY @$$!!!! and no, there not all the same. none r the same

Posted by Sam:
I am Godsmack's 1 fan I look and read anything that has Godsmack or Sully on it I love their new alubum just like their other 2 Their latest alubum is alot harder but great Anyone who doesn't like them is crazy They have away with mixing tribla metal and hard a** rock im only 13 but i'd marry any of them

Posted by The Unearthed Apparatus:
killerc, who do you think you are? Alice In Chains is one of the most influential bands on modern music. No one can provoke emotions like Layne Staley. Dark songwriting and poetic lyrics makes AIC one of the best bands, but theyre also very underrated. Godsmack is trite, stale and very unoriginal. How can anyone find any meaning in lyrics like "straight out of line, I cant find a reason". Very unoriginal, i dont know Godsmack gets any credibility anymore. Think what you want about Godsmack, but never, EVER speak ill of Alice In Chains, cuz theyve influenced more modern bands than people think.

Posted by killerc:
THIS CD IS AWESOME they rock in concert and ALICE AND CHAINS SUCKED ooo 3 good songs whoopy doo nirvana was better and maybe thats why aic singer o.d. Godsmacks singer sounds like a mixture like aliceinchains-metallica-meets a boston guy. I saw them on tour there show rocks they rock go buy the cd

Posted by iD:
Oh, so now Godsmack is trying to be Alice in Chains? That's funny, they sound completely different. Oh wait, I'm talking to people who talk trash about cds they've never listened to.

Posted by jason:
to quote dennis leary "kids are going out and buying metal albums and killing themselves, wheres teh problem... kill the band kill ur parents and while ur at it kill urself. its called natural selection people." im kust kidding some metal is good but the majority is mindless sexual frustration vented by some ugly guy who cant get laid.

Posted by Jason:
Godsmack, a crappy ripp off of alice in chains, and they wish they could play as well as alice. and ud think concidering that sully has admited that he is not bitter or angry like the music he tries to mimic he would try something new. oh well crap will be crao.

Posted by Jesus with a laser gun:
I see Captain Ax is another moron that thinks anyone who doesn't listen to the boring crap churned out nowadays obviously listens to only rap or pop. There is good modern music out there like Queens of the Stone Age, The White Stripes, Muse, or Millionaire. They're not boring as hell like Godsmack or Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit or Cold or Staind. By the way dumbass, Michelle Branch and Jewel aren't BANDS, they're singers. Sure they suck, but at least they're nice to look at. If only all fans of terrible metal bands were suicidal.

Posted by Captain Ax:
The post below is an example of someone who knows nothing about anything. What bands do you like, exciting, upbeat crap like Michelle Branch and Jewel?

Posted by Jesus with a laser gun:
Why are all the boring bands advertising how boring they are? Godsmack calls their album Faceless, and sure enough, it's another boring album that could have been made by anybody. Staind calls their album 14 shades of grey, as if it gets any more boring than that. Forgive me if I'm wrong here, but isn't rock n' roll supposed to be exciting? Not faceless and grey. Comparing these jokers to Tool is like comparing limp bizkit to Led Zeppelin. I really liked the comment about "giving them 20 years and they'll be like AC/DC" Does anyone really believe these morons will still be around in even 5 years? I know some of you believe that bands like this and linkin park are going to last for years and show us all, but my sister used to think the same thing about new kids on the block. It's just another trend, like boybands a few years ago, remember them? They all seem to have gone away for a while, and boring rock has taken it's place. It's time for a revolution, but no one seems to want to lead it.

Posted by s@weetneSS:
dude, this is tha best CD ever! this CD kix sum serious @$$ it fu**in rocks GO BUY IT

Posted by piddle:
i think that the album is f***in made

Posted by St. Anger kicks some!:

Posted by MetalKid:
I'll throw my St. Anger for Faceless.

Posted by Beans:
All crappy underground metal bands are just ripoffs of each other. How come no one bashes them?

Posted by someone inthe world...:
Look who's talking dumb ass.

Posted by Jason:
What I mean is the Creed singer is trying so hard to be Eddie. So settle down before I rip your arm off, Jerk Off!

Posted by Jason:
All I was compaing is the Creed singer is trying so hard to be Eddie. So settle down before I rip your arm off, Jerk Off!

Posted by someone in the world...:
What the fluck does that mean?!? Don't even COMPARE Creed to Pearl Jam. Creed sucks ass. If you want to go post something in that section then go ahead, be my guets. But DONT EVER compare Creed to Pearl Jam.

Posted by Jason:
These guys suck. They are to Alice In Chains as Creed is to Pearl Jam.

Posted by Lets see if I can make the same sounding cd... AGAIN!:
No I do not proof read what I post.... for those of you who were about to say "I bet they can at least spell" OR "I bet they can at least type". GO away.

Posted by Lets see if I can make the same sounding cd... AGAIN!:
This cd sucks... If i wanted to hear Godsmacks first album I would do just that. These guys are putting out what sells and that is it. Keep making the record companys happy... Mothing but sheep and cows... sheep and cows.

Posted by GODSMACK ROX!!:

Posted by Sami:
I love Godsmack. I can really relate to Sully because we are both Wiccan. He inspired me to come out with it and tell people about my religious belief. Their albums are the best and they are the only band where I have all the albums and not just one. I can't wait until I am able to see them live. GODSMACK F***ing ROCKS!

Posted by smokey mcpott:
this is the greatest album ever it is solid from start to finish

Posted by Private Jamison:
PHOTOSTUDENT: You obviously haven't took the time out to hear all Sully's songs. Yeah, sure Sully can do that whole sexy growl vocals, but I believe if you listen to VooDoo in his second album, Serenity in his recent album & as well as a few others (I'm sure of), clearly demostraits he can do slower, sort-of more mellow tones, NOT JUST GROWLS! In a way Godsmack reminds me of Disturbed, Sully can flex his vocals just as well as David (the lead singer in Disturbed).

Posted by Private Jamison:
I simply don't understand why some people don't like (and sometimes bag on) the second Godsmack album... I loved it, infact. Coarse, I'd like it, I'm a major Godsmack fan.

Posted by Private Jamison:
I love Godsmack, always have ever since I heard their second cd. So, therefore I decided to purchase their first cd (debut album), and wait it out for the third to come. I honestly got impatient for the third album. And now that it's here and I own one, I can't put it down.

Posted by oOoOoGODSMACKoOoOo:

Posted by Sonie:
Great Fúcking Album!! Not 2 mention that they fúcking Rock Live!! Don't miss them if they come 2 your area cause they are fúcking awesome!!

Posted by photostudent:
Sully the greatest lead singer to date...? His vocals are derivitive and sorely lacking in range. All he can do is that pissed-off growling James Hetfield woof woof voice. If that's what you like than fine, but he's not the greatest singer who ever lived. Not even close.

Posted by Craig:
This album, like the other two rocks. Every track from the album rocks. Serenity, Releasing the Demons, and I F***ing Hate You is all kick ass songs, as is Straight out of Line. Sully is the best lead singer to date and I can't wait to see Godsmack in concert at Hara Arena on Friday May 30. GODSMACK ROCKS!

Posted by dogsack:
does every godsmack song sound exactly the same??

Posted by Tripper:
woah! this is the best rock band giving us theyre greatest album yet! i love sully erna, but theyre songs too and the band! GODSMACK IS THE GREatest BAND!they are hard core and i cant wait for their next cd, suckz that i cant go to their concert cuz they dont come to ARIZONA, oh well, but yah! u rock godsmack!

Posted by michael (smackhead) valdez:
GODSMACK is god so BOW down.

Posted by VampireRyan:
You all NEED to see their live show. It is IN-F***INCREDIBLE.

Posted by cybin7:
I enjoy the aggressive sound of God Smack, they know how to get the job done. Alice in Chains who????

Posted by cold sores? nah...:
This is taken from the MTV article from last year: To Erna, Staley was more than just part of the grunge foundation on which bands like Godsmack, Creed, Tantric and Puddle of Mudd built their sound. The Alice in Chains singer's raw urgency vaulted the former drummer front and center before one of today's biggest rock bands. "He was single-handedly the guy that got me to start singing," Erna said. "To this day, I've never really heard a cooler singer".

Posted by Jason_two_four:
If Alice in Chains influenced Godsmack then fine. Great. Everyone has an influence from somewhere. However, I'm sick of hearing people ranting about how they're so much like Alice in Chains. The two bands are nothing alike at all. AIC was grunge alternative. Godsmack is hard rock/metal. Sully sounds nothing like Layne Staley (and the two genres of music don't even allow them to sing the same). The stupidest thing I've heard so far is how they're new album title Faceless sounds similar to AIC's Facelift. Yeah, I'm sure they intentionally tried to name their new album that so that they could be closer to AIC. Sure maybe they did name their band Godsmack because of AIC (reports also say that their name stemmed from a coldsore incident). Whatever it is, if you're so shallow that you can't get past the band's name in order to really look at the music, your just pathetic, and probably listen to pop or even worse this new pop/punk crap that's the new rage now. You also probably believe that pop music is really sang from the heart and there is a deeper meaning to pop/punk songs. If you don't like Godsmack, fine. But at least they make their music their way and don't conform to what the general public wants to hear. They write what they like and what true GODSMACK FANS want to hear. Also they're not numetal either. They sound more like Pantera than Linkin Park and they don't use synthesizers.

Posted by photostudent:
Many bands start out sounding like other bands, but Godsmack did something really really stupid...they wore their influence on their sleeve. It's too late for Godsmack to take it back...they have name recognition now. A name change now could be suicide. This should serve as a lesson to budding rock musicians: It's okay to idolize other artists, even imitate them to some extent, but do not name yourself after something very specific to your main source of're only putting a big target on your back for critics and naysayers. I don't care how many 15 year olds think Godsmack "kicks ass"...they will always be in the shadow of AIC.

Posted by Casey:
the review is pretty harsh on Awake, but I liked the album. I wish Awake and Faceless had a hidden track like at the end of Voodoo with just drums. The instrumentals on the second two have so much guitar you cant focus on the drums enough.

Posted by matt:
this is one of the best cd's i have ever bought! i think godsmack is #1 i like all of there albums. but with out a doubt this will be there best one ever!

Posted by Jason_two_four:
This is a solid review. However, I do disagree with a few things. Their debut album was not as solid as everyone gives it credit for. The first six songs were amazing, but it then lost a lot of punch until Voodoo at the end. People also don't give Godsmack enough credit for Awake, which I thought was an excellent CD (although I am a heavy metal fan, whereas if you're a rock fan I could see how you wouldn't like it as much as the first CD). It definitely wasn't as melodic, but had a lot more punch and energy and was solid throughout the CD unlike the debut. Faceless is definitely their best CD. It'll probably be one of the best of the year. That said Godsmack is the best band out there. If you didn't like them before, listen to this album. It's nothing like the first two.

Posted by Oldschool_Icon:
Faceless is a great album. I was not let down after fiending for their new album to come out for quite awhile now!

Posted by Outsider:
Only putting this post up to take the top spot from the last moron. Godsmack kicks ass and "better that this" is a fuking a$$hole!

Posted by better than this:

Posted by Hmmm:
Yes Godsmack is a very good band. Their new album is going to make this band go to the far reaches of the hard rock world.

Posted by Cronos:
I think Faceless is the bollocks of an album. Songs like 'Straight Out Of Line', 'I Stand Alone' and 'Re-align' are f$$king awesome!! To be honest though, I've never heard a bad Godsmack song. I think Tony Rombola has emerged as one of rock's finest guitarists on this album. Shannon Larkin has brought his own style of drumming to the band but has fitted in perfectly, and Sully's vocals are as amazing as ever.

Posted by Julie Leath:
i love god smack they are awsome

Posted by Knotsmack:
Best album yet. Awesome band im gonna see them for a second time 06-12-03. The only thing i dont agree with in the review was that Awake was not to great. It was a bad ass album and is no more or no less great than the self titled.

Posted by elMagick:
antiGUY thank you for the most accurate review I've read so far. Faceless is the BEST nusic I've heard in a long time-and I'm old!

Posted by yeah:
Yeah, Godsmacks hella good.

Posted by anastasia:
i think that is band is the best... EVER! im a die hard godsmack fan and i think that this is their best album, but i think awake is a lot better than this review gives it credit for. anyway, godsmack i love you guys, and u should really swing by my crappy little state some time soon, maybe not even the state, just swing by my house.

Posted by random schmuck:
So far, they've managed to make three albums that sound exactly alike. Give them a couple more decades, and they'll be like AC/DC. Only I actually enjoy AC/DC even if all of their albums do sound the same.

Posted by Matt:
And Screw the people who don't like Godsmack! Godsmack For Life!!!!

Posted by Matt:
Godsmack is one of the greatest bands out there!!! They have the greatest songs!!

Posted by Alex:
I think Godsmack have came a long way to get were they are today they are my fave band they have been sence day 1

Posted by mystcpeac:

Posted by The_Fear:
You are the best band guys.I've been hearing your songs since the begining And I will continue because you are THE BEST!!!!

Posted by Jason:
I love CD I got it a few days ago and i could not put it down. I mean all of there songs on this CD ROCKS. They are the BEST in my favor. GODSMACK FOR LIFE ALLLLLL THE WAY.

Posted by Sulley:
Does the sun shine in Seattle or there just clouds over people's heads. Godsmack rules rock n roll right now and there isn't anything helpless AIC fans can do about it. The new album is way heavier and pure than anything AIC has ever written.

Posted by meh:
I dont like this band.

Posted by 12 year old reviewers.:
lol AIC not metal?? Pleeeease. Them Bones? I think its undisputable that Jerry Cantrell is the superior guitarist. Ok more rock... Would?, Dam That river, down in a hole, god smack, we die young, put you down, man in the box (best AIC song + awe-inspiring solo), blead the freak, sunshine etc.. etc...

Posted by AIC forever!:
FACELESS sounds like FACELIFT. GODSMACK soungs like GOD SMACK. GODSMACK sounds like ALICE IN CHAINS? Go figure...

Posted by AIC forever!:
FACELESS sounds like FACELIFT. GODSMACK soungs like GOD SMACK. GODSMACK sounds like ALICE IN CHAINS? Go figure...

Posted by AIC forever!:
Anyone heard that song by 3 Doors Down.. What a ripoff Alice In Chains. AIC = best band ever by the way!

Posted by AIC forever!:
FACELESS sounds like FACELIFT. GODSMACK soungs like GOD SMACK. GODSMACK sounds like ALICE IN CHAINS? Go figure...

Posted by AIC forever!:
FACELESS sounds like FACELIFT. GODSMACK soungs like GOD SMACK. GODSMACK sounds like ALICE IN CHAINS? Go figure...

Posted by AIC forever!:
FACELESS sounds like FACELIFT. GODSMACK soungs like GOD SMACK. GODSMACK sounds like ALICE IN CHAINS? Go figure...

Posted by AIC forever!:
FACELESS sounds like FACELIFT. GODSMACK soungs like GOD SMACK. GODSMACK sounds like ALICE IN CHAINS? Go figure...

Posted by Brian :
I'll admit, I made fun of Godsmack from the beginning but as time went on, I grew to accept them as being the most genuine metal-sounding band of the nu-metal crop. When "I Stand Alone" came out, it grew on me over time. Not to say that I loved it, but if it came on the radio, I'd tap my fingers. Basically, I thought Godsmack outdid the much weaker acts like Disturbed and Static X but I didn't get into them enough to buy an album. Fast forward to present and more specifically, "Straight Out Of Line". Upon first listen, I was almost afriad to admit that I not only could listen to this track but that I actually liked it quite a bit. It was one of those instances where I was like "I listen to metal" and was still not convinced that Godsmack fit the genre, other than Sully being a former member of Meliah Rage. Soon after, I saw the video for "Straight…" and got to see and hear more of what the new drummer was doing. As a drummer, most drummers in more modern bands I find to be boring and all flash but Shannon Larkin just impressed me. I've always thought the vocals were the strong point of Godsmack but between that, the drumming upping the ante and the guitar parts progressing tenfold with solos that have been thus far unheard of in the crop of modern mainstream metal (sans Pantera and Down), it seems that they have locked into something that displays growth and maturity. The only complaint I really have is that tempos stay kind of stagnant throughout the record and I think the bass playing has been left behind. It seems that there are so many spots that leave for the bass player to really shine and nothing happens. But, a lot of progression has been made in other areas with the drumming adding accents where the were sorely needed and solos that may even impress the mighty Zakk Wylde. This has all lead me to purchase "Faceless". While it's not my favorite record of the year, month or what have you, you can now proclaim that I do, in fact, like Godsmack as they have won me over with a tactic that some of these other pseudo-metal bands could try next time……PROGRESSION!!! It's never a bad thing.

Posted by Rocky:
You are the best of all!!!

Posted by Sullysgirl Joan:
I think the new album totally kicks a**. I belive faceless is their best one yet.I got to see them here in knoxville and the concert totally rocked. They are a band that thinks about their fans not the money so I just want to say keep it up guys. You totally rock!!

Posted by Krazy Kev:
Godsmack is keeping with the same formula from the beginning, so, why change.It works, they sell, so what the f***.I'd rather see a club show...arena rock is getting "boring"!!!!

Posted by Michael:
Godsmack does it again with another kick-ass album!

Posted by Chris:
Godsmack rules. I thought "Awake" was great as well. If you like Godsmack, check out Push to Vent at

Posted by Rommy the sully wanna be:
i think godsmack is the best band ever and there new cd is the best ever i mean u got tony(the lp god)just kills everything with bad a** riffs and killer solos then you got sully with the best lyrics ive ever herd from him robbie just flat out kills the bass and shannon just rocks so that what i have to say about them and keep on rockin godsmack keep on rocking

Posted by Bob:
I think this is a great CD. Tonys solo are just awsome. By the way, would you people just drop the whole alice in chains thing. Godsmack sounds nothing like Alice in Chains. Their a lot heavier, so give it up. I like AIC and all but who cares if godsmack is an AIC based band?

Posted by Amy:
Did Sully sign a band to his record label?

Posted by Brian:
Faceless is awesome. The band definetly benefited from the addition of Shannon on durms. The man is just an awesome drummer. And I definetly don't classify them as nu metal.

Posted by Juli:
i love godsmack! evry new cd they come out with is better. they are my favorite band. i love them alot! ROCK ON!

Posted by DeadSun:
I'm not a huge fan--- but they ARE "Beantowners", so best of luck to them. It is odd, aG, in that I would give your review four happy emoticons. I found it well structured, objective, and direct.--- "A review of a review" : how ABOUT that? (!)

Posted by 5150guy:
The word "Faceless" sounds an awful lot like "Facelift".

Posted by ThatFilthyStinkingHobo:
I'll give it a listen, but i saw Straight Outta Line on Leno, and was not impressed. I rate the main guitar riff though, quite punchy, the solo's average, lyrics boring - but i'll check it out anyway, give it another chance.

Posted by Byter:
Hrm, I guess I don't get the comparison to Alice in Chains. Godsmack sounds nothing like AIC to me. Godsmack seems much more like a metal band than AIC ever was.

Posted by Shayn:
I've liked what I've heard all along. I like their commitment to their original statement that they don't really care what the critics and close-minded fans say, they are making their music their way, and don't care for always trying to make the world's greatest album every time. They take the smart road with evolution, and have continue to do so. I agree that their second album is not as good as the first and Faceless, but it is an aquirred taste. Godsmack are far more talented than most bands out there today, and are smart enough to not try and prove it. They would rather play it instead. Let's hope their live show gets a little better, and that they can continue to do make albums at their pace, because music needs bands that make music in the ways Godsmack does- their own way.

Posted by martyr:
ive got friends who wouldnt even listen to godsmack because of the sun logo being "overdone"


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