50 Cent Enters Politics 

(antiMUSIC) In a move some say is calculated to get his name into the news with no reference to former members of bands who became Christian, rapper 50 Cent declared his intention to run for office this fall.

When asked what state he was planning to run in, he told a packed audience of hanger ons, well wishers and press that he was going to run under the authority of the United Nations Party, in the state of Global Villa and to celebrate he was going to slay 666 reindeer in a midnight barbecue for his fans & supporters.

As for his platform, 50 pledged to make illegal what is legal, and legalize what is illegal.

"Mo' killin, less bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwiches!" He screamed to celebrating fans, delighting those that assume that with 50's name on the ballot, finally they'd be better represented.

No plans were announced on when this thrilling internet election was to be held, or where the new capital site was to be. Many hope 50 takes over a prison, since under his new regime all prisoners are to be released. But others applaud 50's brave decision to become Head's muse, always maintaining a presence with the clairvoyant former member of a band 50 asked me not to mention in this interview that recently was named to a position in the federal government.

Alyson Chain reporting for antiMusic.

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