B-Sides Report for 08/14/2015

150 Drummers Perform Megadeth's Symphony Of Destruction

(hennemusic) More than 150 drummers played along to Megadeth's 1992 classic, "Symphony Of Destruction", in Sao Paulo on August 9 in an attempt to set a new Guinness World Record as the band with the largest number of drummers playing along.

The project, Bateras 100% Brazil, was conceived by Dino Verdade, owner of the biggest drum school franchise in Brazil, Bateras Beat. The project's goal is to gather as many drummers as possible to play together their own music and big hits, with the principle of sharing a killer groove.

On August 9 at Ibirapuera Park in Sao Paulo, Brazil, approximately 156 drummers - among them women, children, seniors and people of all ages - brought their own drum kits to play along to Megadeth, KISS, The Rolling Stones and Daft Punk.

On the stage to play "Symphony Of Destruction" were Amilcar Christófaro (Torture Squad), Jean Dolabella (Udora and ex-Sepultura), Bart (Whale Mutant), Edu Garcia (John Wayne) and Nana (Alma Djem), with Dino Verdade (Brotheria) conducting the band and all the drummers.

The Brazil drum event comes on the heels of last month's viral video featuring 1000 Foo Fighters fans playing the band's 1999 hit, "Learn To Fly", in Cesena, Italy in the hopes of convincing the group to play a show in their city. Read more and watch video here.

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Foo Fighters Have Fan Sing Rush's 'Tom Sawyer' During Concert

(Radio.com) Foo Fighters really seem like they're having a blast on the road, bringing up all sorts of folks for surprise appearances on stage with them. The latest guest of honor was Brian from Edmonton, who attended the band's show in Alberta, Canada.

Brian was minding his own business and enjoying the show, until Dave Grohl beckoned for someone in the crowd to lend vocal lines to the cover of Rush's "Tom Sawyer" they were about to perform.

Brian, no doubt filled with the hubris that a live rock 'n roll show tends to inspire (and probably some liquid courage too), suddenly found himself brave enough to heed Grohl's call. He knows the words. He can hit those notes. He raised his hand.

Grohl, clearly astounded by Brian from Edmonton's vocal mastery of Geddy Lee's sky high notes, couldn't wait to share his enthusiasm. "F-- Briaaaaan!" he screamed. "Oh my God! Dude, that was F-- amazing!"

"I don't even know how to follow that s-." Watch the video, which obviously features some NSFW language here.

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Travis Barker Launching Las Vegas Residency

(Radio.com) Travis Barker will kick off an unprecedented residency dubbed "Give the Drummer Some" at Hyde, a club within the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Tuesday, August 18.

According to the resort, Barker is the first artist to launch an official residency at the club. Through "Give the Drummer Some," Barker will blend beats and genres as a one-man-band dominating the drums and the DJ booth.

Barker will employ his unique mix of DJing and live drumming. According to Las Vegas Weekly, "the show will find Barker behind a complex rig that includes a cocktail drum kit, electronic drums and DJ gear. The illuminated setup will change color with the beat." Barker says it's really difficult. "It's busier than any other set I have."

"Give the Drummer Some" takes its name from Barker's 2011 solo album, which featured tracks from a wide variety of genres and guest appearances from artists including Pharrell Williams, Slash, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Kid Cudi, Snoop Dogg, and Busta Rhymes. Read more here.

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Lana Del Rey Releases 'High By The Beach' Video

(Radio.com) Lana Del Rey likes guns, massive, military, firepower… and she likes to be left alone while she's getting high by the beach. These are just some of the interesting points in Del Rey's just-released video for "High By The Beach," the first track from Honeymoon, her third album due this September.

The video begins as a camera floats over the ocean and narrows in on a 3-story beachfront home, presumably in the Malibu area, as Pacific Coast Highway can be seen in the background. With windows agape and curtains flowing outward in the breeze, Del Rey steps into view.

Del Rey floats around the house, doing her best not pay attention to a helicopter with video crew just outside her window. With patience dwindling as the copter flies increasingly closer, she runs down to beach, grabs a guitar case and brings it back to the house--only this case doesn't have a guitar inside.

Watch the video here.

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2 Chainz Releases 'Trapavelli Tre' Mixtape

(Radio.com) 2 Chainz is back with third chapter in his Trapavelli mixtape series, titled Trapavelli Tre. The mix features a host of guests throughout its 14 tracks, including Wiz Khalifa, The-Dream, Kevin Gates, and his T.R.U. team of Cap 1, Skooly and Young Dolph.

To support the new release, 2 Chainz has opened a pop-up shop in downtown Atlanta, reports Baller Status which is set to remain open for only one week.

The temporary store features 2 Chainz-designed T-shirts, jerseys, and denim, as well as high-end designer goods." Listen to the new Trapavelli Tre mixtape via DatPiff here.

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Disclosure Premiere New Electro-Soul Track 'Willing & Able'

(Radio.com) Disclosure is slowly gearing up for the release of their second full-length Caracal next month, and already we know they've included some big talent for the new album.

Thus far, we've heard Gregory Porter on one of the album's first singles, "Holding On," Sam Smith on "Omen," and Brendan Reilly on "Moving Mountains," but today's release might be the most soulful yet.

"Willing & Able," a new cut featuring British vocalist Kwabs (who you may remember had a mega international hit in 2014's "Walk"), takes Disclosure's familiar whizz-slap approach to electropop, but gives it a sultry depth with Kwabs' baritone. Read more here.

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Kelly Clarkson Covers Wynonna Judd's 'No One Else On Earth'

(Radio.com) From Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk," to *NSYNC's "Bye, Bye, Bye," Kelly Clarkson has been making headlines as of late by performing audience-requested covers of songs while on her Piece By Piece tour.

At her tour stop in Seattle, Washington, Wednesday night (August 12), Clarkson performed a song that she told the audience that she has known since she was ten, Wynonna Judd's "No One Else On Earth."

The song came as a request from a fan, like all of her covers at her shows. 'We haven't had, I don't think, a country one yet," she told the audience. 'I love it, too, because she's bluesy country, which is my favorite." Read more here.

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Robin Thicke and Nicki Minaj Release 'Back Together' Video

(Radio.com) If you've followed Robin Thicke's career for the past year or so, his throwing a huge pool party in his new video for "Back Together" might not be in line with the hard times he's fallen on. But that's just the idea of the song, with Thicke putting himself "back together," rather than remaining defeated by both his relationships, his addictions, and his legal issues.

Along for the ride is Nicki Minaj, who raps her verse to Thicke on a couch. But if you think Minaj is firmly on Thicke's team, guess again, as the rapper pulls her hand away when Thicke tries to grab it, giving his the wag of her finger in return.

This doesn't get Thicke down in the video, with the party continuing and the drinks being poured and toasted. The Max Martin-produced single is ultimately a hopeful turn for the singer, and the video follows suit. Watch the video here.

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N.W.A. Biopic Gets Fact Checked By The Guardian

(Radio.com) The N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton is hitting theaters, and many have scrutinized its portrayal of the era it depicts. The Guardian conducted a rigorous fact-check, comparing the film's major scenes with reality. They used old interviews from Dr. Dre and Ice Cube to provide context.

As with any biopic covering such a dynamic topic, the film contains a few discrepancies--for example, in a scene where Ice Cube chooses not to sign a deal and leaves the group, he's portrayed as acting on his own. In fact, he consulted heavily with a publicist named Pat Charbonnet, who helped set him up with a solo deal.

'Pat Charbonnet was very instrumental in me recognizing that the situation with Ruthless and Jerry Heller just wasn't right," explains Cube, adding, 'Just by her being so smart about the business, I ended up naming her my manager, and the first person she went to was [Priority's] Bryan Turner. She said: 'Cube's solo, you want to give him a deal? Or if not we're going to go get it somewhere else.' So he stepped up, and I'm glad he did." Read more here.

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Nick Jonas To Live Debut New Single 'Levels' at VMAs

(Radio.com) MTV's Video Music Awards show has been a place of newsworthy events for decades, whether it's a memorable performance, a surprising date, or an inspiring (or terrible) acceptance speech.

Often times we don't know where the stories will come from until the night of the event, but in the case of Nick Jonas at this year's ceremony, we know exactly what at least one of the stories will be.

Jonas will use the live show as a chance to debut his new single, "Levels." The song will come out nine days before, on August 21, but fans tuning into the VMA's pre-show will see Jonas perform it for the first time ever.

The pop star used Instagram to share this announcement, with Billboard pointing out that this follows two other single word releases, "Jealous" and "Chains." Both of those songs broke into the top 20 on the Billboard 200, so expectations for the next Jonas track are equally as high. Read more here.

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SNL Release Un-Aired Blake Shelton Skit

(Radio.com) Saturday Night Live has released an un-aired skit featuring Blake Shelton playing John Smith from the Disney film Pocahontas. In late January, Shelton hosted SNL and joined the list as one of the few hosts to actually be the musical guest as well.

On Wednesday (August 12), SNL released a skit that due to time constraints was cut from the original broadcast. The premise of the skit is simple enough. Shelton plays the 'real life" John Smith at a Disney park. Shelton, as Smith, introduces himself as, 'Jamestown's most famous settler." The guests in the receiving line quickly turn and walk away.

Seemingly, the guests in line have no idea who John Smith is, the British settler who wins Pocahontas' heart. The almost five-minute video brings a few laughs, namely from a broken down mechanical raccoon, a Mel Gibson reference, and a visit from the wife who died at the beginning of the film Up.

Perhaps the funniest part, especially for those who follow Shelton on Twitter, comes at the end when he leaves his post to 'Go get drunk and ride Splash Mountain." Check it out here.

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Tyrese Pays Tuition For Compton Teen

(Radio.com) Singer and actor Tyrese is being praised by many after helping a young man go to college. A Compton teen by the name of Lorenzo Murphy was given a full ride to Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia thanks to Tyrese.

Lorenzo went on Instagram to thank Tyrese for investing almost $50,000 in his education. Tyrese yesterday posted a picture on Instagram of the conversation he had with Lorenzo. He told his followers about Lorenzo, talked about how dedicated he is and thus far in life hasn't let society 'take him under."

Tyrese also joked about how popular Lorenzo is now and believes the biggest challenge will be keeping the ladies off him. The singer gave Lorenzo the opportunity to get an education and not worry about the bill after graduating. Read more and see the Instagram post here.

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Ned Flanders Themed Metal Band Revealed

(Radio.com) Say hi-dilly-ho to the world's first and -- let's be honest -- only Ned Flanders-themed metal (or, "nedal") band in existence. Okilly Dokilly, the Fresh Outta Springfield metal band (actually out of Phoenix, Arizona) are truly one of a gosh darn kind, and just performed their first show in their home town last month.

The band, who say they came up with the concept while in line at a grocery store, were trying to think of cheeky band names when someone suggested "Okilly Dokilly." Nedless to say, the group really ran with the idea.

The members of Okilly Dokilly even dress like the character, right down to the circle-framed specs, and also call each other Ned. They are so committed, they even describe their sound within the Simpson's world. Read more here.

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Reba McEntire Does Close-Up Serenade On The Tonight Show

(Radio.com) Reba McEntire was the musical guest on The Tonight Show on Wednesday (Aug 12). At one point on the show, host Jimmy Fallon was reading suggestions from audience members.

One member asked if Fallon had ever heard of "close-up serenading," where the singer serenades you with a song, but stands just inches away from your face.

The audience member wondered if Fallon could make it happen with McEntire. Of course Fallon obliged. Reba also performed her new song "Until They Don't Love You" from her new album Love Somebody. Check out both here.

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Neck Deep Streaming New Song 'Threat Level Midnight'

(TeamRock Radio) Neck Deep have released a stream of the track Threat Level Midnight. It's the latest song to be taken from the band's second album Life's Not Out To Get You, out today, August 14 via Hopeless Records.

The follow-up to 2014's Wishful Thinking is available to pre-order, with those purchasing early getting instant access to Threat Level Midnight, Gold Steps and Can't Kick Up The Roots.

The band have been on tour across the US and will play the Leeds festival in the UK on August 28. They previously issued a video for Gold Steps. Stream Threat Level Midnight here.

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Singled Out: aave's Going Nowhere

Today Kyle Kelly and Lloyd Aur Norman from aave tell us about the song "Going Nowhere" from the post-rock group's brand new album "There's Nothing," which was released today (August 14th). Here is the story:

Kyle had this to say about the message: Whenever I go into the studio to write / record vocals it is either going to be extremely easy or agonizing. I decided a few years ago to stop writing lyrics before recording. I found that even in my own mind I was censoring myself or guarding something. If I wrote them on paper I would scratch them out and throw them away or delete off my computer. I discovered that the best way to get out what I wanted was to start singing stream of consciousness. If I allowed myself to feel it, I hoped that would bring out what I was trying to say. I was in and out of a relationship at the time that I was recording vocals for "Going Nowhere" and I remember questioning myself and wondering what was I doing. As I thought more on it I began getting angry. I didn't know if I was mad at her, myself, or if I was just frustrated because I knew the real answer. It was killing me and I wanted this feeling to die. "Going Nowhere" was my way of opening my own eyes to what was going on around me. It became clear and it all made sense. I was running in circles, we weren't moving forward, we were going nowhere.

Lloyd had this to say about the music: We as a band like to write what comes to us naturally. "Going Nowhere" is a great example of this. Kyle and I sat in a room and played guitar riffs back and forth for a few hours into an iPhone recorder. We came up with about 4-5 parts. We liked all the sections, and probably because of whatever mood we were in that day, they all seemed to vibe together. We put them into a loose arrangement and took them to our rhythm section, Parrish (bass) and Pete (drums). They worked together to create some interesting kick and bass grooves that really let the guitar stay minimal and loose. To finish the song we decided to take it in a completely different direction after the 2nd chorus and end with something dark. We wanted the song to be a gradual buildup where no part ever really repeats and it becomes a linear journey from point A to B with a couple twists in between.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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