B-Sides Report for 12/14/2015

Nicki Minaj Testifies For Meek Mill

(Radio.com) Nicki Minaj testified on Thursday (Dec.10) in Philadelphia, in hopes of keeping her boyfriend Meek Mill out of the slammer. Meek's defense lawyer said said the couple was seriously discussing marriage, according to Philadelphia's ABC Affiliate.

Minaj said the two have been living together and promised to keep Meek in line, saying she might have more influence over the rapper than his parole officer. "She's not going to be the one sleeping alone if he goes to jail. I am," Minaj told the judge. "He's not perfect, but I can't believe how much he's changed."

Minaj said she has helped give Mill structure over the course of their relationship. "He doesn't have a lot of structure," she said. "He can be irresponsible. Since I've come in his life, I think I've been working on that a little bit. He's just getting accustomed to being an adult." Read more here.

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Taylor Swift Wants To Trademark 1989 Related Terms

(Radio.com) Taylor Swift's blockbuster album 1989 is her own commercial and intellectual property, but what about the year itself? According to documents filed to the U.S. Patent and Trademark office on December 3, Swift is seeking to trademark that combination of four numerals--in "stylized" form. She'd also like to own "Swiftmas."

In addition to "1989," Swift is seeking ownership of "Blank Space" and "A Girl Named Girl." The latter, reports the Independent, is the title of a novel Swift wrote at age 14 that has yet to be published. Those trademark applications forbid the use of phrases in any standard text.

Due to the breadth of "1989," the "stylization" stipulation presumably refers to overt reproduction of 1989, as branded for the album. Berlin Wall retrospective merchandise may still be fair game. Read more here.

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Video Of Stitches Getting Jumped Posted Online

(Radio.com) After Stitches was allegedly punched by The Game's manager, the Florida rapper received a second pounding by three assailants driving a Mini Cooper. New video of the incident has been posted online.

The three men hop out of their car, run over to Stitches black Mercedes SUV and begin throwing blows, eventually opening the door to get a closer shot. After doing his best to ward them off, Stitches throws the car into reverse and races out of the parking lot with face bloodied.

The clip is the latest footage to emerge documenting the ongoing feud between the two rappers that started when Stitches was allegedly knocked out cold by The Game's manager, after trying to approach the Los Angeles artist outside his birthday party in Miami.

Stitches responded with the diss track "Don't Fear Death" and posted a video claiming The Game had payed members of his own crew to jump him--which may or may not be the footage that has surfaced. Watch it here.

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Miley Cyrus Releases 'BB Talk' Music Video

(Radio.com) Miley Cyrus has released a music video for her track "BB Talk." The bizarre clip was directed by MC and Diamond Martel. As the title suggests the video features Cyrus in various baby outfits, including footy pajamas and a bonnet complete with pacifier. She also takes a bubble bath with inflatable ducks, seductively dances in a crib and sucks on an enormous baby bottle.

The half spoken half sung track, in which Miley re-thinks a relationship, features memorable chorus line "Your baby talk is creeping me out / f- me so you stop baby talking."

The song is featured on Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz album, which was released for free on Soundcloud on August 30, 2015. It marks her fifth album and features collaborations with The Flaming Lips and production from Mike Will Made It and Oren Yoel. Check out the NSFW clip here.

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Rascal Flatts Release 'I Like the Sound of That' Video

(Radio.com) Rascal Flatts released their music video for "I Like the Sound of That" off their 2014 album Rewind. The video cuts between footage of the band recording the song and performing it live.

With a glimmering guitar and a traditional country meter, "I Like the Sound of That" offers listeners a tried and true love song. "It's a little too loud on the highway/ I wanna pull back in your driveway/ It's way too quiet at my place/ Wanna come over, come over," the chorus sweetly declares.

Rascal Flatts will also soon take up a residency in Las Vegas, which begins February 17 and ends March 5. Until then you can catch the band in the new music video here.

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The 1975 Stream New Track 'UGH!'

(Radio.com) English indie rock band The 1975 dropped a new track off their upcoming second album I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It titled, "UGH!"

Featuring fun production that's pop on the chorus with traces of R&B on the verses, this tune has more in common with a 'song of the summer' than something you'd hear in December, even if the subject matter delves into the darker side.

But if the winter doldrums have you down, this will surely brighten the mood. I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It will be released on February 26. Stream the song here.

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Cage the Elephant Rock The Late Late Show

(Radio.com) Cage the Elephant releases their new album Tell Me I'm Pretty this week and preview it, the Kentucky rock band stopped by The Late Late Show last week to perform their single "Mess Around" and give fans a taste of what's to come.

Lead vocalist Matthew Shultz took full advantage of the stage, bounding forward to get closer to the studio audience before returning to the band on the chorus.

Dan Auerbach's production influence really comes across in Cage the Elephant's live performance, between their slick guitar solos and gritty southern tinged arrangements.

Cage the Elephant will perform at The Night Before concert in San Francisco on February 6, when they open for Metallica. Watch the Late Late Show appearance here.

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Fetty Wap and Masika Kalysha Disagree Over Baby News?

(Radio.com) Fetty Wap and Love and Hip Hop star Masika Kalysha are having a baby. Or are they? Kalysha confirmed the news to TMZ last week, claiming she informed Fetty, and that he was very calm when he heard the news.

However, Fetty seemed to deny the allegations in a tweet that he deleted, but was captured for posterity by The Shade Room. Instead he posted: "Just sit back n watch lol," and then in a second tweet "It gotta be my money cause I sho ain't handsome "

So are they or aren't they? Check out the social media for yourself. "#FettyWap doesn't seem too happy about #MasikaKalysha's Prego announcement 😩😩😩 #DisTooMuch #PettyWap A photo posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoominc) on Dec 11, 2015 at 11:40am PST" see the other tweets here.

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Craig Morgan Enlists Famous Friends For Selfie Video

(Radio.com) Craig Morgan has enlisted a few of his famous friends for a selfie video of his new single "When I'm Gone" which features a wide range of country music stars.

The video opens up with Morgan providing the following intro "I asked some of my friends to do a selfie video for my new single 'When I'm Gone.' And so they did."

Charlie Daniels, Thompson Square, Rascal Flatts' Gary LeVox, Kix Brooks and more can be seen from behind their steering wheels to walking on beaches singing along to their friends' latest tune. Watch it here.

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'X-Men: Apocalypse' Trailer Song Indentified

(Radio.com) Twenty seconds into the just-released X-Men: Apocalypse trailer, begins a stirring song with haunting lyrics. "You wandered through the willows / In the forest you have found / Trying to hide your footprints in the ground" Watch above.

No, it's not Lorde, but it sure does it sound like her. Titled "The Hunted," the 2 year-old track was written and performed by British electronic folk-core trio, Snow Ghosts. And those lyrics--they're sang by the group's vocalist, Hannah Cartwright, who in this track, sounds eerily similar to Lorde.

With perfect timing, the group also released their own music video for the song on Friday(Dec 11). Set in a medieval forest, the borderline-horror movie visuals bring the song's lyrics to life as the hunter becomes the hunted. Warning, it's not suited for younger viewers. Read more here.

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Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui Reveals New Album Details

(Radio.com) There's still no date set for Fifth Harmony's sophomore album, but Lauren Jauregui did reveal new details about its sound in a new interview that was conducted with SPIN.

Jauregui explained, 'Honestly, I think there's quite a few songs on this album that I'm really excited for the fans to hear because it's a step-up from the last album. It's not even more mature, I think it's just less gimmicky than last time--not to say that the music was, but in a sense, this sounds more honed in on a sound. We're going for the more urban, R&B vibes and then we also have a lot of different little moments and genres that are typically tied into the R&B vibe but not so strictly married to it."

Part of those R&B vibes have much to do with Tinashe, who collaborated on several songs with the group. 'She has really sick melody flows and lyrics," Jauregui said of the singer co-writing tracks for their album. 'It's very cohesive with us. It's drawing from the same experience. That's what's important at the end of the day: having an authentic sound and having someone who understands what we're going through." Read more here.

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RZA Getting The Urge To Call Bill Murray Over Wu-Tang Album

(Radio.com) When news broke that pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli exclusively bought Wu-Tang Clan's new album for $2 million, you might have thought: "This is preposterous." Then things got stranger.

According to Twitter user Rob Wesley, the Clan's contract stipulates the exclusive sale will be honored for 88 years. However, during that period, the Clan or its special deputy may try to steal the property back from the buyer.

"Said heist or caper can only be undertaken by currently active members of the Wu-Tang Clan and/or actor Bill Murray, with no legal repercussions," the screenshot states.

The tweet in question ended up being a joke, but that doesn't make it a bad idea. "We're really getting the urge to call Bill Murray," tweeted RZA. "I wish you would," Shkreli tweeted in response.

All that's left if for Murray to weigh in, unfortunately he's not a on twitter. See all the tweets here.

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Donate 1,000 Pairs of Shoes

(Radio.com) Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have two careers, two children (including newborn Saint West) and countless enterprises between them. Nevertheless, when a charity is in need, Kim proved she's more than willing to pick up the phone.

"I'm up breastfeeding & watching this show Dish Nation," Kim posted in a series of tweets. "I heard the cutest story of a girl who is trying to find 1000 pairs of shoes to donate to this charity Soles For Souls! They helped her during Hurricane Katrina. I think I know the designer of Shoe of the Year Award!"

She's talking, of course, about her husband and his award-winning line of kicks. Kardashian continued, "Kanye and I would love to donate those 1000 shoes to Soles For Souls." Read more here.

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Justin Bieber Reveals New Neck Tattoo

(Radio.com) Last week on Instagram, Justin Bieber debuted his latest in a long line of tattoos: A set of angel wings on the back of his neck. Beliebers familiar with the pop star's body art situation say his freshest ink makes tattoo number 52.

Bieber started his collection at age 16 with a small bird figure near his left hip bone. Since then, the singer has added a diverse assortment of letters and images to his canvas. In 2012, he unveiled an owl tattoo on his forearm and in 2013, got his mother's birthdate (in Roman numerals) inked near his collarbone.

The angel wings, posted with the modest caption "new tattoo :)," peak out over his shirt collar in the photo. See an image of the angel wings that set Belieber hearts aflutter here.

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Willow Smith Releases Surprise Debut Album 'Ardipithecus'

(Radio.com) Willow Smith surprised fans with the release of her debut album Ardipithecus Friday morning (Dec. 11). She's been posting messages on Twitter alluding to something taking place today, but the album release was a surprise to fans.

"Ardipithecus Ramidus is the scientific name of the first hominid bones found on earth," Smith wrote to Fader regarding the title of the project. "I wanted to name my musical compilation after it because, while I was making these songs I was in such a transitional state."

She continues, "Digging deep in the soil of my heart and finding bits and pieces of my ancient self that tell stories, which end up being the lyrics to the songs. Ardipithecus is my first album in my entire career and it makes me feel so blessed to be able to share my evolution with the LightEaters as I continue excavating my inner worlds'"

Hear the album track "F Q-C #8" here.

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Noel Gallagher Opens For Himself At London Concert

(Gibson) Last Thursday Noel Gallagher played the first of two shows at London's Royal Albert Hall. But due to some (unexplained) "SNAFU", there was no support band. So Gallagher ended up, without intention, "supporting" himself.

Gallagher told the audience, "Thanks for getting here early by the way. I am only doing this because we couldn't find a [EXPLETIVE!] support band. I ain't joking neither. My manager goes, 'I've got a [EXPLETIVE!] great idea, you can be the support band and play for four hours'. I get double the rider though, so every cloud..."

So the support was Gallagher himself revisiting Oasis classics including "It's Good To Be Free", "Cast No Shadow", "Slide Away" and "Wonderwall." Noel joked, according to the NME, that being his own support act "does give me the chance to blow myself off the stage."

He returned 30 minutes later to play a full-set as Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds with full choir and brass section. Read more here.

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American Horror Story Star Rose Siggins Dead at 43

American Horror Story: Freak Show star Rose Siggins, who portrayed the character Legless Suzi, died on Saturday (December 12th) from complications from kidney stone surgery at a Denver hospital, according to media reports. She was 43.

The show's Facebook page posted the following notice to fans, "We are saddened to learn of the passing of Rose Siggins. She was beloved by everyone in the AHS family. She was a kind person, a loving mother and a very talented actor. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends at this time."

Some of her co-stars paid tribute via social media with Sarah Paulson writing on Twitter, "The AHS family lost one of our own... Rose Siggins was an absolute light... I will never forget your laugh or your beautiful eyes."

"The AHS family lost one of our own..." cast member Sarah Paulson said on Twitter. "Rose Siggins was an absolute light...I will never forget your laugh or your beautiful eyes."

Angela Bassett tweeted, "Your life touched mine & made it's lasting impression...Of love, grace, courage & beauty. God's angels sing thee to thy rest."

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The Game's Manager Speaks Out About Stitches Beef

(Radio.com) The Game's manager Wack 100, who landed the punch that knocked out Stitches, recently spoke about the ongoing beef. "He's a kid, so he ain't been living long enough to deal with certain people in certain situations," Wack 100 said in an interview.

"A youngster might want to trigger fight. I'm a little older, so I ain't got no problem coming with the hands. Hopefully, that might wake him up and help him understand that this s- out here is not a game."

Wack said he offered Stitches a chance to fight again after they were taken into custody, but Stitches refused. "Look at this dude, he talks real loud," Wack 100 said. "He put tattoos on his face. So you're dealing with a dude who's really trying to lie to himself and psyche himself out like he's really that. And really, you're not. 'Cause when we got to the county jail, he didn't want it.

"The staff was gonna let it happen. He didn't want it. I told the youngster, 'I'm a convict.' So once I got you in the county jail, I'm now in convict mode. He didn't want it." Read more here.

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Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors A TV Hit

(Webster) "Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors" drew an audience of 13 million views when the TV-movie was broadcast on the NBC television network on Thursday night (Dec. 10).

The film about following your dreams, having faith and keeping love alive despite tough times attracted 13 million viewers and a 1.8 in adults 18-49. It was the most watched movie on broadcast TV in more than 3 years.

The film is set in the Tennessee Great Smoky Mountains in 1955. It is neither a biopic nor musical about Parton's whole life and performing career, but rather a family-oriented faith-based story about the incidents in her and her family's life around the time she was 9 years old.

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