Day In Rock 9/5: MP3 Amnesty- AFI- Grunge Supergroup- Zeppelin, Doors, Cream's School Of Rock- Strokes and Kings of Leon- Slipknot- Marilyn Manson- Hustler Wants to Rock- Sharon TV- Jane's Addiction- Morbid Angel, Danzig and Superjoint Ritual- Singles Return, RIAA Still Clueless- Duran Duran- Ben Lee- Dee Snider.
by Keavin Wiggins
The Day in Rock Friday   – antiMUSIC.com's look at Top Rock News Stories From the past 24 Hours.

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MP3 Amnesty 
AP reports: The recording industry is expected to announce as early as next week an amnesty program for people who admit they illegally share music files across the Internet, promising not to sue them in exchange for their admission and pledge to delete the songs off their computers. 

The offer of amnesty will not apply to the roughly 1,600 people who already have been targets of copyright subpoenas from the Recording Industry Association of America, which has promised to file hundreds of infringement lawsuits across the country as early as next week. 

Sources who described the proposal Thursday spoke on condition of anonymity. A spokeswoman for the RIAA, Amy Weiss, declined to comment. 

The RIAA's offer would require Internet users to complete a notarized amnesty form that includes promises to delete any illegally downloaded music and not participate in illegal file-trading in the future. In exchange, the RIAA would agree not to file a potentially expensive infringement lawsuit. 

…Von Lohmann cautioned that the RIAA doesn't represent all copyright owners and therefore couldn't guarantee an Internet user wouldn't be sued for infringement by others, despite what amounts to an admission of guilt. 

"It's not the kind of agreement that most people's lawyers will embrace,"   he said. -- Click Here for the Full Story 

Grunge Supergroup Announce New Album 
Megaforce reports: On September 9, 2003, Wellwater Conspiracy will release its ultimate album of   blistering music on Transdreamer/Megaforce Records. Inspired by its desire to mold the past and future, Wellwater has finally reached its boiling point with 11 of its finest songs in its history.

When you consider the accomplishments of Wellwater Conspiracy's members, from the ground-breaking Soundgarden to Monster Magnet to Pearl Jam, it's simply astounding that they have created and been involved with some of rock music's most historical albums.

Wellwater Conspiracy is fronted by Matt Cameron, the long-time drummer of the legendary Soundgarden, and now a current member of Pearl Jam, and John McBain, the original founding guitarist of Monster Magnet. The impetus for this band is plain and simple: "We don't have to write a hit single or any of that kind of junk. In that respect, it's great (laughs). I think that's reward in and of itself," says singer Matt Cameron

"I love doing this project because we have a real sense of freedom," says Matt Cameron. "WWC is very rewarding for both of us and that's the main reason we like doing it. We just do what we want to do."

Title: Wellwater Conspiracy
Recorded late-2002 & 2003 at Space Studios, Seattle WA. Mixed at Avant! Studios,
Seattle WA
Produced by Wellwater Conspiracy 
Jack Endino for last minute edits

Players: Matt Cameron, John McBain, Glenn Slater

Track Listing:
1. Wimple Witch 
2. Galaxy 265 
3. Night Sky 
4. Dragonwyck
5. Sea Miner 
6. Rebirth
7. Something In The Air 
8. Sullen Glacier  
9. Crow Revolt 
10. My Darker Bongo 
11. Dresden Overture

Zeppelin, Doors, Cream and More In "School Of Rock" 
Billboard reports:  Classic tracks from Led Zeppelin, the Who, the Doors and Cream lead the lineup for the soundtrack to the upcoming Jack Black movie "School of Rock." 

Black, of Tenacious D fame, plays a substitute teacher who schools his  pre-teen students in the ways of rock'n'roll. On the album, Black and the child actors perform the Mooney Suzuki-penned title track and a cover of AC/DC's "It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock'n'Roll)." 

The soundtrack will be released Sept. 30 via Atlantic. The movie will open in theaters Oct. 3 through Paramount Pictures. 

Here is the track list for "School of Rock": 

"School of Rock," Jack Black/students 
"Your Head, Your Mind, Your Brain..." (film excerpt) 
"Substitute," the Who 
"Fight," No Vacancy 
"Touch Me," the Doors 
"I Pledge Allegiance to the Band..." (film excerpt) 
"Sunshine of Your Love," Cream 
"Immigrant Song," Led Zeppelin 
"Set You Free," the Black Keys 
"Edge of Seventeen," Stevie Nicks 
"Heal Me, I'm Heartsick," No Vacancy 
"Growing on Me," the Darkness 
"Ballroom of Mars," T. Rex 
"Those Who Can't Do..." (film excerpt) 
"My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes to Bitburg)," the Ramones 
"T.V. Eye," Wylde Rattz 
"It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock'n'Roll)," Jack Black/students 
.- Click Here for the Full Story

Students repeat after me, "Detroit Rock City".  Class dismissed! 

Strokes and Kings of Leon To Tour
Billboard reports: Just as the Strokes were taken under the wing of Guided By Voices and Weezer as opening acts in their formative days, the acclaimed New York quintet is continuing the tradition. 

The Strokes will bring along RCA labelmates Kings Of Leon for their North American tour, kicking off Oct. 9-10 at Philadelphia's Tower Theater. 

Kings Of Leon, the group's RCA debut, "Youth and Young Manhood," opened last week at No. 1 on Billboard's Heatseekers chart. 

Here are the Strokes/Kings Of Leon tour dates: 
Oct. 9-10: Philadelphia (Tower Theater) 
Oct. 12: Baltimore (UMBC Theater) 
Oct. 14: Toronto (Hershey Center) 
Oct. 16: Detroit (State Theater) 
Oct. 31: Boston (Tsongas Arena) 
Nov. 7: Houston, Texas (Verizon Wireless Theater)
- Click Here for the Full Story

That's a mighty short tour. I guess stroking wears you out quickly.  

AFI's Electric Side
Rolling Stone reports: Singer Dave Havok and guitarist Jade Puget of Southern California punk outfit AFI will use the spare time on their upcoming U.S. tour to draft material for their new, electronic side project Blaqk Audio. 

"Everything's electronic, no instruments," Puget says. "We've been experimenting -- everything from industrial to ambient stuff. We're just going to see what happens. Dave and I listen to a lot of electronic music. I like all the EBM [electronic body music] stuff, Covenant, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, [Paul] Oakenfold, DJ Shadow and BT." 

The duo has eight songs completed for an album targeted for next year. .- Click Here for the Full Story

Slipknot Sideshow Specials
The PRP reports: Both Stone Sour and The Murderdolls will be releasing special edition CD/DVD packages of their current albums ("Stone Sour and "Beyond The Valley Of The Murderdolls" respectively) through Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam on October 21st. The full listing of additional content that will be featured on the releases has not yet been revealed.- Click Here for the Full Story

Marilyn Manson Goes to Court 
Marilyn Manson appeared in a Minnesota federal court on Tuesday for jury selection in the trial brought against him by a bodyguard back in 2000. David M Diaz, is seeking $75 000 in damages claiming Manson caused "mental anguish" when he allegedly grabbed Diaz's head and gyrated his hips against it. Diaz was working security at a Marilyn Manson Minneapolis concert at the time of the incident. Manson arrived in court in a black suit, white shirt and gray tie. His lawyer implored with prospective jurors to separate the man from the stage persona. 

Manson's lawyers conceded the incident occurred but believe it was not offensive, did not embarrass Diaz, and did not amount to civil battery or warrant any damages. The trial is expected only to last a week.
- Click Here Full Story

$75,000 for having gyrating hips in your face? How much is Manson gonna counter-sue for? After all, he did give the guy a lap dance and those don't come free. 

Hustler Wants to Rock
Metal Underground reports: After 30 years of hardcore publication, HUSTLER Magazine is changing face. As of August 2003, HUSTLER added a new rock section, featuring the biggest names in music. The change came about when HUSTLER decided to take an edgier tone. For that reason HUSTLER brought in Nancy B. Sayle, a 20 year music industry veteran, as the new Music Editor. Utilizing her talents to help make the conversion an easy one. She will be talking with Rock-stars, past and present, giving you un-censored interviews. From subjects on their current projects, advice on how to get the babes and a plethora of groupie stories. HUSTLER also gave the covers a new-look. More sexy and subtle artwork for the covers, great editorial coverage on todays breaking news, and the pictorials that Larry Flynt made famous. HUSTLER's not just adult anymore. 

The first "new look" dropped on the stands August 19th featuring Zakk Wylde. 

- Click Here for Full Story

How interesting. Rolling Stone is trying to morph into Hustler (or Play Girl- depends on the issue) and Hustler is trying to become Rolling Stone.  Is the economy that bad, that porn isn't selling?  Or are people just ripping off the photos from the internet and not buying the magazine? 

Sharon TV Is Coming 
Blabbermouth reports: Sharon Osbourne's new, nationally syndicated talk show premieres on Monday, Sept. 15, with Justin Timberlake and Wynonna Judd. The rest of the first week's guests and featured musical performers will include Macy Gray (9/16), Lance Bass and Keanu Reeves (9/17) and Brian McKnight (9/19), according to Hits Daily Double. Other scheduled guests include actors Mo'nique, Juliette Lewis, Seth Green and Pamela Anderson as well as son Jack, who joins other teens for a "frank discussion about addiction and recovery." Osbourne will interview N' SYNC star Bass in bed in what is being called her signature "Under the Covers" segment. Former MÖTLEY CRÜE drummer Tommy Lee is expected to receive similar treatment later in the month. - Click Here for the Full Story

Expect the exclusive revelation from Jack that Kelly singing in the shower lead him to drug abuse! And who can blame him? 

Jane's Addiction Goes Gold
Blabbermouth reports: JANE'S ADDICTION's "Strays" has been certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for shipments of more than 500,000 copies in the U.S.

"Strays", JANE'S ADDICTION's first new studio album since 1990's "Ritual de lo Habitual", was produced by Bob Ezrin (PINK FLOYD, KISS, LOU REED) at Henson Recording (formerly known as A&M Studios) in Los Angeles and features founding members Perry Farrell (vocals), Dave Navarro (guitar) and Stephen Perkins (drums). - Click Here Full Story

Morbid Angel Joins Danzig and Superjoint Ritual for tour.  
EarAche has officially announced that MORBID ANGEL has been officially added to The Blackest Of The Black Tour, with DANZIG and SUPERJOINT RITUAL. 

"Conceived by Danzig frontman Glenn Danzig, The Blackest Of The Black Tour kicks off in Fall 2003 and promises to be the biggest, most extreme metal tour of the year. Stay tuned for tourdates and more info. The Blackest Of The Black Tour marks the beginning of Morbid Angel's extensive worldwide touring in support of their new album, "Heretic", out September 23 in the US. - Click Here Full Story

Singles Return, RIAA Still Clueless 
Wired Reports: The popularity of Apple's iTunes song service has demonstrated that customers like to pick and choose their songs online. New statistics from the music industry indicate that labels are shipping more singles to stores, too. 

But whether the stats signal the return of the single is still a bit of a puzzle. 

The Recording Industry Association of America's mid-year music statistics chart the number of music products shipped to retailers between January and June. During that time, the labels shipped 5.8 million CD singles, compared with 2.2 million singles in the same period the year before. That's an increase of over 160 percent. 

"I think there is a correlation between the sale of CD singles and consumers downloading individual songs," said Mike Goodman, a senior analyst at the Yankee Group. They are "different media formats, but the key point is that they are both singles -- whether it's a physical CD or a single download, the consumer gets specifically what they want." 

Goodman said that many consumers only want to buy the songs that interest them and not any additional tracks. 

"That is essentially what an album is: two songs you like and seven or eight you don't," he said. "With a single, you're purchasing exactly what you want." 

A RIAA spokesman declined to comment on the single statistics. 

"We're happy to talk about the aggregate impact of piracy, but as to what format our member companies market their music in, that is up to them," said Jonathan Lamy, a spokesman for the RIAA.. - Click Here Full Story

Friday mini rant:  In other words the RIAA stance is; We don't care that our sales are down due to low quality albums from repackaged acts with one or two desirable singles. And that the reemergence of singles illustrates this fact. We are convinced that it is illegal file trading that has hurt our sales. 

Someone needs to tell the chairman he has no cloths.  – Give people something that they want to buy and they will buy it. Stop trying to resell last year's sure thing as today's next big thing and get back to putting out music that people will want to buy!  It goes to the basics of supply and demand and there doesn't seem to be much demand for what the RIAA members are supplying. "Everyone learns that in the 7th grade,"  to paraphrase the RIAA spokesman in yesterday's Day In Rock Report.

What are they up to now special: Duran Duran
Jam! Reports: Almost two years ago, Duran Duran announced they were putting the original lineup back together for an album. The band is still working on it, Variety says. 

Duran Duran says they are taking their own sweet time finishing their album, and that's exactly how they want it. 

"You are going to hear sometime next year," bassist John Taylor told AP. 

Keyboardist Nick Rhodes said they have more than enough songs for an album. However, Rhodes said the band wanted to do some shows so they could test the songs before a live audience. He points out music has changed so much since their early days, because European acts aren't as popular as hip-hop is now.
- Click Here Full Story

**Press Releases**
Snippets from some of the press releases that have come in over the past 24 hours

Ben Lee To Tour With Phantom Planet

Ben Lee /Phantom Planet Tour dates:

10/22 – LA – The Roxy Theatre
10/23 – LA – The Roxy Theatre
10/25 – San Francisco – Bottom of the Hill
10/27 – Seattle – Graceland
10/28 – Boise, ID – The Big Easy Concert House
10/30 – Denver – The Ogden Theatre
11/1 – Lawrence, KS – Granada Theatre
11/3 – Columbia, MD – Blue Note
11/5 – Chicago – Metro
11/6 – Milwaukee – The Rave
11/7 – Cleveland, OH – Grog Shop
11/9 – Philadelphia – Theatre of Living Arts
11/11 – NYC – Bowery Ballroom
11/12 – NYC – Bowery Ballroom
11/14 – Boston – Axis
11/15 – New Haven, CT – Toad's Place
11/17 - Washington , DC – Black Cat
11/19 – Atlanta, GA – The Cotton Club
11/21 – Austin, TX – The Mercury
11/22 – Dallas, TX – Trees
11/25 – San Diego – The Scene
11/26 – Pomona, CA – The Glass House

Dee Snider's Scary New Project
Chipster PR: Dee Snider, best known as the lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Twisted Sister, is the creative force behind a new Halloween-themed musical project called Van Helsing's Curse set to debut October 7, 2003 with the musical ghost story concept album Oculus Infernum on KOCH Records. Snider, a lifelong fan of horror, first made a foray into the genre with the successful cult film StrangeLand and its accompanying soundtrack, which also marked the singer's first foray into Billboard's Soundtrack chart.
"Van Helsing's Curse is not a band, it's a rock orchestra. It includes a five-piece rock group, a six-piece string section and a six-piece choir. The choir only sings chants in Latin. There are no lead vocals on Oculus Infernum, just narration," Snider says.

 The tracks on Oculus Infernum include "Patience," "Tubular Hell," "All Fall Down," "Let Me Prey," "The Child," "The Tortured Soul," "Revenge," "War," "Let the Pain Begin" and "The Curse."


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