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Today's Full Report and Breaking Stories for 11/19/2007
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Demon Hunter Week: Follow The Wolves
antiMusic reports: Seattle headbangers Demon Hunter's new album ''Storm the Gates of Hell" which hit stores earlier this month. To celebrate the release we asked Ryan Clark to pick his five favorite tracks from the CD and tell us a bit about each one. Here is Ryan with today's song:

Follow The Wolves: This song is for the outcasts- people that feel out of place in their home, school or anywhere else. It's a call for them to shed the rejection they feel, and to understand that there are people out there that DO understand them- us. They can align themselves with us, and forget the rest.

Check out previews from the album, grab tour dates and learn more about Demon Hunter (and check out their tattooed friends) - right here

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Warrant For Donda West's Doc
Contact Music reports: An arrest warrant has been issued for the plastic surgeon who operated on KANYE WEST's mother the day before she died. Dr. Jan Adams failed to show up at Los Angeles County Superior Court on Friday morning (16Nov07) for a hearing with a disgruntled former patient.

Lori Ufondu won a $100,000 (GBP50,000) judgment after Dr. Adams left gauze in her breast following a boob job - her lawyer called Friday's meeting after the doctor failed to pay up.

West's mother, Donda, died in hospital on Saturday (10Nov07) following possible complications from a tummy tuck and breast reduction operation Dr. Adams carried out on Friday (09Nov07).[Day in Rock update - AP reports: Adams showed up later in the morning and Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Tracy Grant canceled the warrant, courtroom assistant Becky Liu said.]
- more on this story

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Concert Orgy for Bloc Party
antiMusic reports: It went far beyond a "block party" when it turned into an audience orgy. Gigwise has the story: Bloc Party's Kele Okereke has revealed that the band were forced to leave the stage during a gig in Utrecht earlier this year after a couple in the audience started having sex.

"There was a couple having sex in front of us in Utrecht, I climbed up into the balcony and they were doing it on the floor. I said something into the mic and everyone started cheering," Okereke told the Mirror.

"At first the couple looked embarrassed and then they just carried on. Next, everyone just started making out with each other. We had to leave the stage because it was getting so everyone was having sex. - more on this story

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50 Cent Bitches About Britney
antiMusic reports: 50 Cent is bitching about Britney getting away with using the word bitch on her new album while entirely ignoring the context of the word's use. "It's Britney, bitch" is a little different than "I smacked the bitch". That aside, we'll turn it over now to Contact Music for the story: Rapper 50 CENT is using Britney Spears as an example in his ongoing fight against music industry hypocrisy - because he can't believe no one made a fuss when she opened her GIMME MORE hit with the words "It's Britney, bitch."

50 Cent insists that if he or one of his hip-hop peers had started a song using the word 'bitch' they would be demonised. He fumes, "I guess they have their rules that apply individually to each artist.

"But it's not a rule that applies to everybody else. Matter of fact, my next single, I'm going to start it (with), 'It's Britney, bitch!'" - more on this story

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Idols Dominate AMAs
antiMusic reports: American Idol contestants Chris Daughtry and Carrie Underwood were the big winners at the American Music Awards on Sunday. Underwood and Daughtry's band, the cleverly named Daughtry, each walked away with three wins.

Daughtry's self-titled album won favorite pop-rock album honors as well as breakthrough artist and adult contemporary artist. Underwood won favorite female country artist, favorite country album ("Some Hearts,") and the T-Mobile text-in award.

Despite being a bigger seller than the other genres that have several awards, rock and rock related genres aren't really represented at the AMAs. The closest they come is the Alternative Rock award which went to Linkin Park. Nickelback fittingly won the award for "Pop"-rock. - see the winner list

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Velvet Revolver Not Welcome in Japan
antiMusic reports: Velvet Revolver have been forced to pull the plug on their upcoming Japanese tour after the Japanese government refused to issue them visas. (There are some drug convictions in the band's past). The band's promoter in the region, Creativeman Productions, issued the following statement: Velvet Revolver were looking forward to their upcoming tour of Japan: a series of four concerts to promote their current album Libertad between November 26 and November 30, encompassing the cities of Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Yokohama. For the band, the upcoming trek was the opportunity to reconnect with their fans in Japan, where the band tour has toured before without incident back in 2005. But now it's a different story as Velvet Revolver 's request for visas has just been denied.

The increasingly tough Japanese immigration officials are taking exception with the backgrounds of various band members, which have included arrests. The band is appealing the decision of the officials which is ironic given that Libertad is Spanish for "liberty" and "freedom" but this process will unfortunately take months to sort out. - more on this story including a statement from the band

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2 Cents for Sex Pistols Tickets
Contact Music reports: In an age where concert tickets are going for a small fortune, two cents could get you into a Sex Pistols show! We hear the shows are worth every penny. Contact Music has the comedy: Tickets for the SEX PISTOLS current tour are changing hands for as little as two cents (1p).

The remaining members of the iconic punk band have reunited for seven live shows in the U.K. to celebrate 30 years since the release of seminal album Never Mind The Bollocks - but fans are reluctant to pay huge sums to see the group live.

Many people hoped to cash in on the $75 (GBP37.50) tickets by selling them for a profit online, however on Thursday, a pair of tickets were sold for only two cents on auction site eBay - more on this story

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Zeppelin Back on the Charts
Gigwise reports: Led Zeppelin's 'Stairway To Heaven' has entered the UK singles charts at number 37.

The recently reformed band's song had previously only appeared on their untitled forth album released in 1971.

However, due to recent changes to the charts rules which allow download releases to become chart eligible the song has broken into the top-40 for the first time. - more on this story

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Leng Tch'e Nix UK Tour
Lambgoat reports: Leng Tch'e has cancelled their UK tour, which was scheduled to begin this weekend. Here's a statement from the band:

"Due to circumstances beyond our own control, we are forced to cancel our upcoming UK tour. Obviously we are seriously bummed out about this.

"However we'll definitely cross the Channel in 2008 so do not despair." - More Lambgoat news

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Down Vs Tosser
Metal Underground reports: After reportedly getting "nailed" twice with beers thrown from the crowd, DOWN frontman Philip Anselmo stopped the band's show Thursday night (November 15) in Corpus Christi, Texas to tell the crowd to send him the next "coward" that decided to throw something at him. The audience then ponied up one of the kids that allegedly had thrown one. Watch what happens next in the clip below.

DOWN's new album, "Over the Under", was released on September 25 through ILG/Warner Music Group (one day earlier internationally via Roadrunner Records). The LP was issued in Europe as a limited-edition digipack CD featuring the bonus track "Invest in Fear".

- don't see the video? click here

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Gene Simmons Looks At New People To Sue off The Face of the Earth
antiMusic reports: Last week we told you that Gene Simmons felt that music downloaders should be sued off the face of the earth. Now the KISS Corp man has a new legal target to send into legal outer space- whoever started a rumor that Simmons had died.

The fulltime marketing man, part time musician issued the following statement: "I AM ALIVE AND WELL!!! Thank you all, for the kind words and condolences...but I am alive and well. Recently, there has been a rumor spread on the internet of my passing.

"Our legal team is actively looking into this and I intend to sue the people off the face of the Earth. Can everyone say 'Bye, bye' together? But, thank you for the kind words. All is good." -

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No Leftover Crack for Canada
Punknews.org reports: Leftover Crack who were set to play a number of Canadian dates this week were turned away by Canadian immigration authorities. Frontman Stza Crack addressed the incident on the band's website saying

"Most of us tried almost as hard as we could to play for you folks up there and after a 20 hour round trip in a van I am writing this to say a big F*ck You to the Canadian Immigration A**holes... I'll be back up to Canada, they wish they could keep me from sneaking into their psuedo-liberal nation. I will play there again."

The band hasn't mentioned what reasons were cited for their denial into the country, although they promise to attempt to play shows there again in the future. - Read the full kooky rant

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No Post Blink Contact
Rockdirt reports: Tom DeLonge of Angels & Airwaves spoke with the MTV Buzzworthy Blog in a Q&A, where the singer was asked about whether he has spoken to his former blink-182 bandmates Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker since their split in 2005.

"No, I haven't talked to them," DeLonge confessed. "Isn't that weird? It's one of those things. You have to give it time. We had 10 years under our belt."

As for what makes AVA's sophomore album 'I-Empire' special, DeLonge said, "If people are gonna give this record a chance, I ask that they find a hill that's nearby, park their car, open the car doors, lay on the hood, blast the music at night and pretend that the city below is theirs." - more rockdirt

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