Tommy Emmanuel Releases 'Bella Soave' Performance Video


Tommy Emmanuel Releases 'Bella Soave' Performance Video

Acclaimed guitarist Tommy Emmanuel has shared a live performance video for "Bella Soave," a track from his upcoming album Endless Road: 20th Anniversary Edition out May 17th.

SRO shared these details: The video begins with Tommy talking about the song's inspiration and was shot at Tommy's home outside of Nashville, TN and directed by Joshua Britt & Neilson Hubbard for Neighborhoods Apart.

Regarded as a landmark album within TOMMY's body of work, Endless Road has now been newly remastered for digital outlets and will also be available for the first time ever on vinyl. The beautiful and evocative "Bella Soave" is among the album's highlights. TOMMY recalls that he wrote the song in the back of car while traveling from Soave (near Verona), where he had just spent a few days at a guitar festival, down to Rome.

"The song was written after my first visit in Soave, Italy in 1999. It was the first festival I ever played," recalls TOMMY. "I was so happy and overjoyed from the experience of the festival that I started writing when I got into the backseat of the car. We were driving from Soave down to Rome for a show and workshop, and I wrote this song on the way there. I got it finished and played it that night at the show. I tried to give it a sort of Spanish feel in the bridge because I had met a lot of Spaniards that weekend at the festival," he adds. "'Bella Soave' means 'beautiful Soave.' It's a beautiful place and has been a big part of my musical life."

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