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Full Report for 06/17/2008

Paper Rival Week: Day 2 "Weak Sister"
antiMusic reports: Paper Rival's debut album "Dialog" just hit stores. The band's rootsy indie rock has been winning them fans and critical praise and caught our attention, so we asked frontman Jacob Rolleston to tell us a little about his favorite tracks from the new CD. Here is Jacob with today's song:

Weak Sister - A song that our bass player had a huge part in. We wanted something on the record that felt like the older fat brother of the other songs. I know that sounds funny with the title but this song for me, since it's at the end feels like the end-all / be-all of the record and I'm ok with that.

Lyrically the song is about waiting for something bad to happen to someone you care about before you start celebrating that person's life. - check out streams from the new album, plus grab tour dates here

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Coldplay Deny Song Theft, American Idol Sued, Release Date Game, F**ked Up Deal, They Say Scars on Broadway, Driving While Britney Ok, Testament Honored and more
antiMusic reports: Today's quicks are so good we are leading today's Day in Rock with them for the very first time! Here ya go: There is a great new way to get free PR for your band. What you do is find a big name artist and accuse them of stealing your music. NME has the latest example: An American indie band have implied that Coldplay knowingly copied one of their melodies for new song 'Viva La Vida' - something the British group have strongly denied. Posting their claims in a Youtube clip, Brooklyn group Creaky Boards alledge that the melody in Chris Martin and co's track sounds very similar to one of their songs - and that the Coldplay frontman may have even seen them play live last year. read more check out both songs to decide for yourself

The American Federation of Musicians has filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court against American Idol Productions and its subsidiary Tick Tock Productions, who they alleged created an unauthorized orchestral soundtrack for the second season of "American Idol Rewind."

Nine Inch Nails have unveiled details on the CD release of The Slip. The album will be released July 22 in North America as an individually numbered limited edition, with a bonus DVD more

Britney Spears will not be charged over an incident last year in which she allegedly ran over the foot of a paparazzo. According to the LAPD, Brit was not at fault and the evidence doesn't prove that Brit left the scene of an accident more

Scars on Broadway, the long-awaited collaboration between guitarist-frontman Daron Malakian and drummer John Dolmayan, both best known for their work in the multi-Platinum-selling, Grammy-winning band System of a Down, will release their self-titled debut on July 29. But you don't wait until then to get a feel for what the band is all about. They've posted the song "They Say" over at iMeem. You can check it out here

The legendary heavy metal heroes Testament have won the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Award for Album of the Year for The Formation of Damnation. Testament beat out the other worthy contenders in this category: Atreyu, Bullet For My Valentine, Children Of Bodom and Down. Testament will be on the Metal Masters Tour all summer long with Judas Priest, Heaven and Hell and Motorhead.

Are you ready for the next move in the release date game? Originally due June 24 then July 8, the Game's third album, "LAX," is now set for release July 22 via Geffen. more

Canadian hardcore/punk band F**ked Up has signed a deal with Matador Records for the release of an EP titled "Year Of The Pig." Slated for worldwide release on July 22, the EP is an expanded version of the 12" single released by What's Your Rupture?

Aretha Franklin is set to headline this year's Newport Jazz Festival, scheduled to take place August 9 in Newport, RI. The Queen of Soul will join jazz saxophonists Sonny Rollins and Wayne Shorter, trumpeter Chris Botti and legendary composer Herbie Hancock at the event more

Nada Surf have announced that they will play a handful of dates on the west coast this summer. They're set to kick off the west coast jaunt in Costa Mesa, California on August 28. all the details

Christmas seems to come earlier and earlier every year. Faith Hill's first Christmas album, "Joy to the World," will arrive September 16. The first single from the Warner Bros. release is an original track, "A Baby Changes Everything" more

The Rolling Stones have played down a weekend report that the band planned to ditch long-term record company EMI to join concert promoter Live Nation. more

Liverpool has been voted England's most musical city in a national campaign set up by the Arts Council. The home of The Beatles and The Zutons - and current European Capital of Culture - took 49% of the vote in an online poll set up by the funding body. - more

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Linkin Park Singer Denies Velvet Revolver Rumors
Blabbermouth reports: Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington has dismissed rumors that he has been tapped to replace Scott Weiland as the new singer of Velvet Revolver.

In an exclusive interview for this week's Kerrang! magazine, Bennington said, "I'm friends with all the guys in Velvet Revolver and have played with all of them before. I'm friends with Scott too. I think the rumour that I was going to join Velvet Revolver started because Slash asked me if I'd come play a show with them in Vegas right around the time that Scott left the band. Timing-wise, it didn't work out for me, though. Maybe people assumed that invitation meant I was joining the band."

"If I wasn't in Linkin Park anymore and I didn't know Scott, though, I'd say yes," he says. "Who wouldn't? The music is great and it would be a really cool opportunity." - more on this story

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Live Nation's Latest Scheme To Get Your Money
antiMusic reports: For those that thought that Live Nation might be a real alternative to Ticketbastard, that's not gonna happen as you end up basically paying the same overpriced "fees" to buy from them as you would ticketbastard, with the added recent bonus of paying a parking fee on every ticket! How clever of them. Now they have a new scheme in New York to convince you to pay them the ticket taxes instead of Ticketbastard.

Idolator has the tale: From an e-mail blast sent by turmoil-filled concert behemoth Live Nation to New York concertgoers: "Live Nation announced today that effective immediately customers purchasing tickets on livenation.com will be afforded the privilege of entering shows prior to those holding tickets purchased other ticketing services."

Talk about two Americas! Although I guess that's one way to make attendees a bit less grumbly about paying one company's "convenience fees," as opposed to those being demanded by said company's competitors. - more on this story

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Rock Band for Pixies
PR reports: The third album to be added to the Rock Band Music Store catalog of downloadable content: the Pixies' Doolittle. On June 24th, one of the most influential rock records of the late '80s will get new life as Rock Band game play.

Fledgling Black Francises, budding Kim Deals and diehard gamers alike can now rock out to the original master recordings of one of the Pixies' most eclectic and ambitious releases. Upon its release in 1989, Doolittle garnered immediate critical acclaim and eventually became regarded as one of the most important alternative rock albums of the 1980s.

Doolittle offers endless highlights for fans and players, including the spaghetti Western-ish flavor of "Silver," the biblically-themed "Dead" and the pop savvy hit single "Here Comes Your Man." Gamers have been clamoring for these additional fourteen tracks after months of playing the album's brilliantly surreal "Wave of Mutilation," which was included on the original Rock Band game disc. - more on this story

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Iggy Pops Up on New Boss Martians Album
PR reports: Seattle rock band The Boss Martians are back with "Pressure in the SODO" in stores on July 22th on MuSick Recordings. The disc is rock and roll at it's most potent with a guest appearance by Iggy Pop on the track "Mars is for Martians" (co-written with front man Evan Foster) featuring a sneering lead vocal from the Godfather of Punk himself.

E-Trade has also taken notice by featuring "Hey Hey Yeah Yeah" in several of their TV commercials currently airing multiple times daily, and one that premiered on Super Bowl Sunday. The Boss Martians have just returned from a successful European tour and multiple dates across the U.S.

Key tracks on the CD include: "No One to No One," "Stiletto (Need Some Action)," "Elsie," and the aforementioned collaboration with Iggy on "Mars Is For Martians." The track is an alphabetical tour through the rock and roll basics, and it's an undisputed highlight of the scalding Pressure In The SODO. - more on this story

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The 88 Set Release
PR reports: Island Records announced today that The 88 will release their major label debut Not Only... But Also on August 26, 2008.

With songs produced by Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds (Eric Clapton, Fall Out Boy, Madonna) and songs produced by Matt Wallace (Maroon 5, Paul Westerberg, Faith No More), Not Only� But Also features eleven new tracks that perfectly lock in the band's signature sound.

The first single, "Coming Home", will be serviced to radio on June 30 and available to digital retailers on July 1. The song title might be familiar to some due to its previous incarnation in commercial and television placements, but it has been re-written, re-recorded and polished into an entirely new pop gem. - more on this story

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Vadar Lose Member
Vader reports: After five years of working with Vader, our bassist Novy (true name Marcin Nowak) decided to part ways with the band! He made his decision right after recently finished European tour. We would like to thank him for all those years of successful cooperation and just a great work he did for the band within the time. The band's members wish him all the best for the future!

Unfortunately, Marcin's decision of leaving the band was made not only after the finished tour in Europe, but also just before the upcoming (and very important) US tour Summer Slaughter Tour 2008 (when we appear alongside THE BLACK DALHIA MURDER, KATAKLYSM, CRYPTOPSY, and other bands). This is a very hard situation for the band but don't worry - we have already found a replacement - the session bassist for this tour will be Martin (ex-DECAPITATED). We are convinced that together with him Vader will be a killer! The session bass player for the shows planned for the rest of 2008 will be announced after the US tour.

"On August 3rd, Vader will appear on Polish Woodstock Festival. On August 30th the band will play a special anniversary show in Warsaw. - more on this story

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Vegas Jacko For Neverland Cash?
Hecklerspray reports: Long have we wondered what Michael Jackson's next career move would be. Will he make another album? Will he start a charity to help the big-nosed poor? Will he be another ride at Disney Land? Perhaps one where he puts roller-skates on his hands and feet and rolls about the room in a crab-walk type style with a saddle on his belly, and your height has to be below Mickey's hand to climb on board?
Well we can tell you - he's gonna be a Vegas attraction.

It's been rumored before, but this time it's different. This time he could be working directly for the mortgage company that just bought the $23 million dollar loan for his Neverland Ranch.

It's perfect timing too, really, since Celine Dion just left Vegas and they are the exact same proportions, he could just use her costumes. Now that's economic efficiency! - more on this story

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Rediscover the Original Idol Next Week
PR reports: Billy Idol has recorded two brand new songs for The Very Best Of Billy Idol: Idolize Yourself, a new career-spanning CD, Deluxe Edition CD/DVD and digital collection to be released June 24 by Capitol/EMI.

The two songs, "John Wayne" and "New Future Weapon," will be exclusively available on the new release, which features all seven of Idol's Top 10 hits among its 18 tracks, including two #1s. The Deluxe Edition adds 13 music videos making their DVD release debuts, including two alternate video edits that have never before been released in any format. The CD and CD/DVD packages are both designed by Shepard Fairey and include liner notes by David Wild.

The Very Best Of Billy Idol: Idolize Yourself gathers together the music that Billy Idol has taken to stages all around the world, as well as two brand new songs. The new tracks find the man still at the peak of his powers, working with longtime partner and guitar great Steve Stevens and his other current band members, drummer and songwriting collaborator Brian Tichy and keyboardist Derek Sherinian. On June 24, Idol will perform songs from the new release on the outdoor stage of ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live." - more on this story

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KISS Blame Fans For Industry Woes
antiMusic reports: During a week that an album debuts at the top of the charts having sold a million copies, Professor Gene Simmons of KISS blames fans for the current state of the music industry, not the stupid decisions of the industry.

XFM spoke with Gene as part of the Download Festival last weekend and he seems to think that the reason people no longer buy KISS records is because of downloads and not the fact that their last two original album's weren't that great and fans weren't interested in buying the dozen or so "same songs, different cover" hits packages they've been foisting on the public since their big reunion over a decade ago. We won't even go into that solo album.

Here is what Gene told XFM, "In all seriousness - and it's unfortunate - but the record industry is dead; it's six feet under the ground and unfortunately, the fans have done this. They've decided to download and file share and there's no record industry around. We're gonna wait till everyone settles down and becomes civilized and as soon as the record industry pops its head then we'll record new material."

Gene should know that if you give people something worth buying, they will buy it. Give em' crap and they won't waste their money. - Read the XFM article

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Sex Pistols, Patti Smith and more for Traffic Fest
PR reports: Traffic is main summer music event in Turin. After just four editions it has become the most important music festival in Italy (last year it reached around 200,000 spectators), taking as well a remarkable place between the biggest live events on the European scene.

The fifth edition will take place from July 7th to 12th 2008, and it already sees confirmed shows from Sex Pistols, Wire, Patti Smith, Tricky, Battles, Soulwax, Hercules and Love Affair, Matthew Dear and Alter Ego.

Key characteristics are its being totally free, the aim to offer events that are somehow unique, the idea of making of the whole metropolitan area the scene of an intense varied program (live gigs, nightclubbing, happening, reading, cinema, art galleries), and the will to establish a tight relationship between music and other artistic forms. From this point of view the partnership with some local institutions, as the National Cinema Museum, and the Reading Society, is fundamental.

Sites of the Festival are some of the most representative places in Turin: the Pellerina Park (the biggest green area in town), Murazzi del Po (the animated city riverbank ), the post industrial area named OGR, the Isozaki Olympic Palace, the courts of Carignano Palace and of Rettorato. - more on this story

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Commodores Eye Reunion
Jam! reports: Once, Twice, Three Times the profit for a reunion tour over a solo tour. That might be just one reason that Lionel Richie is eyeing a Commodores reunion. Publicly, he gives another reason. Jam! has the details:

Richie said a reunion could happen in the next two years because it is important the group get together before it loses more band members. Guitarist Milan Williams died two years ago.

"We better do it now, or in the next 10 years nobody would care," he said before singing at Antigua's Romantic Rhythms festival. - more on this story

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