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Full Report for 11/18/2009

Velvet Underground Members To Reunite For Event
(antiMusic) While there are plenty of famed rock bands reuniting for big ticket concert tours, members of the Velvet Underground will reunite for the New York Public Library.

Lou Reed, Maureen Tucker and Doug Yule will join journalist David Fricke for a rare joint public appearance together on December 8 as part of the LIVE from the NYPL series where they'll discuss their history, music and legacy.

According to the events website All LIVE from the NYPL events are general admission. $25 general admission and $15 library donors, students and seniors with valid identification. - More details here

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Bad Company Original Lineup Reunite For Tour That Will Include Aerosmith's Joe Perry
(antiMusic) Now that his gig with Queen is over, Paul Rodgers is returning to the band that brought him the most fame: Bad Company. The reunited band will hit the road in the UK next Spring for a run of eight shows.

What makes this outing extra special is the fact that it will feature the original lineup of Paul Rodgers, Mick Ralphs and Simon Kirke, who according to Classic Rock haven't performed together in the UK in over three decades – have announced that they will reunite for a series of eight UK shows in April 2010.

The band announced the tour at a press event on Tuesday. Their website was soon after updated with breaking news that Aerosmith's Joe Perry Solo Band (Joe Perry Project) to open for Bad Company UK Tour. No word yet is they will be crossing the pond, but we'll keep an eye out for any updates. - dates

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Free Rare Zakk Wylde Bumblefoot Download- Faces Reunion With Simply Red Singer?- Drug Bust Won't Sideline KK&BBQ Tour- Aerosmith Ponder New Singer and more
Talking Metal are offering a free download in their news section of a rare Zakk Wylde track featuring Bumblefoot. more

The Faces are so desperate to tour they're not waiting for Rod Stewart to come back to the fold, says keyboardist Mac McLagan. And they could replace their frontman with Simply Red singer Mick Hucknall. more

Got cash to burn for a cause? Bruce Springsteen's final show of his 2009 Tour and includes a meet & greet an auction is underway. The proceeds go to a good cause – The Kristen Ann Carr Fund which provides grants for cancer research, and the Musicians on Call Organization which brings live and recorded music to the bedsides of patients in healthcare facilities. more

The King Khan and BBQ Show have issued a statement regarding their arrest for drug possession in Kentucky and subsequent missed shows. Touring has resumed, but "nothing has been announced" about KK&BBQ making up the shows in Kansas, Denver, Phoenix, and St. Louis that were missed because of the incident. more

Rolling Stone had this: Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer confirmed the band is experiencing "personal differences," and will seek a new singer should Steven Tyler depart to pursue "brand Tyler." Kramer said he has specific criteria in mind for a new vocalist. "There's a difference between a singer and what I call a frontman or a performer," he said. "Luckily for us, Steven is both of those and probably the best out there. If he chooses to go pursue a solo career for a while, then it would have to be somebody that can in my opinion have to do both — that would have to be able to perform the songs as well as sing them." more

High On Fire have been added to the Australian tour featuring Lamb Of God, Devildriver and Shadows Fall. dates

Dates for Paramore's Japan and Australia tours in 2010 have been announced, check out those dates and their current ones in Europe here

Fans can call up Owl City's mozes line and leave Adam a message for a chance to win an autographed Gibson SG Zoot Suit guitar: Contest runs through the end of the year (12/31). details

My Chemical Romance is wrapping up their fourth studio album, due out in the spring. more

Public Image Ltd. are to reissue their seminal 1979 album 'Metal Box' to coincide with their December reunion tour. more

Cold TV is coming. the band announced that they will have daily video streams starting DEC.1st that will include behind the scenes footage, clips from live shows, interviews and daily life with members and crew from Cold. more

Misery Index "have roughly nine songs in preparation for the January recording of our fourth full length, to be recorded at Wrightway Studios in Baltimore, Maryland beginning January 2nd, 2010." more

MySpace reportedly is in the late stages of negotiating an acquisition of rival music streaming service imeem more

Divinity Destroyed had this news for fans" "If any rumors happen to emerge in the coming days, they are all true. Every single one of them. Including those that don't involve us. But know that you read it here first. Divinity Destroyed has disbanded." more

antiFest 02 headliners The Bangkok Five are hard at work on their next full length, "Under The Covers." Frost gave us a little taste and it sounds like that unlike other covers albums, this one will actually kick some ass. Who couldn't love a punk rocked version of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" produced and mixed by Far guitarist Shaun Lopez? More info to come on this one, for now you can check out songs from their current release "We Love What Kills Us" here

Bjork has penned a song for a new film based on the 1980s children's TV series 'The Moomins'. The Icelandic singer has written the song 'The Comet Song' with author and frequent collaborator Sjón for the movie. more

Bouncing Souls have announced their fourth and final 20th Anniversary 7-inch. Like the previous, quarterly releases, the 7-inch features four songs (three of the monthly tracks and one bonus). more

In this week's episode of Parlour to Parlour, Michael Fortes hangs out with the Providence, Rhode Island band The Brother Kite at their custom built studio in Mason, New Hampshire, where they preview a song from their upcoming album, Isolation. here

This should spark some debate: The Strokes' debut album Is This It has been named the best album of the decade by music magazine NME. The Libertines' 2002 debut Up the Bracket was voted second in the list of the top 50 albums more -

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Bullet For My Valentine Promise Their Finest Album To Date
(antiMusic) Bullet For My Valentine had this update for their fanclub: Just to keep you guys up to date about Bullet For My Valentine and our new album: We are almost in the final stages of recording. It has been another long road but it's been this long for a reason! There have been many obstacles along the way, lots of hard work and long hours in the studio. However, we think that we will produce Bullet For My Valentine's finest album to date!!!

We have written lots of material and we have narrowed down these songs to what we think are the best of the bunch! There are eight tracks recorded and finished so far, from some of the best stuff we've ever written. They have all the qualities that you would expect from Bullet but with 'something' else. A twist! We are all blown away so far with how everything is going, Don Gilmore is an incredible producer and has really helped us develop our sound.

We do apologize for how long the album is taking but we need this to be right, and we certainly don't want to rush things and spoil it for your guys. We will get the album out as soon as possible. We will hit the road as soon as possible, and we will see all you crazy f**kers as soon as possible! - more on this story

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The Devil Wears Prada But Not At Soundwave
(antiMusic) The Devil Wears Prada had some bad news for Australian fans this week. Here is what Mike posted on their Myspace blog: As some of you guys may have heard, we have had to cancel our Soundwave Festival dates.

I know a lot of fans are really upset with us, and I'm not going to argue with anybody and I'm not going to dive into business and logistics. We just wanted to make it a little more clear what has happened.

Recently we received an offer to do a tour to end all tours, which conflicted with our time in Australia, as well as our headline shows in New Zealand and Hawaii. Regretfully we had no other option but to cancel the shows in order to participate in the tour we were offered. - more on this story

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U.S. Government Force Hypocrisy To Cancel Tour
Swedish death metallers, Hypocrisy, have issued the following statement in regards to their tour with Ensiferum and their current troubles with U.S. immigration:

"We regretfully have to officially announce the cancelation of our tour in North America. We've tried everything so far and it seems like the process will take longer than expected for one of the members in the band. We will try to come back as soon as possible, as we want to show our US fans that we care for them and we are ready to play the new songs live!"

Previously Hypocrisy had been in holding mode, fully expecting to join the tour that was already in progress at a later date. In an earlier statement the band explained their situation: "Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are forced to stay home until U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services process and authorize our working visas. This is the first time the band has faced a situation like this and it's extremely frustrating, as well as depressing, since the last thing we want to do is disappoint our loyal fans who have waited years to see us live in the US. We filed for our visas with plenty of time, but as some probably don't know, the US government has changed its rules when it comes to visas issued to artists so it's become tougher. Even if we have already toured the US numerous times." - more on this story

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Rock Against Metal Horn Abuse
(HeadbangerNYC) Motivated by what he calls the "systematic abuse" of the metal horns, heavy metal icon and frontman for the legendary band Twisted Sister, Dee Snider has launched a web site dedicated to the reclamation of our iconic heavy metal symbol, TakeBackTheHorns.com.

TakeBackTheHorns.com is dedicated to not only raise awareness of this abuse, but the site has been designed to inform and educate the reader on the history and proper use of the metal horns.

Dee Snider hopes it will unify the massive, heavy metal community in the fight to stop the metal horns' further exploitation and degradation. TakeBackTheHorns.com also contains a section for visitors to post photos of abusers of the horns and an interactive "Metal or Not" rating system to help define and decide the proper usage of the iconic symbol. - more HeadbangerNYC

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The Cribs To Do America Again In January
(Filter) Following their recent Stateside sojourn, where they appeared on The Letterman Show, as well as a trio of shows in New York and Los Angeles, The Cribs are pleased to announce a quick return across the Atlantic.

The quartet will arrive this January, for a handful of shows with Adam Green and ex-Be Your Own Pet frontwoman, Jemima Pearl.

To hold you over till the new year, the guys have also released the video for new single, "We Share The Same Skies". Check out the cut-and-paste gem here - more on this story

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Rewind: Rage Against the Machine Arrest- Offspring Vs Sony- Pearl Jam Blamed For Deaths- Ozzy Slams Rock Hall- and more top stories from July thru September 2000
Rewind for July thru September 2000. As we come closer to the year 2010, we're going to be taking a quick look back at some of the biggest stories of the past decade.

It looks like Sony Music has succeeded in putting their foot down and have forced the Offspring to cancel plans of offering free downloads of their new CD "Conspiracy of One" from their website. Soon after the Offspring announced plans to offer the new CD online in mp3 format, Sony Music fired up their legal guns and were prepared to sue the band more

A federal judge ordered the temporary shutdown of Napster pending a trial. .S. District Judge Marilyn Hall Patel agreed with the RIAA's argument that the San Mateo Company's music-swapping service encouraged copyright infringement and granted the RIAA's request for a preliminary injunction. more

Rage Against the Machine bassist Tim Commerford was released from jail on Friday having been credited with time served. He was arrested Thursday night following an incident at the MTV Music Awards. While Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst was accepting an award for Best Rock Video, Commerford managed to scale a 15-foot-tall structure behind the podium. All eyes and cameras turned to Commerford as soon as his presence became known. Durst encouraged the bassist to stage dive, while MTV quickly cut the live coverage of the incident.more

In the aftermath of the tragedy at the Roskilde Festival where nine fans lost their lives and 26 people were injured during Pearl Jam's performance, Danish police blame the disaster on Pearl Jam, not the event organizers. more

Anthrax has left the Maximum Rock Tour. The metal tour has been crossing North America this summer with Anthrax and Megadeth supporting headliners Motley Crue. more

As we reported last week Black Sabbath was again nominated this year for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This was the forth time that the "godfathers" of metal have been nominated. Ozzy Osbourne wasted no time in blasting the Hall and asking that Black Sabbath's name be removed from the ballot. more Of course, he sang a different tune once they inducted him.

We reported a couple of weeks ago that Slash was set to open for AC/DC on their forthcoming North American Tour, it is now official. The former GNR axeman will take his band Slash's Snakepit on the road in support of the Australian metal legends for the U.S. dates on the tour. more

Iron Maiden's Janick Gers sprained his back and suffered a head injury when he fell from the stage during a concert last week in Mannheim, Germany. The guitarist lost consciousness and was bleeding from the head as a result of the fall. He was treated at a nearby Hospital where he received several stitches and was ordered to take a week off. more

The Los Angeles Police broke up the crowd following the Rage Against the Machine concert on Monday night across the street from the Staple Center where the Democratic National Convention was taking place. more

Five of the world's largest major record labels are facing a lawsuit for price fixing. New York led the charge of 28 states and two U.S. territories against the record labels and a number of major music retailers. more

Due to an ailing back, doctors has ordered Jimmy Page to take six weeks off to recuperate. This has led to the cancellation of the remaining U.S. appearances by Page and The Black Crowes as well as the scheduled tours of the U.K. and the other European countries. more

Tragedy struck July 4th at the Summer Sanitarium concert at PSINet Stadium in Baltimore. A 21 year old fan fell five stories to his death during an intermission between sets by Kid Rock and Korn. Police have identified the victim as Martin Muschette from Danbury, Connecticut. more

At the Friday night, June 30th Penchant For Violence performance at the Canyon Club/Bronco Bowl in Dallas, Zakk Wylde's original trademark 'Bullseye' and one of the replica guitars were stolen.more

We'll be back tomorrow with a look at the biggest stories from Oct thru Dec of 2000 as our end of the decade countdown continues. -

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Motion City Soundtrack Announce Headlining Tour
Motion City Soundtrack announce a US headlining tour in support of their new album and major label debut – My Dinosaur Life – due out January 19th on Columbia Records.

The tour kicks-off with a hometown show at First Avenue in Minneapolis and Motion City Soundtrack will be joined by fellow rockers Set Your Goals, This Providence and The Swellers for the entire tour. Tickets for the shows listed below go on sale at 10AM this Friday, November 20th.

The upcoming 2010 tour will be Motion City Soundtrack's first trek in over a year and first in support of their new album My Dinosaur Life. Produced by Blink-182's Mark Hoppus and mixed by Andy Wallace, this will be the band's fourth studio album and major label debut.
- more on this story

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Three Days Grace Want Fans To Create New Video
Rockers Three Days Grace ask fans to use their hit single "Break" to create pump up videos or highlight reels for High School football teams. The contest encourages fans to use still images, video and graphics and create a video to the bands' song "Break."

To compete, submit videos that highlight the football season or pumps people up before a game by including best moments, behind the scenes footage and memorable plays. The band will review all entries and select the winners.

The winning team will receive autographed copies of 3DG's album Life Starts Now for everyone on the team as well as a special autographed football. Five runners up will receive autographed copies of Life Starts Now and T-Shirts. - more on this story

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