Day in Rock Report for 12/03/2015

Jimmy Page Reacts To Led Zeppelin Slam By Keith Richards

(hennemusic) Jimmy Page has responded to recent comments regarding Led Zeppelin made by Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards while he was promoting his latest solo album, "Crosseyed Heart".

Richards was discussing the importance of band chemistry versus image with Rolling Stone magazine when he said, "It's playing together that is the important thing about bands, and so many bands are manufactured. I mean, even Zeppelin was manufactured by Peter Grant."

When the interviewer responded "I was never a big Zeppelin guy," Richards replied, "Me neither. I love Jimmy Page, but as a band, no, with John Bonham thundering down the highway in an uncontrolled 18-wheeler. He had cornered the market there. Jimmy is a brilliant player. But I always felt there was something a little hollow about it, you know?"

Prompted by a second comment that the interviewer wasn't a fan of Robert Plant's voice, the guitarist added, "No, I think he's doing better stuff now," and on the singer's work with Alison Krauss: "Finally, he's getting his chops!"

"Keith can say what he wants. He's Keith Richards," Page tells Classic Rock magazine. "I think he's done some amazing work. I respect his playing. And he has a solo album out. But if I was promoting a new album, would I be more caustic? The answer is no.

"I'm not sure what he means by calling Led Zeppelin hollow. I think he's got his tongue in his cheek. What we did was really cool." Read more here.

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Def Leppard's Vivian Campbell Says Cancer Treatment Working

(Classic Rock) Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell's pioneering cancer treatment is working, his doctors have told him. He was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2013 then wrongly given the all-clear in 2014. Later that year he began an experimental programme of medical attention based around the drug Pembrolizumab.

Campbell reports: "I had great news this morning - the mighty Pembrolizumab appears to be holding the tumors at bay. Doc said they might even be slightly smaller than they were at the last scans. Needless to say I'm most chuffed at this result!"

He's currently gearing up to tour the UK with Def Leppard in support of their self-titled 11th album, launched in October as a Classic Rock fanpack. He's also working with Last In Line, formed out of the original Dio lineup. Read more here.

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Pink Floyd Plan Wider Release Of Earliest Known Recordings

(hennemusic) Pink Floyd released a limited-edition EP of their earliest known recordings as part of Record Store Day on November 27. With just 1,000 copies of the EP released, the band says they "hope to make them available in some physical form towards the end of next year."

"To mark 50 years since the tracks were recorded," said the group, "Pink Floyd have released a limited edition set of two 7" singles, containing the band's first recordings."

"Pink Floyd 1965 - Their First Recordings" features material from Syd Barrett-led lineup of Roger Waters, Nick Mason and Richard Wright with help from pre-Floyd lead guitarist Rado (Bob) Klose, who together were performing under several different names in the period including the Meggadeaths, the Abdabs and the Spectrum Five before settling on the Tea Set.

Klose's arrival in the lineup in 1964 saw Waters switch from lead guitar to bass; his departure in mid-1965 resulted in Barrett taking over lead guitar in addition to handling vocals.

Recorded in multiple sessions between late 1964 and early 1965, the set includes four songs written by Barrett ("Lucy Leave", "Double O Bo", "Remember Me" and "Butterfly"), coupled with Waters' "Walk With Me Sydney" - with Wright's first wife Juliette Gale on backing vocals on the track - and a cover of Slim Harpo's "I'm A King Bee."

Audio for the release was mastered from the original mono analogue tapes by Andy Jackson of Tube Mastering and Ray Staff of AIR Studios. Read more here.

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New Track Featuring Queen's Freddie Mercury Streaming Online

(Classic Rock) A track featuring late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury has been released. Little Freddie Goes To School was created by Irish composer Stuart Leathem in conjunction with producer Dave Richards, and includes vocal tracks recorded during Mercury's 1988 Barcelona sessions.

It premiered at the Official Freddie Mercury Birthday Party in Montreaux, Switzerland in September, with a stream now available to mark this week's World AIDS Day.

The track takes the singer's vocals from When This Old Tired Body Wants To Sing - a jam recorded with producer Mike Moran - and The Golden Boy, which appeared on the Barcelona album featuring soprano Montserrat Caballe. Esther Trousdale guests on the release.

Proceeds and royalties donated to the Mercury Phoenix Trust - the HIV/AIDS charity set up in the frontman's name. Leathem said: "I don't write many songs - usually big modern-classical Mike Oldfield type works. I am, however, a big admirer of Freddie, and I was very lucky to call Dave my friend." Check it out here.

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Shinedown Release State Of My Head Video

(Classic Rock) Shinedown have released a new music video for their track State Of My Head, which is a song from their fifth album Threat To Survival. It's their first full-length studio outing since 2012's Amaryllis.

The band had the following to say about the song that is featured in the new video: "It's a song about being truly proud of who you are and the people you call your family and friends.

"It's unlike anything we have ever written, for a reason and a purpose because it needed to heard, because it is the renaissance of rock'n'roll - and that is the State Of My Head." Watch the video here.

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Trivium Announce North American Tour

(TeamRock Radio) Trivium have announced a North American tour next month in support of latest album Silence In The Snow. It follows their appearance at Knotfest in Mexico this weekend, and comes before a European festival tour in the summer that includes a stop at Download in June.

Frontman Matt Heafy recently explained why the band decided to keep recording sessions a secret, saying: "We were looking at how other bands were promoting their records. It was basically the same thing: band guy, Instagram, sitting by the computer with a beer, saying, 'Oh, I just finished drums.'

"We said, 'How can we be different?' Well, if everyone is talking about the record all the time, let's not let anyone know we're recording at all, and just release it when it's done." See the dates here.

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Broken Hope's Jeremy Wagner Acquires Jeff Hanneman's Guitars

(Classic Rock) Broken Hope guitarist Jeremy Wagner has vowed to treat Jeff Hanneman's guitars with the honour they deserve. He bought four instruments from the Slayer icon's widow following his death from alcohol-related illness in 2013.

The guitar collection were sold to raise money for the Wounded Warriors Project, and although he hasn't revealed how much he paid, they were each originally listed at $12,000.

And he's reported that he's finding inspiration from playing them as he writes for Broken Hope's seventh album. Wagner tells Guitar World: "I feel a responsibility to Jeff and to Kathryn to use these guitars in a way that honors him.

"As long as I own them I will use them and carry on Jeff's legacy. He remains a huge influence on me - I probably wouldn't be here as an extreme metal guitarist-lyricist without him." Read more here.

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Sunn O))) Release Full Album Stream For Kannon

(Prog) Sunn O))) have made their upcoming seventh album available to stream. Kannon will be available on gatefold LP, CD and digital formats, with a limited number of clear vinyl made available on Record Store Day's Black Friday last week.

Kannon is released on December 4 via Southern Lord Recordings and its three tracks can be heard below. The follow-up to Monoliths & Dimensions is Stephen O'Malley and Greg Anderson's first studio album in six years.

It features Tibetan throat-singing vocals by Atilla Csihar of Norwegian black metal outfit Mayhem. O'Malley tells Rolling Stone: "I think with Kannon, the way it's set up, there's a mantra that emerges. Because of Atilla's style, because of the melodic aspect of the guitars, I think that mantra, you identify it sooner. It would appear to you that things are being played faster because something sticks more."

Anderson adds: "I think if anything actually, in relation to Monoliths, I think it's a slightly darker mood. I think that Monoliths & Dimensions was us embracing the light, and I think that continues on to the songwriting on Kannon, too.

"You know, realising that there's more to 'heavy' than just bludgeon and black. Heavy can be even heavier if it has a fuller spectrum involved with it, if it has other colours." Stream the album here.

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Voivod Plan New EP and Album Next Year

(Prog) Voivod will release an EP and album in 2016, according to frontman Snake, aka Denis Belanger. They recently wrapped up the UK leg of the Deathcrusher Tour with Obituary, Carcass and Herod. And the singer says they've used the time on the road to write fresh material.

He tells Metal Wani: "We're going to have a new release around March - a five-song EP. We'll do an album as well later on next year. The process is on now for creating and we're doing mixes."

He insists it'll be "a bit different" from 2013's Target Earth and adds: "Voivod has always done different things each time. It has its own signature. The new bass player Rocky, aka Dominique Laroche, brought new elements to it. It's different from Target Earth but it's still Voivod."

They released a split 7-inch single with Century Media labelmates Napalm Death last month. Voivod track Forever Mountain was backed by Napalm Death's Phonetics For The Stupefied. Watch the full interview here.

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Former Metal Church Singer Ronny Munroe Reveals New Band Details

(Classic Rock) Former Metal Church singer Ronny Munroe has revealed details of his latest project. He left Metal Church last year and has now formed Munroe's Thunder with bassist RC Ciejek, drummer Rick Ward and guitarists David Mark Pearce and Justin Zych.

And he's announced they're working on their debut album entitled The Black Watch which they hope to release in summer 2016. Munroe says: "The dynamics of this band are beyond incredible and we look forward to bringing you something absolutely mind-blowing.

"I feel fortunate to be working with persons of utmost talent and drive who are whole-heartely dedicated in creating this masterpiece in the making. This one is already turning out to be an epic creation." Check out his full post including the photo here.

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Marvin Gaye Stage Production 'Soul' A Thriller Not A Musical

(The Blues) The director of a play about Motown icon Marvin Gaye says the work is more a thriller than a musical. Soul is to open at the Royal & Derngate Theatre, Northampton, England, in May next year.

It was written while award-winning playwright Roy Williams OBE spent several years working closely with the later singer's family. Gaye was shot dead in 1984 in a domestic altercation with his father.

Director James Dacre tells the BBC: "It's a dramatic thriller, not a musical. It will have the spirit and energy of Motown, and it will include music from the time.

"While the piece looks at three generations of a port-war African American family, everything roots back to the home, and what happens in the course of 18 days underneath that roof."

While he accepts it's a well-known story, he adds: "Roy's access to so many of the people who were there gives him a unique perspective, and will allow our audience an unusual insight into what happened." Read more here.

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Fish On Friday Teaming With Alan Parsons On New Album

(Prog) Fish On Friday have confirmed they've teamed up with Alan Parsons for their upcoming fourth album. Nick Beggs, William Beckers, Marty Townsend, Frank Van Bogaert and Marcus Weymaere are currently working on the follow-up to 2014's Godspeed.

And the band say the collaboration came about after Parsons was impressed by their last studio release. Van Bogaert tells Prog: "Nick Beggs played him Godspeed and he immediately loved our music. We asked him to guest on our fourth album which he told us he'd be honoured to do.

"But he had a better suggestion and invited us over to Abbey Road to record with him live for two days on his Art And Science Of Sound recording sessions.

"This collaboration turned out to be so satisfying for both Alan - as a producer - and us, that we decided we'll be working together on some more songs for our coming album." Read more here.

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Van Halen Producer Ted Templeman Talks Band's Roots

(Classic Rock) Van Halen producer Ted Templeman says the band's early material drew on musical influences from outwith the traditional rock genre. He was behind the desk for the band's first six albums: Van Halen (1978), Van Halen II (1979), Women And Children First (1980), Fair Warning (1981), Diver Down (1982) and 1984 (1984).

And while attending the launch of Greg Renoff's book Van Halen Rising: How A Southern California Backyard Party Band Saved Heavy Metal, he was asked if a move away from their early leanings towards progressive rock for their self-titled debut had been a deliberate move.

Templeman says: "They had so many facets to what they did - they were always trying to evolve. I liked jazz guys like Jaco Pastorius and I would turn them on to what I liked, and I played them jazz.

"Guitarist Eddie Van Halen wanted to do something different all the time, he wanted to keep moving. He's one of the most creative guys I've ever met in my life. Ed was always reaching for something else." Watch the full interview here.

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Iron Maiden Frontman Bruce Dickinson's 'Weird' Cover Band Experience

(Classic Rock) Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson has recalled the "weird" experience of seeing all-female tribute band the Iron Maidens performing live. Maiden saw the tribute act in Mexico and the frontman turned to bassist Steve Harris to ask whether he fancied the female version of himself.

The LA-based Iron Maidens are fronted by Kirsten Rosenberg, aka Bruce Chickinson, and Alice Cooper's guitarist Nita Strauss made her name in the lineup.

Dickinson tells Classic Rock: "I've seen the Iron Maidens in Mexico. We all went. We were watching them and I said to Steve, 'This is a really weird question, but looking at them, would you f*** yourself?' And he went, 'I don't know, but we've all been thinking it.' It was very, very weird."

Maiden released their 16th album The Book Of Souls this year. It won Album Of The Year at last month's Classic Rock Roll Of Honour and Dickinson says creating new music for their live audiences to enjoy is vital if the band are to remain relevant.

He adds: "The only difference between us and and Iron Maiden cover bands is that we do new Iron Maiden albums. Funnily enough, while that's a joke, it's also a good point." Read more here.

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New Device Release Hollywood Radio Video

(TeamRock Radio) New Device have released a video for their single Hollywood Radio. The track is taken from the London outfit's upcoming EP called Devils On The Run.

The new EP is scheduled to be released this month with a second EP to follow. Devils On The Run came about after a successful PledgeMusic campaign.

The band say: "The lead track is the anthemic Hollywood Radio and the pressing is something we're really proud to share with you." New Device's most recent album was 2013's Here We Stand. Watch the video here.

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Classic Eva Cassidy 'Take Me To The River' Live Video Released

(The Blues) Eva Cassidy's live performance of Take Me To The River in 1996 has been released on video for the first time. The track appeared on her album Live At Blues Alley, launched just before her death from melanoma at the age of 33. It later contributed to her posthumous rise to fame.

Blix Street Records have launched the video to mark 20 years since the iconic performance. They'll release the 2CD live set Nightbird on January 3 - exactly two decades since it was recorded.

Label boss Bill Straw says: "All of the performances recorded that night are included. I've never heard anything that approaches the sheer vocal excellence of these one-night, one-take performances." Watch the video here.

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Zakk Wylde Reveals Attitude Towards Songwriting

(Classic Rock) Zakk Wylde says he can live with the fact that he can't write great songs with every attempt. The Black Label Society mainman and former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist believes it's just a case of continuing to put the effort in - and that he's not alone in feeling that way.

Wylde tells Mixdown: "You just look at it like, 'We're digging for dinosaur bones in a two-mile radius, and they're in here somewhere. 'Let's see if we find anything today. Even if you come up with nothing today, let's go get something to eat and start tomorrow. We'll look again - we know they're out there.'"

With nine BLS albums under his belt, he feels confident with his approach. "It'll come, but getting freaked out about it's not helping anything," he says. "I think that happens with everybody when you're writing all the time". Read more here.

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Ian Says Jethro Tull's Aqualung Was Acoustic Album With Attitude

(Classic Rock) Ian Anderson has recalled the recording process behind Jethro Tull's Aqualung - and he calls it an acoustic album with "attitude." Next year mark's Aqualung's 45th anniversary and Anderson insists it was never his intention to write it as a rock album.

He tells Artisan News: "It's a very important Jethro Tull album and arguably the most successful selling single album by Jethro Tull. I think of it as being a singer/songwriter album with attitude.

"A lot of the songs were written with an acoustic guitar - and some of them were left that way. They were recorded by me alone in the studio and then we overdubbed some bits to them."

He continues: "But then there were the rock songs that became more fully arranged rock tracks like Locomotive Breath and the title track. But then, they were written with an acoustic guitar then embellished to make them band pieces.

"It wasn't necessarily written as a rock album. Aqualung was the one where I was more confident in sitting alone in the studio and recording at least some of the stuff without the band even being there."

Anderson will play Christmas shows at Lincoln Cathedral on December 10 and St Albans Cathedral on December 11. Watch the full interview here.

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Stereophinics Plan To Steal Queen Fans At Music Festival

(Classic Rock) Stereophinics frontman Kelly Jones says that the band plan to "steal" as many fans, including Queen fans, as they can when they headline next year's Isle Of Wight festival.

He tells Absolute Radio (via Music News): "When you're starting out, on your first and second record festivals are a brilliant place to steal other people's fans and we stole quite a lot of people's fans and it was great and then you move up the bill and then you do your own thing.

"And it works both ways - now when we're playing gigs and we're on the bill with people like George Ezra and Ellie Goulding on their first and second records and then we try to steal their fans as well because they're 16 and 17. Basically we just keep stealing people really."

"At the Isle of Wight Festival we'll be stealing fans, we're going to steal some Queen fans." Read more here.

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Amity Affliction Release 'Shine On' Video

(TeamRock Radio) Amity Affliction have released a video for Shine On. It's the first new music from the band since the release of the band's fourth album Let The Ocean Take Me album. A new album is due in 2016.

"We wrote the song on the Warped Tour this Summer and recorded a very, very rough demo in the back of the bus," says singer Joel Birch. "We had [producer] Will Putney, the same guy that did Let The Ocean Take Me, come out and spend five days in the studio doing pre-production. then fixing it up and tightening the song." Birch also commented on additional new Amity material stating that, "Ahren [Stringer, bass/vocals] and Dan [Brown, guitarist] have about 15 new songs written so far."

Amity Affliction have also developed a web app to coincide with the release, which allows fans to upload captioned images to a special Shine On photostream.

The band are about to embark on a seven date arena tour of New Zealand and Australia, supported by A Day To Remember, Motionless In White, and The Ghost Inside See the dates and watch the video here.

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Karda Estra Streaming New Future Sound EP Online

(Prog) Karda Estra have released a six-track EP called Future Sound, which is available digitally now on all major download and streaming sites, and can be heard on Prog.

Included in the tracklist is a song called Yondo, which the band say is "inspired by the weird story The Abominations Of Yondo by Clark Ashton Smith." Another track, Naill, is the first collaboration between composer Richard Wileman and drummer Paul Sears since the Strange Relations album released earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Karda Estra continue their programme of digitally re-releasing their Cyclops label albums, with the last in the series, 2003's Constellations, due in January. The digital edition sees the Karda Estra version of the Steve Hackett track Twice Around The Sun restored to the track listing. Stream the EP here.

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Black Peaks Announce UK Winter Tour

(Prog) Black Peaks have announced a 15-date UK tour for February next year. They've lined up the tour to coincide with the launch of their debut album Statues, out on February 26.

Frontman Will Gardener told TeamRock: "What we do is pretty heavy - it goes a lot darker than the songs people have heard so far. We're huge fans of Meshuggah, Dillinger, Between The Buried And Me and Tool. That's where we come from."

They previously issued a video for their track Saviour from the album, which is available for pre-order in digital, signed CD and signed vinyl formats. See the dates here.

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Enslaved Talks Artwork For Upcoming 25th anniversary Shows

(Prog) Enslaved have revealed the artwork for their upcoming 25th anniversary shows. The Norwegian outfit play three London shows at the Metal Hammer-sponsored London By Norse event in March next year under the banner Enslaved 25.

The first show, at The Dome on March 17 and entitled Of Frost And Fire, goes back to the roots of the band's existence. The second show, on March 18 at The Underworld and called From The Runic Depths, will explore the transition from old to new before the final gig, Spinning Wheel Ritual at Shepherd's Bush Empire on March 19, brings the audience to where the band is now in their musical journey.

The three separate pieces of artwork were created by Costin Chioreanu who has worked with Enslaved on various projects in the past. Enslaved's Ivar Bjørnson says: "Of Frost And Fire represents the quintessence of Enslaved roots. From the legendary Hordanes Land with its soundtrack-esque musical long players, via the vast geomythological canvases painted on Vikingligr Veldi, the revolutionary Frost that lifted us out of the strict underground and finally the odd pair - Eld, which pointed forward to a progressive future, and Blodhemn, where we had a last blowout of Black Metal-tempos and inspiration.

"For anyone curious about where such an eclectic band like Enslaved came from, this will be a first-hand guided tour through the primeval landscapes that shaped us."

He adds: "From The Runic Depths will explain the unlikely yet logical transition from then until now. From the nightmarish flirt with death and black on Mardraum, the spaced-out balancing act that is Monumension, the milestone and futuristic beacon Below The Lights, the second break for the band Isa and finally the refined prog-vs-extreme monument Ruun."

"Spinning Wheel Ritual is where the band wields together the dark roots with the psychedelic fabrics of the newer days - bringing to the surface the true potential of our songwriting and musical abilities. The focus is the same as it has always been - to bring to life our personal vision of whatever 'good and meaningful music' means to us, to create a vessel for atmosphere, deep association and simple enjoyment of music." See the artwork here.

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Alabama Shakes Frontwoman Shares Drawbacks To Fame

(The Blues Alabama Shakes frontwoman Brittany Howard has reflected on some of the downsides of her band's increasing success. Their reputation received a massive boost with the acclaim that surrounded second album Sound & Color, released earlier this year.

But it's not all been plain-sailing for the vocalist and guitarist - especially when she wants to watch other bands perform. Howard tells Rolling Stone: "I'll go see shows, but it's getting harder and harder. I get recognised, and there are a lot of pictures, which is kind of hard when you're just trying to enjoy the band."

She's also contending with the size of her own shows. "Sometimes it feels odd," she says. "I consider us a club band - somebody you go see in a 500-capacity room. That's where I've always been comfortable.

"Then you get these beautiful theatres and I feel a little out of place. But everybody gets to see us, so I guess it's all good." Read more here.

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Former Sister Sin Singer Reveals Reason For Break Up

(TeamRock Radio) Former Sister Sin singer Liv Jagrell says burnout after years of touring was behind the band's decision to call it quits. The Swedish rockers announced last month that they were pulling the plug on their 13-year career and Jagrell insists there is no tension between the band members.

She tells Sleaze Roxx: "It's just that we toured too much and we got burned out. That's the simple answer. They just felt like they did not want to do this anymore.

"This year, we had been out for almost four months or something so it's a lot of time away from family. It's a lot of time away from friends. And also just to survive in the business is hard so I think we maybe worked too hard in the last years." Read more here.

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Bring Me The Horizon's Oli Sykes Talks Change In Audience Reactions

(TeamRock Radio) Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes says he notices a change in how the audience reacts to their music. He's been steadily moving away from the growling vocals which marked the band's early releases - and he says their direction has sparked a change in their fans.

He says: "Our crowd has changed a lot - we used to judge a good show on how many people went moshing and how big the pit was. But as our music's changed, it's now how many people are jumping up and down, how many people are singing along. We rarely have a bad show - the crowd are always so crazy, it's always fun."

Drummer Matt Nicholls adds: "It's a great feeling that so many people connect with what we're doing and the message we're putting across. It's always good when people come out to gigs because if they didn't, we'd be on our arse." Read more here.

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Evanescence's Amy Lee Releases Cover Of Led Zeppelin Classic

(Classic Rock) Amy Lee has released a cover version of Led Zeppelin's Going To California. The Evanescence singer has also issued a video for her version of the track, which follows her take on U2's With Or Without You. She's put both tracks on her new YouTube channel.

On her decision to cover the Led Zep song, Lee says singing the track to her baby son Jack helps get the little one to sleep. She says: "This song is a classic that I've loved for as long as I can remember. It puts me at peace. My friend and manager, Jordan, had recorded the instrumentation for fun and when I heard it a few months ago, I knew instantly that I had to sing on it.

"Listening to mommy sing usually helps get Jack into that elusive sleepy place, and this song has been a regular rotation nap-time hit around our house this fall.

"As I was preparing for the November Evanescence shows, I just really wanted a moment like this in our set. So I showed this version to Troy, who made it a personal challenge to master a finger-picking-based song, which was outside his comfort zone. Not that you could tell - he sounded amazing." Check out the cover song here.

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The Ghost Inside's Zach Johnson Endured 26 Hours Of Surgery

(TeamRock Radio) The Ghost Inside guitarist Zach Johnson says he's been through 26 hours of surgery in the wake of last month's fatal tour bus crash. The band's driver Greg Hoke died in the road accident in El Paso, Texas, along with the driver of the other vehicle involved, Steven Cunningham. Johnson, drummer Andrew Tkaczykt and frontman Jonathan Vigil were airlifted to hospital and later were said to be in critical condition.

Now Johnson has spoken for the first time about his injuries and treatment, saying he potentially still faces more surgery. In a Twitter post, he says: "I've had about 26 hours of surgery fixing my feet, legs and hip and might have another to go.

"I can't say how much all the support from my friends, family and strangers around the world has been. It means more to me than you will ever know. I've never been happier to be breathing. All the love."

Johnson adds that he won't go into detail about his bandmates' conditions, saying it's up to them to decide whether they want to make their own statements.

The Ghost Inside this week issued a collective statement, saying some of the injured parties face months of rehabilitation and that they've put all of their touring commitments on hold. Read more and see his full post here.

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Glassjaw Stream Comeback Song New White Extremity

(TeamRock Radio) Glassjaw have released a stream of their new single New White Extremity, which is the first music released by the band since their 2011 EP Coloring Book.

The new track is also their first featuring bassist Travis Sykes and drummer Chad Hasty. They join longtime members vocalist Daryl Palumbo and guitarist and keyboardist Justin Beck.

Glassjaw's last full-length release was 2002's Worship And Tribute. They'll head out on the road in January with Coheed And Cambria for dates across the UK and US. Stream the song here.

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Dillinger Escape Plan Offshoot The Black Queen Release New Video

(TeamRock Radio) The Black Queen have released a video for their track Maybe We Should. It's taken from the upcoming debut album from The Dillinger Escape Plan man Greg Puciato's electronic-powered side-project.

Fever Daydream is set to be released on January 29th of next year. Puciato is joined in The Black Queen by Josh Eustis of Nine Inch Nails fame and producer Steven Alexander.

Puciato tells Rolling Stone: "Maybe We Should was the first song we finished that we didn't throw out, back in January 2013. This was the one that, when we heard it, we felt we had a special combination of things. The rare instance, that you chase as an artist, of having your creation exactly match what you're feeling." Check out the video here.

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Sebastian Bach Sets New Release Date For Memoir

(hennemusic) Former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach is now scheduled to publish his memoir, "18 And Life On Skid Row", on April 12 via HarperCollins imprint Dey Street Books.

Originally scheduled for a January release, the hardcover edition is billed as an "uncensored, unfiltered memoir" as the former frontman for Skid Row tells the story of his life and times - from joining Kid Wikked at 14 to selling more than 20 million albums with Skid Row to building a successful solo career.

As an actor, Bach has appeared on numerous television shows and on Broadway. From growing up in The Bahamas and small-town Canada to the world's concert stages, "18 And Life On Skid Row" presents Bach's life story in his own words. See the cover here.

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Intervals' New Album The Shape Of Colour Streaming Online

(Prog) Intervals have streamed second album The Shape Of Colour in full ahead of its release. The follow-up to 2014 debut A Voice Within - which features a new instrumental lineup - arrives on December 4.

Mainman Aaron Marshall said last month: "2015 started out as the hardest year of my life. Between coping with heart surgery and the impending shift in Intervals' personnel, I was in a dark place.

"Looking back, this is how I felt. After pouring everything I am into this new record, I can honestly say that the end result is, in fact, the opposite." Check out the album stream here.

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Scorpions Reveal Photo Video For Previously Unreleased Song

(hennemusic) The Scorpions have released a photo video for "Robot Man", a previously unreleased track that is now available on the expanded reissue of 1978's "Tokyo Tapes."

Recorded on April 27, 1978 at Tokyo's Nakano Sun Plaza, the tune was not on the project's original track listing but has been released for the first time on the 50th Anniversary Deluxe Editions of the 1978 live album, the last to feature guitarist Ulrich Jon Roth.

"Tokyo Tapes" is one of eight expanded albums released last month featuring many previously unreleased tracks. In addition to the live set, the group have made available updated versions of 1977's "Taken By Force", 1979's "Lovedrive", "Animal Magnetism" (1980), "Blackout" (1982), 1984's "Love At First Sting", "Savage Amusement" (1998) and 1985's "World Wide Live."
Alongside dozens of unheard studio tracks and live recordings, all CD releases present extended booklets featuring rare photos and single covers, backstage passes and additional liner notes, while five of the eight albums include a DVD with live concert footage, TV performances and interviews from the period.

The Scorpions placed six of the eight expanded reissues on the German album charts last month, making them just the fifth music act to do so; previous artists to have achieved the milestone include The Beatles, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and James Last. Watch the video here.

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Rise To Remain Offshoot As Lions Ink Debut Album Deal

(TeamRock Radio) As Lions have signed a deal with Better Noise/Eleven Seven for their debut album. The band formed from the ashes of Rise To Remain earlier this year. And frontman Austin Dickinson says they're looking forward to the future now that they've secured the new partnership.

He says: "We're unbelievably excited to announce our signing with Eleven Seven for our debut record. They are one of a kind, and it's a total pleasure to work with some of the most driven and talented people in the rock world.

"The belief we all share in this band is already yielding unbelievable results. Here's to a bold and beautiful 2016, we can't wait to share the adventure." Read more here.

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