Day in Rock Report for 12/08/2015

Rush's Neil Peart Has Retired From Music

(Radio.com) There is sad news for Rush fans. Neil Peart says in a new interview that he is now a "retired drummer." After wrapping up their supposed farewell tour in August, Rush began an indefinite hiatus.

While the band remains optimistic about making new music, less certain is whether they'll ever hit the road again together. Speaking with Drumhead Magazine for its November/December issue, drummer Neil Peart opened up about his future with the band.

Peart shared a humorous anecdote about his daughter. "Lately Olivia has been introducing me to new friends at school as 'My dad-He's a retired drummer,'" he told the magazine.

The description began to take on new meaning for Peart following the R40 tour. "True to say-funny to hear. And it does not pain me to realize that, like all athletes, there comes a time to… take yourself out of the game," he said. "I would rather set it aside then face the predicament described in our song 'Losing It' ("Sadder still to watch it die, than never to have known it")" (via Jambase).

Peart's family has been a large reason why Rush decided to stop touring once R40 concluded. Read more here.

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Eagles Of Death Metal Join U2 At Paris Concert

(hennemusic) The Eagles Of Death Metal joined U2 in Paris on Monday to perform for the first time since the November 13 terrorist attacks in the city that resulted in 89 deaths during their concert at The Bataclan.

"They were robbed of their stage three weeks ago, so we'd like to offer them ours tonight," Bono told the crowd before the pairing launched into a cover of Patti Smith's "People Have The Power."

Following the song, Rolling Stone reports, U2 left the stage so that the Eagles Of Death Metal could close out the evening with their own "I Love You All the Time."

Last week, Eagles Of Death Metal asked their friends in other bands to perform covers of the song, which appears on their 2015 LP "Zipper Down", and donate all proceeds to the victims of the attack. The Dean Ween Group and Savages are among those who have covered the tune so far.

"We want to offer our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for everything our brothers in U2 did for us in the aftermath of the November 13 attacks," said the band after Monday's show. "They reminded us that the bad guys never take a day off, and therefore we rock 'n rollers cannot either…and we never will.

"We are incredibly grateful to U2 for providing us the opportunity to return to Paris so quickly, and to share in the healing power of rock 'n roll with so many of the beautiful people - nos amis - of this great city.

"Thank you to Bono, The Edge, Larry and Adam, thank you to their wonderful management, thank you to France, and thank you to everyone in the world who continues to prove that love, joy, and music will always overcome terror and evil.

"We look forward to fighting the good fight on many more fronts very soon, especially when we pick up our tour in 2016. See you again in February, Paris."

U2 tweeted a reply to their fellow rockers, saying "We lent you our stage but you owned it. Thank YOU". Check out video from the show here.

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Megadeth Announce North American Dystopia Tour

(hennemusic) Megadeth have announced dates for a 2016 North American tour in support of their forthcoming album "Dystopia." The trek will also feature special guests Suicidal Tendencies, Children Of Bodom and Havok.

The 6-week run will begin February 20 in Dallas, TX, and will wrap up in SOioux Falls, SD on March 26. A Megadeth Cyberarmy presale starts December 8 at 10 AM local time with general public tickets on sale December 11.

The group just completed their 2015 live schedule with a December 5 appearance in Toluca, Mexico. The 2016 shows will follow the January 22 release of Megadeth's 15th album, which marks the debut of new guitarist Kiko Loureiro and guest drummer Chris Adler from Lamb Of God following last fall's departure of Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover. See the dates here.

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Sir Lord Baltimore's John Garner Dies

(Classic Rock) Sir Lord Baltimore singer and drummer John Garner has died. Website Whiplash reports that the metal pioneer passed away from liver failure after spending several days in a coma.

Widely credited with inventing the stoner rock genre, he formed the band in 1968 with guitarist Louis Dambra and bassist Gary Justin. They recorded Kingdom Come in 1970 and followed it in 1971 with their self-titled sequel.

They split in 1976 and Garner resurrected the group for 2006's Sir Lord Baltimore III Raw. Reflecting on the band's lack of commercial success in their early days in 2008, Garner said that people weren't ready for their style of playing in the late 60s.

He told House Of Rock: "We were too quick, too fast, furious, whatever you want to call it. People were listening to more slow, plodding sounds like Sabbath and Grand Funk." Read more here.

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Bob Dylan Releases Video For Rare Tom Thumb's Blues Version

(Classic Rock) Bob Dylan has launched a video for a rare version of his track Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues. It's lifted from his The Bootleg Series Vol. 12: The Cutting Edge 1965-1966, released last month via Columbia Records.

It was Dylan's third take on the track and differs from the version which appeared on Highway 61 Revisited. The footage was shot by director DA Pennebaker during the singer/songwriter's European tours from the mid-60s.

Pennebaker told Rolling Stone: "People are always going to need Dylan. His way of saying, 'It's all f***ed up, but I'll show you a way to get through it' - that will never go away.

"Most documentaries exist in order to capture a specific moment and then they move on. I wanted to make a film for the future, that wasn't just about 1965. And I think that's why it still works." Watch the video here.

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Soul Asylum Announce New Album Change Of Fortune

Soul Asylum have announced that they will be releasing their new studio album, entitled "Change Of Fortune," on March 18th of next year under a new deal with eOne Music.

The label's marketing director Chuck Oliner had the following to say about the deal and the forthcoming album, "We are thrilled to be working with such a great trailblazing band as Soul Asylum.

"We wait to lead off 2016 with the first single from their new album Change of Fortune. Loyal Soul Asylum fans will be blown away with the new album, and new fans will understand why we are all so excited they are back.

"Welcome back Soul Asylum, and get ready to see Dave, Michael, Winston and Justin on tour in 2016." Frontman Dave Pirner says of the new effort, "Everything on the menu is excellent."

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Velvet Revolver's Matt Sorum Remembers Scott Weiland

(Classic Rock) Velvet Revolver's Matt Sorum is glad he settled his differences with Scott Weiland before his death last week. And even though the band's 2008 split with the frontman was acrimonious, the drummer regards their five years together as the highlight of his career.

Weiland's body was discovered on his tour bus on December 3, shortly before his band The Wildabouts were to perform in Minnesota. Bassist Tommy Black was later arrested for drugs possession after cocaine was found near the body.

Sorum tells SiriusXM: "Duff McKagan called me at about 7.30 - I think we found out pretty close to when things happened. We decided to go have something to eat, just to discuss what we were going to do, and just sort of capture our thoughts.

"I don't know how I felt initially. I can't say I was in shock, but I wasn't expecting it. I felt like Scott was going to be here longer than this. It's like you lived a lot of life together. It was a big chunk of life, as Duff said in the post that he put out for the band."

The drummer describes Weiland as "like a family member you didn't get along with great, but you still loved them." He continues: "I started to reflect on the beginnings of the band, and that's when I started to get emotional. We did great things together. We travelled the world together. Scott made the music come to life." Read more here.

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Vivian Campbell Says Hit Whitesnake Lineup Was Just Image Based

(Classic Rock) Vivian Campbell says his spell with Whitesnake "doesn't mean an awful lot" in the grand scheme of his career. The Def Leppard and former Dio guitarist was a member of David Coverdale's band for almost two years from 1987 but says that particular lineup of the group was a case of style over substance and "never gelled."

He tells the Evening Chronicle: "That line up of Whitesnake never really gelled musically, and I think that's because we met on the set of a video and the first thing we did was the Still Of The Night video.

"The second thing we did was the Here I Go Again video, and then we did the Is This Love video, and then we went in to rehearse. We literally rehearsed for 48 hours and went out on tour. For me, it was just an image-based band because of MTV, and none of us had played on the record, so there was no chemistry unlike in Dio, where the chemistry was unmistakable.

"When I played with Jimmy Bain and Vinny Appice in Dio, we were really tight together, but in Whitesnake it felt like five guys each doing their own thing. On paper, the pedigree was amazing, with Tommy Aldridge, Adrian Vandenberg and Rudy Sarzo.

"We were all great individually, but that lineup with those musicians never really gelled. It was fun at the time, and I was flattered to have been invited to be a part of the band, but it doesn't mean an awful lot to me from a musical point of view." Read more here.

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Photo Sparks David Bowie and Gorillaz Collaboration Speculation

(Radio.com) In 2016, Gorillaz are set to release their first album in five years, and in anticipation the band's co-founder and Tank Girl creator Jamie Hewlett has been posting artwork on Instagram. One image has lead to speculation about a collaboration with David Bowie.

In addition to band-related images, Hewlett shared an image of David Bowie, captioning it "Bad David." The band has a history with Bowie, albeit one pertaining to art.

On their 2010 album Plastic Beach, an image of Bowie's album Hunky Dory appears on the sleeve. Whether Hewlett was once again paying homage or perhaps hinting at a collaboration remains to be seen. Read more here.

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Foo Fighters Receive Two Grammy Nominations

(hennemusic) The Foo Fighters' Sonic Highways album and TV series have earned the band a pair of nominations for the 58th annual Grammy Awards, set for next February in Los Angeles, CA.

Produced by Butch Vig, the band's 8th album, "Sonic Highways", has delivered nods for Best Rock Performance ("Something From Nothing") and Best Music Film.

"Something >From Nothing" will compete for Best Rock Performance alongside tunes by Florence + The Machine, Elle King, Alabama Shakes and Wolf Alice.

The group's companion HBO series is up for Best Music Film against biopics focused on Roger Waters ("The Wall"), Amy Winehouse ("Amy"), James Brown ("Mr. Dynamite: The Rise Of James Brown") and Nina Simone ("What Happened, Miss Simone?"). Read more here.

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Dream Theatre Announced Limited Edition The Astonishing Box Set

(Classic Rock) Dream Theatre have announced an exclusive box set version of their 13th album The Astonishing - with a specially designed 3D hand-painted NOMAC replica model in each bundle.

The band announced on Facebook that the shipping date for the deluxe packages has been pushed back until March, as production of the gadgets - which feature on the cover of The Astonishing - is taking "longer than originally anticipated."

But they reassured fans that anyone who pre-orders the limited edition box set will receive the physical double-album and a small gift on the release date. Read more here.

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Corey Taylor Says Slipknot Helps Fans Face Global Tragedies

(TeamRock Radio) Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor says that metal helps fans face up to reality in an age of global tragedy. The 41-year-old spoke at a press conference ahead of Knotfest in Mexico City alongside guitarist Jim Root and percussionist Shawn 'Clown' Crahan.

In the wake of the Paris terror attacks and other such incidents around the world, Taylor described the world as "insane" and "crazy" - but says that Slipknot try to reach out to listeners and support good causes during troubled times.

He said: "Our fans are very capable of looking at what's going on right now and being able to process it than fans who listen to music that's a little more chipper, a little more happy.

"It's a shock for them, because they're not used to it, but because our fans have been able to adjust and use that anger to kind of even themselves out, they can look at it and they can process it.

"They can go, 'Okay, now what needs to be done? Instead of offering prayers and thoughts, what needs to be done?' And I think that's one of the things that we offer as a band." Read more and watch video of the conference here.

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Fleetwood Mac In The Studio Tusk Special Goes Online

(ITS) Syndicated radio show InTheStudio with Redbeard: The Stories Behind History's Greatest Rock Bands have released a two part Fleetwood Mac special where Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, and Mick Fleetwood look back on the Tusk album. The show sent over the following details:

Imagine an entire season of the reality tv series Survivor if it had been filmed in a locked down recording studio instead of a remote island, and with guitars instead of spears, and you have the story of Fleetwood Mac's 1979 double opus Tusk. Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks bare their souls dealing with the phenomenon of superstardom following the record-setting Rumours, all the while lifting the curtain on the songs "Think About Me", "Storms", "The Ledge", "That's All for Everyone", Stevie's magnum opus "Sara", and the filial fantasy "Sisters of the Moon".

Tusk has some of the most frank, illuminating revelations about love, ambition, artistic integrity vs. the pressures of commerce, youth, regret, and yes, music that you will ever hear this side of a therapist's couch. Lindsey Buckingham shares with InTheStudio host Redbeard the collective fear that threatened the creative process for Fleetwood Mac.

"There was a danger of all of us slipping into the caricature of ourselves at that point...What you don't want it to do is let celebrity affect your thinking about how you see yourself, and more importantly, how you think about making music and the reasons you're making music." - Lindsey Buckingham

Listen to the part one of 'The Story of Tusk' special here and part two can be streamed here.

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Rolling Stones Deluxe Sticky Fingers Reissue Up For A Grammy

(hennemusic) The Super Deluxe Edition of The Rolling Stones' 2015 reissue of their 1971 album classic, "Sticky Fingers", has snagged a nomination for the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles next February.

The work of Art Directors Stephen Kennedy and James Tilley on the project has been honored with a nod in the Best Boxed Or Special Limited Edition Package category.

In addition to the remastered album, the Super Deluxe Edition also includes "Get Yer Leeds Lungs Out!", a 13-track audio recording of the Stones' March 1971 show in Leeds, shortly before they began their self-imposed UK 'exile' period in France over tax issues. A DVD includes two tracks from the band's Marquee Club show in London on March 26, 1971.

Following its June release, the "Sticky Fingers" reissue debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 while the Super Deluxe version entered the chart at No. 65 with 9,000 copies. Read more here.

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Black Veil Brides Working On New Album With Goldfinger's Feldmann

(TeamRock Radio) Black Veil Brides have teamed up with Goldfinger frontman and producer John Feldmann to begin pre-production on the successor to last year's self-titled album.

The Californian rockers first worked with Feldmann on their record Wretched And Divine: The Story Of The Wild Ones two years ago. They say via Instagram: "Excited for another day of pre production with John Feldy for the new Black Veil Brides record."

Andy Biersack previously told Jagermeister UK that they will be doing things differently this time out. He said: "We've never had an opportunity, in all of our career, to make a record that had some time behind it.

"Every record that we've done has been a really quick turnaround, and that's not by design - that's because, times being what they are, the record label goes, 'Give us a record now.'

"And we go, 'We wanna do this crazy concept record.' And they go, 'Well, you have two months to do it. So good luck with that.' Now, by virtue of the fans, we've got an opportunity to take a little bit of time." Read more here.

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You Me At Six Announce The Ghost Inside Benefit Show

(TeamRock Radio) You Me At Six have announced a benefit show to raise funds for The Ghost Inside. The US outfit were involved in a tour bus crash last month in El Paso, Texas, which left their driver Greg Hoke dead, and guitarist Zach Johnson, drummer Andrew Tkaczykt and frontman Jonathan Vigil in a serious condition in hospital. The driver of the other vehicle, Steven Cunningham, was also killed in the accident.

You Me At Six will be joined at the gig at London's Underworld on December 11 by Deaf Havana and Your Demise, who have reformed for the show after splitting in 2014.

You Me At Six say in a statement: "After hearing our friends in The Ghost Inside had been involved in an awful bus crash, we knew we had to do something to help.

"We'd been speaking to Stu from Your Demise and we both felt if we played a show we could raise not only money, but awareness to the situation and ultimately give our friends as much help as we could." Read more here.

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Ghost Receive First Grammy Nomination With Cirice

(hennemusic) Swedish rockers Ghost have picked up their first Grammy Awards nomination for "Cirice", the lead single from the band's latest album, "Meliora."

A finalist in the Best Metal Performance category at next February's event in Los Angeles, the song goes up against Slipknot's "Custer", Lamb Of God's "512", "Thank You" by Sevendust, and "Identity" by August Burns Red.

The 58th Annual Grammy Awards will take place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on February 15 and broadcast on CBS starting at 8 p.m. ET. Read more and watch the video for the track here.

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Rob Zombie, Disturbed, 5FDP Added To Rockville, Fort Rock Lineups

(Classic Rock) Rob Zombie, Disturbed, Shinedown, Five Finger Death Punch, A Day To Remember and Bring Me The Horizon have been added to the line-ups for the next year's Welcome To Rockville and Fort Rock festivals.

Both events take place on April 30 and May 1 2016 in Florida, the former at Metropolitan Park in Jacksonville, and the latter at Jetblue Park in Fort Myers.

Welcome to Rockville line-up: aturday, April 30: Disturbed, Shinedown, 3 Doors Down, Bring Me The Horizon, Sixx:A.M., Collective Soul, Pennywise, Pop Evil, Bullet For My Valentine, Hellyeah, Asking Alexandria, Candlebox, Filter, Escape The Fate, Parkway Drive, Enter Shikari, Miss May I, Wilson, Red Sun Rising, Lacey Sturm, Monster Truck, Cane Hill

Sunday, May 1: Rob Zombie, ZZ Top, Five Finger Death Punch, A Day To Remember, Megadeth, Lamb Of God, Cypress Hill, Sevendust, Ghost, Anthrax, Clutch, Yelawolf, P.O.D., We Came As Romans, Memphis May Fire, Issues, Crown The Empire, Sick Puppies, Beartooth, Texas Hippie Coalition, Avatar, From Ashes To New, The Glorious Sons, Wild Throne See the Fort Rock lineup here.

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Manowar Release Live Heart Of Steel Video

(Classic Rock) Manowar have released a live video for their track The Heart Of Steel MMXIV. It features on their 2014 reworked version of 1988 album Kings Of Metal which was re-recorded to mark their world tour and to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its release.

Last week, the band issued a video for their Monsters Of Rock 2015 Brazil performance of The Dawn Of Battle and announced details of their Gods And Kings world tour, which kicks off next month in the Czech Republic.

Bassist Joey DeMaio said: "This new production is packed with everything a Manowar fan can dream of - massive sound, sensational visuals, and all of the anthems our fans love." Watch the video here.

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Uriah Heep Release 27-Track Totally Driven Anthology

(Classic Rock) Uriah Heep have released an anthology entitled Totally Driven. It's available to purchase via iTunes and Amazon, with the physical edition also available in a six-panel digipak with custom artwork by Igor Morski.

The collection was originally issued under the Remasters: The Official Anthology banner in 2001, but has been repackaged with the full consent of the band.

It features 27 tracks originally recorded in the run-up to their 2001 live albums Acoustically Driven and Electrically Driven. See the cover art and tracklisting here.

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Lamb Of God's Randy Blythe Talks Depression In New Video

(TeamRock Radio) Randy Blythe says people need to understand that depression can affect anyone, whatever their circumstances. The Lamb Of God frontman suffered from depression that was exacerbated by drug and alcohol abuse and he says being in a successful band and having money in the bank didn't shield him from mental health issues.

In the second part of an interview with The Rock Foundation, he says: "If someone is clinically depressed they can come from a great background, they can have money in the bank and even have a beautiful wife and family. But that doesn't matter. I was a broken man internally, mentally, spiritually. Physically, somehow, I was still alive.

"But sooner or later, with the way I drank and the things I would do when I would drink, I would end up dead. I was an idiot. I woke up and looked at all these beer bottles and saw that they were kind of a metaphor for my life. I was just an empty shell, something that you pour alcohol in and was ready to break at any time."

Blythe tried to drink his way through the depression, but eventually reached out for help. He adds: "I had tried to tough it out by myself for so long and it just wasn't working. I didn't know where to start, so I was like, 'Please God help me. Whatever you are, help me.' It was a moment where I allowed myself to express my pain and ask something, anything, for some help.

"When I got sober, I felt really good for about three months. But after about four months I started to get deeply depressed. I did not want to go on any medication whatsoever because I had worked so hard to get rid of all the drugs and alcohol out of my life.

"My psychiatrist explained that I had drank so long that my brain's ability to produce serotonin may be hindered. He said, 'We ought to try give you some medicine to see if we can kickstart your brain so that it can produce serotonin again. You might not have to be on it forever. You just might need to rewire the neurones in your brain,' because the synapses were coated in Heineken and Bushmills and cocaine and Percocet for so many years that they had gotten all warped."

After two years on the medication, Blythe weaned himself off and says he's in a much better place as a result. Watch the full video here.

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Don Henley Up For Best American Roots Song Grammy

(hennemusic) Don Henley has received a Grammy Awards nomination in the Best American Roots Song category for his "Cass Country" track "The Cost Of Living."

The duet with country legend Merle Haggard is honored with a nod to the songwriting team of Henley and Stan Lynch. "The Cost Of Living" will compete for top spot against tunes by The Mavericks, Punch Brothers, Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell, and Jason Isbell.

The 58th Annual Grammy Awards will take place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA on February 15 and broadcast on CBS from 8-11:30 p.m. ET. Read more here.

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Danny Worsnop Reveal Painful Inspiration For Solo Album

(Classic Rock) Danny Worsnop has opened up on the rocky road that has led to him planning to release his first solo album in 2016. In a series of Instagram posts, the We Are Harlot and former Asking Alexandria frontman talks about his addiction struggles, a "heartbreaking" split with a former girlfriend and the devastating impact of his child with another woman being stillborn.

In the depths of his woes, he started writing music which will appear on next year's debut solo effort. Worsnop says: "I was on a record-shattering spree of debauchery and self destruction in 2009 after the great success of my first record, and it naturally led me to Las Vegas.

"I was strung out, high, hungover, and drunk all at once for that period of my life and it was not, no matter how well I may have sold it, fun. I wound up in the arms of a pretty little stripper for a couple of nights I remember very little outside of the drugs. We shook hands, parted ways, and didn't speak again.

"That is until about six months later when I'm contacted through a mutual friend on her behalf regarding a certain other person slowly developing in her womb."

Deciding to work hard on getting clean, Worsnop prepared for fatherhood, before he was given some devastating news. Read more here.

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Scorpions, Rob Zombie and Disturbed Lead Carolina Rebellion

(Classic Rock) The bill for this year's Carolina Rebellion has been announced. The line-up is headed by Scorpions, Rob Zombie and Disturbed, with support from ZZ Top, Five Finger Death Punch, Deftones, Shinedown, Lynyrd Skynyrd, A Day To Remember, Bring Me The Horizon and more.

The festival takes place at the Charlotte Motor Speedway's Rock City Campgrounds in Concord, NC, on May 6-8 2016. It's the first time the festival has run over three days.

"I've said it before, and I'll say it again: rock'n'roll is a way of life, and Carolina Rebellion is living proof," says Shinedown's Brent Smith. "We are honoured to be on this year's lineup. We hope the Rebels are ready, because we are!"

"ZZ Top is coming at'cha with some raucous rock'n'roll to the Rebellion," adds Billy Gibbons. "We are looking forward to this massive rock party. Come on!" See the lineup here.

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Coheed And Cambria Dropped Their Concept Shield With New Album

(TeamRock Radio) Coheed And Cambria drummer Josh Eppard says that the band's previous reliance on a concept for their albums was down to Sanchez's need for a "shield" to hide behind.

They released The Color Before The Sun in October. Eppard tells Pop Matters: "I think it's public knowledge amongst Coheed fans that the concepts kind of served as a shield for him at times. They were fantastic and cool, but they were shields, too. I could always pick out deeply personal things in his songs, even in the most sci-fi songs.

"With this record, he wrote songs about his life and his first child, so he chose to not channel those things into a fictional concept. For us, it didn't change anything. When we're making a record, that's the sole focus. The music.

"Sometimes the concepts don't come into play so much for the rest of us, but I'm sure the lyrics are a huge part for Claudio." Read more here.

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Beardfish Vocalist Rikard Sjoblom Releasing Solo Album

(Prog) Beardfish vocalist Rikard Sjoblom has announced that he'll release a solo album early next year. The Unbendable Sleep is scheduled for launch in February - and he's issued a snippet of the record's closing track Love And War Part Two: Lucky Star.

Sjoblom says: "Some of you might say, 'What are you doing? Get in the studio with Beardfish." Well, we will, sometime in the spring. I do however suspect that most of you would dig this album."

The album will feature Beardfish bassist Robert Hansen. The band released their latest album +4626-COMFORTZONE earlier this year. Listen to the song preview clip here.

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