Day in Rock Report for 12/23/2015

Metallica Preview New Song In Christmas Video

(hennemusic) Instead of the 12 days of Christmas, fans received 12 seconds of Metallica as the band released a Christmas video via their free Met Club which offers fans a short sample of one of the songs the band is working on.

"Hey everybody, Happy Holidays from Tabs (the cat) and all of Metallica here in the studio," says frontman James Hetfield in the clip. "We thought we'd give you a little bit of ear candy for the holidays."

Hetfield and his feline friend then hit play on a 12-second snippet of a new song by the group as they continue to work on the follow-up to 2008's "Death Magnetic."

Guitarist Kirk Hammett recently shared an update on the project, telling 103.3 The Edge in Buffalo, NY, "We're hoping that the album will be released next year. It's pretty much more along the same lines as 'Death Magnetic' - kind of like that direction. And, you know, we'll see.

"We're into it. I don't wanna say that we're a third into it, or two-thirds into it, or an eighth into it, 'cause anything could happen that'll just change that number. But, eventually, you will see a new Metallica album, and it will most likely be in 2016, and at the very worst, at the beginning of 2017." Check out the video here.

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Scott Weiland Honored With Free Supergroup Album Download

Art Of Anarchy, the supergroup project that featured lead vocals from Scott Weiland, are paying tribute to the singer by offering a free download of their self-titled album.

The group, which includes former Guns N' Roses guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, Disturbed's John Moyer and twins Jon and Vince Votta, released their self-titled debut album in June. The effort features lead vocals from Weiland.

Now the group has announced that they are offering the album as a free download this holiday season in memory of Weiland. The band had this to say, "We hope everyone enjoys listening as much as we enjoyed creating it." You can download the album here.

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Emmure Down To One Member After The Rest Of The Band Quits

There has reportedly been a mass exodus from Emmure leaving frontman Frankie Palmeri as the only remaining member of the group, according to the metal site Lambgoat.

They report that Mark Davis (bass), Jesse Ketive (lead guitar), Mike Mulholland (rhythm guitar), and Adam Pierce (drums) have all left Emmure and are teaming up for a new project that they will reveal next year.

Davis told the site, "As some of you may or may not have heard, Jesse, Mikael, Adam, and myself are no longer in Emmure. We have decided collectively to pursue other endeavors.

"We would like to thank the Emmure fans for all the support and love over the years, and to everyone who has help the band on its way, you are all greatly appreciated. Be on the lookout for a new project from the four of us in 2016." Read the full report here.

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Bun E. Carlos Expects To Reunite With Cheap Trick At Rock Hall

(hennemusic) Cheap Trick drummer Bun E. Carlos says he expects to reunite with his bandmates to perform at the group's induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame next spring and explained the falling out that led to his departure from the group.

"Yeah. As far as I know," Carlos tells Rolling Stone. "The Hall of Fame is inducting the four original members, and I assume that is who they want to get up there and play."

Carlos left the touring lineup in 2010, was replaced by guitarist Rick Neilsen's son Daxx, and then found himself suing his own group for monies owed while remaining a one quarter partner in the Cheap Trick corporation.

"Me and the singer don't get along very good," explains the drummer about a falling out with Robin Zander that led to the split. "A couple of days before Austin City Limits in 2010, we had a big argument on the phone about scheduling for the summer and all this kind of stuff. We'd argued before over 40 years; all of us had.

"In the middle of the night, he called the office and said, 'I can't work with this guy. He hates me.' He didn't want me at Austin City Limits. I said, 'OK, if you don't want me there, we need to work out some kind of arrangement since I'm a quarter member of the band.'

"We just drew up a contract that said, 'I don't tour with the band, but I'm a full member of the band.' We've got all these corporations. The touring company said, 'If you quit touring, you lose your vote.' I wasn't going to let that happen. I'm a full member of the band."

"So we drew up a piece of paper," Carlos continues, "and a couple years later the checks stopped coming. And then I had to sue them in federal court to get my money back. We did a settlement last spring and its all hunky dory. That's the short story." Read more here.

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Chicago Won't Be Reuniting With Peter Cetera At Rock Hall After All

Contrary to earlier comments made by a band member, Peter Cetera will not be reuniting with Chicago for a performance at their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction.

Chicago's Robert Lamm released a statement on Tuesday revealing that he misspoke in an interview where he said that the former singer/bass player would be reuniting with the band at next year's event.

Lamm said in an interview published this week by Radio.com that Cetera would join the group when they perform at the induction ceremony but now says that he misunderstood Cetera.

"I've mistakenly said Cetera would be playing," Lamm said in a statement. "He has emphatically declined. My email exchanges with Cetera were misinterpreted by me, and I've apologized to him, and likewise apologize to the music press community and fans."

Lamm also discussed in the Radio.com interview why Chicago has never reunited with Cetera. He said, "[Cetera] just wanted out. Several times, we've been approached to do a tour together, he just didn't want to do it.

"We were getting very, very attractive offers from promoters. I said, 'Come out with us: you can have your own bus, you can bring whoever you want to bring on the tour, you can sing the songs you want to sing, you don't have to play bass.' He said, 'I'll never say never, but I don't want to do that right now.'"

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Iron Maiden Release Animated Christmas Video

(hennemusic) Iron Maiden have issued "A Christmas Cheers", an animated holiday video created by artist Val Andrade featuring Eddie as a salute to fans for their support over the past year.

The band's 2015 release, "The Book Of Souls", hit the top of the charts in over 40 countries and with it came a brand new Eddie to join the group's legendary line of mascots.

Produced by Kevin Shirley and recorded in Paris in 2014, the group's 16th album landed Iron Maiden a No. 4 debut on the US Billboard 200 with opening week sales of 75,000 copies.

The tally scores the band's best US sales week since Nielsen Music started tracking sales in 1991 and the showing equals Iron Maiden's best chart ranking ever - matching the No. 4 placement of 2010's "The Final Frontier."

The project also topped three separate charts in their native UK upon its release, scoring No. 1 positions on the UK albums, Official Vinyl Albums and the Official Record Store charts. Watch the Christmas video here.

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Judas Priest's Rob Halford Voices Story Of Frosty's Idiot Cousin

(Classic Rock) Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford shows another side to his talent having now lent his voice to a festive podcast that tells the tale of Frosty The Snowman's idiot cousin.

The latest episode of sci-fi podcast To The Manor Borne By Robots features the story of Fronsty The Snowman - a clumsy character who can't do anything right but works hard to redeem himself.

The creators say: "By turns comedic and serious, fully dramatised in lavish soundscapes, with a large cast of talented voice actors, To The Manor Borne By Robots is a futuristic Scheherazade, for fans of The Twilight Zone, Dr Who, The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy and Black Mirror."

It is available for free via iTunes and can also be streamed here.

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Jeff Lynne's ELO Stream New Single 'One Step At A Time'

(hennemusic) Jeff Lynne's ELO has released a lyric video for "One Step At A Time," which is the latest track from their recently-released album "Alone In The Universe." The song follows the project's lead single, "When I Was A Boy", a slower tune with a Beatles vibe.

"'One Step At A Time' came to me at a moment when I wanted an uptempo song again," says Lynne. "I started out trying to make a nice chord sequence and melody and then gradually I fit some pieces I had together like a jigsaw puzzle. The songs all come together differently, but sometimes they come in bits and pieces."

"Alone In The Universe" marks ELO's first new music since 2001's "Zoom" album. ELO members went their separate ways in 1986, with drummer Bev Bevan carrying on as "ELO Part II" before selling his half of the rights to the ELO brand to Lynne in early 2000.

Encouraged by the success of the box "Flashback", Lynne released "Zoom" and then, in 2012, issued "Mr, Blue Sky: The Very Best of Electric Light Orchestra", a package featuring new recordings of the group's hits by the singer. Watch the video here.

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Guns N' Roses Ugly Christmas Sweater Released

(Radio.com) Do you love Guns N' Roses, decades after 'Welcome to the Jungle?" and through all of the different post-Slash/Duff lineups? Does the rumor of a GnR reunion have you all lathered up? Look no further. This is the gift for you.

First off, it's mustard. So, assuming you're OK with wearing this particular shade, this Guns N' Roses ugly sweater is your sure-fire ticket to getting into that invite-only ugly sweater holiday party.

Complete with the band's iconic twin six-shooters and red roses, this is something every GnR fan needs. Well, maybe not every GNR fan. See it and find out where to order it here.

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Eagles of Death Metal Merch Man Killed In Paris Attack Laid To Rest

(Classic Rock) Hundreds of mourners paid their respects to Eagles of Death Metal merchandise manager Nick Alexander who was killed in the Paris Bataclan attack on November 13.

The 35-year-old was killed by extremists who opened fire on fans as they watched the Eagles of Death Metal. The killers - later revealed to be part of the IS group - then detonated suicide vests.

More than 250 mourners, including his parents Barry and Shelagh and sister Zoe, attended the funeral at St Andrew's Parish Church in Weeley, Essex - where Nick was once an altar boy.

His body arrived in a silver hearse decorated with musical note-shaped floral tributes. The order of service booklet included a picture of Nick at a pier, with words from American author Kurt Vonnegut: "Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness.

"Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place." Read more here.

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Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst Reportedly Banned From Ukraine

(TeamRock Radio) Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst has reportedly been banned from entering Ukraine for five years, according to a Ukrainian newspaper report, confirmed by a UK outlet.

The rap-metal star has allegedly fallen foul of the country's security service, who last month imposed the ban, according to Ukrainian newspaper Astropof. Interfax news agency has confirmed the ban, the Guardian reports.

Durst is married to Russian Kseniya Beryazina and he said in September he'd like to apply for a Russian passport. He told Russian state-run news agency Sputnik International:

"I wouldn't mind getting a Russian passport. If you have communication with the relevant authorities, which could assist with obtaining it, share." Read more here.

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Cheap Trick Ink Deal With Taylor Swift's Label For New Album

(Radio.com) Straight off the news of their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, Cheap Trick has signed with Big Machine Records, home of Taylor Swift, Steven Tyler and Tim McGraw.

The band is finishing up their new album Bang Zoom Crazy Hello which will be released on April 1, 2016. They're working with Grammy-winning producer Julian Raymond for the new project, which will be their first in five years.

Over the past four decades, the band has released 16 albums. 'We can't thank the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame enough for honoring Cheap Trick," said bass guitarist Tom Petersson. Read more here.

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Warren Haynes Releases Fleetwood Mac's 'Gold Dust Woman' Cover Video

(Radio.com) Besides being a great songwriter in his own right, Warren Haynes of Gov't Mule and the Allman Brothers Band is also a great song interpreter. Both of those skills are on display on his latest album, Ashes and Dust, which came out earlier this year.

Most of the album is made up of Haynes' originals, but it also features a cover of the Fleetwood Mac cover "Gold Dust Woman." Radio.com is proud to premiere the video of the live version of the song.

Haynes and Gov't Mule are gearing up for their annual New Year's Eve show at New York's Beacon Theater. This year, they'll be performing songs of the Allman Brothers Band, the Band and the Grateful Dead. Watch the video here.

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Queen Celebrate 'Bohemian Rhapsody' 40th Anniversary With Covers

(Radio.com) If the world wasn't already replete with covers of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody," the song's 40th anniversary shouldn't slow production. The band itself released two covers via its official YouTube channel: one by the Trinity Boys Choir and the other by the Royal Academy of Music Quartet.

The choral version hits every peak of Freddy Mercury's falsetto--though who but a choir of children could do that? Meanwhile, the strings arrangement mines the song's drama and melodic intricacies.

"Bohemian Rhapsody" was released in October 1975 and has gone on to become one of the most inspiring and iconic records of its time. This year, fans and current band members celebrated the track's four decades on the airwaves.

Watch both Queen-certified covers here.

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Pierce the Veil Releasing Long Awaited New Album Next Year

(Radio.com) Pierce the Veil fans have waited 12 long months for a 2015 release that never arrived. The band's last album Collide With the Sky was released nearly four years ago in 2012. However, fans may not need to wait much longer: Fearless Records announced that a new album is scheduled for 2016.

The label tweeted an image that lists Pierce the Veil among nine forthcoming releases in the new year. Others will debut from Real Friends, I Prevail, Night Alive and more.

Post-hardcore fans who were excited to see Pierce the Veil atop the list shouldn't read much into its position on the calendar: "FYI," the label added, "The releases are in NO particular order." See the posts here.

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Zakk Wylde Finishing Work On Book Of Shadows II Album

(Classic Rock) Zakk Wylde expects to finish his Book Of Shadows II album in the coming weeks, he's reported. The Black Label Society mainman previously announced its released would coincide with the 20th anniversary of 1996 solo work The Book Of Shadows.

Now Wylde tells the Phoenix New Times: "We ended up having about 40 basic tracks we put down. It's a matter of putting lyrics to them and finishing them up.

"I'll probably start recording again before Christmas, doing some vocals, then try to knock out as much as I can in January - and the record should be done."

In October, Wylde told Louder Noise that the project was an "acoustic thing" and "more mellow" than his BLS output, adding: "I'm always writing mellow stuff. Once I get done doing the heavy thing, I'll sit behind a piano or pick up an acoustic. It puts you in a different state of mind when you're writing." Watch the full interview here.

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Avenged Sevenfold Take Over Guitar Hero Live

(TeamRock Radio) Avenged Sevenfold have taken over Guitar Hero Live's online channel with a mix of their all-time favorite tracks. The one-hour show A7X Rock Classics ties in with the recently released rhythm action video game and features exclusive footage of the band talking about their most-loved songs.

The channel features material from artists including Pantera, Megadeth, AFI, Bob Dylan, Boston, Queensryche, Tenacious D, Faith No More, Deftones, Weezer and more.

Avenged Sevenfold's premium show also features playable concert footage recorded at their Download 2014 performance, including the tracks Shepherd Of Fire, Buried Alive and Nightmare. Read more here.

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Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock Release 'Communion' Video

(Classic Rock) Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock have released a video for their track "Communion." It is a track from the band's latest album Spirit On A Mission, which was released earlier this year.

They'll head out on an European tour next month, which includes 10 UK dates, before setting sail from Miami on the Axes And Anchors Cruise. Last month, Temple Of Rock filmed their show in Madrid for a DVD release next year. Schenker said: "We chose Madrid because of the immense support we've received there in the past.

"The crowds have always been very special to me - their passion is second to none, and we hope to capture the energy and excitement of the audience and the band." Watch the video here.

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The Word Alive Announce New Album Dark Matter

(TeamRock Radio) The Word Alive will release their fourth album titled Dark Matter on March 18. The follow-up to 2014's Real will be launched via Fearless, and the band have issued a short teaser of Trapped, the first single from the record.

Frontman Telle Smith says: "Dark Matter is the result of our most in-depth writing and recording session we've done, and is something we consider to be our most dynamic and expansive album to date.

"This record completely defines and expresses who we are, and where we are going, taking the listener to the darkest and most honest places our band has dared to venture."

To support the album, the US outfit have detailed a North American tour which kicks off in San Diego on February 19 and ends in Grand Prairie, Texas with Capture The Crown on March 20. Check out the song preview and read more here.

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Neal Morse Launching Music School

(Prog) Neal Morse has announced a three-week music school program to be run in Nashville next year. The school will be housed at Nashville's Contemporary Music Center, which offers the use of over $1m worth of instruments and equipment.

The Transatlantic and Flying Colors frontman's Radiant School Of The Arts will feature some of his bandmates as instructors, with the aim of offering the chance of "becoming the artist you are destined to be."

The roster includes Phil Keaggy, Eric Giletter Casey McPherson, Nick D'Virgilio and others. Morse says: "Have you ever longed for personal instruction and quality time with people that have been involved with the creation of some of your favourite music ever?

"Have you wished there was a way to gain experience in the arts in a really cool and fun environment? Have you ever wanted to come to Nashville and have a killer time? Now you can do it all in one shot!"

The programme features workshops on composition and songwriting, musicianship and music theory, recording and production, live performance and more, with evening events including trips to concerts, movies and more. Read more and watch the announcement video here.

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Magenta's Rob Reed Celebrates Christmas With 'Sussex Carol' Release

(Prog) Rob Reed has launched a last-minute Christmas track which sees him working alongside Mike Oldfield collaborator Les Penning. The duo recorded a version of the traditional Sussex Carol, featuring Penning on woodwind and Magenta mastermind Reed on other instruments.

He tells Prog: "Les Penning is heard in every shop and on the radio this time of year because of his collaboration on Mike Oldfield's In Dulci Jubilo, the catchy Christmas instrumental, that's played on rotation with Slade and Wizzard.

"Loads of people hear his work every year and whistle along, but he goes unnoticed and doesn't get the appreciation he deserves. I met Les to arrange for him to play on my album Sanctuary II. We came up with the crazy idea of doing the song in three days, as it was getting close to Christmas."

The resulting track is available via Bandcamp for a limited period. Reed, whose solo album Sanctuary is a personal tribute to Oldfield, will release the follow-up in March. He also recently unveiled his latest project, Kiama. Stream the track here.

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Cockney Rebel's Steve Harley Plans Mick Ronson Tribute Benefit Show

(Classic Rock) Cockney Rebel Steve Harley is holding a gig to raise money for a new tribute to Mick Ronson in Hull. Ronson made his name as a guitarist with David Bowie's Spiders From Mars and was also a renowned producer and session musician. He was born in the Yorkshire city and his friend Harley will play at Hull City Hall on April 23 next year, with all proceeds going to a trust in Ronson's honor.

Mick Ronson died of liver cancer in 1993 at the age of 46 and a stage in his memory already exists at Queen's Gardens in Hull - although it is not particularly beloved by fans.

Harley tells the Hull Daily Mail: "I played the Hull City Hall back in February. I had noticed the Mick Ronson tribute and mentioned it in between the songs. "I asked, 'Is it bad?', to which everyone shouted at me, 'Terrible.' So 1200 people shared the same opinion about the tribute. So I said, 'I'll come back and play to raise money for a new one', so I have.

"I'm playing a concert for free, and I can't thank Hull City Hall enough. They agreed to give me the hall and staff completely for free. It's so touching. What super, super people." Read more here.

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Uli Jon Roth Announces The Ultimate Guitar Experience Tour

(Classic Rock) Uli Jon Roth has announced he'll take to the road on The Ultimate Guitar Experience tour next year. He'll team up with Jennifer Batten and Andy Timmons for the North American trek, where they'll celebrate "the spirit" of their "favourite instrument."

Roth says: "I'm really looking forward to this tour and I'm sure that between the three of us - and the audience - sparks will fly. We will all play our own separate sets first and then play some pieces together, which should be great fun."

He adds: "My own set will be drawn from a combination of all my albums, including the latest Scorpions Revisited and Transcendental Sky Guitar, but I will also emphasize some Electric Sun songs which I haven't played live for over 30 years and which I feel deserve to be heard again.

"This is in order to celebrate the 35 year anniversary of the release of the first Electric Sun album, Earthquake." The trio will also play an acoustic set for VIP ticket holders prior to the main show, where they'll perform a different selection of tracks from the later set. Read more and see the dates here.

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Scorpions Release Classic 'Rock You Like A Hurricane' TV Performance

(hennemusic) The Scorpions have released a video of a classic performance of their hit "Rock You Like A Hurricane" as featured on the expanded deluxe edition of their 1984 release "Love At First Sting."

"Another one of our 80's German TV Show performances on Peters Popshow, making it Peters Rockshow," says the band. The lead single from their 1984 album peaked at No. 25 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and, with the video in high rotation on MTV back in the day, helped "Love At First Sting" became the group's most successful album in the States.

Released in March, the project went double-platinum for sales of more than 2 million copies by the end of the year, and went on to sell another million in the next decade.

The German TV footage is featured on the expanded reissue of their 1984 record - one of 8 projects in their 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition series. Beyond "Love At First Sting", the band also reissued expanded versions of 1977's "Taken By Force", 1978's "Tokyo Tapes", 1979's "Lovedrive", 1980's "Animal Magnetism", 1982's "Blackout", 1985's "World Wide Live" and 1988's "Savage Amusement." Watch the video here.

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Jane Getter Premonition Announce UK Tour

(Prog) Jane Getter Premonition have announced their UK dates in support of their debut album On via label Madfish, released on October 2. They will perform at Manchester Academy 3 and London Borderline in February, supported by duo Tiny Giant.

The band is fronted by Jane Getter and includes keyboardist Adam Holzman (Miles Davis, Steven Wilson), bassist Stuart Hamm (Joe Satriani, Steve Vai), guitarist Randy McStine, and drummer John Mader (Steve Miller, Pat Benatar).

Getter says: "I'm really excited to be bringing my band to the UK. We will be playing the exciting and hard-hitting music from our newly released album, On, along with a few older hits from Three and See Jane Run. Get ready for some intense jams." See the details for the live dates here.

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Ana Popovic Tried To Keep Personal And Music Worlds Separate

(The Blues) Ana Popovic has recalled how she resisted early attempts from promoters who wanted her to invite friends to her shows. She was determined to keep her social circle distant from her fledgling career - to the point that she didn't encourage companions to show an interest.

Popovic tells the Huffington Post: "I always wanted to keep those worlds separate. I had friends through guitar lessons and we would hang out and listen to blues.

"But my school friends, I never wanted to force the blues on to them. It was really just my world. When I started to play in clubs they'd ask me to invite my friends, but I never did. I never talked about what I do."

She received an early start from her father Milton, a blues aficionado, which eventually resulted in the pair recording duet album Blue Room together. Popovic says: "I would go to night clubs to listen to the blues bands - I was 12 or 13 at the time, so I could listen to the first two songs, then it would be time to go home." Read more and stream a song from her latest album here.

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Singled Out: Long Beach Vagrant's Within

John Aragonez of Long Beach Vagrant tells us the story behind their new single "Within" which will also be featured on the metal group's forthcoming album "Death Be Thy Name." Here is the story:

We are Long Beach Vagrant a horror metalcore band based out of So. Cal. The song we have chosen for your listening dismemberment is entitled "Within". This song sums up what this band is all about musically and lyrically.

The material is dark and fast in nature and the lyrics tell the story of the darkness that surrounds us in our everyday lives. The evil inside you, the evil "Within" us all and what you choose to do with it. Take a look at the headlines these days, there are some depraved, hateful and malevolent motherf***ers on this planet. As a band we are not afraid to write about or broach these subjects. Life is a hundred times worse than any horror movie that exists today.

So while the sheep are Instagraming or Facebooking what they had for dinner last night, we are on a stage somewhere screaming at the top of our lungs that the wings of mayhem are always lurking. When the Grim Reaper sits at the table of life and deals the cards you hope your not holding aces and eights. And even though the message is a dark one, in the end there is a positive light from the shadows.

We feel by expressing this through our music that it will help lift or inspire someone going through something f***ed up or horrific. There is real power in music, it's an escape from the madness, we see it every time we take the stage. Keep an eye out for the new album coming out this spring " Death Be Thy Name".

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about the band right here!

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