Day in Rock Report for 12/24/2015

Infamous Jimmy Page and Aleister Crowley Manor Destroyed By Fire

The infamous manor is the Scottish Highlands near Loch Ness that was once owned by Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page and occultist Aleister Crowley was reportedly destroyed by a fire on Wednesday (December 23).

Fire crews brought the fire at the manor, known as Boleskine House, under control after seven hours of fighting the blaze after arriving on the scene at approximately 1:40PM local time, according to the Newmarket Journal. 60% of the building had already been consumed by the fire by the time that the crews arrived.

The Led Zeppelin guitarist owned Boleskine House from 1970 until 1992 and purchased the property due to his fascination with Crowley, who died in 1947 at the age of the 73.

Known during his lifetime as "the wickedest man in the world," the occultist ties to music includes being one of the figures featured on The Beatles' "Sgt Pepper" album cover and he was also the inspiration for the classic Ozzy Osbourne song "Mr. Crowley," which appeared on his landmark "Blizzard of Ozz" album.

Page told Rolling Stone in 2012 that his fascination with Crowley had been greatly misunderstood and taken out of context. He said, "It's taken out of all proportion. There was a balance to it. I wouldn't be here now if there hadn't been.

"The essence of this is I read a [1951] book called The Great Beast: The Life of Aleister Crowley by John Symonds. I could have been 14, 15. It was intended as a defamatory book, but there was a bibliography, and I was curious enough to read some of the books Crowley had written. It wasn't the only thing that I was tracking down as source material."

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Motley Crue's The Dirt Biopic Coming Next Summer?

(Classic Rock) Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil says The Dirt biopic should be out next summer. The rock veterans are working with Jackass director Jeff Tremaine on the film, based on the book of the same name which was released in 2001. The band invited the cast on tour with them to learn first-hand what it's like to be a rock star.

Neil tells Las Vegas Magazine: "We just got a new script about three or four months ago, the rewrite of the old script, and it's way, way better. It's such a great script. This movie should be out in the summer of 2016. It does stay pretty close to The Dirt, so if you've read it, it's really something to look forward to.

He adds: "It's funny, I saw the table read of the last script. They have these different actors playing each person. It was just kind of weird hearing somebody say your words. It's a bit of a trip. It starts just like The Dirt. The first scene is the first pages of The Dirt, in our apartment in Hollywood. There's a party going on." Read more here.

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Beatles Wish Fans A Streaming Christmas As Catalog Goes Online

(Classic Rock) The Beatles back catalogue is being made available on streaming services from Christmas Eve. Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Tidal, Amazon Prime Music, Deezer, Microsoft Groove, Napster and Slacker Radio are making the Fab Four's music available to stream.

Chris Cooke, co-founder of the music industry news site CMU, tells the BBC: "In terms of digital the Beatles have always been quite late to the party - they came to iTunes in 2010, which was a good five years after the iTunes Music Store started gaining momentum.

"We had expected they would probably do an exclusive deal to stream their music with one service, but it looks like instead they are going to be pretty much everywhere from day one." Read more here.

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Whitesnake's David Coverdale Rethinks Retirement Plans

(hennemusic) Whitesnake leader David Coverdale has changed his mind about retiring, saying he has "no desire to hang up my rock and roll sneakers just yet." The revelation comes as Coverdale prepares to enter the 2016 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in April as a member of Deep Purple alongside members from the group's first three lineups.

The band's 2015 release, "The Purple Album", saw the singer re-recording classic songs from the three Deep Purple records he appeared on - 1974's "Burn" and "Stormbringer" and 1975's "Come Taste The Band" - and performing the material on tour this year has re-energized him.

"The songs don't feel old when we perform them," Coverdale tells Macedonia's Metropolis Radio. "Yesterday, I was listening to some of the live recordings from the U.S. tour, and they're f***ing amazing. This band is great. They play Whitesnake music, of course, fantastic, but they play Deep Purple music fantastic. It's definitely even more so than on the record. It's very powerful and you can tell the musicians are enjoying themselves and you can see it and you can hear it. And hopefully you can feel it too."

The singer's original plan was to wrap up his career with the Purple tribute as a way of closing the circle with music from his early days, but he discovered something while making the project.

"Well, it's interesting, because when I was mixing 'The Purple Album' with my co-producer Michael McIntyre and Reb Beach," he explains, "You know, I was 63 years old, and I'm going, 'Man, how long do I have to do this? This would be a perfect closure for me - to finish as I started.'

"But it's just kind of…In essence, it's re-energized me. I still write new music. We'll be recording some new music next year. But it's just revitalized me - re-renergized. That's all I can say.

"So any ideas that I had six months ago of retiring…I was totally honest, when I was making interviews, that I thought, you know, 'This is probably it.' But I had an incredibly good time on this U.S. tour with my musicians. It was incredible."

"Everybody contributed to this project in the most positive way, and even now that we've been performing these songs, it's even better than when we were recording them," adds Coverdale. "And it just makes it more inspiring to look at the future for new stuff, with these guys. They are fabulous musicians, great people. I have no desire to hang up my rock and roll sneakers just yet." Listen to the full interview here.

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Emmure Frontman Speaks Out After Other Members Leave Band

Emmure frontman Frankie Palmeri released a statement addressing the current state of the band after news broke this week that every other member of the band had quit.

Bassist Mark Davis, lead guitarist Jesse Ketive, rhythm guitarist Mike Mulholland, and drummer Adam Pierce announced earlier this week that they have left Emmure and will be forming a new band.

Palmeri posted the following message to fans on Facebook in the wake of the mass exodus by the other members and revealed that he has a new lineup of the group in place already: "Well I think I have left you all waiting in suspense long enough. I want to first start out by saying the amount of positive support I have gotten since this news broke has been incredible, and I am so thankful to have so many true fans stand behind me during this time. As far as the future goes I am happy to tell you all that this is not the end of Emmure.

"There is in fact a new line up right now and we are currently working on a new studio album. Details about all of that will come to light as the weeks and month progress, but do know that there is something to look forward to.

"You can expect us to be making up for lost time next year as we start our first tour dates in Europe and will eventually make our way back to the USA near the end of 2016.

Also know that we will embark on many other international stops so if you are reading this anywhere in the world you can expect to see us at some point next year. Thank you all so much for your love and support. Stay tuned."

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Kerry King Reveals What Would Cause Slayer Farewell Tour

(Classic Rock) Slayer guitarist Kerry King is prepared to stage a farewell tour at some point in the future. And he hopes he'll have the sense to retire before the thrash icons can no longer deliver on stage.

In the meantime he wants the band to keep going as long as possible - perhaps even following Motorhead's lead of continuing as long as they're capable of getting on stage.

King tells P6 Beat: "So I think, at a time if we couldn't put on a show, I hope I'm smart enough to say, 'Let's do a farewell tour right now and chop it.' Don't give anybody that view of seeing you in a way that you shouldn't be seen." Read more here.

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Scott Weiland's Widow Says He Vowed To Get It Together

(Classic Rock) Scott Weiland promised his wife he'd get on top of his addiction issues in the weeks leading up to his death, she's revealed. The former Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver frontman was found dead in his tour bus earlier this month after taking an accidental overdose. He was 48.

And even though he was struggling with drink and drugs, he was clear on what he had to achieve with his new band, the Wildabouts, if he wanted to get his career back on track.

Widow Jamie Weiland tells Rolling Stone that he'd been drinking heavily "before he left on this tour," adding: "He did tell me, 'I'm going to get it together.'"

She spent a week on the road with him last month and says: "He was just killing it - every night taking it up a notch." Read more here.

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Papa Roach Singer Picks Slipknot Over Metallica

(TeamRock Radio) Papa Roach frontman Jacoby Shaddix has held a quickfire Q&A session where he talks about his preferences in the world of music, film and TV. He's asked 25 questions in the video clip by Impericon, with the singer explaining why he prefers Family Guy to American Dad, and why he thinks it's better for fans to sing along to their music live rather than stage dive.

When asked to choose between Kurt Cobain or John Lennon, Shaddix says: "John Lennon most definitely. He brought light to the world. I definitely enjoy Kurt Cobain - but that's a dark path he went down.

On a straight choice between Metallica and Slipknot, Shaddix responds: "Slipknot, dude. Slipknot all the way. Slipknot's one of my favorite bands. Love those guys." Read more and watch the video here.

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Issues Singer Reveals Cover Of Adele's Hello

(TeamRock Radio) Issues' 'clean' vocalist Tyler Carter has covered Adele's hit Hello. The Georgia metalcore singer, whose band underwent a lineup change earlier this year, has also released a video for his take on the smash hit single.

Carter has published numerous covers of mainstream artists including Drake and Kings Of Leon. At the end of last year he teamed up with The Word Alive drummer Luke Holland and recorded his rendition of Ain't It Fun by Paramore for the Punk Goes Pop Vol 6 compilation album.

Tyler Carter's inspiration playlist for his debut solo record Leave Your Love is available to stream on Spotify. Coheed And Cambria mainman Claudio Sanchez recorded a cover of Hello earlier this month after his mum said Coheed's new album was better than Adele's 25. Check out Carter's take on the pop hit here.

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Bumblefoot Launches Rock Project School For Kids

(Classic Rock) Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal has launched a rock school for kids aged six to 18 in Oxfordshire. The Bumblefoot Rock Project is a charity based at New Beaconsfield Hall in Shipton-Under-Wychwood and the Guns N' Roses and Art Of Anarchy guitarist hopes to teach youngsters how to play a variety of instruments.

The project promises to give participants experience of writing and recording music, performing live, making music videos and helping them to master their chosen instrument.

In a statement, Bumblefoot says: "Our mission is to provide a safe, fun environment for youngsters to develop musical abilities. We encourage children to write, record and perform live their own music." Read more and check out the intro video here.

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I See Stars Oust Two Members Ahead of Tour

I See Stars guitarist Jimmy Gregerson and vocalist/keyboardist Zach Johnson have revealed that they have both been fired from the group ahead of their Light In The Cave Tour next February and March.

Gregerson released the following statement (via Lambgoat), "I need to just clear the air since this continues to be awkward for me months after the fact and I just want it to be over with. I am no longer in I See Stars.

"I did not choose to leave, I was asked to leave. Why? I'm not really sure. I guess the rest of the guys felt they needed a change. I felt it was necessary to make this clear because as someone who was with I See Stars since day one I thought the fans deserved to know that I did not turn my back on them and walk away. I had every intention of riding I See Stars out until the day it was done and I think 9 years of being in the band is proof of that. I have no bad blood and don't wish anything bad for those guys.

"We grew up together from a really young age and have been through some of the best times of my life together. They will always be considered my family no matter where they are in life and what the circumstance is.

"As for my future plans, they are up in the air right now. I have been bouncing around the country working for various bands. As of late I have been working exclusively with Metro Station. I have been lucky enough and extremely thankful to have people like Trace Cyrus and Mason Musso step in and kind of look after me as I make this transition. Thank you to everyone who was a fan and supported me while I was in I See Stars! You all will be missed!" Read Johnson's statement here.

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Voivod Announce Post Society EP

(Prog) Voivod will unveil their EP Post Society on February 26 while they write songs for their upcoming full-length. The record contains five studio tracks, including a Hawkhead cover and two previously unreleased tracks from their vinyl split with labelmates At The Gate and Napalm Death.

Drummer Michel Langevin had the following to say about the project: "In between tours, we are steadily finding our way through recording the next album at RadicArt studio.

"Many riffs were composed on the bus, but until the North American tour with Vektor in 2016, we will spend most of wintertime in Montreal writing another batch of material. Meanwhile, we hope you will enjoy this EP of good old thrash-prog-punk-metal or whatever people want to call Voivod nowadays." Read more here.

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Cradle Of Filth Announce North American Tour Dates

Cradle Of Filth have announced the dates for their Inquisitional Torture Tour which will see the British metal band perform shows in twenty-seven cities across the United States and Canada in early 2016.

The Inquisitional Torture Tour is scheduled to kick off on January 26th in Philadelphia at the Theater Of The Living Arts and will conclude on March 8th in New York City at Webster Hall.

Cradle Of Filth will be launching the trek to promote their latest studio album Hammer Of The Witches and they will be supported on the tour by Butcher Babies and Ne Obliviscaris. See the dates here.

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Peter Wolff To Part Ways With Downfall Of Gaia

(TeamRock Radio) Downfall Of Gaia have announced that guitarist Peter Wolff will leave the band in April. And they've issued a call to find a replacement to take over from Wolff, who's been with the German outfit for seven years.

The band say in a statement: "Priorities in life do change and from time-to-time you have to make choices and walk the path that's best for yourself - even if it differs from the direction of others.

"So today is the day where we have to say goodbye to Peter. We would like to thank him for the last seven years, the highs and lows, the willing and the unforgettable time we spent with each other." Read more here.

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Scorpions Release Christmas Video

(hennemusic) The Scorpions have released a Christmas video message for fans. This year saw the German hard rockers celebrate their 50th anniversary in many ways including a tour and deluxe reissues of some of their most iconic albums.

"We'd like to say thank you to all of you," says singer Klaus Meine. "It's been an amazing year. It's been fantastic to celebrate our 50th anniversary with all of you all over the world.

"I don't want to leave anyone out; I know we haven't been everywhere but we are still working on it and, for all the places we left out this year, we're ready to rock next year.

"So thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we are wishing you Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas and all the best and a peaceful 2016." Watch the video here.

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The Rods Re-Record 'Crank It Up' To Celebrate 35th Anniversary

(Classic Rock) The Rods have re-recorded their hit Crank It Up to celebrate the 35th anniversary of their self-titled debut album. The record will mark the milestone in 2016 and the new version of the track is available from iTunes.

Guitarist David 'Rock' Feinstein says: "What more is there to say? It's kind of been our motto since day one and, 35 years later, we are still slamming our audiences with great powerful music.

"It's amazing to see all the different generations singing along to this classic Rods anthem. Call it rock'n'roll, or call it heavy metal - it's meant to be played loud with a passion, and that's what we have done for 35 years."

Drummer Carl Canedy, who also produced the re-recording, adds: "We felt re-recording our very first single, Crank It Up, would be a fitting way to commemorate our 35 years together. Originally we'd pressed a few hundred 45s and sent them off to radio stations and record companies without much hope of getting any response." Read more here.

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Scott Ian Rules Out S.O.D. Reunion But Optimistic For The Damned Things

(Classic Rock) Scott Ian has confirmed that S.O.D will never get back together as the iconic thrash band hits its 30th anniversary. Ian says there will be another release from The Damned Things - the supergroup he formed with Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley from Fall Out Boy, Rob Caggiano of Volbeat and Keith Buckley and Josh Newton of Every Time I Die.

The Anthrax guitarist tells Overdrive: "It could take five years to make and get released, but there definitely will be another record from The Damned Things.

"We're all friends and that's why it started in the first place. Joe and I put this together out of our friendship and from just hanging out. We started writing songs and as we are all really good friends with each other, it is most likely gonna happen again." Read more here.

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Between The Buried And Me Biggs Reveals Excitement Of 'Coma Ecliptic'

(Prog) Between The Buried And Me bassist Dan Briggs says Coma Ecliptic was the easiest album of their career to write. The concept record was released in July via Metal Blade and gave the North Carolina outfit their highest-ever chart placements.

And Briggs says while sessions smoothly clicked into place, the group also achieved their goal of improving on every aspect of their playing and writing.

He tells RobbsMetalWorks: "This was probably the easiest record we've ever written - it came together really quickly. It was really exciting because we were doing a lot of new stuff, trying to write with melodies more and really trying to write musical themes that had more drama.

"We've always written what was most natural to us and we're musicians who are trying to get better." Briggs continues: "The focus was to get better as songwriters and arrangers - and we achieved that goal. We were able to step back and look at the songs as a whole and step even further back and look at the album and what we needed to complete the story musically and thematically." Read more and watch the full interview here.

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Electric Boys Frontman Conny Bloom Releases Solo Video

(Classic Rock) Electric Boys frontman Conny Bloom has released a video for his track Tanken E Fri. It features on his solo album Fullt Upp, out February 15, and helped in its production thanks to a PledgeMusic campaign. The promo was shot on the Electric Boys recent European tour.

Bloom said: "A solo album in Swedish? Hell yeah! Been on my mind for long and I'm happy Fullt Upp is finally being done. No big record label involved, just 100% artistic freedom with lot of cool stuff to order."

An album tracklist will be revealed soon. Electric Boys added guitarist Jolle Atlagic to their lineup in October. Their last studio album was 2014's Starflight United. Watch Bloom's new video here.

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Converge Add Crippled Black Phoenix To Blood Moon Tour

(Prog) Converge have confirmed Crippled Black Phoenix as the main support for their upcoming European shows. The Blood Moon tour sees Converge play shows in Germany, France and England in April of next year, with 40 Watt Sun, The Body and Full Of Hell also onboard in support.

Converge say the Blood Moon tour will see Jacob Bannon, Kurt Ballou, Nate Newton, and Ben Koller joined by guest musicians Chelsea Wolfe, Ben Chisholm, Stephen Brodsky and Steve von Till for sets made up of existing Converge material "focusing on the band's slower, more ambitious work within their legendary catalogue."

CBP - who endured a bitter split with founding member Karl Demata last year - had to cancel one of the dates on their recent European tour for reasons "entirely out of our control." Read more and see the dates here.

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Boy Jumps Ship Releases 'Burn' Video

(TeamRock Radio) Boy Jumps Ship have release a video for their track Burn. The song will be included on the Newcastle outfit's as-yet-untitled debut album, which is expected to be released in 2016 via Amazing Records.

Vocalist and guitarist Si Todd says: "The video for Burn was filmed overnight in a huge abandoned warehouse in Houghton-Le-Spring - just south of Sunderland - and shot by Ollie Rillands, who's done our last few videos. We used a ton of pyro including three, two-metre fire walls, and four fire canons. They kept us warm."

The group's first album is being produced by Hundred Reasons' guitarist Larry Hibbitt who's previously worked with artists including Marmozets and Nothing But Thieves. Watch the video here.

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Soul Enema Tease New Song Featuring Orphaned Land's Yossi Sassi

(Prog) Soul Enema have released a teaser for their track Aral Sea II: Dustbin Of History featuring former Orphaned Land guitarist Yossi Sassi. The track will feature on the Israeli band's upcoming album Of Clans And Clones And Clowns.

The song was recorded in three parts and was inspired by the drying up of the Aral Sea, which was situated between the borders of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in Central Asia.

The record will future a range of contributing guest artists, including prog multi-instrumentalist Arjen Lucassen, known for his work with Ayreon. Watch the video here.

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Drowning Pool Streaming New Song 'By The Blood'

(TeamRock Radio) Drowning Pool have released a lyric video for their track "By The Blood", which is taken from the band's upcoming sixth album Hellelujah that is due on February 5 via eOne Music.

On Hellelujah, the band previously had the following to say about the new effort: "We're excited as hell to announce the release of our new record. This is the most metal record from Drowning Pool to date.

"Be on the lookout for the new single. Can we get a Hellelujah?" They previously made the track Snake Charmer available to stream. Check out the new song here.

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Venom Inc Announce North American Tour Dates

Venom Inc. have revealed the new dates for their previously postponed North American tour. The trek was originally set to hit the U.S. and Canada this past fall but will now be taking place next month.

The 21-date tour is set to feature support from Necrophagia and will be kicking off on January 5th in Atlanta, GA at The Masquerade and will be wrapping up on January 28th at Tomcats West in Ft Worth, TX.

Venom Inc was formed earlier this year and features former members of Venom including bassist/vocalist Tony "Demolition Man" Dolan and original guitarist Jeff "Mantas" Dunn and drummer Anthony "Abaddon" Bray. See the dates here.

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