Day in Rock Report for 12/31/2015

AC/DC Had The Most Popular Tour Of 2015

AC/DC's Rock Or Bust Tour was the most popular tour of 2015. Industry publication Pollstar released the top tour numbers for the year with AC/DC coming out on top in ticket sales.

The Australian band launched the tour in support of their "Rock Or Bust" album, which was revealed earlier this month to the be biggest selling hard rock album of year in the U.S..

The tour was a major success as well, selling 2.31 million tickets and grossing $180 million. The list was ranked by profit, so AC/DC came in second to pop star Taylor Swift who had higher priced tickets and grossed $250.4 million but sold approximately 40,000 fewer tickets.

Elsewhere on the list, the Foo Fighters grossed $127 million with 1,682,053 tickets sold followed by Fleetwood Mac which grossed $125 million with 995,939 tickets sold.

Rock veterans The Rolling Stones brought in $109.7 million with ticket sales of 44,910 and Paul McCartney grossed $77.7 million with 26,255 in ticket sales. Read the Pollstar report here.

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Axl Rose Will Reportedly Talk Guns N' Roses Reunion On Kimmel

(hennemusic) Axl Rose will reportedly end months of rumors and speculation about a Guns N' Roses reunion when he makes a guest appearance on ABC-TV's Jimmy Kimmel Live next week.

Multiple sources have confirmed to Rolling Stone that Rose will join Kimmel on the late night program, although no broadcast schedule has been revealed to date.

This week, Billboard reported that a Guns N' Roses reunion will launch in the spring - with Rose and Slash confirmed so far. Some variation on the group's lineup is expected to one of the first acts to play the new Las Vegas Arena when it opens April 6 - and then they'll headline the Coachella Music & Arts Festival in Indio, CA over the weekends of April 15-17 and April 22-24. Read more here.

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Motley Crue Recording Their Final Show Tonight For Concert Film

Motley Crue will be taking the stage tonight (December 31) at the Staples Center in Los Angeles for their very last concert. But fans that can't be at the show in person will still be able to watch it.

The band revealed that they will be filming the concert for a full length concert film that will also include interviews and behind the scenes footage captured during the final week of the tour as the band prepared for their farewell show.

The live concert portion of the film will be directed by Christian Lamb and the documentary portions of the film will be directed by Jackass creator Jeff Tremaine. The film will be released theatrically and on Pay-Per-View some time next year.

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Motorhead Members Pay Tribute To Lemmy, Confirm Motorhead Over

Motorhead guitarist Phil Campbell and drummer Mikkey Dee have both released online statement following the death of frontman Lemmy Kilmister on Monday (Dec. 28) from an aggressive form of cancer.

Dee writes, "Lemmy! My bandmate. My friend. My brother. There are no words to describe the emotions running through my mind at this point but I could write thousands and thousands of words of all we created and experienced together.

"It has been a true honor and a privilege to play with you and share all this time brother. I celebrate every moment we shared…you bastard. I know I'll see you sometime in the future and maybe I'll join your band again…but this time, let's go a bit slower buddy. "There is a big black hole here now that no one can ever fill. No one... Later Lem Mikkey

"P.S I am deeply moved by all the care and love that has come in from fans, friends and fellow band mates from all over the world. I appreciate each and every one of you. Now, let's make Lemmy proud and carry on his legacy."

Campbell writes, "Unfortunately by now everyone reading this post will have found out that Motörhead is no longer. I'm still trying to come to terms with everything but I've been totally overwhelmed with the well wishes and stories about how Lemmy & Motörhead affected people's lives.

"I genuinely would like to thank everyone who's supported Motörhead over the last 40 years. Please turn it up to 11 and celebrate Lemmy's life to the full."

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Skid Row Not Reuniting With Bach, Surprised By Tony Harnell Departure

Skid Row have posted their first public statement since now former singer Tony Harnell announced earlier this week that he had quit the band. It turns out that the band learned about the departure via Harnell's online post and they also shot down rumors that they were reuniting with Sebastian Bach and going on tour with Guns N' Roses.

Harnell made the announcement with the following Facebook post, "I'm sorry to inform everyone that I'm no longer the lead singer for Skid Row. I thank the fans for their love and support!"

The band issued the following on Wednesday, "To the Skid Row faithful, As you may know, Tony Harnell quit the band yesterday. We found out about his decision the same way all of you did, via his post on social media. He had posted that he was no longer in the band before informing the band personally.

"The last we spoke with Tony was on December 17th. He was in the hospital being treated for 'bronchitis with asthmatic symptoms'. We were all very concerned and offered any assistance we could to help him get healthy. Due to his condition we were forced to cancel our show in Chicago on December 19th. The next time we heard anything was his post yesterday.

"That being said, we are all moving forward and wish Tony the best in his future endeavors. Lastly, amidst all of the rumors and speculation, there has been no talk of a reunion nor are we opening for Guns N Roses. That's it for now. We'll keep you updated as best we can. Thanks for your support and understanding. See you in 2016!"

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Slipknot's Corey Taylor Shares His Favorite Lemmy Memory

(Classic Rock) Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor has recalled a "fanboy moment" as his favorite Lemmy story. Taylor once met him in Germany at the offices of the Gibson guitar company. He tells the Guardian: "We were there to check out some new gear, do some press, sign some sh*t. We saw each other, gave each other a quick hug and shoulder slap, and immediately went looking for a place where we could smoke.

"We found ourselves standing in a kitchen with all the windows open, chain smoking, bullsh*tting and laughing like crazy. I felt like we were cutting class and hanging out somewhere in the high school."

He refuses to repeat a "most hardcore" joke Lemmy told him, but says: "I laughed so damn hard I thought my pancreas was going to rupture. Once I caught my breath, I had a sense of where I was - hiding in a tiny room, smoking cigarettes, telling dirty jokes and hanging out with my friend, who just happened to be a man I'd been listening to most of my life. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a little fanboy moment." Read more here.

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Zakk Wylde Reflects On Paris Attack and Dimebag Murder

Former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist and Black Label Society mainman Zakk Wylde was interviewed by AMFM on the anniversary of Dimebag's murder and in the wake of Paris terrorist attacks and reflected on both during the discussion.

Wylde was asked if he now feels vulnerable on stage following these tragedies. He responded," I don't think anybody thinks about it. It's like guys that drive a racecar. I think you just get in the racecar and go, you know what I mean?

"It's just really insane with the thing that just happened in Paris and Dimebag thing and the John Lennon thing. You can't stop mental illness. It's crazy that the Dimebag thing happened the same day as John Lennon.

"The one guy said that Dimebag broke up the band [Pantera] and stole his songs and the guy with John Lennon figured he would kill him, get his fame, and get a date with Jodie Foster. It's like, 'Bro, I don't know if any chicks are going to want to date you now.' [Laughs]

"You can't stop crazy. If it's not guns, we'll be banning samurai swords or whatever weapon you can get. It's pointless, man. And the thing that happened in Paris, it's ridiculous, man. If you've got a problem with America, get an army together, and try and come over and whoop our ass then instead of this punk sh*t." Read the full interview here.

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Dave Grohl Tributes Lemmy With Ace of Spades Tattoo

(Radio.com) Since Lemmy Kilmister's passing on Monday, several artists have shared thoughts, condolences and tributes to honor the Motorhead frontman. Dave Grohl did something a bit more permanent.

Hours after news broke that Lemmy passed away, Grohl visited a tattoo parlor to get some fresh ink of Motorhead's "Ace of Spades" logo on his left forearm (via SPIN). The tattoo artist who inked Grohl shared a pic of the finished work on Instagram.

Grohl's ink takes on a personal note for what the Foo Fighters have already expressed regarding the loss of their friend and sometimes collaborator. Posting on their Facebook page, the band shared "We've lost a friend & legend. My heart is broken. RIP Lemmy. Born To Lose, Lived To Win." See the photo here.

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Nikki Sixx Emotional About Tonight's Final Motley Crue Show

(Classic Rock) Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx hopes he won't burst into tears during the band's final show tonight. They'll bring the curtain down on their career in Los Angeles, where it began in 1981.

The band signed a legal document ahead of their farewell tour in 2014, making it all-but impossible for them to reunite after tonight's performance.Sixx tells Billboard: "I don't know how we're going to feel. We've been dodging that question for two years - and now there's no getting out of it.

"We're pretty rough-and-tumble dudes. But even the toughest guy going in for his last fight is going to feel a pang in his heart. I'm guaranteeing that something's going to happen that I don't know about, and I don't want to think about until it happens. I just hope I don't cry during Shout At The Devil." Read more here.

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Alabama Shakes and Vintage Trouble ACL TV Special Airs This Weekend

(CoakleyPRess) Austin City Limits have announced that they will be kicking off the new year with the double bill of Alabama Shakes and Vintage Trouble this Saturday, January 2nd at 8pm CT/9pm ET.

"Few contemporary singers in the world today can touch the raw power and emotion of Brittany Howard," says ACL executive producer Terry Lickona. "Since their ACL debut, before they even had their first record out, Alabama Shakes has reached new heights, and their Grammy nomination for Album of the Year says it all!"

Lickona had this to say about Vintage Trouble's set, "I've never seen anyone take command of a stage (and audience) like Ty Taylor and Vintage Trouble! It was a musical and emotional roller-coaster ride. People are still talking about that taping-and now so will viewers." See the band's setlists and the upcoming schedule for the show here.

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Orgy and Bobaflex Launch Pop Killers Tour

Orgy, Bobaflex and Death Valley High will be spending the first month of the New Year playing to rock fans across North American on their Pop Killers Tour.

According to Bobafex's Facebook page, the tour kicked off on Tuesday in Arizona and will include a special New Year's Eve show tonight in San Leon, TX. The trek will visit cities across the U.S. and Canada before wrapping up on January 30th in Las Vegas.

Bobaflex are touring in support of their new album "Anything That Moves" and promise more live action in the coming year. Marty McCoy says, "The Orgy tour is the first of many shows in the new year. 2016 will be our busiest year in the band's history More tour announcements including festivals are coming soon." See the dates here.

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Keith Emerson Reveals How Lemmy Got The Name Lemmy

(Prog) Keith Emerson has lead further tributes from the prog community to Hawkwind and Motorhead man Lemmy Kilmister. In a post on Facebook, which also alleges that Lemmy took his nickname from a 1950s BBC radio programme Journey Into Space, specifically the character Lemuel 'Lemmy' Barnet, originally played by David Kossoff, Emerson recalls the days when Lemmy road managed The Nice.

"Farewell Lemmy. In the late 60s Lemmy and The Nice toured England. Lemmy was our road manager and he presented a formidable figure of someone that did not take prisoners or suffer fools gladly,

"The Nice were in their destructive art period, a term used by Pete Townshend. Lemmy came up after a show. 'Ere, if you're gonna use a knife use a real one and gave me two Hitler Youth knives. He was an avid collector of World War 2 paraphernalia, not that he was into the horrors of war. No, far from it. His reckoning was that if you're going to send an army into war, dress 'em so they look and feel good. The English, according to my father who was with The Royal Engineers, had very drab outfits and consequently morale was low. And the opposition looked well turned out. So that was it with Lemmy. He just wore black.

"Many have wondered why he chose the name 'Lemmy'. In the late 50s and early 60s there was a BBC Radio series called Journey Into Space. 'Lemmy' was one of the characters. Lemmy was a big fan." Read more here.

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Iron Maiden Tells Lemmy To Rest In Peace Loudly!

(Classic Rock) Iron Maiden have said farewell to Lemmy, saying the Motorhead icon "played a great set." He died at home in Los Angeles on December 28, aged 70, two days after being told he had an aggressive form of cancer.

In a message credited to all six band members and manager Rod Smallwood, Iron Maiden say: "Lemmy, rest in peace - loudly! The world has lost a unique character.

"They don't build them like you any more. But you played a great set. Our condolences to your family and friends and Motorheads everywhere. With much affection and respect." Read more here.

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Peter Frampton Announces 2016 'Raw' Acoustic Tour

(Gibson) Peter Frampton closed out a round of acoustic shows in the East and Midwest this fall, and now, he's at it again. Frampton has plotted out a new unplugged tour that will take him to the West Coast this March.

The latest round of tour dates in his "Peter Frampton Raw, an Acoustic Tour" will being March 9 in Tucson, Arizona, and run through a March 26 show in Tacoma, Washington. Tickets for the shows are available now.

These shows are a family affair. On tour, expect to see Frampton accompanied by his son, singer and guitarist Julian Frampton, and longtime friend Gordon Kennedy.

Earlier this year, Frampton explained to Billboard that the acoustic shows are prepping an unplugged album he's working on that will feature raw versions of some of his songs. See Peter Frampton's 2016 'Raw' Acoustic Tour Dates here.

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Annihilator Plan Live Blu-Ray and Unplugged CD and DVD

Annihilator have announced that they have signed a two studio album deal with UDR Music and Jeff Waters also revealed some details of the band's plan to release a new live Blu-ray as well as an acoustic CD/DVD set in 2016.

Waters had these details (via BraveWords): "Well, 2015 is almost over and myself and the guys want to wish everyone a great holiday season and also to thank everyone that enjoyed our latest CD, Suicide Society, and/or recent Europe Tour! We are working on Part 2 of the tour now and expect to make an announcement on dates in mid-January. That announcement should include Russia/Danish/German dates that were cancelled by the Lufthansa strike, a venue issue and one night off for a bad throat!

"Also, while I can't confirm and give details, there is 'rumor' of discussions to film our first full-length, full production BluRay concert. Tentatively aiming for April and we will likely do it in Germany. It would be a very special event for fans, as we are (apparently!) discussing all the ways to make it so!

"Another project in the final stages of confirming is something that many of you have been asking for a long, long time... a full CD/DVD of a dozen or so acoustic songs. There would be six musicians involved in this live acoustic show but we are thinking of doing it live in my recording studio in Ottawa; something along the lines of the bonus acoustic video material on the latest Van Halen release.

"South American touring is in the planning stages, as well as summer 2016 in Europe again. Yah, I know: where the fk is the USA/CAN touring? Still trying to make that happen.

"So for the best news here: We just re-signed to UDR Records for another two studio CDs! That will put us at 17 studio CDs when that deal is over! Add that to the mega-package(s) we are planning in 2016 and it's gonna be a fantastic four more years with them, us and the fans!"

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Enter Shikari Release Live 'The Last Garrison and Juggernauts' Video

(TeamRock Radio) Enter Shikari have released a live video featuring performances of The Last Garrison and Juggernauts. The clip was shot during their February UK tour in support of fourth album The Mindsweep.

Frontman Rou Reynolds had the following to say of the follow-up to 2012's A Flash Flood Of Colour: "There's a lot more positivity on this album, and love is a central theme."

"But if you boil down everything we've ever done it's all about loving one another, loving the planet, loving our biosphere." Watch "The Last Garrison and Juggernauts" performance video here.

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Joanne Shaw Taylor Tributes Lemmy, Releases New Year Message

(The Blues) Joanne Shaw Taylor has paid tribute to Motorhead mainman Lemmy Kilmister following his death at the age of 70. He passed away on December 28, two days after being told he was suffering from an aggressive form of cancer.

Taylor says: "After hearing the news I spent a little time re-reading some of his quotes. Obviously he leaves behind him an amazing musical legacy - but the thing that's always struck me most is that he was one of the few that really had life figured out.

"No regrets, no excuses, a one of a kind character. He knew exactly who he was and how he wanted to live. 70 years lived to the fullest - I think we could all learn a lot from him."

Meanwhile, Taylor has posted a new year greeting video, thanking fans for their support during 2015. Watch it here.

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Emerson, Lake & Palmer In The Studio For 45th Anniversary

(ITS) The latest episode of syndicated radio show In The Studio: The Stories Behind History's Greatest Rock Bands 45th anniversary of the self title debut album from Prog Rock pioneers Emerson, Lake & Palmer. The show sent over these details:

ELP were a true supergroup in progressive rock, elevating the musical genre by taking it out of the science lab and onto FM rock radio, where ultimately millions of listeners would respond in favor.

Each member of ELP had a hand in defining the Prog Rock sound, albeit individually in separate bands, Keith Emerson as a keyboardist, innovator with The Nice; Greg Lake writing and singing on the 1969 King Crimson groundbreaker In The Court of the Crimson King; and Carl Palmer exhibiting power and space-filling percussion in the trio Atomic Rooster.

Greg Lake shares with InTheStudio host Redbeard the story behind the song "Lucky Man" and how it ended up making the cut on ELP's debut album. "I wrote "Lucky Man" when I was 12 years old... And I never had any use for it... When it came to the album and we were due to finish the album there and then, it was just a case of ' Does anybody got any idea?' And there was a silence, and I said, Well, I got this. 'So alright then, give it a go.'" stream the episode here.

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Mansion Studio Used By Bowie, Pink Floyd To Reopen

(Prog) The French mansion studio that became known as the Honky Chateau has reopened for business - and its new owners aim to expand its activities beyond recording music.

Chateau d'Herouville, built near Paris in the 18th century, became an icon of 1970s excess when it was used by Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Rick Wakeman, Iggy Pop, the Grateful Dead, Ritchie Blackmore, Fleetwood Mac, T Rex and many others.

It opened in 1970 and got its nickname from the 1972 album Elton John recorded there. It was also known as "France's Abbey Road." Owner and composer Michel Magne became celebrated for his hospitality at the live-in location, offering a bohemian lifestyle that included drink, drugs and sex parties. He committed suicide in 1984 while being pursued for debts run up after the studio's glory era had passed. Read more here.

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Alabama Shakes Release 'Don't Wanna Fight' TV Performance

(The Blues) Producers of US TV show Austin City Limits have released a preview of the Alabama Shakes' upcoming appearance. The clip features their performance of Don't Wanna Fight - a track that's just been nominated for a Grammy award.

It appears on their second album Sound & Color, which has gained a total of four Grammy mentions for the 2016 awards ceremony. The Shakes' latest Austin City Limits appearance is broadcast in the US on January 2.

Frontwoman Brittany Howard recently admitted the band's rising fame was a challenge to deal with, saying: "I'll go see shows, but it's getting harder and harder. I get recognized, and there are a lot of pictures, which is kind of hard when you're just trying to enjoy the band." Watch the video here.

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Sum 41 Preview Tracks From Forthcoming Album

(TeamRock Radio) Sum 41 have released two clips from their sixth album, which is currently under production. One clip was labeled "just a rough mix" and the other "unfinished".

The band's forthcoming new album follows frontman Deryck Whibley's near-death from alcoholism, and it's been funded by fans via a Pledge campaign.

Whibley recently said: "Words can't describe how good it feels to be back, so I'll just let the music do that instead. We're really proud of these songs and we want to make sure our fans know they're coming." Check out the clips here.

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Singled Out: The Knitts' Get Up Get Out

Justin Volkens from Los Angeles-based five-piece garage-rock, post-punk band The Knitts tells us about their new single "Get Up Get Out," which will also be featured on their forthcoming "Simple Folk" EP. Here is the story:

"Get Up! Get Out!" is supposed to praise and encourage those who are brave enough to create art, and able to remove themselves from formulaic tendencies...[while] in the same breath rejecting those who still believe the world is flat.

We didn't have the money to rent a rehearsal room that day [we wrote the song] so to the park with acoustics and a keyboard we went. We had established the core of what is now 'Get Up! Get Out!' throughout that one day.

The hardest part however, was trying to write a groovy, sexy song, while gleefully relaxing in the grass of Reseda Park. Within the next couple of days we managed to get into a studio and play it with a full drum set, electric guitars and VOILA!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about the band and the EP, which will be released in February via Knitting Factory Records, right here!

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