Day in Rock Report for 07/15/2015

Slipknot Frontman Corey Taylor Slams Axl Rose

(Classic Rock) Corey Taylor has explained why he once played Axl Rose's piano with his private parts. The Slipknot frontman has previously told how, while playing a European festival alongside Guns N' Roses, he sneaked into a backstage area and played the Rose's grand piano - then placed his junk on the keys.

Asked by a GN'R fan how he could disrespect Rose in such a way, Taylor says on The Opie Show (via Blabbermouth): "Knowing Axl, it's quite easy, my friend. Anybody who makes his fans wait for two to three hours for him to go on stage, I have no respect for."

He then said, "I love Guns N' Roses, dude. I love 'Appetite [For Destruction]'; I think that's a fantastic album. But when you make your fans wait that long - and I don't give a f*** what hard-on just said: 'Oh, we expect it.' Well, you're a f***ing idiot then. All right? Figure it the f*** out."

He adds: "You know why there are really no original f***ing members of Guns N' Roses left? Because [Axl] made 'em wait three f***ing hours! You want an 'Appetite' reunion? Tell him to f***ing stop being a douchebag." Read more here.

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Van Halen Rarities Performances Go Online

(hennemusic) Van Halen soundchecked some rarities before opening their 2015 tour in Seattle, WA on July 5, and audio from the pre-show ritual has surfaced as an online stream.

Alex, Wolfgang and Eddie Van Halen can be heard running through instrumental versions of 8 songs in the 30-minute session - without lead vocalist David Lee Roth - in front of a group of VIP ticket holders.

Fans will hear the rarely-performed "On Fire" from the band's 1978 self-titled debut, the "Van Halen II" track "Light Up The Sky", "Drop Dead Legs" from "1984" and "Dirty Movies" from 1981's "Fair Warning" alongside cuts like "Romeo Delight", "Runnin' With The Devil", 2012's "China Town" and the "1984" single, "I'll Wait."

Van Halen performed seven of the eight songs on opening night, with the exception of "On Fire", which hasn't been played live since the group's 1984 tour.

The band are on the road this summer across North America in support of their latest release, "Tokyo Dome Live In Concert." Stream the 8-song set here.

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Slash Announces North American Fall Tour

Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators have announced that they will be launching a North American leg of their World On Fire world tour this fall.

The former Guns N' Roses guitarist and his solo band will be kicking off the tour on September 18th in Providence, RI at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel and concluding the trek on October 24th in Temecula, CA at the Pechanga Resort & Casino.

The band will be launching the tour in support of their 2014 studio album "World On Fire" as well as their 'Live At The Roxy 9/25/14,' live collection which was released last month on DVD, Blu-ray, 3LP, 2CD and BitTorrent. See the new tour dates here.

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Metallica's Lars Ulrich Expresses His View On Music Streaming

(Classic Rock) Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich believes streaming services are the future of the music industry. But he admits such platforms are better for long-established acts than they are for rising-star outfits.

Ulrich tells the BBC: "I believe streaming is good for music. People sit there and go, 'I'm not getting paid very much,' - but streaming is a choice on all fronts.

"It's a choice for artists making their music available. It's a choice by the record companies that represent the artists. Fifteen years ago, those choices didn't exist."

He continues: "Streaming probably does benefit artists with higher profile. A lot of playlists that are being made available for people seem to feature higher-profile artists."

And Ulrich argues that platforms shouldn't take all the blame if new music isn't generating attention. Read more here.

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The Scorpions Including Unreleased Tracks On Reissues

(hennemusic) The Scorpions will release expanded reissues of 1977's "Taken By Force" and 1978's "Tokyo Tapes" in November. Both projects will feature many previously unreleased tracks, including demo versions of some songs dating back to 1977.

Former Scorpions guitarist Uli Jon Roth - a member from 1973 to 1978 - shared the news via Facebook. "Yesterday Uli Jon Roth and Klaus Meine did extensive interviews together concerning the official re-release of 'Tokyo Tapes' and 'Taken By Force'," wrote Roth. "Klaus and Uli had a great time reminiscing about the songs and events surrounding those monumental two albums on camera."

"Taken By Force" is the German band's fifth studio album and final project involving Roth. Recorded over a pair of shows in Japan, "Tokyo Tapes" is the group's first live album and includes tracks from their first five records. Read more here.

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Megadeth Offshoot Act Of Defiance Streaming New Song

(hennemusic) Act Of Defiance, the new band launched by former Megadeth duo Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover, are premiering "Refrain And Re-Fracture", a track featured on their upcoming debut album, "Birth And The Burial."

Due August 21, the project sees the pair joined by former Scar The Martyr singer Henry Derek Bonner and Shadows Fall bassist Matt Bachand as the foursome build a new brand for themselves.

"Refrain And Re-Fracture"'s creation started off with the classical guitar, of all instruments," explains Broderick. "I wanted a moody beginning into a heavy verse with each instrument entering and slowly, building the tension until the transition to the verse. At this point, a tempo change was needed for something more fast paced and aggressive with heavy vocals (Henry definitely delivered on that!!!).

"For the chorus I definitely was looking for as much melody as possible but still heavy in nature. The bridge to the solo and the solo has a much more modern feel to them, utilizing polyrhythms to create groove and an open canvas for my solo. As for the solo, hell, I just hope people like what I did! Overall I feel this song does a great job of showing how diverse Act Of Defiance can be while still staying firmly rooted in metal!"

""Refrain And Re-Fracture" is a great example of using musical dynamics in a heavy metal song," adds Drover. "All of us in Act Of Defiance have always been fans of cool acoustic/classical song intros before the metal assault kicks in, so when Chris presented this song to me I immediately loved the tune." Stream the new song here.

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The Simpsons's Duff Beer To Become A Reality

(Classic Rock) The production company behind The Simpsons has finally decided to brew real-life Duff Beer, as featured in the long-running animated show. Former Guns N' Roses and Velvet Revolver bassist Duff McKagan said in 2011 that the on-screen drink had been named after him.

While a labelled brand has been available in the past, producers Fox have prepared their own recipe in response to continued illegal merchandise sales. And although the official Duff Beer will only be available in South America at first, it could go on sale elsewhere.

Fox boss Jeffrey Godsick tells the Wall Street Journal: "Once you see enough piracy, you're faced with two choices - one is deciding to fight, and the other is deciding to go out into the market with it

"I think there's potential to have Duff everywhere in world." Read more here.

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Metal Fan Arrested After Boarding Bus Wear Metal Accessories

(Classic Rock) A 26-year-old metal fan was arrested in Boston, Massachusetts, on Friday, for wearing a fake bullet belt. Kevin Young was apprehended after he boarded a bus wearing the traditional heavy music fan's garb, along with spiked gloves and bracelets.

He's to be charged with unlawful possession of ammunition, unlawfully carrying a dangerous weapon and disorderly conduct. A police report says cops only acted because others on board the bus panicked and called for help - claiming Young was carrying a gun.

Boston Police Department report: "Officers responded to a call for a person with a gun. The driver had pulled the bus over as passengers began calling 911, when a male suspect boarded the bus with what appeared to be military-grade ammunition strapped around his waist.

"The driver stated the passengers were in a panic, fearing that the suspect was about to pull out a weapon. Kevin Young exited the bus and was stopped by police, at which time it was discovered the ammunition was fake." Read more and see a photo of the belt here.

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Randy Blythe's Prison Drama Not A Focus Of Lamb Of God's New Album

(TeamRock Radio) Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe believes his Czech prison drama wasn't the most defining moment of his life. And although it was a "really serious situation," he says it's a "misconception" to believe the experience dominates the lyrical content of upcoming album VII: Sturm Und Drang.

He points out that he'd made significant changes to his lifestyle before his 2012 arrest and 2013 acquittal over a manslaughter charge. Blythe tells Loudwire: "I drank for 22 years and got sober before any of this stuff happened. That was the big thing - when I realised I was taking a lot of things for granted.

"I'm glad to be a free man, but it's not like I view everything in my band versus the experience in the Czech Republic." He adds: "There's only two songs on the record that deal with that. They were both written while I was in prison.

"When it was time to go into pre-production, I took my notebook to see what lyrics I have. I had those two songs - they just happened to be the first ones. There's very, very little about the whole experience on the album. It was a valid choice to use those, but by the time it was time to record them those lyrics were three years old." Read more here.

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Motley Crue Name Sank Corabi Era's Chance Of Success?

(Classic Rock) John Corabi insists Motley Crue's 1994 self-titled album would have been a huge success if they'd released it under a different band name. He says they took bad advice by not following their own instincts. And they compounded the error by making their only release without Vince Neil into a self-titled work.

Corabi tells One On One With Mitch Lafon : "That album would have been massive had it been any other name but Motley. The band wanted to change the name. We were thinking of NC for New Crue. We were tossing around names. Nikki Sixx always wanted to call a band Christmas.

"All the people involved with the band - the record company, lawyers, agents, managers - everybody that was getting a commission saw that if Motley changed the name, Motley wasn't going to be making $300,000 a night. They were going to have to come back down to earth and start probably in theaters for a lot less money."

He continues: "Everyone saw their commission dwindle, and they were the ones that talked us back into it. 'You guys are Motley Crue, you can't do this, you just signed a huge record deal'. They talked us out of it." Read more here.

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Slayer's Kerry King Thought Jeff Henneman Had Cheated Death

(TeamRock Radio) Slayer guitarist Kerry King says the band did all they could to save Jeff Hanneman from alcoholism. He died in 2013, aged 49, following a two-year illness caused in part by his drinking, which was cited in his official cause of death. His health problems had increased after he contracted necrotising fasciitis in his arm in 2011 and he never returned to full-time Slayer duties.

He's remembered in the title track of upcoming Slayer album Repentless, while his song Piano Wire also features on their first record without him. King tells the Illinois Entertainer: "He had literally cheated death when he had that arm injury. The doctor told him, 'First I'm going to try to save your life.' We didn't know if he was going to live.

"He got out of the hospital and he lived clean for a while. I'm like, 'Dude, you just cheated death - you got another shot and doing this all over again. Let's get you back on board playing some shows.'"

He continues: "I knew when he went into the hospital that last time, it was bad. I didn't think he was going to come out of that particular episode, but I didn't think it was going to be that quick." Read more here.

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W.A.S.P. Releasing New Album 'Golgotha' In October

Veteran metal band W.A.S.P. has announced that "Golgotha," their first new studio album in six years, will be released under their new deal with Napalm Records on October 2nd.

Frontman Blackie Lawless had this to say about the new effort, "There are times in any band's career that somehow all things mesh together. Their experiences, influences, and personal timing bring them into a common space. This has happened with this record.

He continues, "Four years in the making has provided direction, but even greater reflection. Golgotha, where Christ was crucified - Hebrew for 'the place of the skull'." See the tracklisting here.

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Sebastian Bach Selling Tickets To Wedding Reception

(Radio.com) Former Skid Row lead singer Sebastian Bach will marry Suzanne Le next month, and you're invited. The pair announced their wedding reception party will be held at Rockbar, a venue in San Jose, California, on August 22nd.

The wedding event will be called 'Sebastian Bach & Suzanne Le Rock N' Roll Wedding Extravaganza," according to the venue's website, which adds, 'Rockbar will be hosting the wedding of Sebastian Bach to Suzanne Le and would like to cordially invite you to attend the reception of this exciting event. Sebastian will be bringing friends along from the film and music world."

This won't come free though: tickets for the reception cost $300, which also gets you into a 'Bands, Burlesque & Bach" meet-and-greet bachelor party at the venue the night before. Read more here.

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Ozzy Osbourne, Aerosmith, Priest, Foo Fighters Added To Rock Band 4

(Classic Rock) Classic tracks by Aerosmith and Ozzy Osbourne and recent tunes from Foo Fighters and Judas Priest are among 11 songs added to Rock Band 4, in advance of its October 6 release for PlayStation4 and Xbox One.

Music Systems' successor to 2012's Rock Band 3_ _aims to cover multiple decades, artists, and musical styles and adds new features including Freestyle Guitar Solo gameplay, which allows players to craft their own original guitar solos.

The latest list of song additions doubles the previously-announced setlist that featured songs by Jack White, The Who, Fleetwood Mac and Queens Of The Stone Age, among others.

It now includes Aerosmith's Toys In The Attic, Ozzy's Miracle Man, Priest's Halls Of Valhalla, the Foos' The Feast And The Famine and more. See the track listing here.

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Les Claypool Looks Back On His Metallica Audition

(Classic Rock) Primus leader Les Claypool has recalled his 1986 audition with Metallica as a "very loud" experience. The bassist, who was already friends with guitarist Kirk Hammett, was invited to try out while the thrash giants tried to recover from the death of Cliff Burton in a tour bus crash earlier that year.

And he admits that while drummer Lars Ulrich seemed positive about the test, frontman James Hetfield was much less interested. Claypool tells One On One With Mitch Lafon: "I remember it was very loud. That's the first thing that pops to mind - it was f***ing loud.

"Lars was probably the most enthused about the audition. They were all still pretty messed up about the Cliff Burton thing. But James, you could just tell, was like, 'Who the hell is this f***ing weirdo?'

"I didn't fit the bill at all. I showed up with this bass that was a hunk of driftwood, I had two different-colored tennis shoes on, bleach-blond mohawk, baggies, skater pants - I didn't fit the bill, especially for Metallica back then."

But he adds: "It was fun. I enjoyed playing through Cliff's rig." Read more here.

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Foo Fighters Give Fan A Birthday Experience He Will Never Forget

(Classic Rock) Foo Fighters mainman Dave Grohl made a fan's dream come true when he invited him onstage to play drums with the band. Anthony Bifolchi was celebrating his 18th birthday at the Foos' show in Toronto last week, where Grohl noticed a sign about the landmark occasion from his custom-built stage throne.

Video shows him telling Bifolchi to climb up onto the stage then ordering him to stop his "we're not worthy" routine, before telling him to take Taylor Hawkins' place behind the kit.

Grohl says: "If you suck on the drums I will personally tar and feather your ass backstage." He then tells the crowd: "I sure hope this motherf***er doesn't suck," before asking the fan, "Do you know Foo Fighters songs?" When he asks to play Best Of You the mainman replies: "That's the last one we're going to play tonight, ding-dong!"

The band then launch into Big Me, after Grohl says: "It's the easiest one - if you f*** this up you're going to look like a f***ing a**hole." Bifolchi keeps the piece together, however, and Grohl tells him, "Give me love, give me love," before ordering him: "Get off my stage right f***ing now!" Read more and watch video here.

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Dragonforce Release 'Black Winter Night' Live Video

(Classic Rock) Dragonforce have issued a performance clip of Black Winter Night from their newly-released live DVD In The Line Of Fire. The project captures their headline show at 2014's Loud Park Festival in Japan.

Available in DVD, DVD/CD and Blu-ray packages, it features a mix of tracks from 2014's Maximum Overload as well as older hits and bonus backstage and offstage footage from the band's world tour.

Dragonforce were joined onstage by Babymetal at Download last month and will perform at The Square In Harlow on August 22 before the club shuts down. Herman Li recently said: "We're seeing venues disappear and it's becoming quite alarming. It will affect the development of new talent in the UK."

Dragonforce are currently playing shows across Europe, and return to Japan in September before a North American run in November. Watch the video here.

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X's Billy Zoom Overwhelmed By Fan Support In Cancer Fight

(Classic Rock) X guitarist Billy Zoom says he is overwhelmed by fan support as he begins chemotherapy treatment for bladder cancer. The veteran punk feared he and family would lose their home as a result of medical bills - until fans raised $76,000 of a $50,000 target via a GoFundMe campaign.

It's his second time facing cancer after being treated in 2010. Zoom says: "Facing months of cancer treatment is tough, but not as tough as worrying about taking care of my family through it all.

"We still hadn't completely recovered financially from my last bout with cancer. I really wasn't sure, aside from lots of prayer, how I was going to manage to keep our home and family together through this."

He continues: "Our most heartfelt thanks go out to those of you who have contributed to our wellbeing, so that our energies may be concentrated on beating this - and reassuring our children that their daddy is going to be okay." Read more here.

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Deep Purple Release Backstage Video Of Late Keyboardist' Jon Lord

(Classic Rock) Late Deep Purple keyboardist Jon Lord is seen performing impromptu music backstage in a newly-released video posted by the band. The 2000 world tour clip sees Lord and drummer Ian Paice in a light-hearted chat with tour manager Colin Hart before, the keyboardist plays a piece of music, unaware that he's being recorded.

When he finishes, Lord turns to the camera and says: "Isn't that a great song? Wish I got the right chords," and then, grabbing a glass of wine, jokes, "Is this wine corked or is it me?"

The Deep Purple co-founder retired from the group in 2002, going on to release a number of solo projects before his 2012 passing in London at the age of 71.

According to David Coverdale, the keyboardist was almost responsible for a reunion of a classic Deep Purple lineup. The singer connected with Ritchie Blackmore but the pair were unable to agree on a musical direction. Read more and watch the video here.

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Metal Allegiance Stream New Song Featuring Chuck Billy & Phil Demmel

(Classic Rock) Metal Allegiance have released a lyric video for their track Can't Kill The Devil. It's taken from the supergroup's upcoming self-titled debut album, due on September 18 via Nuclear Blast. Can't Kill The Devil features Testament's Chuck Billy and Machine Head guitarist Phil Demmel.

Singer Billy says: "I am very honoured to be a part of the Metal Allegiance record. The track Can't Kill The Devil was fun and challenging for me. Working outside of Testament lets me try different things with my voice. I think the fans are going to be singing along to this track for sure."

Metal Allegiance this month released a studio clip of them recording the track Gift Of Pain, featuring Lamb Of God's Randy Blythe. The project is led by Megadeth bassist David Ellefson, Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick and Winery Dogs drummer Mike Portnoy. Metal Allegiance is available for pre-order. The digipak edition features an additional cover of Dio's We Rock along with a behind-the-scenes documentary. See the track and guest list and stream the new song here.

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Between The Buried And Me Explains Change In Direction

(TeamRock Radio) Between The Buried And Me's Dan Briggs says latest album Coma Ecliptic was partly inspired by frontman Tommy Rogers' desire to move away from screaming vocals.

And the bassist is comfortable with the resulting work being referred to as a "rock opera." Coma Ecliptic, released last week, tells the story of a patient in a coma who travels through his past lives. The band say: "He's offered a choice - stay, or move to the next in search of something more 'perfect.'"

Briggs tells Prog Sphere: "Tommy had talked about how he wished he didn't have to scream so much. On a given night he just wasn't feeling angry, or he was trying to get himself into that mindspace.

"His voice has come a long way since the early albums. That was an interesting catalyst to have in the back of our heads - focusing on the melody. It helps tell the stories."

He continues: "A rock opera is really not much different than a concept album," he says. "It's the telling of a story through music, and that's what we did.

"I was listening to a lot of great rock operas - The Wall, The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, Operation: Mindcrime, Quadrophenia, as well as other musicals. We tried to elevate ourselves to something new." Read more here.

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Don Broco Release Superlove Music Video

(TeamRock Radio) Don Broco have released a video for their track Superlove, taken from second album Automatic. The follow-up to 2012 debut Priorities is released on August 7 via Epic.

Frontman Rob Damiani last week took part in a charity skydive in memory of cancer victim Stephen Sutton. Damiani said: "The band had the pleasure of meeting Stephen at one of our gigs in 2013 and were inspired by his incredible energy and enthusiasm.

"We watched his numerous achievements from that day on with a huge admiration and feel extremely grateful to be given the chance to take part in such a fantastic event."

Don Broco have just announced a UK tour ahead of their Reading and Leeds festival sets, with an additional show in London in December. See the dates and watch the video here.

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In This Moment's Chris Howarth On Becoming Headline Act

(TeamRock Radio) In This Moment's Chris Howarth says the band are revelling in their relatively new status as a big-draw headline act. The guitarist recalls his band could only attract 400 people at their own shows before the success of 2012's Blood and last year's follow-up Black Widow.

And being a big name allows them to put on the kind of live show he and singer Maria Brink have always wanted. Howarth tells Cryptic Rock: "Before Blood, we were an opening band. We played, but we very rarely headlined. We did some headlining tours, which were great - but we didn't feel we were great then, because we would still be lucky if we got 400 or 500 people.

"Now, when we headline there are 800 to 1000 people, sometimes more than that. We're playing nice places with nice dressing rooms, and we're the headliners. We have kind of gotten used to being the headliner." Read more here.

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Former Graveyard Dirt Guitarist David Alfred Reilly Releasing Solo Album

(Prog) Former Graveyard Dirt and The Ghost Of Genevieve guitarist David Alfred Reilly will launch his solo debut this month under the name Effa Lente. He plays all the instruments on The Effa Lente Configuration: Parts 1-4, described as "one long, continuous 44-minute track."

Classically-trained Reilly says the work is "like a cross between a prog band and a film score" and that it carries influences from King Crimson, Muse, Opeth and others.

He adds: "Rather than following standard musical forms, the structure is more like that of a Quentin Tarantino movie - the start might be the end, and the resolution of various parts don't necessarily happen immediately." Read more here.

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Trent Reznor Reportedly Helping Turn 'Fight Club' Into Rock Opera

(Radio.com) You could easily say that Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor is an eclectic musician. The frontman and composer has tried his hand in film scoring (rather successfully, might we add) with films like The Social Network, Gone Girl, and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and it looks like once again, Reznor is expanding his horizons.

According to podcast host Jeff Goldsmith and author Chuck Palahniuk, Reznor is teaming up with director David Fincher (who worked with him on the above projects) for a musical production of sorts: a Broadway-bound rock opera adaptation of the Palahniuk book Fight Club.

Goldsmith broke the news at Comic-Con over the weekend, which Palahniuk later confirmed. Also reportedly attached to the project is theater director Julie Taymor. Read more here.

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