Day in Rock Report for 07/23/2015

Metal Guitarist Injured In 'Freak Accident' With A Blender

Warbeast revealed in an online posting that guitarist Drew Shoup suffered a major injury to his index finger earlier this week as the result of a "freak accident" with a blender.

The band posted the following on their Facebook page on Wednesday, "Hey everyone… I have an update on our new Warbeast guitarist Drew Shoup. I know everyone has been concerned after his freak accident the other night to his fingers. I have some bad and good news to report.

"First of all for those that aren't aware of what happened…. Drew was washing a blender blade for like 2 seconds and right then their cat tried to jump up on the fridge. She missed and landed on his hand and it forced it onto the blade. It sliced them down to the bone… ouch!!! He was rushed to the ER and they gave him stitches that night.

"Today he went to see a hand specialist. The bad news is that he severed 3 tendons and a bunch of nerves. At the moment he has no feeling or movement in his index finger. He will have to schedule a surgery for next week for them to put it all back together.

"Now for the good news… right after the surgery, he will have to do therapy for awhile and they're telling him that it should all heal 100%. The timeframe on that is a guess right now… but Drew says he's determined to work hard and get back to playing as soon as possible. So we are hoping for about 6-8 weeks for the best case scenario.

"Even if it takes longer… we all have Drew's back and will support him through this unfortunate situation. Drew has worked really hard to be in Warbeast. He learned all of the songs and made the move from Colorado to Texas just to be a part of this band. So please send him some positive healing vibes so he can be back in the Warbeast lineup soon. I hear all the time lately that Warbeast is sounding better than we ever have with the additions of Drew and Lyric C. Ferchaud… so he is a very important part of this band.

"As far as our upcoming Warbeast shows… Mr. Scott Shelby will be playing all of the guitar parts and the shows will still go on. We've actually done several shows as a 4-piece over the years for various reasons… and so we've already adapted to situations like this. But once again…. good luck to Drew with his upcoming surgery and therapy…. we all have faith in ya bro!!" See the post and the photo here.

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Corey Taylor Explains Slipknot's Plans For The Future

Corey Taylor revealed Slipknot's future plans, including a possible double concept album, during a question and answer event with fans during his solo tour promoting his new book.

The Slipknot and Stone Sour singer explains his plans for both bands during the event last Sunday (July 19th) at the House Of Blues in West Hollywood, Ca. A video of the exchange has been posted online and Blabbermouth posted the following transcript of that part of his comments.

Taylor said, "I will give you a little glipse of the future of Slipknot right now. "First of all, more than likely, we will continue to work with the two new people who we made '.5: The Gray Chapter' with, who, I'm sure you've read, is Jay [Weinberg, drums] and Alex [Alessandro 'Vman' Venturella, bass]. We're going to tour until June next year. We're gonna go around the world again and then we are definitely gonna come back to the States and try to hit some of the other places that we didn't get to hit. That will more than likely wrap up the tour cycle.

"I will then go and do Stone Sour. Clown has got a couple of movies that he wants to direct. And let me tell you something: they just put together an initial cut of his first movie, 'Officer Downe', and I guess it is blowing people away, so I'm so f***ing proud of him.

"Everybody else is gonna kind of do their thing in Slipknot, I'm gonna do Stone Sour, and then we will reconvene, and I know, a couple of the guys, we've been talking about a double concept album, which I don't know if we could... But it's an interesting idea. So they told me to start thinking of an idea for a story. So we'll see what happens."

The idea of the double concept album was first discussed publicly by Shawn "Clown" Crahan during a recent interview on BBC Radio 1. He said, "I've been on Jim, and I'm just, like, 'Man, we've gotta write an art record. We've gotta write our [Pink Floyd's 'The Wall', Beatles 'Sgt. Pepper's']… whatever you wanna say. And that's where I'm at.

"We've got so many records on our record deal. We've done five. I'd love it if we could do a double album, just… interludes… Have a concept, [and] maybe make a movie. I mean, things that have all been done, things that have all been done before, but… you know, our way, our interpretation. That would be a grand slam for the Clown. Don't get me wrong: we'd still do our thing. We're still gonna be Slipknot."

Watch the video from Taylor's event here.

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After The Burial Guitarist Justin Lowe Found Dead

(TeamRock Radio) After The Burial guitarist Justin Lowe has been found dead after apparently falling from a bridge. Lowe was 32. Investigating authorities report his fatal injuries were consistent with a fall.

He'd announced his split from the band last month after publishing a long and confused announcement that appeared to suggest he was suffering from mental trauma.

His colleague reported he was receiving the help he needed - but he disappeared from his home over the weekend and his body was found in Somerset, Wisconsin, Tuesday night (July 21). His car was found nearby. Read more here.

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Guns N' Roses Guitarist Explains Axl Rose's Motivations

Guns N' Roses guitarist Richard Fortus shared his beliefs about what motivates the band's frontman Axl Rose, in a new interview with Rock.About.com's Bob Schallau.

Richard Fortus spoke with Schallau about the supergroup The Dead Daisies' new album "Revolución" and conversation naturally turned to his other group Guns N' Roses.

While Fortus said that the band's future plans are "up in the air" at the moment, he also discussed frontman and bandleader Axl Rose's motivations. He said, "Axl has always been cool with me and he's a hell of a musician. Some people are just really musical. They just are music and he is music personified, he really is. He's just one of the cats that just lives it. He always thinks musically. He listens - which is what makes him a great musician. Music is all that matters to him. I've never met anyone with as much musical and artistic integrity as Axl Rose.

"People talk about not doing stuff for money, but he really will not do something strictly for money. He's all about the music. It's gotta be about the music. That's why he doesn't do interviews, because it's not about the music. And to him that's the only thing that matters. I think that's incredibly admirable. Axl encompasses in a lot of ways what's missing from rock n' roll now - his mystique and he's an enigma.

"And he won't talk. He won't defend himself. People like Slash know that. They know Axl's not going to defend himself in the press. So they'll say whatever they want about him knowing he's not going to refute it. Because early on he got screwed over so much by journalists over and over again to the point where he won't do it. People are gonna say whatever the f--- they want to say. But he's at a place where it's not about anything other than the music. That's all he cares about and you don't see that anymore."

Fortus also discussed what his audition for the band was like back in 2001. He said, "I had received a call to asking me if I was interested in auditioning for GNR. I was heading out to L.A. in a few weeks at the time and I said 'Yeah sure. I'm going to be out there anyway doing a record so I'll do it at this time.' They said, 'Great.' I had spoken back and forth with their management and I didn't hear anything back from them, so I thought, 'It's not happening.' Then I got out to L.A. and Tommy Stinson [The Replacements] and Josh Freese [A Perfect Circle, Nine Inch Nails], who were the bass player and drummer with GNR at the time, were the rhythm section for the album I was hired to play on.

"So I said, 'Hey! I was supposed to come audition for you guys this week. Funny that we're playing on the same session.' They said, 'Oh yeah! You're the guy! Well Axl found this guy Buckethead and he called off all the auditions.' We did the record and Tommy and I became best friends and we ended up doing a bunch of other stuff together. And Josh and I did some stuff together. But next time GNR needed somebody about a year later they called me again. At that time I was on tour in Europe. I had two days off and I flew to L.A. from London. I got off the plane did the audition, got to hang out with Axl talking about music, and then got back on the plane, went back to Europe and finished the tour I was on. After that tour ended I started with GNR in 2001."

Read the full interview here.

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Bring Me The Horizon Announce North American Tour

Bring Me The Horizon have followed up the announcement that they will release their new album in September with word that they will be hitting the road this fall for a North American tour.

The band will be kicking off the headline tour, with support from Issues, on October 1st in Orlando, FL at the Hard Rock and concluding the trek on with an appearance at this year's Knotfest, put on by Slipknot, on October 25th in San Bernardino, CA.

The trek also features performances at a handful of other music festivals including the Louder Than Life Fest in Louisville on October 3rd, the Rock Allegiance Festival in Pennsylvania on October 10th, the KUPD radio show in Mesa on October 22nd and the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento on October 24th.

Bring Me The Horizon are launching the trek in support of their new studio album, entitled "That's The Spirit," which is set to be released on September 11th. See the tour dates here.

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Tommy Lee Has 'Whole New Thing' Planned After Motley Crue

Tommy Lee is keeping tightlipped about his solo plans after Motley Crue play the last tour date of their career at the end of this year, but he did reveal that is already working on his next project.

Motley Crue are scheduled to play the final show of "The Final Tour," which they billed as their last tour together, on New Year's Eve in Los Angeles and so far Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars have given tidbits of information about their plans after the Crue play that final show.

Tommy Lee has now given a few hints at his future plans in a new interview with Clubhead TV (via Blabbermouth). Lee said, "Right now, I haven't really told anybody about my future plans, but just know that I've got plans, and I've been writing a bunch of music and kind of putting aside.

"I think I'm gonna take a little break, first of all, when we get down with the tour, 'cause this will be, by the time we're done with it, close to a two-year tour with Motley. So I'll take a little bit of time off, but, knowing me, I won't be able to sit around very long. I'm gonna start getting it together for some time in 2016. Just know that I've got a whole brand new thing planned that I've got going."

Read more and stream the full interview here.

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Twenty One Pilots Release 'Lane Boy' Video

(TeamRock Radio) Twenty One Pilots have released a video for their track Lane Boy. The song is taken from the duo's fourth album Blurryface, which was released earlier this year.

Vocalist Tyler Joseph said this month that he and drummer Josh Dun were not sure how the record would be perceived. He said: "The record was written on the road, so it didn't feel very universal at the time. It was in the back of the bus or the hotel room and small areas where songs were being written and concepts put together.

"Josh and I didn't really know how it was going to be received. People's opinion of a bunch of songs ranging all over the place is sometimes kind of negative." Watch the video here.

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Why Nile Rodgers Left The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame

Chic mastermind Nile Rodgers shared his views of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in a recent interview with Radio.com and explained why he "spiritually" left the controversial organization.

The famed musician and producer had the following to say about the Rock Hall, "I don't watch the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony for obvious reasons. At the beginning I was part of the organization and I played at the inductions at the Waldorf Astoria with Paul Shaffer and those guys.

"But early on [in the Hall of Fame's lifetime], I left. Spiritually, I'm a hippie. My parents were beatniks. I know so much about rock and roll, or what I call rock and roll. When I was young, I played at Electric Ladyland when it was called Generation; it wasn't even a studio, it was a nightclub. On any given night, you would see Johnny Winter there, Jethro Tull, Danny Kalb and the Blues Project. That's who I was playing with, we were young kids, smokin'. Smokin'!

"To me, that's the bands that should be in the Hall of Fame. To me, rock and roll became this broad category that all music was in, once it hit the top 40. Now it feels gentrified. Like, when I was a kid, we were into Country Joe and the Fish and Quicksilver Messenger Service and Cactus. That's the [best] stuff, to me! How about Hapshash and the Coloured Coat and the Peanut Butter Conspiracy and Moby Grape?

"I remember when I first bought Dr. John the Night Tripper['s 1968 debut Gris-Gris]. In fact, Bowie and I have talked about covering "I Walk on Gilded Splinters." For years! It was passionate.

"When they describe Chic as a 'sub-genre' of rock and roll, I go, 'A sub-genre?' Everything is a sub genre of what rock and roll used to be! None of those bands sound like the early rock and roll artists! I went to the Country Music Hall of Fame and it was unbelievable. I felt like I was at the Museum of Natural History, it was the most moving thing, I was brought to tears. And I learned so much about country music and the history, and they had no problem acknowledging the contributions of black people and addressing the racism. The curator said, 'We changed it to 'country and western' so white people would buy it!' I didn't expect that! I thought it was really brave to address that, because people don't want to talk about that. It was a history lesson.

"I've been to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - believe it or not, they've asked us to play - it sort of feels like the Hard Rock Cafe. But in my opinion, at the Rock Hall, you're not feeling those surf bands, you're not feeling [the band] Love. If bands didn't sell [a lot], they're not there, even though their influence was so strong. Like, Love: every band in L.A. wanted to be Love. The Doors wanted to be like Love!

He then expressed the same sentiment as many Rush fans over the years that the legendary prog trio were snubbed by the organization. Radio.com asked him "But some bands that the Rock and Roll Hall have shunned, and seemed to hate, have gotten in recent years, like KISS and Rush." And he responded, "How could you hate Rush? That's ridiculous!" Read the full interview here.

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Stone Sour Already Have Eight Songs For New Album

(Classic Rock) Corey Taylor says that he's written eight songs for the next Stone Sour album. The frontman describes the new material as "a little more rock'n'roll" and says he'll turn his attention to it full-time once Slipknot's touring cycle for .5: The Gray Chapter comes to an end next year.

Taylor tells Eddie Trunk (via Blabbermouth): "It's kind of going in a different direction than the older stuff - a little more rock and roll, a little more expanding the range again.

"I've got Slipknot until June of next year. So it's gonna be kind of, where I can, filling in the blanks and getting everything ready for when that happens." Read more here.

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Slayer's Kerry King Jams Mercyful Fate Classic With King Diamond

Slayer guitarist Kerry King joined King Diamond on stage on Tuesday night (July 21st) at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ to jam the classic song "Evil" from Diamond's former band Mercyful Fate.

Diamond shared his excitement about the jam with the following posting on his Facebook page, "Tonight was a very special night for us. We had an amazing audience, a rogue smoke machine, and were joined on stage by the legendary Kerry King of Slayer, who played along on the entire Mercyful Fate song 'Evil'.

"Kerry, it was an absolute honor to share the stage with you! Hope all of you had a memorable evening like we did." Diamond followed up by posting a photo of the jam here. Fan filmed footage of the jam can been seen here.

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Michael Monroe and Hardcore Superstar Announce Fall Tour

Former Hanoi Rocks frontman Michael Monroe has announced that he and his solo band will be teaming up with Hardcore Superstar to launch a coheadlining tour of Europe this fall.

The tour will be kicking off in Birmingham, England on October 9th at The Library and concluding on October 28th in Dusseldorf at Zakk. Monroe will then play two special dates with Alice Cooper on October 29th in Plymouth and the 30th in Swindon.

Monroe is launching the tour in support of his forthcoming studio album "Blackout States", which is set to be release by Spinefarm Records on October 16th.

He had the following to say about the album, "I'm extremely excited about our new album, 'Blackout States'. It has all the ingredients of a perfect rock'n'roll record - strong melodic songs with great meaningful lyrics that defy all clichés, delivered with a punky, ballsy attitude by a killer band.

"I highly recommend 'Blackout States' to anyone who's even a little bit interested in what real, authentic, high energy rock'n'roll at its best sounds like today." See the tour dates here.

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Bob Marley Box Sets To Be Released In September

UMe have announced that on September 25th that they will be releasing two different editions of a Bob Marley vinyl box set as part of their year-long 70th birthday celebration for the late reggae icon.

The Complete Island Recordings box set will be offered in two configurations, a standard edition and a special Collector's Edition, each featuring 11 albums on 180-gram vinyl.

The albums included in each version include "Catch A Fire," "Burnin'," "Natty Dread," "Live!," "Rastaman Vibration," "Exodus," "Babylon By Bus," "Kaya," "Survival," "Uprising," and "Confrontation."

We were sent these details about each version: "Both boxes will include Bob's 70th Birthday logo and all nine Bob Marley & The Wailers studio albums recorded for Island Records along with two live albums."

"The Complete Island Recordings will include 11-LPs packaged in a rigid card box with lift top lid, and wrapped in silver paper that simulates the brushed metal finish of a hinged lighter."

"The Complete Island Recordings: Collector's Edition will included 11-LPs, a 70th anniversary slip mat and two photos in glassine envelopes, all packaged in a unique metal box set, numbered and lined with velvet and connected to truly emulate a hinged lighter. "

Amazon is taking pre-orders here.

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Late Slayer Star Jeff Hanneman's Guitars Being Auctioned

(Classic Rock) Some of Jeff Hanneman's guitars are to be sold in a charity auction to help wounded war veterans. The Slayer guitarist died in 2013 of acohol-related illness, after spending the two preceding years off the road.

Instrument maker ESP is assisting with the auction. They report: "When Jeff passed away he left behind thousands of fans, as well as fellow musician whom he influenced via his distinctive playing style.

Each guitar is verified to have been used by Hanneman either on tour on in the studio, and comes in its original case, complete with whatever he left inside with the instrument. Items will be accompanied with a certificate of authenticity. Read more here.

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Lynch Mob Streaming New Song 'Jelly Roll'

(Classic Rock) Lynch Mob have released a stream of their track Jelly Roll. It's taken from George Lynch and co's eighth studio album Rebel which will be released on August 21 via Frontiers Music.

The follow up to last year's Sun Red Sun is available to pre-order through iTunes, with those buying ahead of launch getting instant access to the track along with Automatic Fix and War.

Joining guitarist Lynch in the lineup are vocalist Oni Logan, drummer Scot Coogan and bassist Kevin Baldes. They'll take to the road across the US in August in support of the record. Stream the new song here.

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Arch Enemy Release 'Illustration' Video For 'Avalanche'

(TeamRock Radio) Arch Enemy have released an 'illustration' video for their track Avalanche. The song is taken from their ninth album War Eternal. It's their first record to feature vocalist Alissa White-Gluz, who replaced Angela Gossow. The video for Avalanche features illustrations by artist Felix Laflamme.

Arch Enemy have also revealed a limited-edition run of War Eternal LPs in a black and blue splatter design. Only 500 have been made and will be sold on the upcoming Summer Slaughter tour, which the band is headlining.

Also on the bill are Cattle Decapitation, Obscura, The Acacia Strain, Veil Of Maya, Born Of Osiris, After The Burial and Beyond Creation. See the tour dates and the watch the new video here.

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Ghost Drop Label Mandated B.C. From Their Name

Ghost's Nameless Ghoul tells Loudwire that the band is no longer required to go under the name Ghost B.C. in North America and explained why they added the B.C. to their name in early 2013.

Ghost's 'Nameless Ghouls' tells the website, "The thing was there was never a lawsuit. It was basically, I have to just explain myself after I hang one institution out to dry here and that was not our real label, but the bigger umbrella version of our label. Unfortunately in the legal world in general, and it's not an anti-American thing, but especially in America where people are so conscious about not being sued, obviously all corporations are extremely conscious about not getting sued.

"So the big major label, specifically, had a policy that said that every artist they sign must own their own name. Obviously we don't have exclusive rights to our band name because it's a word so commonly used. There are so many brands that have the word 'ghost' that I think it's almost un-ownable, in a way, unless it's more specific. So it was basically a demand from the label that we added something."

He also explained what the B.C. stood for, "What we found least irritating was that if it was something short for something else. We added the B.C. 'Because of Copyright' or, obviously, 'Before Christ.'

"We wanted people to still focus on Ghost. Unfortunately that leaked over into the promotional side too just because they tagged everything 'Ghost B.C.' everyone started calling it that." He continues here.

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X Guitarist Billy Zoom Gets Sweet Relief In Cancer Fight

The Music Cancer Fund at Sweet Relief have announced that they have begun working with X guitarist Billy Zoom and his family through their Directed Artist Funds program.

Zoom was recently diagnosed with and began treatment for an aggressive form of bladder cancer. His band and manager immediate launched a crowdfunding campaign that raised more than the original goal of $50,000 in a few short days.

We were sent these details about Sweet Relief: "The program was created to assist individuals with long term expenses and treatment for cancer and other severe illnesses or disabilities. Program services include guidance on medical bills and insurance plans as well as after care patient resources. Sweet Relief will also assist with fundraising events, managing contributions and providing charitable tax receipts."

Executive Director at Sweet Relief Rob Max had this to say, "X and Billy Zoom have been amazing supporters of our cause to assist musicians for the past two decades. We are grateful and honored to be working with Billy and his family." Find more details about Billy's fund here.

While Zoom undergoes treatment, the band had announced that they will be honoring their summer tour commitments and have recruited Jesse Dayton (Waylon Jennings, Supersuckers) to fill in for Zoom at the upcoming dates. See the dates here.

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Chris Squire Asked Yes To Continue After His Death

(Classic Rock) Chris Squire asked Alan White to keep Yes moving forward - and the drummer says that's exactly what's going to happen. But he admits it's going to be difficult to continue without the only man to have been part of every lineup. Squire died of leukemia last month, aged 67.

White tells Billboard: "It's certainly going to be hard without him - but he called me and asked me to keep everything going regardless of what happens. So absolutely we're moving ahead. I'm going to do it for him."

He adds: "Everything has been pretty positive in that regard. The fans are behind the band. It doesn't seem like anybody's given up. Things can't just stop. We've got to maintain the Yes name and meet the high standards of musicianship Chris created."

He believes Squire knew in April that he was seriously ill, but only told his bandmates the following month. "We got an email that said, 'I don't think I'm going to be able to make this tour, so if you can do it without me I want you to keep things going.

"'I'll get rid of this and see you next spring in Europe.' He had a very positive attitude - but it was clear that something was wrong." Read more here.

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Anvil Crowdfunding Their New Studio Album

(Classic Rock) Anvil have announced that they have launched a PledgeMusic campaign to help support the recording and release of their 16th album and are offering fans a lot of extras that take part in it.

Steve 'Lips' Kudlow and Robb Reiner have already started recording the follow-up to 2013's Hope In Hell - and they're confident their fans will support them.

They say: "Considering that almost anyone aware of Anvil knows our long and sometimes brutal history, we're hoping you would be honoured to help and prove us right in our belief in you.

"And we promise another top notch Anvil recording that we can enjoy for many years into the future." Read more here.

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Atreyu's Reunion Feels 'New And Exciting' For The Band

(TeamRock Radio) Everything about Atreyu's reunion is perfect, says drummer and vocalist Brandon Saller. And he's astonished that the outfit have all the attitude and aggression they had when they started out as teenagers.

The US metalcore outfit got back together in 2014 after a three-year hiatus, returning with free track So Others May Live. They're gearing up to release sixth album Long Live in September.

Saller tells Metal Talk: "The energy with the band - you can't calculate it. It's insane that we all have the same fire in our bellies that we did when we were 16 years old. I feel fortunate that we can go away for five years and not play a single show, and have exponentially grown in that time. It's just baffling."

He continues: "It's cool to be 31 and get to go out on stage with your friends, and have it feel new and exciting. I feel like most people get very jaded by this business, and a lot of bands just keep going on autopilot - that's a horrible, horrible thing." Read more here.

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Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx Launches New Music Blog

(hennemusic) Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has launched a blog in support of new music. #SupportNewMusic with Nikki Sixx sees the rocker shining a spotlight on up and coming talent in tandem with his syndicated Sixx Sense radio show.

"My mission with the Sixx Sense platform is to reenergize and revitalize music by giving new artists a chance," says the bassist. "To not only keep rock and alternative music relevant, but also to help it secure its well-deserved place in history.

"I can't remember a time in life when a new song came on the radio and I didn't feel like I was experiencing something special and important - when a good song hits, whether it soothes the romantic soul or ignites the fire of ten thousand fists, it's real. I guess you can say that's why music and radio are so important to me."

"I am proud to support and believe in all styles of rock music," adds Sixx. "Rock has withstood every climate change, naysayer and new trend that has ever come along. It is an exciting time for music and having the ability to share new artists and songs on the radio is something that never grows old." Read more here.

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Black Temple Announce New Album 'It All Ends'

(TeamRock Radio) Swedish outfit Black Temple will release their debut album, It All Ends, on August 28 via Century Media Records. The trio of singer/bassist Jonas, guitarist Wiltold and drummer Jesper teamed with producer Magnus Lindberg from Cult Of Luna on It All Ends, which marks the first collaboration between the German label and In Flames singer Anders Friden's Razzia Notes Records.

Friden says: "First time I heard Black Temple I freaked and I said to myself, 'I gotta work with these guys somehow.' The whole expression of their music is a perfect introduction to Razzia Notes and our new collaboration with Century Media. It's a monster of an album."

Referred to as Sweden's most violent live act, frontman Jonas attempts to describe the group's sound. He says: "Think of our music as Nirvana met Torche and Cult Of Luna - and f***ed." Read more here.

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Uneven Structure Streaming New Song 'Funambule'

(Prog) Uneven Structure have released a stream of their track Funambule. It's taken from second album La Partition, due for release later this year via Basick Records, after nearly three years in the works.

Guitarist Igor Omodei says: "We started working in 2012. We had no clear idea about the sound we were aiming for - we only knew we'd like something organic sounding, that would keep its momentum through the whole album.

"There are very slow noisy and heavy tracks - almost sludge-like - and much faster, hectic ones. Some are very intimate. It's all a matter of having dynamics and keeping things unexpected. You get these moments where something happens, and then the track just takes your hand and pulls you in another direction." Stream the song here.

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Blues Pioneer Sylvester Weaver To Receive New Headstone

(The Blues Blues pioneer Sylvester Weaver is to be honored with a new headstone to on the 119th anniversary of his birth. Now the Kentuckiana Blues Society will replace the plain headstone they'd placed over his previously-unmarked grave in 1992.

Weaver is credited with playing on the very first blues record which featured a guitar-only accompaniment - Sara Martin's Longing For Daddy Blues, released in 1923.

The Louisville musician was known as "the man with the talking guitar" during his recording era. But he'd been largely forgotten and was working as a chauffeur when he died in 1960. Read more here.

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Glenn Hughes Announces Japanese Tour Dates

(hennemusic) Bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes will perform a pair of shows in Japan in December as part of his 2015 world tour. Hughes will play Tokyo's Shimokitazawa Garden on December 8 and 9.

The bassist will be joined by Revolution Saints guitarist Doug Aldrich and Swedish drummer Pontus Engborg for the dates, which will see Hughes perform highlights from his extensive career, including music from Trapeze, Deep Purple, Black Country Communion, California Breed and solo material.

Next month, Hughes and company will launch the 2015 tour in South America before playing shows across Europe from mid-September to early November. Read more here.

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Vennart, Knifeworld and Cleft Announce UK Tour

(Classic Rock) Vennart have announced a headline UK tour, with support from Knifeworld and Cleft. Former Oceansize man Mike Vennart's band will play five dates across the country in November, following previously-announced appearances next month.

They're all designed to support Vennart's debut album The Demon Joke, released in June via Superball Music. It spawned an animated promo for Operate, a live shoot of Retaliate, and a lyric video for Don't Forget The Joker.

Vennart says the November run will be their "final dates for the foreseeable future." The band are nominated in the Anthem category at this year's Progressive Music Awards and feature in the latest edition of Prog. Read more and see the dates here.

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