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Sammy Hagar Offers Apology To Van Halen

(hennemusic) Sammy Hagar offers what may well be his first-ever public apology to Van Halen in a video preview to his appearance on this week's episode of "Oprah: Where Are They Now?"

Hagar, who split from Van Halen in 1996 and reunited with them to support a greatest hits album on a 2004 tour that ended poorly, has repeatedly bashed the band at every turn since - including recent slams over the group's 2015 live album and claims that brothers Alex and Eddie Van Halen have been trying to shut down his ability to perform material from his time in the lineup.

Following the late 2015/early 2016 deaths of fellow rockers Scott Weiland, Lemmy, David Bowie and Glenn Frey, Hagar tells Oprah that he has found himself in a new place.

"The whole Van Halen issue, I really put that behind me, and I'm proud of what we did. So I've decided, forgive and forget," explains the Red Rocker. "I ain't looking for nothing from nobody. I don't wanna… I ain't asking to be, you know… get back in the band and do all that again; that's work! I don't wanna do that. No, no, no. I just wanna be friends." He adds: "I wanna say I'm sorry of anything I said bad about you."

Hagar's comments to Oprah mirror much of what he told Rolling Stone in March, just weeks after the singer reached out to Eddie Van Halen for the first time in more than a decade in an effort to re-establish a friendship with his former bandmate on the occasion of his 61st birthday in late January.

Hagar made headlines with a tweet to the guitar icon, writing "Happy Birthday Eddie - hope you're doing good", which prompted the reply, "Thanks Sammy. Hope you're well too." Watch the video clip here.

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Temple Of The Dog Stream Unreleased Song 'Black Cat'

(hennemusic) Seattle supergroup Temple Of The Dog are streaming a demo of an unreleased song, "Black Cat", as a preview to next month's release of a special 25th anniversary reissue collection of their 1991 self-titled debut.

Due September 30, the tune appears on the two CD Deluxe and 4-disc Super Deluxe editions, which include seven unheard demos and five studio outtakes in addition to a new remix of the original album by producer Brendan O'Brien.

Single CD and double LP sets will also be available from the group that features members of both Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. The lineup of Soundgarden's Chris Cornell, Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament, Stone Gossard and Mike McCready, and drummer Matt Cameron - who plays with both bands - are regrouping to perform this fall in support of the 25th anniversary reissue.

The group's first-ever tour will see Temple Of The Dog perform eight concerts in five cities starting in Philadelphia, PA on November 4. "We wanted to do the one thing we never got to do … play shows and see what it feels like to be the band that we walked away from 25 years ago," says Cornell. Stream the song and see the tour dates here.

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Former Nine Inch Nails Star James Woolley Dead At 50

(TeamRock) Former Nine Inch Nails keyboard player James Woolley has died at the age of 50. Woolley played with Nine Inch Nails from 1991 to 1994 and toured with the band during their most successful period following the release of 1994 album The Downward Spiral.

His death was confirmed in a Facebook post by his ex wife Kate Van Buren. She says: "James always stayed close to his children. He loved being a father. Because of significant neck and spine injuries, he wasn't capable of doing a lot of physical activities with them, but he loved sitting down to paint, or teach piano, or just look at nature. He passed his amazing musical and artistic talents to all three children."

As well as Nine Inch Nails, Woolley worked with Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford on his band 2wo and also worked on his own project Void. Read more here.

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Avenged Sevenfold Announce Free Concert

(Metal Hammer) Avenged Sevenfold have announced a free show in Minneapolis tonight night (August 18) at the iconic First Avenue club, which was made famous in the Prince movie "Purple Rain".

The band decided to organize a small gig for 1500 lucky fans on a first-come, first-served basis at the city's First Avenue venue to "get the blood flowing" ahead of their sold-out concert with Metallica and Volbeat at Minneapolis' brand new US Bank Stadium on Saturday night (August 20).

They say: "We got into Minneapolis a little bit early and decided we wanted to play a small gig to get the blood flowing again. We called up the world famous First Avenue and asked if we could play a free show tomorrow night, and they said yes.

"So, there you have it. Doors open at 7pm and we will play around 9pm. There will be no tickets for this show." Read more here.

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Dio Would Have Approved Of Hologram Says Wendy

(Classic Rock) Wendy Dio went into the Wacken Open Air festival pit to see the hologram of late husband Ronnie James Dio appear on stage for the first time - and she admits the experience reduced her to tears, even though she didn't think it would.

But she believes the Black Sabbath icon, who died in 2010, would have approved of the idea. The surprise performance took place on August 6 at the end of a set by the Dio Disciples. She'd seen the projection during private rehearsals, but wanted to view it from the fans' perspective.

Wendy tells Eddie Trunk Live (via Blabbermouth): "We went down into the pit to watch it. I've seen it over and over again in rehearsals - but actually seeing Ronnie on stage with his band, I was brought to tears, as were all the fans near me.

"They were all enjoying it, but crying. It was a lot of of love. They really got it and they loved it. I didn't think I was going to cry, but I did." She reports that the response to the hologram was "90% positive," adding: "You always get the naysayers, but I think people that haven't seen Ronnie would love to see it, and people that have seen Ronnie would love to see him again, especially with his bandmates." Read more and watch video of the performance here.

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Phil Anselmo Reveals Superjoint Album Release Details

(Metal Hammer) Phil Anselmo revealed that the reactivated Superjoint Ritual, now known as Superjoint, will release their album Caught Up In The Gears Of Application on November 11.

While confirming the Superjoint release date, Anselmo also discusses his other plans for the near future, saying: "I've got so much music that I'm about to dump on the public.

"There's a lot of extremes. I've been doing this other trip down music that's tough to put a fingertip on, but I'd say it's something different. Just exploring music, which it should be.

"There's more than just heavy metal out there. Explore music. It's a deep, deep field." Read more here.

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Faith No More To Reunite With Chuck Mosley For Special Shows

(TeamRock) Faith No More will reunite with Chuck Mosley for two shows this week to celebrate the reissue of their debut album We Care A Lot. Billed as performances by Chuck Mosley & Friends, the vocalist will be joined by Mike Bordin, Billy Gould, Jon Hudson and Roddy Bottum for gigs at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco on August 18 (Thursday) and at The Troubadour in Hollywood on August 20 (Saturday).

In a video announcing the reunion, Mosley says he will be playing an acoustic set with some friends as the existing FNM lineup, minus singer Mike Patton, reveal themselves to the camera.

The 1985 album We Care A Lot has been out of print since 1996 and Faith No More recently revealed it will be reissued on August 19 via Koolarrow Records and will feature a remaster of the original album along with alternative mixes, demos and live cuts. Read more and watch the video here.

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Geoff Tate, Ripper Owens, Blaze Bayley Announce Trinity Tour

Geoff Tate (Operation: Mindcrime, ex-Queensryche), Tim "Ripper" Owens (Dio Disciples, ex-Judas Priest) and Blaze Bayley (ex-Iron Maiden) are teaming up for a mini tour.

The Trinity tour will feature six shows across New England beginning on November 20th in Sellersville, PA at the Sellersville Theater and wrapping up on the 27th in New York City at the B.B. King Blues Club.

The three vocalists will be performing songs from their individual careers during the shows. Ripper had this to say, "This is gonna be fun….In Between putting new cd's out this year, I am gonna have some fun with my fiends!!! WHY NOT, it's our jobs to Rock!!! Trinity is Geoff Tate, Ripper Owens & Blaze Bayley coming to you live for a very special and limited run of dates!" See the dates here.

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Havok Dropped From Megadeth Tour Amid Contract Dispute

(Metal Hammer) Havok say they have been removed as a support act from Megadeth's upcoming North American tour after refusing to sign what they are calling an "unacceptable" contract.

Havok were named alongside Suicidal Tendencies, Amon Amarth and Metal Church as support acts on the North American tour, but have revealed they will no longer take part after a falling out with Mustaine Management, the firm run by Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine's son Justis.

Havok say: "It is with deep regret we are forced to inform fans of metal that we will not be on the upcoming Megadeth tour with Amon Amarth, Suicidal Tendencies and Metal Church. We will also not be going to Mexico in August and early September as was planned.

"We were really looking forward to these shows, but, unfortunately, Mr Mustaine has chosen to remove us from the lineup. The reasons for our absence are directly related to a contract negotiation insisted upon by Mustaine Management - a negotiation that has gone awry." Read more here.

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Former Gates of Slumber and Sourvein Star J. Clyde Paradis Dies

Former Gates of Slumber and Sourvein drummer Jerry Clyde Paradis died this past Saturday (August 13th) and his friends have set up a crowdfunding page to help raise funds for "his cremation, a headstone, and a [cemetery] plot."

At press time the campaign had raised $5000 of the adjusted $7000 goal (the original goal was reached in only 12 hours). Organizers state that any leftover money "will be used to help rescue homeless animals and also be given to the Southeast German Shepherd Rescue Fund; one of his favorite charities."

Gates of Slumber frontman Karl Simon posted the following humorous tribute to Paradis, "Well…. After a couple of days and more than a few jokes at your expense, Clyde… You shifty old bastard, it starts to sink in that I'm not going to see you again in this life. And that's sad. I can't and don't want to church it up folks. Clyde was a g-damn wild-man.

"His existence could be called a macro-aggression, the true product of 80's Hardcore. And it would pain him to know that it wasn't his "cool" that endeared him to me. It was his skill as a drummer that I'll miss: his flawless time and feel made me love his sketchy ass. Dude could play… . Sadly metal is a game where if you aren't wearing out every measure with excess bulls-t somehow you aren't playing. Clyde understood the power of minimalism - we bonded on that and it was that aesthetic that allowed The Gates of Slumber to write and record one of the things I'm most proud of in my life: The Wretch.

"You don't meet too many people like him anymore and that too is sad. His kind is dying out. F-k man, what does one say about a dude like that? He couldn't f-king drink at all. But the two and a half beers he did drink before passing out were fun. Believe me when I tell you that a-hole is in Hell now and he's currently stressing Old Nick the f-k out with his endless line of bulls-t and wheedling.

"Just do me one f-king favor ok? Keep the blubbering to a minimum, because that was not his s-t. The only time he ever showed anything I'd call sentiment is when he was thinking about his old German Shepard Guinness. So wipe the tears because he'd have just laughed in your face. Crank up some f-kin Van Halen. Drink a beer and a half and pass out. And try to cook up a get rich quick scheme in the man's honor! - Karl" Visit the crowdfunding page here.

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The Cult Announce Dates With Guns N' Roses

(hennemusic) The Cult have announced that they will open a pair of dates for Guns N' Roses' reunion tour stops at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, CA that will be taking place this week.

The August 18 and 19 shows by Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan on the Not In This Lifetime Tour will be followed by the summer North American run's finale at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, CA on August 22.

The Cult have opened several shows for the reunited trio alongside playing US headlining dates of their own in support of their latest album, "Hidden City." Read more here.

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The Dead Daisies Release Video For The Who Cover 'Come Together'

The Dead Daisies have released a video featuring their performance of the classic song "Come Together" by The Who which was filmed at the Woodstock Festival Poland in July.

Frontman John Corabi had this to say about the clip and the performance, "We wanted to do 'Join Together' cause it's obviously a classic Who song. I just love the power of the guitar and bass when it kicks in with the heavy riff on the second verse... always have.

"The vocals are pretty easy to get the audience involved, and it's been a crowd favorite when we play it live. We knew the minute we started jamming, it was going to sound great! It's our tip of the hat to a legendary classic band... you may think of us as 'rockers' but, at the end of the day we're just huge music fans... just like our audience!" Check out the video here.

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Candlebox Announce U.S., UK and Euro Tour Dates

Candlebox have announced headline tours of the U.S., the UK and Europe that they will be launching in support of their latest album "Disappearing In Airports".

The band will be kicking the live dates off with a short U.S. trek that will begin on November 11th in Reno, NV at the Rockbar Theater and will wrap up on the 22nd in 22 - Los Angeles, CA at the Regent Theatre.

The U.S. dates will feature support from Jeff Angell's Staticland. Candlebox frontman Kevin Martin had this to say, "Finally some northwest and west coast dates! So stoked to be playing these shows with Jeff Angell's Staticland and looking forward to visiting some of our favorite northwest and west coast stomping grounds. Can't wait to see y'all."

They will rest over the holidays before heading to the UK to launch that tour on January 17th at Sub 89 in Reading. They will end the European tour with a show in Paris at Les Etoiles on January 31st.

The band shared these thoughts about that trek, "Say Whaaaaaatttt? About damn time huh?!? Cannot wait to come play for y'all. You've been so patient, can't believe it's actually happening!! See ya's soon!!" See the dates here.

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Robert Plant's Stairway To Heaven Trial Testimony Released

(Classic Rock) A transcript of Robert Plant's evidence given at the recent Led Zeppelin Stairway To Heaven plagiarism trial has been published online. Vocalist Plant and guitarist Jimmy Page gave evidence at the trial in a California court in June, after which they were cleared of having copied the opening sequence of Stairway To Heaven from Spirit track Taurus, released three years before the iconic Led Zep song.

Now the full transcript of Plant's testimony has been published by Rolling Stone and follows the earlier publication of Page's evidence. In his testimony, Plant says he doesn't remember ever hearing the track Taurus. He says: "I didn't remember it then, and I don't remember it now."

Plant says he heard earlier Spirit track Fresh Garbage on a compilation album that he bought in 1968. And asked whether he had ever seen Spirit perform live at Birmingham's Mothers Club where Led Zep were known to hang out, Plant says: "No, I can't recall, actually, Spirit or anybody playing there, with the passing of time.

"I know that they did play there, and I do know that night my wife and I were involved in a big car wreck, and she had a fractured skull, and I had the front part of the windshield sort of buried in the top of my head, which is interesting, and I was hospitalised. We both were. And I don't remember a thing, no." Read more including the full transcript here.

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King 810 Release Video For 'The Last Supper'

(Metal Hammer) King 810 have released a video for their instrumental track "The Last Supper." It comes before the launch of second album La Petite Mort Or A Conversation With God, although it doesn't appear on the record.

The follow-up to 2014's Memoirs Of A Murderer was confirmed last month, with Roadrunner Records describing it as "an inspired body of work that marks a profound evolutionary leap for the restless, driven souls of King 810."

The label added that the 13-track title documented the themes of violence and despair and the "steady desensitization of the human spirit under those conditions." Watch the video here.

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Don Dokken Says Reunion Is About Money

(Classic Rock) Don Dokken says his Dokken reunion is "about money" and that he believes the same to be true of the Guns N' Roses classic lineup's comeback. The frontman will be joined by George Lynch, Jeff Pilson and Mick Brown for a run of six shows in Japan in October, after which Dokken will revert to the current lineup of Don, Brown, guitarist Jon Levin and bassist Chris McCarvill.

And Don Dokken makes no bones about the fact that the reunion has come about to boost their bank balances rather than because they have any real love for each other.

Dokken tells Eddie Trunk Live (via Blabbermouth): "I'm looking forward to playing with George and Jeff. Of course, Mick's still in Dokken, the current lineup.

"It's not glorious. But when someone sticks an 'X' amount of dollars with a lot of zeroes attached, what are you gonna say? 'No, I'm busy'? I mean, c'mon.

"You think David Lee Roth went back with Van Halen because he just felt like it. I mean, it's about money. And Guns N' Roses - do you think they're doing it because they're all madly in love with each other? I don't think so." Read more here.

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Slaves Release 'Spit It Out' Video, Announce UK Tour

(TeamRock) Slaves have released a video for their track Spit It Out and announced a November UK tour. Spit It Out is taken from the British punk duo's upcoming second album Take Control, released on September 30 via Virgin EMI.

Isaac Holman and Laurie Vincent previously said the follow-up to 2015's debut album Are You Satisfied? is heavier, and compared it to a planned pregnancy.

Vincent commented: "It's like the difference between accidentally having a baby and planning a baby. You know how some bands go away and say they're gonna get in the studio and see what happens? We were like, 'We're gonna make an album, and it's gonna be like this.'"

The UK tour kicks off in Bexhill De La Warr on November 10 and finishes in London on November 30. See the dates and watch the video here.

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Jordan Rudess Introduces Animated An Endless Sporadic Video

(Prog) Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess has introduced the animated video for Sky Run by An Endless Sporadic. The track appears on the band's upcoming album Magic Machine, and it features his piano and synth parts.

Rudess previously described An Endless Sporadic mainman Zach Kamins as "an enormous talent that I've been aware of for a long time," adding: "The album is filled with awesome compositions and great playing."

Kamins himself said: "I've always had a passion for music that was part of a bigger story, where ideas can take time to develop and be presented in many different ways."

Magic Machine is released on September 16, and also features Flower Kings mainman Roine Stolt and colleague Joan Reingold, plus other guests. Watch the video here.

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Pentangle 2008 Reunion Being Released As Double Album

(Prog) A 2CD set recorded during Pentangle's reunion tour in 2008 is to be released on October 7. The package is described as "beautifully recorded," capturing the band "in a series of scintillating performances.

The comeback trek saw the classic lineup of Bert Jansch and John Renbourn, singer Jacqui McShee, bassist Danny Thompson and drummer/percussionist Terry Cox team up for the first time since they split in 1973.

"Its long awaited release by Topic now comes with added poignancy in the knowledge that Bert Jansch supervised the mixing and sequencing and John Renbourn prepared the album masters before their untimely deaths in 2011 and 2015 respectively.

"Pentangle was one of the most exciting and innovative groups in the world, genuinely pushing the boundaries of folk and jazz in a way that defied categorization. They enjoyed an unprecedented degree of worldwide success for an acoustic band and their influence and musical impact was clearly still revered and relevant forty years later." Read more here.

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As Sirens Fall Release 'Where You Are' Video

As Sirens Fall have released a new music video for their single 'Smoke,' which continues the storyline of their previous video for the song video 'Where You Are'.

The band had this to say about the new clip, "The video for Smoke follows on from our previous video 'Where You Are'. There's not ever an explanation as to how Mikey gets to where he is up at the end of that video, but that's pretty intentional. It's meant to symbolise confusion and guilt. The feeling of responsibility when you put someone into a bad situation and feel like it's your fault.

"The weekend we made the videos was one of the most grueling but awesome weekends of all of our lives. We loved it so much. I think it was a solid 40 hours working but we got there in the end and we are so happy with them." Watch it here.

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Beth Hart Announces 'Fire On The Floor' Album, Streams Title Song

(The Blues) Beth Hart has announced the title and release date for her next album and issued a lyric video for its title track. Hart will release eighth album Fire On The Floor on October 14 via Provogue and the video for the track of the same name can be viewed below. It's the follow-up to last year's Better Than Home.

Fire On The Floor is described as a genre-crossing collection of 12 tracks that reflect Hart's teenage influences, which took in everything from gospel, soul and classical to Soundgarden.

She says: "As a writer, I feel really stifled if I'm trying to write in the same style. I just can't do that. Growing up as a kid, I was raised all over the place stylistically, loving so many different genres.

"I'm so pleased with it. I recently had to organise the sequence of the record, and while I was doing that, I was thinking to myself, 'Y'know, this is pretty frickin' good.'" Check out the song, tracklisting and artwork here.

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Singled Out: Jackie Venson's Lost in Time

Blues rocker Jackie Venson is gearing up to release her new album 'Jackie Venson Live!' and to celebrate we asked her to tell us about the song "Lost in Time". Here is the story:

My single "Lost in Time" from my upcoming album 'Jackie Venson Live' is an anthem to all who understand being unique and the fight to maintain that spirit of uniqueness. When I went to college I was hoping to be surrounded by folks who understood uniqueness and nurtured it however it was rather naïve of me to expect that. Just like any place with a large group of people thrown together, there will be challenges. There will always be folks who are insecure and feel the need to lash out in order to ease their insecurity, there will also always be folks who rise above it all and lift up others around them in the process. This push and pull of people is what I experienced as a young adult and it was extremely valuable to see the dynamic.

I remember my first year there was rather complicated. I was excited to be in a new place but I also had to take a lot of required prerequisite courses. This was frustrating because some of the teachers I encountered in these base level courses were jaded and rather uninterested in their own material. I remember finishing my first year there and wondering if it were going to get better. I am glad I stuck it out because by the time I got to my second year I was already able to choose the classes I actually wanted to take. The teachers were so vibrant, the classes were very interesting and loaded with incredibly useful material I still use to this day.

"Lost in Time" is also about not giving up hope that better times will come, that there's always usefulness in every experience no matter how positive or negative. Life is meant to be three hundred and sixty degrees of emotions and happenings so excluding or discounting something simply because it's not what one had expected will leave one empty and incomplete. In all of this it is important to never lose oneself, to never let life beat one up so much that the spirit to fight for ones happiness and beliefs has been lost. Keep the fire going friends!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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