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Don Dokken's 'Hands Are Dead' Following Spine Surgery 2020 In Review
Don Dokken's 'Hands Are Dead' Following Spine Surgery was a top 20 story of Feb. 2020

Dokken Streaming Lost 'Breaking The Chains' Era Song
Dokken are streaming a recently unearthed track called 'No Answer',

Don Dokken's 'Hands Are Dead' Following Spine Surgery
Don Dokken says that his 'hands are dead' following spinal surgery a few months ago

George Lynch Won't Be Rokken With Dokken At M3
George Lynch has shared the sad news with fans that he will not be reuniting with his former band Dokken

Don Dokken Was Asked To Join Former Bandmates In The End Machine
George Lynch revealed that The End Machine's new album was at one point intended to be a new Dokken record

George Lynch Confirms Festival Appearance With Dokken
George Lynch has confirmed that he will be reuniting with Don Dokken at an upcoming music festival

Classic Dokken Members Team With Warrant Singer In New Band
Three members of the classic lineup of Dokken have teamed up with Warrant frontman Robert Mason to form a new group

Dokken Announce Live Reunion Album and DVD Package
Dokken have announced the release of 'Return To The East Live 2016' package on April 20th

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