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Ozzy Osbourne Wants To Do New Solo Album And Tour

(Classic Rock) Ozzy Osbourne wants to do a new solo album and tour once he has taken a break at the end of Black Sabbath's final tour, says keyboardist Adam Wakeman.

And although the son of prog icon Rick isn't certain whether he'll be invited to return to take part, he's ready to do so. He's also a touring member of Black Sabbath, years after his father collaborated with the band.

Wakeman Junior tells EonMusic: "I was lucky enough to start with them in 2003, so this is my 13th year with Ozzy and Sabbath. I keep half-expecting a picture of a Spitfire and a watch at the end of each tour - but they keep asking me back and I'm happy to come.

"Sabbath are finishing on February 4, then we'll see what happens with Ozzy after that. He wants to do another tour, he wants to do another album. But there's going to be a period of time when he needs a rest." Read more here.

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Guns N' Roses Full Reunion Predicted By Gilby Clarke

(Classic Rock) Former Guns N' Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke doesn't believe the current tour is a true reunion - but he says the real thing will happen eventually. Frontman Axl Rose was rejoined by guitarist Slash and bassist Duff McKagan for the Not In This Lifetime road trip. A run of US dates has just been completed before the show moves on to South America, Japan, New Zealand and Australia in the coming months.

Clarke - who replaced Izzy Stradlin in 1991 - says via Blabbermouth: "The reunion that happened is really just Axl, Slash and Duff. Basically Slash and Duff have joined Axl's band. So I don't know if you can really call it a reunion.

"Myself, Matt Sorum, Izzy - it didn't happen as a reunion for all of us to join. I think if the time was right and the situation was right, everybody would come back and do it."

He adds: "First of all, everybody gets along great and stuff. It's great music. Guns N' Roses is a great band and has a great legacy. I think everybody wants to see it done right. And when it's time, we'll do it." Read more here.

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Metallica Planning Massive Hardwired Tour

(hennemusic) Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich says that the band are planning an extensive US tour in support of their forthcoming studio album, "Hardwired…To Self Destruct."

"We did 180 shows on the Death Magnetic tour in two-week periods over three years," Ulrich tells Rolling Stone. "That's what works for us. We're going to start pretty much full-on touring in January and are looking to figure out what we're doing in North America, but there will definitely be some pretty extensive touring in America."

Metallica haven't played a proper US arena tour since 2009. "It's time to come back," adds the drummer, "and do some proper penetration of America."

Due November 18, the two-disc set "Hardwired…To Self Destruct" was recently previewed with the release of a video for the lead track "Hardwired," and the band performed the live debut of the song at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MN on August 20 following its premiere on August 18. Read more and watch the video here.

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Gong Founding Singer Gilli Smyth Dead At 83

(Prog) Founding Gong vocalist Gilli Smyth has died at the age of 83. Smyth died in Australia earlier this week after a long illness, her son Orlando Allen has confirmed.

He says: "She passed amongst loved ones reading poetry and singing at exactly 12pm Australian time today. She is flying to the infinite through all the bardots as we speak so all your prayers of light, love gratitude and beaming energies are a shining light for her.

"Bless her psychedelic cotton socks, she will be in our and deeply in my heart forever. One of the strongest, most loving forgiving and powerful shakti being mums I have ever known.

"I give thanks for the blessing of her her being her example and shakti mumma presence and happy she is out of pain now and soon to be with, Daevid her dingo Virgin and all her favorite animals." Read more here.

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Scott Stapp Says Art Of Anarchy Plan New Song Release

(Classic Rock) Scott Stapp says Art Of Anarchy will release a new single in October, followed by an album in 2017. Creed frontman Stapp joined the supergroup earlier this year, replacing Scott Weiland who died in 2015. Weiland features on Art Of Anarchy's self-titled debut album but later distanced himself from the project.

Stapp revealed he had joined the group in May to squash growing rumors that he was set to hook up with Stapp's former group Stone Temple Pilots. Stapp is joined in Art Of Anarchy by former Guns N' roses guitarist Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal, Disturbed bassist John Moyer and brothers Jon and Vince Votta.

He tells Alternative Press: "We've got a single coming out in October and a record dropping next year. It is a perfect mixture of all the bands each member has come from. So, it's like Disturbed meets Guns N' Roses, meets Creed." Read more here.

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Slipknot's Corey Taylor Will Keep Slapping Distracted Fans Phones

(Metal Hammer) Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor says he'll keep slapping phones out of people's hands if they are not paying attention to the show. Last month, the vocalist made headlines when he reprimanded a fan who was looking at his phone while in the front row of a Slipknot gig by slapping it from his hand.

The pair shared a laugh about the incident later, Taylor said, but he insists he'd do it again in a heartbeat. Taylor tells the Las Vegas Review-Journal: "You can hate me all you want. It's not going to stop me from smacking those things out of people's hands.

"You watch people walk down the street, and they can't get their beaks out of their stupid phones to cross the street. I love watching people get buried in their tiny little technological worlds, and then reality comes and smacks them in the face.

"I don't mind people who take pictures. I don't even mind people who shoot video. I love that, because you're still engaged in the show." Read more here.

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Dokken Reunion Infighting Has Already Begun Says Brown

(Classic Rock) Dokken frontman Don Dokken and guitarist George Lynch have begun snapping at each other ahead of the band's reunion shows in Japan, says drummer Mick Brown - and he adds that he's tired of it.

The classic lineup, also featuring Jeff Pilson, are set to pay six gigs in October, before Dokken revert to the current formation featuring Dokken, Brown, Jon Levin and Chris McCarvill.

The vocalist said earlier this month that the brief tour was "about money" and argued that the same was true of the Guns N' Roses reunion. Brown tells Focus On Metal: "Nothing's changed. George and Don, during the conversations to get this going, they're already starting up.

"Jeff seems excited about it. I would like to see it happen. There's not much time - Jeff has only got a 10 or 12 day window to do this." Read more here.

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The Dillinger Escape Plan Announce U.S. Fall Tour

(Metal Hammer) The Dillinger Escape Plan have announced a US tour which will take place in October and November. They'll hit the road in support of their upcoming sixth album Dissociation, which is due out on October 14.

The shows will come after their previously announced appearance at Chicago's Douglas Park on September 16. The New Jersey outfit recently announced they'll go on indefinite hiatus following the tour cycle for the follow-up to 2013's One Of Us Is The Killer - though vocalist Greg Puciato recently referred to it as a "breakup."

He said: "There's literally nothing on the record referencing our breakup. It's not even something I was thinking about when I was writing. The band have been the most important thing in my life for the 15 years I've been a part of it. We all live in different states, but it's always there, every single day. I'm always thinking about it. I'm always communicating with people about it." Read more and see the tour dates here.

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Crowbar May Release New Album Next Month

(Metal Hammer) Crowbar's next album is set to arrive at the end of September, vocalist and guitarist Kirk Windstein says. He says "the record is done" and the label are putting the finishing touches on it in time for its tentative release next month.

He tells Metal Wani: "Well, the label just received it Friday. Scott Givens, one of the guys that's higher up at the label, I woke up to his email, which was, 'Kirk, the new album is amazing. I'm on track No.7. It's some of the best work you've ever done, my friend. I can't wait to get this out.'

"That was a great thing to wake up to, to start the day. So we're pumped up. We have a title, but I'm not allowed to say it yet. And artwork is being worked on - all that type of stuff. The record itself, the mastered and mixed copy and files and all that kind of business have been turned in to the label.

"We're shooting for September 30 as a release date, and I think we will be able to make the deadline to release it then." Read more here.

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Sculptor Talks New Lemmy Statue

(Classic Rock) Artist Travis Moore says he wanted to capture "a tough looking dude" when he was creating a statue to late Motorhead frontman Lemmy. The bronze sculpture will be unveiled at the rock and metal icon's favorite haunt, the Rainbow Bar & Grill, Los Angeles, today (August 24) after fans and friends contributed to a fundraising campaign following Lemmy's death in December.

And Moore has hinted at what fans can expect to see when his work finally becomes available for the public to view - and he reveals that he and the team behind the campaign tried to find an image that typified Lemmy to base the statue on.

He tells Loudwire: "I know they were searching for that hat-coat combo. Photographer Robert John had taken so many good pictures of him and I think that was about the time that they were at the Grammys and Ace Of Spades was re-charting. There was really a resurgence for him and you can see that it was a happy time and he looks healthy and good.

"We just wanted to stay away from portraying him in a way that wouldn't be proper, and he needed to be rocking, a tough looking dude with a full face and that was the idea." Read more here.

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Megadeth Play Unplugged Show Outside Hotel

(hennemusic) Megadeth performed a four-song acoustic set for fans outside the Four Seasons Hotel in Buenos Aires, Argentina on Tuesday. The afternoon session was streamed live via frontman Dave Mustaine's Periscope account, with some footage filmed by the singer's wife, Pam.

Megadeth opened the set with two tracks from 1997's "Cryptic Writings" - "Trust" and "She-Wolf", followed by "A Tout Le Monde" from 1994's "Youthanasia" and the closer of their classic, "Symphony Of Destruction" from 1992's "Countdown To Extinction."

The afternoon performance was followed by a full electric arena show Tuesday night at Estadio Luna Park as part of the band's current tour of South America in support of their latest album, "Dystopia."

The Latin American trek wraps up in Monterrey, Mexico on September 1, and will be followed by a fall US tour that will begin in Casper, WY on September 20. Check out videos of the unplugged set here.

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Meshuggah Talks 'The Violent Sleep Of Reason' Themes

(Prog) Meshuggah drummer Tomas Haake has revealed the inspiration behind their upcoming eighth album "The Violent Sleep Of Reason." The band previously said the cover art was "inspired by a Goya painting called The Sleep Of Reason Produces Monsters." Now Haake has given more details on the creative input into the follow-up to 2012's Koloss.

He says: "It was a hard one in the sense that you don't immediately have a visual to the title The Violent Sleep Of Reason - how do you portray that? So when discussing this with Keerych Luminokaya, who also did the artwork for our 25th anniversary box set along with the artwork for Koloss, we just let him loose on that idea and how to portray that.

"What you're seeing on the artwork is basically a human being that's been in stasis for a long time. The vines were the original idea - they're growing into him. But it's a body that's been asleep for so long that it's been taken over something else."

As for the lyrics behind The Violent Sleep Of Reason, Haake adds: "The whole idea of why we chose the title is to connect with the lyrical content of the album, which is to a fair degree about current events and what you see going on such a terrorism and extremist views on ideals and religious dogma, and the violent implications that you get from being asleep or not acting or reacting to what's going on in the proper way." Read more here.

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Of Mice & Men Wrote War Song Amid San Bernardino Terror Attack

(Metal Hammer) Of Mice & Men bassist Aaron Pauley recalls fighting back tears while writing Game Of War on the day of last year's fatal San Bernardino terrorist shootings.

He started writing the song in the hours after the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California, on December 2 when 14 people were killed and 22 seriously injured.

The track is the opening song on Of Mice & Men's upcoming fourth album Cold World and Pauley says the songwriting process helped him deal with the horror of the tragedy that took place so near to his home.

Pauley tells Metal Hammer: "I wrote Game Of War the day of the San Bernardino shooting, which is less than an hour from where we live.

"I was just in tears that day. That day, it sucked. It's really, really easy, especially now with politics, and with the election, and with Brexit and everything else to get really caught up in the politics of things, and then when suddenly it's not a political issue any more, but a human issue, it hurts more. It's more visceral." Read more here.

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Cradle Of Filth May Use Victorian Horror Theme On Next Album

(TeamRock) Cradle Of Filth's Dani Filth says they're looking at a Victorian horror theme for their next album. The band are currently in the studio in Brno, Czech Republic, working on the follow-up to last year's critically acclaimed Hammer Of The Witches.

He tells TeamRock: "I'm looking at something based on Victorian horror. We've already written about 50% of material, but we're collating all our ideas. We've got a big pool of riffs.

"I often wait until the others have done their parts. I've made the mistake of writing stuff which then dictates the way that the songs have to go for everybody else - or you get into the studio and we've got way too much material and we've spread ourselves too thinly.

"So we're hoping to have the majority of the album written, and then I'll be locked away in my garret composing lyrics between now and December, when I go on tour with Devilment." Read more here.

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Berlin Pays Tribute To David Bowie With Commemorative Plaque

(Radio.com) David Bowie recorded a trilogy of his most important albums in Berlin: Heroes, Low and Lodger. Now, the city of Berlin has paid tribute to their iconic source with a commemorative plaque.

A fellow "lodger" during his stay in then-West Germany was Iggy Pop, who Bowie complained seldom did grocery shopping. Bowie had moved to the city when drug addiction derailed his creative process in the United Kingdom, and he sought a fresh start.

The albums were recorded between 1977 and 1979 and form a critical section of the late Bowie's discography. The apartment building where Iggy and Bowie lived together is a rather unassuming structure that has received countless visitors through the years. Now it's marked for posterity with a plaque quoting the chorus of "Heroes": "We can be heroes, just for one day." See photos here.

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Abel Ganz Announce The Prog Before Xmas Charity Show

(TeamRock) Abel Ganz are to host a charity show in support of the band's founding member Hugh Carter under the banner The Prog Before Xmas. He's been diagnosed with lung cancer, with the band's Denis Smith saying they want to help raise cash to help their friend who'se being receiving help from Maggie's - an organization which provides free practical, emotional and social support to people with cancer, along with their family and friends.

Smith says: "Hugh has received a lot of support recently from cancer charity Maggie's and so we thought we would try to do something for him and for them.

"The event promises to be quite unique as we have persuaded all members of original line up, including Alan Reed who of course left Abel Ganz for greater things when he joined Pallas, to reunite as a special one-off for this event and they will play one or two tunes from the first Abel Ganz album." Read more here.

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Steven Tyler Can't Fully Explain Nashville's Influence

(Classic Rock) Steven Tyler says he can't fully explain Nashville's influence on musicians - but he is 100% confident in its power. The Aerosmith frontman released his country solo album We're All Somebody From Somewhere in July, having written and recorded it in Nashville, Tennessee - the spiritual home of American country music.

And he was so impressed with the results of his album and the vibe of the city that he's moved there full time. Tyler tells Classic Rock: "I came to Nashville. I rented a house. Now I just bought a house, so I'm living here full-on. It's a musical Mecca. I co-wrote with everyone down here, and I think I've done some of my best work through this country head.

"This town still has the passion for music. It hasn't lost it through business and money, which may be big here but the music aspect still has the passion. Artists come here come from all over the world to be part of it, and there's so much music dripping out of the honeycomb of this town that I'm in it.

"I'm in it neck-deep. I'm going to stay here, I'm going to live here. I love it here." Read more here.

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Opeth Release New 'Sorceress' Studio Video

(Prog) Opeth frontman Mikael Akerfeldt has checked in from the studio with a new behind the scenes video, where he and the band have been recording their 12th album Sorceress.

The follow-up to 2014's Pale Communion is set for release on September 30 via Nuclear Blast, with Opeth previously stating the album came together in a short space of time compared to their previous work.

Akerfeld says: "In the past I've waited with writing lyrics until the very last minute and then recorded vocals under insane amounts of stress, which I hate.

"I wrote mock lyrics in the past. I sung that and it sounded great - and once I replace those with the real lyrics, it doesn't sound as good, which has always been a problem for me doing it that way.

"So for this record, I just wrote the lyrics I'm going to use on the record, come up with a melody, then record it. All the vocals are basically done before we go into the studio these days."

He continues: "When we start recording using the demo as a template, everybody can play along to the whole record. It's got the guitar, it's got the keyboards and the vocals with the real lyrics. We improve each individual sound as we go along." Watch the video here.

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Bullet For My Valentine Expand UK Tour

(Metal Hammer) Bullet For My Valentine have extended their upcoming UK tour, with some dates featuring full performances of debut album The Poison. They'd already confirmed a run of shows in November and December, to come after they record new material.

The tour now includes a total of 12 appearances, with six of those focused on their 2005 record. BFMV's most recent release was last year's Venom, of which frontman Matt Tuck recently said: "The album is hands down the best thing we've ever done. To have that arsenal of weapons now and to be able to play these songs feels sick."

Guitarist Michael Paget has said the band are only aiming to lay down a couple of tracks in the coming days, reporting: "It's to keep momentum going, bring a bit more focus back and get ready for our winter tour, and just see what comes out." See the dates here.

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Anthrax Announce Live Facebook Q&A Event

(hennemusic) Anthrax have announced that they will be hosting a Facebook live event tonight, August 24th, prior to performing on NBC-TV's Late Night With Seth Myers.

The band will be on hand from backstage at the NBC studios for a live with fans on Wednesday, August 24 starting at 2 PM ET and streamed via their official Facebook page.

"Start getting your questions ready so you can post them on Wednesday!!," says the group. Anthrax will appear on the program to perform their current single, "Monster At The End," from their latest album "For All Kings."

The project debuted at No. 9 on the Billboard 200 earlier this year with opening week sales of 34,000 units. Read more here.

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Singled Out: DGM's Animal

Progressive Metal band DGM are releasing their brand new album "nThe Passage" this Friday (August 26th) and to celebrate we asked guitarist Simone Mularoni to tell us about the song "Animal". Here is the story:

With this one I wanted to go really back to all the bands we love and try to combine their influences with our more "modern" progressive metal sound. I'm talking basically about all the great hard rock bands from the eighties, Van Halen, Journey, Whitesnake, Toto. We always had this background in every song in the past, even in the faster ones, and you can surely tell this listening to all the melodies and the catchy chorus we always composed!

It all started from the chorus, chords and main melody, this is the really "trademark" of this song and it sticks in your mind right after the first run. We love when people at the shows sing and shout out loud our melodies and this was perfectly create for this purpose. It has this Journey-sque vibe but of course with a modern approach and sound. I created a lot of layers with different instruments in the main refrain, so other that the main guitars/drums/bass you'll get tons of keyboards and even a clean guitar doin' a clean arpeggio, so it will be subtle, but it will really remind to the classics Journey's tunes like Be Good to Yourself, Don't Stop Believin', etc etc.

Usually our songs starts either by a chorus idea or from the main guitar riff, and this time the riff came out right after the refrain: we took from our previous album idea of the song "Trust", where we combined a typical Whitesnake-sounding riff with a more metal-ish pattern, and we developed the riff in the same approach. But this time I chose to pay debt to Van Halen, also using his typical EVH Flanger in every riff, to give this riff an even more similar sound!! Verses and pre-choruses are typical DGM stuff, but the interesting thing about the verses is that you'll have a firs half in major key and the second half in the same key but minor. This give to the listener a sort of "tension" and in my opinion prepares very well to the big opening that happens in the chorus.

Speaking about the instrumental part, here it's basically Toto taking over! I would say Toto with metal influences of course ehehhe... Lukather and Paich are mainly known for the classics songs like Africa or Rosanna, but they're all faboulus musicians and composers and they wrote really challenging stuff, from fusion influenced to more soundtrack-ish stuff... Here I tried to do this exact thing but adding some heavy touches in the guitar work, I love the "epic" interlude before the guitar solo, really reminds me of Blade Runner kinda thing...

Lyrically speaking we were really inspired by the inner animal side we all have that many times comes up in different forms, from rage to fear and so on... this led to the little story in the music video of the song, where an "ordinary" guy run away throughout the whole song duration from what it seems a predator... but only in the end he realizes that he was running away from the "evil" side of himself!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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