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Primus' Tim Alexander Suffers Another Heart Attack

(Classic Rock) Primus and Puscifer drummer Tim 'Herb' Alexander reports he's suffered a second heart attack, two years after he underwent bypass surgery. He says his latest experience left him saddened - and he wants everyone to tell their friends and family that they're loved.

Alexander's heart had to be stopped in July 2014 after his first attack. He returned to action in October that year. Now he says: "I had a second heart attack the other day. I did not think this could happen after having a triple-bypass.

"I was overwhelmed with sadness - not because of the fact that I could die, but that I would have to say goodbye to my family. It can happen at any moment, and remember it will happen one day." Read more here.

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Slash Does First Interview Since 'Surreal' Guns N' Roses Reunion

Guns N' Roses lead guitarist Slash gave his first interview since the legendary band kicked off their Not In This Lifetime reunion tour, which marked the first time that he, Axl Rose and Duff McKagan had shared the stage together in over 20 years.

Slash spoke to Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer on Boston's WZLX (via UCR) about how the reunion is going, "Everybody's playing great - playing nice. Everybody's getting along and everybody's playing great, and the shows have been awesome.

"We all were pretty positive that that would never happen, so it's still sort of blowing our minds. It seems so surreal to me, you know. But everybody's really getting along great and I think everybody's come a long way, and it's all cool." Stream the full interview here.

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Chris Adler Now 'Has Nothing To Do With' Megadeth Says Mustaine

Dave Mustaine says that Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler now "has nothing to do with" Megadeth. The frontman made the revelation during a news conference in Tel Aviv.

Adler was recruited by Megadeth to play drums on the band's latest studio album "Dystopia" but has now returned to his primary gig with Lamb of God with Soilwork's Dirk Verbeuren taking over drumming duties for Megadeth's current tour.

Mustaine was asked by Ron Ben-Tovim of the Machine Music blog, "The band has its fair share of staff reshuffles along the way, a long-running band so it's natural for that to happen, have you found that your attitude toward that, toward welcoming new people in, the consideration you take into who you want to join the band, has that changed over the years? With Chris and Kiko in the band, do you have other things in mind as to what you're looking for? Personal chemistry, musical chemistry?"

The Megadeth frontman responded, "If you're in the presence of greatness, it's shameful not to allow that to be great. But let me back up though: Chris Adler is not in Megadeth, he's in Lamb of God. He was a session guy, he was what you could call work for hire. And he has nothing to do with us anymore, and he is with his band. I am very grateful for his contributions, I'm grateful for him introducing us to Dirk. We still haven't announced who our new drummer is going to be, it won't be Chris Adler, because he's in Lamb of God.

"As far as having new guys in the band, as you grow up you have a choice either to learn from your mistakes or you're destined to repeat them. And a lot of the things that I do, because of the nature of who I am, every move that I make is chronicled. There are a couple of websites in particular that would go under if it wasn't for me, because they survive off of posting every breath I take."

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Latest News

Mike Portnoy To Play Dream Theater's 12 Step Suite For 50th Birthday

(Prog) Mike Portnoy will perform Dream Theater's 12 Step Suite in full on his 50th birthday Cruise To The Edge next year. The former Dream Theater and current Winery Dogs sticksman revealed in March that he plans to celebrate his 50th birthday with a party on the Cruise To The Edge floating festival, which sets sail from Tampa, Florida, on February 7 and runs until February 11.

Portnoy wrote the collection of tracks to deal with his experience of alcoholism and always intended to perform it live in full. He says: "When I came up with the idea of writing a multi-part suite that was to span five albums - which ended up taking eight years to complete - it was always part of my masterplan to eventually perform it in it's entirely live on stage.

"It saddens me that I was not able to do so with Dream Theater after completing the final piece of my conceptual puzzle, but I've decided that I owe it to the fans to finally bring my 12 Step Suite to life on stage as I always envisioned."

Portnoy continues: "There's no better time and place than at my 50th birthday concert aboard Cruise To The Edge." Read more here.

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Swans' Thor Harris Sitting Out Tour

Swans have announced that Thor Harris will be sitting out their world tour in support of their latest album "The Glowing Man". Harris will be replaced by Paul Wallfisch.

Michael Gira had the following to say, "Our beloved brother Thor Harris has taken a sabbatical from Swans for this tour. In an admirable personal decision he's decided he can't undertake the relentless touring schedule of Swans this time and needs to be in Texas as much as possible to be near his quite elderly mother.

"Anybody who knows Thor knows he's an absolute sweetheart. He is also pursuing his own music as Thor and Friends. Thor will of course be working with me on future projects...

"The keyboardist Paul Wallfisch will be taking Thor's place for this tour cycle. Paul's recent projects include Ministry of Wolves (with Alexander Hacke of Einsturdzende Neubauten, Mick Harvey of Bad Seeds and Danielle DePicciotto). Paul also plays piano with the tortured cabaret singer Little Annie, a personal favorite of mine. I've known Paul for years, and it's good to be working with him. He will be playing piano, organ, and Mellotron on this tour."

After the tour, Gira says, "I'll continue to make music under the name Swans, with a revolving cast of collaborators... touring will definitely be less extensive."

The tour will be kicking off in Philadelphia PA at Union Transfer on July 6th and the touring lineup of the group will include Michael Gira - guitar, voice (original Swans); Norman Westberg - guitar (original Swans); Christoph Hahn - guitar (mid period Swans and most Angels Of Light); Phil Puleo - drums, percussion, dulcimer etc etc (final Swans tour and most Angels); Chris Pravdica - bass and gadgets (Flux Information Sciences / Services/ Gunga Din); Paul Wallfisch - piano, organ, and Mellotron ( Botannica / Ministry of Wolves / Little Annie) - replacing Thor Harris. See the tour dates here.

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Glenn Hughes Would Be Honored To Work With Toni Iommi Again

(Classic Rock) Glenn Hughes says he'd be "honored" to work on another album with Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi. The former Deep Purple man, who briefly fronted Sabbath in the mid-80s, says he remains a close friend of Iommi's. He last featured on the guitarist's 2005 solo album Fused.

When asked at a press conference at Hellfest, France, if they could collaborate following Black Sabbath's The End Tour, Hughes says it could be possible as they "work together really well."

He adds: "Tony and I speak, or get together, every year, and we sort of look at each other and go, 'Shall we do another one?' And it's kind of like a little joke, but you never know, because we really are close friends and we really do work together really, really well." Read more here.

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Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson Set For Top Gear-Style Charity Road Trip

(Classic Rock) Bruce Dickinson will take part in a Top Gear-style charity road trip from Surrey to Cannes in France in September. The Iron Maiden frontman will join a team of 32 men from Reigate who hope to raise 50,000 to donate to the Variety children's charity, East Surrey Domestic Abuse Services, The Children's Trust and the Royal Grammar School Foundation.

In pairs, they'll drive 832 miles in cars worth less than 500 - without using sat-navs or motorways throughout the entire journey, which they've branded Dash To The Med.

Organiser Chris Driscoll tells the Surrey Mirror: "This is clearly a wonderful opportunity to support some incredibly worthy causes whilst having a blast on the finest French D roads in cars which are clearly in their twilight years." Read more here.

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Good Charlotte Streaming New Song 'Life Changes'

(TeamRock Radio) Good Charlotte have released a lyric video for their track Life Changes. It's taken from the pop punk outfit's sixth album Youth Authority, due for release on July 15 via via Benji and Joel Madden's own label MDDN.

Good Charlotte say: "Our brand new Life Changes lyric video is live now. Thanks to our friend Nigel Holt for directing this one." They previously issued a video for lead track 40 Oz. Dream.

Good Charlotte are currently on the road in the US as part of the Vans Warped Tour and they play six UK dates in August, including appearances at Reading and Leeds festivals. Check out the new song here.

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Extreme Plan New Album and 'Full-Fledged' Tour

(TeamRock Radio) Extreme are aiming to release their next record next year and say they're planning a "full-fledged" tour. Guitarist Nuno Bettencourt said in November that the band had decided to take the slow route to its completion after they'd previously slated the follow-up to 2008's Saudades De Rock for release in 2014.

Now singer Gary Cherone says that they are hoping that their sixth album will finally be unveiled next year. Cherone tells Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer on WZLX:

"We're recording some stuff, and we're hoping to get something out for next year and do a full-fledged tour, because we also have Japan and Korea for later this year," to which Kramer says: "I'm keeping you guys in mind, because Aerosmith are going out to do a world tour." Read more here.

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Wednesday 13 To Begin Recording New Album Next Month

(TeamRock Radio) Wednesday 13 will begin recording his seventh album next month in preparation for a 2017 release. The former Murderdolls frontman has already given the album a title. Condolences will be the follow-up to 2015's Monsters Of The Universe.

He will hit the studio with producer Chris 'Zeuss' Harris, who also worked on 2010 Murderdolls album Women & Children Last. Wednesday 13 says: "I can't tell you how excited we are to work with Zeuss again. We've been talking about it for years and now we're gonna finally make it happen.

"We had such a great time working with him on the Murderdolls album a while back. This will be our heaviest album to date and I can't wait to see what we come up with working alongside Zeuss." Read more here.

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Van Morrison, Jeff Beck, Bad Company Lead London Bluesfest

(The Blues) Van Morrison, Jeff Beck, Bad Company, Richie Sambora and Bill Wyman are among the acts confirmed for this year's edition of the London BluesFest.

They'll be joined at the O2 complex on the weekend of October 28-30 by Walter Trout, The Temperance Movement, Jo Harman, Lauren Housley and JD & The Straight Shot.

Festival director Leo Green says: "Last year's BluesFest was a resounding success. This year we've looked to build on that success to deliver a bigger, better event that showcases the captivating diversity of blues, soul and roots music - and all the genres it's had an impact on." Read more here.

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Motorhead Celebrated In Special Edition Magazine

(Classic Rock) TeamRock Presents Motorhead - The Ultimate Tribute is a 148-page special edition dedicated entirely to the legendary British band and their iconic singer featuring new interviews with the surviving members of Motorhead, rare photographs and classic encounters taken from the archives of Classic Rock and Metal Hammer magazines.

Edited by Geoff Barton (ex-Sounds and Kerrang!), the collectible magazine traces the band's history across the last five decades, from Lemmy's very first interview shortly after he had been kicked out of Hawkwind up to the great man's final stand, taking in classic TV appearances, broken necks and (alleged) phone calls with Halle Berry.

"They say that Muhammad Ali brought out the best in the sports writers who met him. Lemmy was a bit like that too," says TeamRock editor-in-chief Scott Rowley. "He was fond of music writers and sparring with them was a bit of a sport to him. The result was some of the funniest, warmest articles we've published in Classic Rock and Metal Hammer and it's great to have them all collected here."

Surviving Motorhead guitarist Phil Campbell and drummer Mikkey Dee also open up about life after Lemmy in brand new interviews, while producer Cameron Webb, Motorhead manager Todd Singerman and PR supremo Ute Kromrey look back at their long and eventful relationships with the great man - and what the future holds. Read more here.

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Sumer Put Out Call For Taria Dawson Replacement

(Prog) Sumer are looking for a new bass player after announcing they will part ways with Taria Dawson. The London-based prog metal outfit say they will work with Dawson for the next six months but that she will then leave "in the pursuit of real life."

The band - who were nominated in the newcomer category at last year's Progressive Music Awards - are currently writing their second album and hope to find another female bassist to replace Dawson.

Sumer say: "We are looking for a bass slinger to replace our current sister by another mister, before she leaves us in the pursuit of real life. We're keen for another girl to join our ranks, but we are fully open to anyone.

"What are we after? Someone fearless, with a big stage presence, but most important to us are your skills, especially on the creative side. We write together, a lot of what we do comes from both jamming and idea development as a group. You will be a happy medium between technicality and inventiveness/creativity, ability to sing whether as backing or the occasional lead part is a nice to have, but not a deal breaker." Read more here.

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Steven Wilson Want Sequencer His Father Built Back

(Prog) Steven Wilson says he'd love to be reunited with a sequencer his late father built for him but which he hasn't seen since he lent it to a friend as a teenager.

The producer recalls his electrical engineer father building various instruments for him before he died in 2011 - and he says he wants the device back.

Wilson tells Music Radar: "My father was an electronic engineer - and when I was young he made me all these instruments, like a vocoder, a delay machine, a little four-track portastudio.

"There was one thing, in particular, this sequencer and it was amazing. It had its own personality and it was totally unique to the way my dad thought about it."

He continues: "I lent it to a friend and, as you do when you're a teenager, fell out with the friend and never got it back. I would love to have that back." Read more here.

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Courtesans Headline Female Focused Pandora Fest

(TeamRock Radio) A women-focused festival in Scotland aims to "redress the balance" in the music industry. Pandora Fest will be held at Carron Valley's DunCarron Medieval Fort on Saturday, July 16.

Organisers say the first female-positive music event of its kind in Scotland aims to celebrate women in music by giving them a bigger platform - with two stages running from 10:30am until 11pm on the day.

Doom rock outfit Courtesans will headline the festival, with female-fronted rock bands Heel and Bugeye, metal band Firesign, voodoo metal band Vodun, punk acts Bravado and Arcade 39 performing at the event.

Other genre-spanning acts include Sofia B, Wolf Ruby, Twist Helix, Emaline Delapaix, Bravado, ContainHer and Erin Bennett. Read more here.

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Nothing Announce European Tour

(TeamRock Radio) Nothing have announced a 2016 European tour. The Philadelphia outfit released their latest album Tired Of Tomorrow in May and are currently on tour across North America. And they'll return to Europe for a run of 35 dates in September and October.

The band have also teamed up with electronic producer Ryan Hemsworth to remix Tired Of Tomorrow track Nineteen Ninety Heaven. It can be heard and purchased through the group's Bandcamp page.

Frontman Domenic Palermo says of the track: "When I began writing this song it had a very dreamy vibe. I envisioned dreams that would occur in my early teens when I started to deal with my earliest signs of fear and anxiety." Read more here.

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Blue October Announce UK Tour

(Prog) Blue October have announced a short UK tour in support of eighth album Home, which was released last month. They'll play four shows in England in September.

Frontman Justin Furstenfeld had the following to say about their latest effort: "Our last album, Sway, was about finding inner peace and learning to live in a healthy way.

"Home is about what we do with our time on Earth - how we're going to utilize that time in a positive way and make it the best we possibly can by bettering ourselves." See the dates here.

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Hellfest Organizer Addresses Upset Fans

(TeamRock Radio) Hellfest boss Ben Barbaud has vowed to improve on the festival for next year after taking on board criticism from fans. In an open letter published on the French festival's Facebook page, promoter Barbaud says the 3000 extra fans on the Clisson site compared to last year's event were not the reason for the problems - such as long queues at cashless top-up machines and overcrowding at the two biggest stages.

Barbaud says: "The areas in front of the two main stages will have to be readjusted. We had never witnessed such forceful enthusiasm during shows like Rammstein's, Black Sabbath's or Gojira's, to the detriment of the other stages when different bands were playing at the same time as these popular artists. We organizers will have to adapt.

"There were also some shortcomings we were not prepared for - the excessive wait at the cathedral and at the cashless banks got on a lot of festivalgoers' nerves.

"It's hard for us to explain this new phenomenon. It is quite unlikely that the mere 3000 additional attendants provoked such complications. Whatever the cause, this new information will have to be analyzed and we will try to remedy the problem next year by adding more cashless stands and more pat-down lines." Read more here.

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